WWE Champion Drew McIntyre Calls Out AJ Styles and Brock Lesnar, Talks Draft, Undertaker

WWE champion Drew McIntyre recently spoke Mike Jones on Washington radio station DC101 to talk all things pro-wrestling, including his thoughts on the upcoming draft, how AJ Styles keeps ducking him, and a possible future showdown with the Undertaker. Highlights are below.

On the upcoming WWE draft:

I'm excited to see how it [the WWE Draft] shakes out. I'm very happy and proud of everything I've done on RAW as WWE Champion, but I can't predict the future. Things could change. I could have a new home.

Says AJ Styles is running from him:

I came back to WWE, and we're both bad guys on RAW. As such, [a feud] was not going to happen. Then, when I finally turned into a good guy, AJ disappears and moves over to SmackDown. I think he's running from me!

Calls out Brock Lesnar:

I had Lesnar's number every step of the way, which not many people can say. Every time, he showed up, I dropped him with my Claymore. And at WrestleMania, I defeated him in 5 minutes. Brock knows what I'm all about now. I'm not going to get confident, not going to get cocky, it's still Brock Lesnar, but I'll drop him again if he shows up.

How he keeps asking for a match with The Undertaker:

In his Last Ride documentary on the WWE Network, he [The Undertaker] said he will always come when Vince McMahon calls. So, every single week, I prod Vince McMahon to 'make the call, make the call!'

Full interview is below. (H/T and transcribed by Wrestling Inc.)

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