Newly Updated WWE Banners Released

A recent update to the banners for each show in WWE show an idea of who officials in the brand plan to push from this point on!

On the RAW banner, we see the two current champions of the men's and women's divisions for RAW, Rhea Ripley and Bobby Lashley pushed out to the forefront of the banner. For the women's division side of the banner, behind Ripley is The Queen Charlotte Flair alongside Alexa Bliss who is still rocking the Firefly Funhouse gear with her blonde with pink tips pigtails. Then for the men's division, behind the Hurt Business brute Lashley, we see AJ Styles and former-WWE Champion Drew McIntyre who is currently in an ongoing feud with the All Mighty.

The SmackDown brand also features their two champions highlighted in the forefront with Roman Reigns and Bianca Belair. Behind the "tribal chief" is former Monday Night Messiah turned Friday Night Spinner, Seth Rollins who is alongside Rey Mysterio. Then behind the EST of WWE are former WWE Women's Tag-Team title holders turned enemies, Bayley and Sasha Banks (who just recently lost her title to Belair at Wrestlemania 37).

The ever interesting updates to the WWE banners does not guarantee a huge push for any of the Superstars highlighted on them, but one could definitely assume they are the main focus of the shows at the moment.

A completed look of the updated banners can be viewed below: