Seth Rollins Goes Off On Cesaro

WWE Smackdown Superstar Seth Rollins will face off with Cesaro, at Wrestlemania 37. Ahead of his bout with “The Swiss Cyborg”, Seth sat down for an interview with Talking Smack, and ran down Cesaro. “The Architect of The Shield” also put over the WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns. Rollins told the hosts:

"The thing about Cesaro is... and I said it last night. There are levels, okay? There are levels and there is a reason that Cesaro has never had the spotlight at WrestleMania. A reason! Do you know what that reason is? Do you understand what that reason is? That reason is because he is not as good as me. There are people who are on my level. Roman Reigns is on my level. There are people who understand it. Paul Heyman has been around greatness his entire career. There are people who understand that... who get greatness. I'm one of those people”.

The two-time WWE Champion, as well as two-time Universal Champion, continued to go in onCesaro after that. Seth spoke about the “potential” of “The Swiss Superman, and explained:

"I have been, since the moment I stepped foot in WWE. And my track record at WrestleMania and every other event this company's ever put on holds that to be true. Cesaro on the other hand has been a wealth of potential. Potential, potential, potential. Yadda, yadda, yadda. Potential is c**p. It means nothing unless you deliver”.

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(H/T and transcribed by S/KWrestling)