Seth Rollins Says Becky Lynch Will Be Back; Names Raw Superstar Who He Feels Has Stood Out

-- Seth Rollins recently spoke with the NY Post on a variety of topics including working through his fiancee Becky Lynch's pregnancy, stating that he feels she will be back while also commenting on the COVID-19 testing difficulties that has made Raw tapings difficult. Below are the highlights:

Working with Rey Mysterio

"Rey’s an absolute legend, someone who’s been a vital part of our industry for 30 years, which is literally double the amount of time that I’ve been in the industry. The fact that he can go at still such a high level at his experience level is still the thing that amazes me the most about Rey Mysterio. And to be wrapped up in a story with him right now is a lot of fun. Obviously the environment’s different without a massive live crowd. It’s still really fun to interact with him, his son Dominik and to use this different type of medium, I suppose, than what we’re used to, to tell a story."

How Becky Lynch is coping with pregnancy

"Oh, she hates it. She doesn’t hate not being around the business. Obviously, any kind of entertainment industry is gonna stress you out, so she doesn’t miss that part of it. She missed the go, go, go. She missed having goals in mind. She missed having something to work toward. And it’s hard because I’ve never been a pregnant person, so she’s in a position too where she’s had to just walk away and stop abruptly, her job. It wasn’t like most other women who are pregnant are able to still work their jobs while they’re pregnant and slowly transition out for a short period of time. The nature of our industry, she can’t do that."

Whether she will be back in a ring

"Oh yea, I expect so. Obviously that’s gonna be up to her and how she feels. Who knows what happens after childbirth once she becomes a mother, I don’t know. I believe she has aspirations to return. I think she would rather go out on her own terms whenever that time may be as opposed to stepping away for a child. I think she has aspirations to return, but I don’t know. Things can change between now and December."

The COVID-19 situation

"It’s been a struggle in the sense that there have just been a lot of decisions that have to be made quickly as far as travel is concerned because now that we’re doing added testing and those swabs every single time before these tapings, that puts you in a little bit of a hole as far as your travel is concerned because now you are going to have to leave a day early, and when you don’t know you have to leave a day early until it all comes up it becomes a bit of a hassle. We had to make some changes to the taping schedule last week, which is going to force us to go back down again this week to do some more tapings."

Who has stood out on Raw

"I think some people who stand out to me probably are Apollo Crews, who is someone who’s been kind of been under-appreciated for a long time. As he gets more experience under his belt on a WWE platform, he’s only gonna get better. He needs the opportunity to explore who he is. Who is Apollo Crews, why do we like him, why do we care about him? Clearly, he’s a five-tool player. He’s got all the necessary attributes. So I think getting in this platform, to step up and deliver, obviously, he can do it in the ring. We’ll see what it looks like if he develops into a character down the road. I think Zelina Vega as well is someone who’s been given a ton of mic time. Being paired with Andrade and with (Angel) Garza has allowed her to speak more than she’s ever spoken in WWE and carry segment on her own with a WWE champion and other people like that."

The full interview is here.