Pat McAfee Talks Things That Went Wrong Before And During His WWE SummerSlam Match Against Happy Corbin

WWE Superstar and WWE SmackDown announcer Pat McAfee took to his podcast/YouTube show and spoke about a variety of topics such as the things that he felt went wrong prior to and during his WWE SummerSlam Match against Happy Corbin this past Saturday night.

Pat McAfee said:

"There were some moments in that match that were really like, I should have prepared differently. For instance, just walking into the stadium. I took a nice deep breath of that humid air and it was thick. It was sauna thick down there because it was supposed to rain. Projections of the weather for like two weeks to a week out, even the morning of, was rain is coming. Whenever it's hot and rain is coming, that means it's humid as f*ck and I didn't even think about that as I was training in my basement in air conditioning.”

“That immediately hit me the day of." "I'm walking in and this is not in an arena or an enclosed area. This is going to be hot as f*ck out here. As I'm walking around, I start sweating and I haven't even done anything and I am drenched, so I started to hydrate earlier. I started to hammer some water and Gatorades. I definitely thought that I should have trained a little differently for this one. I should have gone outside a little bit. It was a little bit of a bush league on my part not to think about it being outside."

"A lot of my offense off the ropes and with the ropes, the ropes were obviously wet. They were a little slick. The shoes I was wearing, I had not worn them on ropes. So there's a lot of things that as they were happening I was thinking to myself, 'F*cking idiot. Bush league. You are so dumb.'"

You can check out Pat McAfee's comments in the video below. H/T to for transcribing the above quotes.