Saraya Reportedly Not Yet Cleared to Wrestle By AEW; Set For Dynamite Segment

– Saraya made her AEW debut last week on Dynamite and has signed a full-time contract with the promotion, reports the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. She last wrestled for WWE in late 2017, where it was assumed her wrestling career was over at age 25 due to the fact that WWE’s medical staff noted they would never clear her again. However, in recent years with various wrestlers returning after previously being told they could never wrestle again, Saraya went public this year with her hopes of stepping back into the ring.

- In AEW, it’s currently unclear if she will wrestle regularly, sparingly or not at all but the report notes that she is currently not cleared by doctors which would explain why in her AEW run-in, she didn’t touch any of the other talent in the ring. Saraya is scheduled to make a statement this coming Wednesday on Dynamite where she will likely reveal her plans in AEW moving forward but whether she can wrestle or not would depend on Dr. Michael Sampson’s assessment and conclusion on what she can and cannot do physically.