NXT New Year's Evil Live Results (1/06/2020) - Capitol Wrestling Center, Winter Park, FL

NXT: New Year's Evil

Welcome folks to NXT's New Year's Evil event! Your host tonight, as always, is Rajah's Franchise reporter, Mike "Hulk" Hogan. Earlier today, our official NXT preview was released. We learned immediately afterwards that the Pit Fight II match had been pulled due to an injury to Timothy Thatcher.

But despite that, we still have a great card in store for us tonight! Xia Li and Boa are set to return after a very long, slow build with vignettes. Gran Metallik is looking to rock the house-party by taking on Santos Escobar for the NXT Cruiserweight Championship! Speaking of championships, NXT Champion Finn Bálor defends the NXT Championship against Kyle O'Reilly! When these two fight, it's gonna be a great night. We also have a highly-anticipated Last Woman Standing match as Rhea Ripley will Face/Off against Nicolas Cage Raquel Gonzalez in what is sure to be a brutal match between these two powerhouses.

All this and more, up next!

NXT: New Year's Evil Live Results (1/06/2020) - Capitol Wrestling Center, Winter Park, FL

Dexter Lumis Welcomes Us

We start our program off with Dexter Lumis in the darkened side stage area. He makes his way up the steps and to the the lightning control board. He presses a couple of buttons, experimenting with the different lights that are activated by it. He sees a huge lever next to him with the "devil" design on it, and pulls it. The New Year's Evil logo (see the picture above) is shown on the screen and we cut to the fully-operational arena.

Match: Damian Priest vs Karrion Kross w/ Scarlett

Damian Priest is out first, followed by Karrion Kross with Scarlett who does his awesome entrance as usual. Both men ready up in the ring and we get things going! Both men lock up and push each other around the ring, but after a few moments Kross begins to push Priest through the ropes. Priest never releases the grapple and drags Kross out with him! They remain tied up and run each other into the barricade, then Priest shoves Kross up on the apron and the ref forces the hold's rope break. Both men in the ring. Priest with a big kick but Kross absorbs it and charges Priest. Priest dodges and sends Kross into the corner and pounds on him. Kross fights out of the corner and lights up Priest with a series of strikes. Kross with a big boot kick in the corner on Priest, before whipping him into the opposite corner and running in with a clothesline. Kross does it a second time, then tosses Priest and covers. Priest kicks out at one.
Kross takes control in the match and cranks Priest's arms back behind him and shoves a knee into Priest's back. Priest tries to power out of it, even reaching his feet, but Kross shuts it down and sends Priest outside the ring. Kross comes out, taking his time, every step deliberate. He sends Priest into the announcer's table. Kross looks at Scarlett, then picks up the steel steps and comes in to hit Priest despite the ref's warnings. Priest kicks Kross in the gut, forcing him to drop the steel steps. Kross works over Priest's ribs and takes him back into the ring. Kross continues to work the ribs with powerful punches. Priest begins to play mind games, sort of bumbling around the ring as Kross hits him. Priest runs off the ropes and Kross clubs him, but Priest still hits a big kick that rocks Kross but the former champ stays on his feet! Priest comes in fast, hitting a Hulk Clap and a jumping Flatliner. Both men are slow to their feet and they take opposite corners. Priest streaks across the ring and splashes Kross! Priest attempts to suplex Kross but his ribs hurt and he can't get him up. Kross tries to exploit this but Priest hangs on and hits the Broken Arrow! Kross kicks out of a pin attempt. Both men take a breather for a moment, but Priest continues his assault, whipping Kross into the corner. Kross hits the turnbuckle on his left arm, and is now selling an injured arm. Priest with another big clothesline. Priest locks Kross in a reverse Samoan stretch. Kross won't tap so Priest rolls, trying to get Kross' shoulders down. Kross kicks out. Scarlett taunts Priest from the outside as both men get to their feet. Priest with a right; Kross with a right of his own! Priest with a big right kick, so Kross gives his own big right kick! Priest with a three-hit combo; Kross with a three-hit combo! Priest lights up with a flurry of strikes, this time not countered, and hits a cross body. Kross recovers fast enough to catch Priest in the ribs, and covers for a close two.
Kross slows the pace and hits deliberate strikes on Priest, everything taking advantage of the injured ribs. Kross puts Priest upside down in the corner, in the Tree of Woe position, and backs up to the opposite corner. Kross pulls down his knee pad and runs in, hitting Priest in the ribs with his bare knee. Kross puts Priest up on the top rope, facing rear, and climbs up behind him. Kross tells him its over and attempts a Saito but Priest blocks it! Priest throws elbows back and gets free, then manages to hoist Kross up and hits the Razor's Edge! Priest's ribs hurt, so he's slow crawling over to Kross. He covers but only picks up a two! Priest continues his offense, hitting the former champ with big strikes and takes him outside. Priest sends Kross back into the ring and hits a modified roundhouse kick! Priest goes up top and dives off, hitting a flying roundhouse kick! Priest follows it up with a South of Heaven! Priest covers! One, two...no! Kross just gets the arm up! Both men make it to their feet and Priest grabs Kross from behind. Priest attempts the Reckoning but Kross counters with an overhead toss! Kross splashes Priest in the corner, then hits a wicked looking powerbomb that drops Priest on the back of the neck. Kross covers but only picks up the two! Priest rolls to the outside to catch his breath.
Kross follows Priest outside and hits a big kick to the chin. Kross powerslams Priest onto the exposed steel of the bottom step. Kross takes Priest inside and stands over the fallen Priest, both he and Scarlett rocking sadistic smiles. Kross waits for Priest to rise and stares at him. Priest yells "I'm still standing," then calls Kross a bitch. So Kross kicks him in the side of the head then hits a Saito Suplex. Priest once again gets to his feet, and Kross nails him with a running forearm to the back of the head and covers, finally picking up the win! After the match, Kross and Scarlett embrace and celebrate at the top of the ramp.
Your Winner, Karrion Kross!

Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic

We've learned that Imperium and Ever Rise are the first two teams announced for the tournament that starts next week. The winner earns a title shot.

Backstage w/ Mackenzie and the Undisputed Era

Roderick Strong and Adam Cole are asked by Mackenzie about the Cup tournament starting next week. Cole tells us that he's the longest-reigning NXT Champion in history, and mentions their prophecy of gold. He and Strong say that they'll go on to win the Dusty Rhodes Classic and continue to fulfill the prophecy of gold for the UE.

NXT Cruiserweight Championship Match: Santos Escobar(c) w/ Legado Del Fantasma vs Gran Metallik w/ "Megazord: Battle Mode" Lince Dorado

Gran Metallik is out first with Lince Dorado wearing the awesome Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers Megazord ring gear of his (you gotta check it out, google it or Twitter it). Out next is Santos Escobar, accompanied by Legado Del Fantasma. he comes out wearing his Lucha mask and a cape. Vic Joseph and Wade Barrett praise Santos Escobar's ability. Dorado has "Luchazord" on the back of his Megazord outfit. Awesome. We get the bell and its time to fight!
Both men lock up in the middle of the ring, with Metallik pushing Escobar back to the ropes. The ref forces the break. Vic Joseph informs us that Metallik and Escobar used to be tag team partners in Mexico and this is their first time facing each other. Both men pick things up, with Escobar dropping Metallik and covering but not getting a one, and Metallik takes down Escobar and hops on him, mimicking his opponent but not getting a one, either. Escobar rolls to the outside. Metallik streaks across the ring, and rebounds back, calling for a tope con hiro but Escobar quickly moves and Metallik changes course at the last moment, springboarding off the ropes and landing back in the ring on a knee. Escobar comes back in and both men grapple for control. Escobar is sent outside and Metallik flies out onto him. Back in the ring, Metallik springboard cross body's into the ring and onto Santos, covering for a two. Escobar is up and whips Metallik to the corner. Escobar tries to charge in but is flipped out and onto the apron. Metallik climbs the top turnbuckle and runs along the ropes, but Escobar catches him and with an impressive show of strength and power, Escobar holds Metallik in a powerbomb position and swings him into the barricade! We go to picture-in-picture break.
Escobar retains control, slowing down the challenger and working over his side and legs. Escobar keeps Metallik grounded and hits the leg pick before applying a surfboard. Escobar takes his time, and it catches up to him as Metallik recovers and gets his second win. Metallik with an arm drag. Metallik with a slam followed by a diving splash. Escobar rolls outside but that doesn't stop Metallik as he runs and springboards off the middle rope, landing on Escobar outside! Lince runs over with a towel and fans Metallik down to cool him off. Both men take the action back into the ring, and Metallik slams Escobar and covers for a two. Metallik hits a huge chop. Escobar sends Metallik into the corner and charges in, only to catch a boot. Metallik heads to the apron and springboards back into the ring. Escobar counters with a leaping kick to the face as Metallik flies through the air! Metallik tumbles to the outside. Escobar hits a textbook suicide dive, slamming Metallik into the guard rail. Metallik is sent into the ring and Escobar covers for a two.
Escobar takes Metallik up top and is looking for a Superplex. Metallik tries to fight him back, but Escobar attempts to rip off Metallik's mask. Metallik shoves him off and adjusts his mask; Escobar catches him vulnerable and shoves him off the top! Metallik recovers and dives in, onto Escobar and drops him right on his head! Metallik covers but only gets a two! Escobar catches Metallik attempting another high-flying maneuver and sets him up for the draping DDT. Escobar then picks him up and executes the Phantom Driver! The champ picks up the pin fall and retains!
Your Winner and STILL NXT Cruiserweight Champion, Santos Escobar!

