NWA President Billy Corgan On Why The Company Has No Future Plans For Another All-Women’s PPV Event

NWA President Billy Corgan recently spoke with Fightful Select on topics such as how he loved the NWA EmPowerrr All-Women's PPV Event, but unfortunately not everyone loved it as much as he did and we are not going to see another NWA All-Women's PPV Event because at the end of the day it is a business and it is always about leverage.

Billy Corgan said:

“I love that stuff. Unfortunately not everybody loved it as much. I get it. It’s a business, always, about leverage whether it’s a talent, whether it’s a company and people like to throw their elbows around depending on what’s happening. That’s totally fine. That part doesn’t bother me. I just am not in the position of going and begging and certainly there have been times in the past couple of years where people put me into a position of begging.”

Billy Corgan also spoke about how he doesn't like to throw his weight around especially when it comes to partnerships and he doesn't like people to throw their weight around him as well. Corgan also said when he finds a good partnership with someone like IMPACT Executive Scott D'Amore then he doesn't see any issue of giving in as long as it benefits both sides.

Billy Corgan said:

“I’m gonna try to say this without sounding like I’m cutting a promo, but when I’m the most famous person in the room, it’s a little of funny that I’m supposed to grovel. I don’t think like that. Because I’m not a person who throws my weight around, I don’t necessarily need people to throw their weight around with me. I like to think of us as partners in a particular moment until we find good partnership. So when I feel that people have been good partners, like Scott D’Amore, who’s been a good partner recently, I love it. I’m more than happy to bend over backwards to try to get Scott what he would need from our end of the street and hopefully he can do the same. Unfortunately, that’s not always been the case with everybody and that’s totally fine. Again, I don’t have a problem with adversity. But it does get a little weird sometimes when it’s this ‘who’s got the bigger dog on the block’ type of stuff. I just don’t see business that way. I think, ultimately, you want to make the best show for the fans.”

You can check out Billy Corgan's comments at this link.