The Young Bucks Eyeing Match With The Usos, How They Were Close To Working New Day

The AEW tag team champion Young Bucks recently spoke with TV Insider to talk all things pro-wrestling, which include how Matt and Nick were very close to working the New Day but WWE never gave the okay. They also name the Usos as a team that's on their bucket list. Highlights from the interview are below.

Nick Jackson says they were close to wrestling the New Day:

"I feel like we’ve wrestled every tag team we’ve wanted to. I guess the Usos and The New Day would be the only two left who would be on my bucket list. When we were close to doing The Elite versus The New Day a few years ago, WWE never gave the okay on it. We were really close to doing it."

Matt Jackson on AEW teams he wants to work again now that they're heels:

"Even with the teams we’ve wrestled before, it’s going to be a different dynamic now as heels. This will be a whole new Young Bucks act. It feels like we’re starting now as new characters. I would like to work FTR (Cash Wheeler and Dax Harwood) again at some point. I would like to work Santana and Ortiz with them being babyfaces."