Shawn Michaels Says He Hopes WWE Can Put Together A Really Powerful One-Two Punch Between NXT And The Main Roster

WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels recently spoke with Sports Illustrated on a number of topics such as how he stole his signature pose from Elvis Presley, who according to Shawn was a really big influence early on in his career.

Shawn Michaels said:

“I stole that from Elvis. Elvis was a really big influence early in my career … I developed a real appreciation for the work that Elvis did. And I always loved that pose I would see Elvis do at the end of his concerts. He wouldn’t flex, which I felt comfortable doing, but he’d use that stance, so I have to give the King of Rock and Roll the credit for that one.”

Shawn Michaels also spoke about the passion and love he has for wrestling as well as his current role in WWE NXT and how he wants the talents he works with to experience the life he has.

Shawn Michaels said:

“I think people saw my passion and my love for this when I wrestled. The talent I work with now, I think they see that now, too. I don’t have to be here; I want to be here. And I want them to be great. I want them to experience the life I have. My father gave me the greatest piece of advice, which was ‘Make a great living doing something you enjoy.’ This is the greatest job in the world. It was my dream, and the more I can help others live their dreams, it makes me want to do it even more.”

Shawn Michaels then spoke about how he hopes the WWE can put together a really powerful one-two punch between NXT and the main roster now that Triple H is in charge.

Shawn Michaels said:

“We hope now that we can put together a really powerful one-two punch between NXT and the main roster that’s going to drive WWE to even greater heights. He wants to stick to the mission statement, which is to be the greatest sports entertainment company on the face of the earth. I’m going to do everything here to help, and he’ll have the entire support of NXT. We’re all excited for the future.”

You can check out Shawn Michaels' comments at this link.