More Allegations Levied Against WWE NXT Star Velveteen Dream

-- With the plethora of stories coming out about sexual abuse, sexual assault and sexual misconduct, including against minors that has seemingly run rampant within the wrestling industry, Velveteen Dream's name has resurfaced with new allegations against him. Back in April, Dream was hit with accusations that he sent inappropriate photos and messages to multiple underage males, which he denied. As quickly as the story came to the forefront, it went away and it was unclear what truly happened.

-- Now as the #SpeakingOut movement gained traction, a wrestler named Josh (Ron) Fuller posted on Twitter stating that he met Dream when he was 16, when they became friends but it proceeded to an uncomfortable point where Dream asked to see the progress Fuller had made on his body, including his lower region, to which Fuller declined. That would be the last interaction between the two. While Fuller admits that things never truly became sexual beyond that, he noted that he was always "on edge" around Dream and that when he saw the claims from the others in April, he was "immediately heartbroken" as many of those same conversations were ones that Dream had with him. He concluded by saying "Patrick Clark is a groomer and a child predator." Another unrelated individual then tweeted that he/she was asked to post more screenshots from another victim. All these tweets are below.