WWE 205 Live Results (12/25/2020) - ThunderDome II (Tropicana Field), St. Petersburg, FL

The hard-hitting, high-flying action from the WWE cruiserweight division returns this evening with this week's special Christmas Day edition of WWE 205 Live on the WWE Network.

On tap for this week's purple brand program Mansoor will go one-on-one against Raul Mendoza, while Chase Parker of Ever-Rise will do battle against Samir Singh of The Bollywood Boyz in an additional singles match.

Featured below are complete results of the Friday, December 25, 2020 episode of WWE 205 Live.

WWE 205 LIVE RESULTS (12/25/2020)

The Christmas Day edition of WWE 205 Live kicks off on the WWE Network with the usual signature opening video package, and then we are welcomed inside the host venue for this week's purple brand program.

Chase Parker (w/ Matt Martel) vs. Samir Singh (w/ Sunil Singh)

"Merry Christmas and welcome to 205 Live" are the first words we hear from WWE 205 Live commentator Vic Joseph, who is seated alongside Nigel McGuinness at ringside.

From there, we hear the familiar sounds of Ever-Rise's entrance theme song, as the duo of Chase Parker and Matt Martel make their way down to the squared circle for the first of two singles bouts scheduled for tonight's show.

Out next are The Bollywood Boyz -- Samir and Sunil Singh, as the former will be going one-on-one against Parker in singles action in this week's 205 Live opening bout. "Tis the season to be Bolly!" says McGuinness, as he turns into his usual Bollywood-friendly jovial-self as the Singh Bros. make their way over to the announce table on their way to the ring.

With his Santa Hat still on, Sunil Singh takes his place outside the ring on the floor in the corner of his brother. The bell sounds as Matt Martel does the same in the corner of Parker at ringside. Straight out of the gate, Parker blasts Samir with a leg-lariat and tries a pin, but doesn't even get a one count.

The match quickly spills out to the floor where we see Sunil get involved, as does Martel, however it is the former who has a bigger impact on the legal two men as they return inside the ring. Once they are back in the ring, however, it is Parker who shifts the offensive momentum in his favor as he takes it to Singh while we see Martel cheering him on from ringside.

Samir doesn't sell for too long, as he quickly takes back control of the offensive driver's seat in the vehicle that is taking these two through the motions inside the ring ropes. Samir excellently executes a back-breaker on Parker and then heads to the top-rope. He comes flying off, however Parker catches him with a big boot to the grill as he was on his way down.

While Parker appeared to be firing up on offense, we see Samir slap a sleeper-hold on the Ever-Rise member out of nowhere. Parker escapes, but Samir jumps on his back and slaps the hold right back on. Parker backs himself into the corner, blasting Samir while he was still on his back holding onto the sleeper, to free himself. For a third time, Samir again hops on his back and slaps the sleeper-hold back on.

This time it looked as though Parker was going to fade, however just as he started to lose his balance, he escaped and this time began a legitimate comeback. Parker blasts Samir with repeated punches to the dome that drops The Bollywood Boy, as he is on an offensive roll now. He springboards himself from the ring apron over the top-rope, landing on Samir with a big elbow drop.

As Parker is being scolded by the referee, we see The Bollywood Boyz attempt to pull the ole' switch-a-roo on this match, with Sunil changing places with Samir, however as soon as Sunil rolled into the ring and began over-selling his back injury, the referee spotted the bad acting and immediately called him out on not being the legal Bollywood Bro in this contest. Parker takes advantage of the confusion during all of this, as he moves and Samir charges and blasts Sunil before turning into the finisher from the Ever-Rise tag-team member.

Winner: Chase Parker

Curt Stallion With A Message For Santos Escobar

The announcers run through some highlights of the opening match and then kick things to a backstage promo segment with the number one contender to the NXT Cruiserweight Championship -- Curt Stallion.

Stallion is shown in an empty room talking straight into the camera. He talks about being amazed that it will be 2021 before he finally steps into the ring for the NXT Cruiserweight Championship match he earned when he won the Fatal-5-Way Number One Contender bout on 205 Live several weeks ago.

He goes on to mock Santos Escobar and Legado Del Fantasma, before sarcastically applauding them on ducking and dodging him for so long. He vows that his time is coming soon, and he will become the new NXT Cruiserweight Champion.

Raul Mendoza vs. Mansoor

Speaking of Legado Del Fantasma and the NXT Cruiserweight Champion Santos Escobar, one member of the gold-toting trio is up next, as he goes one-on-one against undefeated rising contender Mansoor in the featured bout of the evening here on WWE 205 Live -- next.

