More Details on Vince McMahon Investigation Launched By WWE's Board of Directors

– The investigation by WWE’s Board of Directors into Vince McMahon’s alleged affair with a female former employee and subsequent payoff began on 3/30 after an anonymous email was sent by the woman’s friend. According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, eight of the company’s 12 members on the Board started the investigation and the four that didn’t were Vince himself, Stephanie McMahon, Paul Levesque and presumably President Nick Khan.

– One of the main questions in the investigation is the source of the funds used in the payoff to the ex-employee as well as the circumstances surrounding the raise she received. It is believed that the millions in money paid to her to keep quiet was from McMahon’s personal funds which would probably be okay, but her salary started at $100,000 and reportedly was doubled after McMahon began a sexual relationship with her. That of course would be company funds and if proven true, would be a significant problem for McMahon, threatening his future with WWE.