MSK Discuss Their Very First Meeting With Triple H, What Triple H Said To Them

NXT superstars Wes Lee and Nash Carter, better known as MSK, recently spoke with Fightful about the first time they ever met Triple H, comparing the Game to a cool uncle or dad. The current NXT tag champs later add what working with Triple H has been like during their run. Highlights are below.

Wes Lee recalls the first time MSK met Triple H:

“He’s sitting down, his back is turned to us, so when the door opens, the chair spins around and he stands up and we just like [frozen]. He was like a real cool uncle or real cool dad who brought us in and was like, ‘I really like you guys. You guys are awesome.'”

Lee and Carter add what it is like to work with Triple H in NXT:

LEE: “There’s a level of compassion that he has too. What he’s saying to us, we know it’s coming from his heart. That man has no downtime so anytime he stops and speaks personally with you, he’s not going to waste his time. He’s not going to waste his efforts with side comments or unnecessary things, he’s going to get to the meat and potatoes and give you everything you need. That’s exactly what he did with us and it was awesome.”

CARTER: “Especially one interview where he said he had and the drive and that he would run through a wall for us. Hearing that, it’s like, let’s go. It got me so amped.”