Match: Xia Li w/ Boa & Mystery Person vs. Katrina Perez

We return and so does Xia Li and Boa, as both make their way down to the ring. Xia Li performs several stances with two kanabō (Japanese metal spike-like weapon) along the entrance ramp. Up on the top of the ramp, cloaked in dark robes and a veil, is a mysterious figure in a type of throne or ornate chair. Xia Li makes her way into the ring, sporting new ring gear. Her opponent is a luchadore wearing pink outfit and mask and similar-colored hair. The match is short as Xia Li completely dominates, using quick jabs and strikes as she showcases a much more aggressive style. The match end quickly with Xia Li picking up the win. After the match, she joins Boa and the Mystery Person at the top of the ramp.
Your Winner, Xia Li!

Injury Announcement: Timothy Thatcher

William Regal informs us that Timothy Thatcher suffered a minor injury while training for tonight's fight and cannot compete tonight. He is expected back soon, and Regal promises that Ciampa and Thatcher will sort out their issues soon in the Fight Pit.

Backstage w/ Mackenzie and Bronson Reed

Reed says he's sorry to hear about Thatcher, but he's sat out with an injury, too. He tells us that 2021 will be a colossal match and then predicts Rhea Ripley will win. We go straight to the entrances!

Last Woman Standing Match: Rhea Ripley vs Raquel González

Just a reminder, to win the match you must incapacitate your opponent so that they cannot stand by a ref's count of ten. Rhea Ripley is the first out to a hot crowd for her. Raquel González wastes no time making her way out and we rush to get this match started. Both powerhouses clash. Raquel González takes the lead early on and manhandles Ripley, suplexing her down hard. Raquel González with a suplex toss, followed by a powerslam. Raquel González with a Fallaway Slam! Again, Raquel González pulls Ripley up and tosses her. Raquel González hits another Fallaway Slam! The ref begins to count, but only gets to a four. Ripley is up and both women clash. Vic Joseph and Beth Phoenix both mention the matching tattoos that the former friends and bitter enemies share. Ripley takes Raquel González outside and whips her into the side of the ring. Ripley pulls a kendo stick out and smacks González with it twice. González doesn't take to that too kindly and begins to brawl with Ripley at ring side. González destroys Ripley at ring side, and buries her under a pile of broken desk and rubble, attempting to keep Ripley down so that she can't answer the ref's call. The ref gets to nine but Ripley makes it to her feet!
We go to picture in picture break. González controls things, powerslamming Ripley down. González with a snap suplex. González watches the downed Ripley as she attempts to get to her feet. González whips Ripley into the corner then slams her face into the ring post. González with a big fist to Ripley, and the former champ is back against the ropes. González charges in and clotheslines Ripley over the top to the outside! The ref begins their count as Ripley starts to rise. González, frustrated, heads outside and picks up steel steps, looking to nail Ripley with them. Ripley disarms her and counters, dropping González on the steel steps! The crowd goes crazy with an "NXT!" chant!
González recovers first as Ripley's taken most of the damage tonight, and picks up the steel steps. González uses the weapon and drops the former champ twice! González begins to talk trash as she kicks and shoves Ripley to the back. She continues to kick her around the back. Ripley gets to her feet and fights González with quick jabs, then hits a form of a spear through a glass door! Both women are down as the ref begins to count and the crowd goes wild with "this is awesome!" chants. The ref gets to six. Ripley starts to stir. The ref is at eight; Ripley is up and González works on gaining a vertical stance. We get replays of the glass door spot. Ripley slams González's face into lockers, and pulls González around the back, slammign her into metal lockers and equipment tables. Ripley drags over a cart that has an aluminum foil pan--two--filled with what looks like seasoning packets. Ripley smacks González twice, then climbs up on top of the steel lockers, perhaps twelve feet up. Ripley does the D-X Suck it! crotch chop then dives off the top, hitting a Senton on González and through the table! The ref is counting as both women are down! Ripley gets up; González is down. The ref continues to count and is at eight when Dakota Kai attacks with a kendo stick from behind! Kai beats Ripley with the kendo stick as González gets to her feet before the ten count. Ripley fires up and tosses González aside, then beats on Kai. She kicks her repeatedly against the lockers, then shoves Dakota Kai into a locker! Ripley pushes a heavy object in front of the locker door so Kai can't get out! Ripley heads out to the stage area.
González attacks Ripley from her blindside but fails to capitalize on the surprise attack. Ripley locks González in that Standing Cloverleaf submission she loves to use. González screams in pain as Ripley continues to use her impressive strength and wrench González's legs up higher! González finally, after nearly a minute, manages to flip Ripley off. Ripley hits her head awkwardly on the steel as she lands. Both women get to their feet. González charges Ripley, but Ripley dives out of the way. González crashes face-first into the big "X" screen at the top of the ramp! The ref continues to count and both women get up at nine. González grabs Ripley and slams her into steel steps. González pulls Ripley up and hits a chokeslam that breaks through the stage! The black flooring cracked like cheap sheet rock. The ref stands over the hole and counts. González gets out around seven. The ref stands over and continues to count. Eight...nine...ten.
Your Winner and Last Woman Standing, Raquel González!

