News on Tony Khan & Triple H Competing Against One Another For Talent

– Another story to watch for over the next couple of years when it comes to WWE vs. AEW is wrestlers choosing to sign with the other promotion when their contracts expire. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter notes that a big advantage that Tony Khan had when recruiting talent from WWE was that many knew Vince McMahon had a limited mindset of which types of wrestlers could be a top star for his company as many of these wrestlers saw little to no future in WWE and either didn’t sign with the company in the first place or left when their deals expired.

– The Observer story goes on to state that Paul Levesque is surely going to aggressively go after key AEW talent when their contracts expire and Tony Khan will continue to do the same for WWE talent. However, AEW would stand to suffer far more losses to their bottom line unless they can secure a stronger paying television deal, leaving Levesque with more power to offer contracts than Khan.