WWE Friday Night Smackdown Live Results (09/04/2020)

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We've got our official Smackdown Preview to give us a hint of what to expect tonight! We won't see AOP in action tonight, but we do get to see Roman Reigns & Paul Heyman address the WWE Universe. We'll also be treated to a Four-man #1 Contender's Match! In case you missed SummerSlam (click here for results), the new WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns is back in his yard as top dog. Who will face the champ at Clash of Champions--will it be Sheamus, Big E, Matt Riddle, or King Corbin who win tonight and move on for a title opportunity? My money's on Norman Smiley!

We'll also see Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler battling against Sasha Banks & Bayley in a rematch for the Women's Tag Team Titles! Will the not-so-Golden Role Models reclaim some bling or will Big & Nasty start their title reign off dominantly? Also, what's up with all those creepy viper posts from Randy Orton on Twitter? Hasn't anyone told him wrestlers aren't supposed to post their snake all over social media anymore? And how is "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt involved? Will this lead to a Raiders of the Lost Art Snake Pit Match? Who knows!

But we're about to find out tonight, on WWE Friday Night Smackdown!

WWE Friday Night Smackdown Live Results (9/04/2020) - Amway Center, Orlando, FL

Show Opener: Payback, Last Sunday

We open our match with a video package with clips from last week's Smackdown where Roman Reigns, with Paul Heyman, said that his winning the Universal title wasn't just a prediction--it was a spoiler. We are then treated to clips of the match at Payback this past Sunday, where the Universal title match started and for the bulk of the match it was Braun Strowman squaring off with the Fiend. Both men fought up and down the ramp, and even broke the ring when the Fiend hit a superplex on Strowman off the top rope. Little Naitch, the referee, was knocked unconscious. Suddenly, Reigns comes out with Heyman, signs the contract that presumably allowed him to enter this match (even if late) and then hit the ring with a steel chair. Reigns used it to attack an already battered and bruised Strowman and Wyatt, and captured the Universal championship.

Welcome to the ThunderDome!

Michael Cole and Corey Graves welcome us to the ThunderDome, brought to you by Progressive.

In the Ring: Roman Reigns w/ Paul Heyman

Reigns' usual theme blares over the speakers as he comes out with Paul Heyman. The ThunderDome crowd are thumbs-down'ing Reigns and the piped in crowd is full of boos. Roman's wearing a new black and white "Show Up & Win" tee. He stands there until his pyro goes off, then slowly walks to the ring with Heyman in toe.
Heyman gets on the mic and tells us that he was out until Reigns pulled him back in. He assures us that it's Roman corrupting Heyman, not the other way around. Heyman says that he was thrown into the shark-infested ocean of obscurity, only to be rescued--saved and pulled onto the island of relevancy--by this man (indicating Reigns). "Reason? Because they did the same damn thing to him that they did to me. Let me ask you a question--what happened to the thank yous and the appreciations? Through all the executive decisions, through life-threatening circumstances, this man delivered. Over delivered. Nobody bothered to say thank you, nobody offered genuine appreciation. When he needed a little time off, what did you do with his championship? The Fiend? A fiend is not born to reign as champion. A fiend does fiendish things. A monster/ A monster's not born to reign as champion, a monster does monsterish things." He goes on to say that the Fiend and the Monster aren't champion. "Roman Reigns as your champion has always been defined by what WWE purports itself to be built upon: family, championship, legacy. The responsibility of being family and the accountability of owning one's actions as champion. And that's who this champion is. On Raw, they have a triple-threat match to determine who will be the challenger at Clash of Champions." He then says that Reigns will be bigger, badder, than anything Raw can do. He points out that Raw did a triple threat for a #1 contender, so he says that tonight we'll do a four way. He refuses to name the competitors and says that he'll leave hyping their records up to "Anderson Cooper and Carmella's latest boyfriend over there," pointing to the commentary team of Michael Cole and Corey Graves, haha. He then does his reigning, defending, undisputed, universal heavyweight champion schtick ending with "Roman...Reigns." Roman looks down to the mat, then up as he raises his mic. Roman speaks. "I'm a man of my word. I did exactly as I said I was gonna do at Payback. i signed the contract. I wrecked the Fiend. I wrecked the Monster. And I left (Payback) as the heavyweight champion." He no longer refers to the ring as his "yard." He instead says, "this is my island." Afterward, Cole plugs Roman with his "special counsel" Paul Heyman as Roman makes bedroom eyes at the camera as it zooms ever closer and closer.

Commentary Hypes Tonight's Card

We're reminded that we've got a fatal four-way tonight to determine who takes on Roman Reigns and we'll also see the women's tag team titles in a Payback rematch between Big & Nasty and the Golden Role Models.

Heavy Machinery vs Miz & Morrison

Otis brings his Money in the Bank briefcase with him as they make their way out. We go to commercial. Back from the break and our heels are out. I missed the first two minutes of this match due to technical difficulties but I'll catch you up from here. Miz goes into the corner. Tucker throws two fists. Miz escapes but is sent into the corner. Tucker makes a tag and Otis comes in. Miz and Morrison take control of things. Miz hits a running knee as he tags in Morrison, who hits a boot and covers for a two count. Otis is taunted by the heels as they utilize fast tags to keep on top of things. Otis finally gets his second wind and hits a splash in the corner, pinning Miz for the win. I apologize for the technical difficulties during this match. I've switched over to my backup plan so there shouldn't be much interruption.