Outside: Police Escort for the Way

We see Johnny Gargano and Candice LeRae standing up in the sunroof of a vehicle. Several police vehicles are escorting them to the arena. We go to picture-in-picture once again, showing us the Way making their way to the arena, with occasional clips showing Rhea in the arena. it takes four refs to help Ripley up to her feet. She looks absolutely worn out, depleted and defeated and stumbles. The refs all help her stand again and she insists that she can stand, so the refs give her space. Ripley sits on the steel steps as a medical professional checks on her. Law and Order: SVU is having a "Before They Were Stars" marathon this weekend. Yep, still picture-in-picture as we continue to watch the Way's car and escorts make their way to the arena. Finally, after twenty-seven hours, we return from break and the police are finally arriving with the Way.

The Announce Team

We see Vic Joseph wearing a sharp suit and Wade Barrett in a lovely two-piece as they stall to buy time. Finally, per Vic Joseph, "The Way has found their way to NXT: New Year's Evil!" Beth Phoenix is either doing live commentary remotely distanced or from elsewhere as he's never seen at the announcer's table. The Way make their way out, finally!

In the Ring: the Way

The Way--North American Champion Johnny Gargano, Austin Theory, Candice LeRae and Indi Hartwell. Finally they get into the ring and Gargano says "that's...the way that you make an entrance, folks!" He goes on to talk about the curse of the Bambino, the curse of the NXT fan who can't ever get laid--and he and Candice both tell the fan in the audience to keep trying. Gargano gives a shout out to my boy Baker Mayfield and my second favorite team, the Cleveland Browns who broke an eighteen year dry spell to make the playoffs (woot!) and compares himself to the Browns as he's also broken the curse! He successfully defended a title. Candice presents him a golden plaque (that they call a plate) that commemorates Gargano's successful title defense last week, and Gargano loves it. Austin Theory says that Gargano is like a reali life superhero, and Gargano says he definitely is. Theory goes on to say that superheroes like Gargano give but never get anything in return. So they have a picture on a podium, draped in a cloth. They give a countdown adn remove the covering and it's a comic-superhero-version of the Way! Theory is drawn with massive muscles that would make Brock jealous. Gargano loves it and compliments, then announces that he and Austin Theory have entered the Dusty Rhodes Classic!
And without warning, out comes Shotzi Blackheart in her tank! She parks at the top and asks, "Hey Candice, you forget about me?" Austin Theory climbs out the ring and walks up the ramp, on the mic, telling Shotzi that he's not going to let her talk to Candice like that. Shotzi shoots him in the junk with the cannon on her tank! Theory rolls down the ramp in pain as Phoenix jokes that he'll be singing soprano here onward. The Way swarm Shotzi, who hits the ring and battles Candice and Shotzi. The Way have the numbers advantage when Kushido hits the ring to make the save! A bell rings and Dexter Lumis is seen in the timekeeper's area! Lumis holds up a card with a cartoonish drawing of Gargano & LeRae versus Kushido and Blackheart in a mixed tag match. Gargano is pissed but as Lumis is the host, he apparently can make the match. He rings the bell and an upset Gargano snaps at him for ringing it, and gets in the ring.

