Sin Cara Criticizes WWE For Not Using Mexican Talent Correctly, Talks Projects Outside Wrestling

Lucha-libre star Cinta De Oro, formerly known as Sin Cara in WWE, recently spoke to Sportskeeda about all things pro-wrestling, including his projects outside of performing and how he doesn't believe WWE gives latino talents a chance. Highlights are below.

On his projects outside of wrestling:

I am also doing other projects outside wrestling. I’m starting a company with my brother. I’ll give you guys more information later on. He wants to start a company and we’re in the plans of doing all that. I’m also writing a couple of books, writing a book about… a motivational book telling stories about my life, about my childhood. It’s like a biography. Like stories about when I was a kid, a teenager, and through that how God has always protected me and has kept me going to achieve what I’ve accomplished no matter the obstacles, no matter what I’ve done. Letting people know that they can accomplish anything. And that’s mainly about the book. And also I’m writing a kids book ’cause I got to do a lot of things with kids and I’m just excited to have something that them and me can actually communicate.

Says WWE doesn't give Mexican talent the proper treatment, which is why he and Andrade left:

Talentwise, everybody’s very talented. I can understand. But it’s just sad to be able to see that the Mexicans, us, don’t get the opportunity to showcase… Not one Mexican on the card and that’s just unfortunate because if you look at the talent that they have, they have great wrestlers. They can do a lot of positive things with them and they don’t do it and they don’t really… I don’t think they really care, to be honest. That was the main thing why I left. That’s why Andrade left also. It wasn’t because he wanted to leave or because we were just trying to become news out there. It’s not about that but trying to fight for your ideals and what you want to accomplish in your life. And for me it’s not about the money. And for Andrade it’s not about the money.