Some commercials air, including one of the New Year and WWE kicking the year of 2020's ass, as well as one for the upcoming WWE Royal Rumble 2021 PPV in January, and then we head back inside the 205 Live host venue as the theme of Legado Del Fantasma plays and Raul Mendoza makes his way down to the squared circle by himself for this week's main event.

As he settles into the ring, he arrogantly waives to the back, suggesting that his opponent for this week -- Mansoor -- bring it on. On that note, Mansoor's music hits and the undefeated prospect runs down ot the ring, slides under the bottom ropes and poses on the middle turnbuckle inside the Capitol Wrestling Center.

The bell sounds and we're off-and-running with our second of two scheduled matches here on the Christmas Day edition of WWE 205 Live. Mendoza tries grounding Mansoor early on, however he is having none of it. Mansoor takes Mendoza down, however he escapes and makes it back to his feet. Now Mendoza takes Mansoor down and taunts him, playing with him on the mat before standing up on his own and smiling as he backs up and stares down his undefeated opponent.

The fans start to rally behind Mansoor, as some chants spread throughout the Capitol Wrestling Center, and it seems to bring him to life a bit, as the pace in the match immediately quickens. We see Mansoor with a pair of Mexican arm-drags and some other fast-paced offense before Mendoza takes a moment on the floor to regroup.

He isn't given much time to regroup, however, as Mansoor builds up a head of steam and baseball slides under the bottom rope to capitalize on his weakened opposition, however as soon as his feet hit the floor, Mendoza takes over and slams him into the barricade. He throws him back in the ring and begins taking over a comfortable offensive lead in this contest. Mansoor ends up taking a bad bump off the top-rope direclty onto his back, which we see some immediate replays of, as Mendoza continues to dominate the action.

Mendoza gets Mansoor down in the corner and he starts putting the boots to him, stomping a mud-hole in him and walking it dry, ala a vintage "Stone Cold" Steve Austin in his prime. Mendoza uses the top-rope to choke Mansoor as the ref yells at him and begins his count, with Mendoza using almost every bit of his alloted five seconds before a disqualification was a concern. He shows an evil smirk, which McGuinness brings up on commentary.

Mendoza takes his shirt off and throws it in Mansoor's face, however Mansoor throws it right back in Mendoza's face. All this does, unfortunately for Mansoor, is piss off Mendoza, as he fires up with rage and takes it out on the undefeated rising contender here in the cruiserweight division. Mendoza applies a Cobra clutch submission hold and we see Mansoor fade. He finally fires up and tries using his momentum to escape, however Mendoza cranks down harder on the submission and Mansoor seems screwed. Mansoor fires up again after a few moments, but even while doing so, Mendoza eats the offense while refusing to let go of the hold.

Finally, Mansoor escapes. Mendoza builds up a head of steam and charges at Mansoor, however the undefeated prospect side-steps him at just the right time, and Mendoza goes flying through the ropes, blasting the ring post and crashing out onto the floor. The referee nearly counts him out, however he makes it back into the ring in time. In time for a first-class ass-kickin' from Mansoor, that is!

The undefeated cruiserweight star is all over the place, taking Mendoza out from a wide-variety of angles with an assortment of offensive moves. He hits a big splash on Mendoza in the corner and he crashes and rolls out to the floor, where Mansoor sprints through the ropes and dives through Mendoza, sliding past him as he landed. We see replays of that as Mansoor brings the action back into the ring. Mansoor looks for his finisher, however Mendoza reverses into a pin attempt, but Mansoor kicks out at two. This does allow Mendoza to take back over control of the offense, hitting a number of powerful slams and high-impact moves until Mansoor finally turns the tables with a big spot.

He locks up a single leg Boston crab on Mendoza in the center of the ring. Mendoza screams out in pain as he tries making his way to the ropes to break the hold. He is inches away and he finally grabs onto it and the referee forces Mansoor to break the hold. Mendoza then fights his way back into the offensive driver's seat yet again, as he is trying left-and-right to put away Mansoor, to no avail. Mendoza climbs to the top-rope looking to finish off Mansoor, however nobody is home when he comes flying off. Mansoor uses this opportunity to shift the offensive momentum back into his favor, springboarding from the ring apron into the Legado Del Fantasma member and pinning him for the victory, keeping his undefeated streak in tact as he heads into 2021.

Winner: Mansoor

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