Mixed Tag Team Match: the Way (Gargano & LeRae) vs Shotzi Blackheart & Kushido

Things start off chaotic as Shotzi takes it right to Candice. We go to picture in picture break. During this, Candice catches Shotzi off guard and takes control. Candice with a face plant, then a suplex. Candice drags Shotiz to the apron and slams her down, then takes it back into the ring with another faceplant. LeRae wastes too much time talking, and Shotzi starts to fight back with fists. LeRae shuts it down with a big right and a takedown. Our picture-in-picture ends so we can get a commercial for Saul Goodman a rando lawyer.
When we return the men are at it. Gargano with a suplex. Gargano whips Kushida to the ropes but Kushida slaps on an arm bar. Gargano transitions it into a Garga-No-Escape but Kushida transitions it back into an arm bar! Both men break. Kushida with a suplex down. Dexter Lumis is wearing a great, dark sports jacket and is on "commentary" but simply sits there staring blankly at the action. Kushida takes control and Gargano desperately runs to his corner. Candice gets in and threatens to attack Kushida, pacing around him to draw his attention from Johnny. Gargano attempts to attack from behind but Kushida senses a disturbance in the force and counters! Kushida tags in Shotzi but it looks like the ref's not even bothering with tags. Shotzi brawls with LeRae and both Gargano and LeRae end up outsdie. As Gargano recovers, Kushida hits a suicide dive that wipes out Gargano. As LeRae recovers, Shotzi hits a suicide dive that wipes out Candice! Kushida takes it back inside. Indi hartwell attacks Shotzi as she tries to climb back in. Austin Theory comes over, attempting to distract Kushida. Kushida whips Theory into the corner, dropping him on his butt. Gargano charges Kushida, who misdirects him and Gargano crashes into Theory! Once again, Austin's Theory took a devasting hit. Kushida grabs a recovering Gargano and rolls him up! He holds the pin for an extra second or two after getting the three!
Your Winners, Kushida & Shotzi Blackheart!

Dusty Rhodes Classic Update

William Regal is proud to announce that we'll also have our first-ever Women's Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic!

