Sheamus Says He Would Love To See Becky Lynch Come Back When WWE Returns To Live Touring

WWE United States Champion Sheamus recently spoke with Vibe and Wrestling, where he discussed what he would say to someone who called pro wrestling fake.

Sheamus said:

“Come on and step in the ring with me and I will show you how real it is!” “Ask my opponents. That stigma has been in wrestling or in WWE for decades. I’m proud to bring a very physical style. Look at my matches with Drew, Bobby or Big E. It’s a different element when I’m out there. For those people that say that its not real, watch my matches throughout the pandemic, especially with those guys, and you won’t be able to say it because there is nothing fake about it.”

Sheamus then discussed how he misses fellow Irish WWE Star Becky Lynch and how he would love for come back when the WWE returns to live touring as he as well as the WWE Universe is excited for her return to in-ring action.

Sheamus said:

“Becky to me is like a sister.” “She went there and she made herself. She wasn’t on the radar, but she went there and she tore it down and made herself relevant, in spite of the booking she. The cream always rises to the top and that’s exactly what happened for her. And she went there and did it herself, did what she believed and we definitely miss her. She is a Superstar, she is out there with the greats of the past, the greats of the future and people love her because what you see is what you get. She is a very, very honest person and hard worker and she is not afraid to say what is on her mind."

“People miss everything about her, miss her charisma, her presence. I don’t know when she’s gonna come back. I am not gonna ask her, it’s not of my business to ask for that or what are her plans for the future. But I think that going into the live events with the fans we’d love to have her back. I miss her, everybody else misses her too. I’m excited if she does come back. That question can only be answer by her.”

You can check out Sheamus' comments in the video below: