More on Kairi Sane Likely Headed Back to Japan to Retire; Original Injury Storyline

-- In a follow-up to a headline that was posted today, the Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that Kairi Sane is indeed returning to Japan to be with her husband in a move that has been in the works for a while with WWE aware of her plans back in May, if not earlier. The original idea for Sane was to have her involved in a “career-ending injury” angle writing her off of WWE, leading to her tag team partner Asuka to face whoever injured her at SummerSlam. Initially, the two candidates for this role were Shayna Baszler or Charlotte Flair but as it turned out, Nia Jax ended up legitimately ended up hurting Sane, though WWE has made the decision not to reference that incident.

-- The plan above with Baszler or Flair was constructed when Paul Heyman was still running Raw so there’s a good chance this has been changed as Vince McMahon has removed Baszler from TV while Flair is sidelined after undergoing elective surgery. As for Sane’s future, she signed a three-year contract back in 2017 and is rumored to return to Japan for one year to wrestle before retiring for good.