NXT Championship Match: Finn Bálor(c) vs Kyle O'Reilly

Kyle O'Reilly of the Undisputed Era comes out first. Pete Dunne is in the crowd, observing. Out next comes NXT Champion Finn Bálor. We're reminded that Bálor hasn't fought in three months, since TakeOver 31, and Wade Barrett says Bálor will be soft. Bálor makes his way to the ring as he and Kyle O'Reilly (who will be referred to as KOR at times) stare each other down. We get the official announcements and we are under way!
Both men grapple and start a sequence of reversals as each switches to stand behind the other and attempts an arm hold. O'Reilly ends it with a shoulder tackle. Both men square up in the middle of the ring and lock hands. O'Reilly takes control and takes Bálor down to the mat, locking his knees around Bálor's head and applying pressure on the jaw he broken three motnsh ago. Bálor escapes and both men line up in the middle again. O'Reilly goes low, looking for a wrestling takedown, but Bálor sees it coming and converts it into a side headlock. O'Reilly fights to hisfeet but Bálor side snapmares him down and keeps the headlock on. O'Reilly escapes and locks that knee lock on Bálor's jaw once again. Bálor escapes and both men jockey for control, both showcasing their technical prowess with several counters. O'Reilly begins to focus on Bálor's left arm as he takes control. Both men continue for several minutes, with O'Reilly working on Bálor's left arm and jaw and Bálor countering into his own attempts to lock in an abdominal stretch. Finally, Bálor locks it in. O'Reilly tries to reach out with his foot to get the rope, but Bálor twists their stance to keep him from it! Bálor restrains O'Reilly's arms now, so he can't reach the rope...so O'Reilly grabs the rope with his mouth! The ref forces the break, so Bálor breaks just long enough to club O'Reilly back down. Bálor is in control now, with a grounded side headlock firmly in place.
Bálor starts to work on O'Reilly's jaw, hitting him twice early on with big, clubbing blows to his jaw. O'Reilly tries to fight back and Bálor focuses on the jaw, hitting him twice more. Bálor pulls O'Reilly through the middle rope and pulls his head back, using the top rope to apply pressure to O'Reilly's jaw! KOR screams in pain as the ref counts, and Bálor uses every second of the five count to make O'Reilly suffer. Bálor hits a dropkick after O'Reilly recovers and covers for a two. Bálor stomps on O'Reilly's jaw. Bálor with a back suplex, and immediately locks in a crossface! O'Reilly can't reach the ropes! KOR hangs in there and twists his legs, scooting them inch by inch as the champion cranks on his jaw! O'Reilly reaches the bottom rope! Bálor breaks it and lets O'Reilly up, the hits a big chop on KOR in the corner. Bálor with another big strike to O'Reilly's jaw. Bálor whips O'Reilly into the ropes and takes him down with a big lariat adn covers for a two. Bálor stands on O'Reilly's jaw until the ref forces him back, then paces slowly, taking time. Kyle O'Reilly has time to catch a second win and fires off, taking Bálor down with a big clothesline and a snap suplex. O'Reilly with a series of kicks and swings. Bálor is sent into the ropes and catches a knee to the midsection. O'Reilly with a big suplex. Looks like he hit his jaw and is selling that it's making it hard for him to follow up with a pin attempt. Bálor uses the brief moment to jab O'Reilly in the jaw. Bálor is up, his left arm clutched to his side. Bálor attempts to Irish Whip O'Reilly but O'Reilly puts on the brakes! Both men switch positions and KOR locks in a leg submission. Bálor converts it into a submission of his own; O'Reilly hits the P.A.T. kick but the momentum sends him outside.
We are now past 10:00pm and running over. O'Reilly is slow to recover as the ref continues the count-out and reaches nine before O'Reilly reaches his feet and just barely slides in before the ref hits ten. In the ring, we get a big "NXT Championship" titile card as Vic Joseph gives props to the TakeOver-quality match. In the ring, O'Reilly suffers as Bálor focuses on his injured jaw, utilizing crossfaces and strikes. Bálor locks in a wicked, wrenching, modified crossface on O'Reilly too far from the ropes! O'Reilly grunts in pain as the pressure is put on his jaw, but he refuses to give up. The hold is broken. Bálor hits a Sling Blade! He waits in the corner for O'Reilly to rise, then hits the Shotgun Dropkick! Bálor climbs up to the top, looking for the Coup-de-Grace, but O'Reilly runs over and stops his ascent with a big strike! O'Reilly climbs up and hits a Superplex, covering for a two! O'Reilly immediately hits a Brainbuster Suplex and covers for two! O'Reilly locks in an arm bar. Bálor tries to switch, but O'Reilly adapts and wrenches that injured left arm more! Bálor barely gets to the ropes.
Both men get to their feet. Bálor is busted open on his forehead and blood streaks across his brow and nose. O'Reilly charges Bálor but the champ has it scouted and hits him in the kidneys! Bálor locks in an abdominal stretch, then transitions into a arm-locked crossface! O'Reilly cannot reach the ropes! Bálor wrenches it back more and O'Reilly is forced to tap!
Your Winner and STILL NXT Champion, Finn Bálor!

After the Match

A somewhat-bloodied Bálor rises and holds his feet. We get several replays and see Bálor's left side of his face is getting pretty bloody. O'Reilly sits in a corner as Adam Cole, Roderick Strong adn Bobby Fish check on their teammate. Bálor stands up and walks over, grimacing down at O'Reilly, his NXT championship over his shoulder. O'Reilly looks defeated, seated in the corner as the Undisputed Era checks on him. We end our program with a bloodied champion, Finn Bálor, staring into the camera angrily.

In Closing

There you have it folks! NXT: New Year's Evil has come to a close! There weren't many matches but all were pretty solid and worth the watch. That does it for us tonight. Hit me up on Twitter if you'd like. Y'all stay warm, stay frosty, and stay safe out there. See you this Friday for Smackdown (and NFL Playoff predictions!)

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