After the Match

As Heavy Machinery celebrates, Morrison grabs the Money in the Bank briefcase and runs up the ramp with it.

Backstage w/ Big E

Big E is backstage with Lucha House Party, preparing a celebration, when a staff member comes over to inform Big E that Xavier Woods has arrived! E claps excitedly and moves backstage further to greet him. Sheamus attacks without warning, striking E in a passage way before hitting the Brogue Kick against Big E and the wall. Sheamus drags and beats Big E over to a car, then hits the White Noise on Big E on top of the car, flattening him into the windshield. Officials run up and yell for medics as we go to break.

Backstage w/ Big E, Part II

We return from commercial break to see officials and medics tending to Big E after Sheamus' attack. Cole and Graves speculate this might have something to do with them fighting each other this past Sunday at Payback, and the fact that they're opponents in tonight's number one contender match. We cut back to the back with Kayla Braxton. Big E is still in his red track suit on the hood. Kayla speculates that he could have severe internal injuries when Sheamus walks back up. She asks him about the attack and he claims it was self defense. He says that she's got some bad information. He then tells her that if you want to be in main events and fight for Universal championships, you've got to stay focused. Sheamus says he's already thinking about dodging Riddle's strikes and avoiding Corbin's power. He says that Big E was probably thinking about laughing and dancing with his old friend. He says that it's a shame, because this could have been a big night for Big E but what does he do? He lets his old friend drag him down again. Sheamus then claps and smiles, saying he's got a big match tonight so he's got to go. He walks off camera, then walks back on and adds "it's probably going to be a triple-threat match tonight.

Commentary/Match Flo (Women's Tag Team Championships from Payback)

Cole and Graves promise to have updates throughout tonight. They then hype the upcoming Women's Tag Titles match as Big & Nasty will face the Golden Role Models in a rematch from Sunday, which saw Jax & Baszler win the titles off Bayley & Banks. Baszler used Sasha Bank's arm to help choke out Bayley, causing Bayley to tap out. The Golden Role Models have lost three titles in less than two weeks, leaving only one belt.

Interview w/ Banks & Bayley

They're asked about the tumultuous week they've had. Both women get snarky about it. Bayley says that before Payback, they'd never seen Jax & Baszler as a team together so they didn't know how to prepare but tonight? They're prepared to win their title back. Bayley is reminded that she's been tapped out by Baszler the last three times she's been in the ring with her. Banks interjects, all but singing Bayley's accolades. Banks says that Bayley is the best in the world and she's her best friend. She slaps the Smackdown Women's title and says it's time to go win their titles back and show everyone why they run the whole damn company. We go to commercial.

Backstage w/ Kayla Braxton & Adam Pearce

Kayla reports that she's heard word that Big E cannot compete tonight. Pearce acknowledges this and says it will still be a fatal four-way, and they're currently consulting with management as who it should be.

Women's Tag Team Championship: Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler(c) vs Sasha Banks & Bayley

In her 329th day as champ (damn you, Michael Cole!) is Bayley, coming out with the Baws Sasha Banks as the Golden Role Models are angry and in no mood to play around. We're reminded that WWE Clash of Champions: Gold Rush is brought to you by their broken game WWE Battle Grounds and Hyundai. Bayley and Sasha yell at the ThunderDome who are booing them. Out next is Nia Jax, then joined at the top of the ramp by her partner Shayna Baszler. Fun Fact: this is Nia Jax's first time competing on Smackdown, ever! Shayna makes her entrance with her wicked awesome music, and the reigning, defending, undisputed women's tag team champions of the world make their way to the ring! Big & Nasty are here to wreck faces! We see a picture-in-picture of our Smackdown tag team champions, Shinsuke Nakamura and Cesaro, who give props to the women's tag team and then mock what happened to Big E. The announcer makes the introductions and the ref has to keep them separated as Bayley is full of smack talk, as is Sasha.
The bell rings and Jax & Baszler are arguing over who should start. Banks & Bayley attack them and send them from the ring. The Golden Role Models go for a pair of baseball slides but Jax and Baszler catch them by the legs, drag them out of the ring, then repeatedly sling him back and forth, smashing them against the barricade in an excellent exhibition of their power and prowess! We're off to commercial breaks!
We're back from break! Inside the ring are Shayna and Bayley. Shayna hits a snap suplex then pulls Bayley up by her arm and neck, taking her back to the champ's corner. Jax is tagged in. Shayna with a running jump kick on Bayley. Jax sends Bayley down and attempts a pin but only gets a two. We get a replay of Shayna hitting that running knee. Jax tosses Bayley around the ring like a doll, then rams her rump into Bayley's face in the corner. She pulls Bayley up to a seated position and locks in a modified form of the seated Full Nelson. Bayley's hanging in there for the moment. Bayley forces her way to her knees then her feet, and starts throwing right elbows into Jax's face. Bayley reaches for her corner but Jax uses her power and throws Bayley down, covering for a two.
Jax remains in control and takes Bayley to the champ's corner, tagging in Baszler. Baszler takes Bayley down in the middle of the ring and locks in a hammerlock submission. Bayley attempts to roll out of it but Baszler strikes Bayley, then plants her right foot against the left shoulder of Bayley and drops to the mat, yanking that arm back. Surprised her shoulder wasn't separated. Shayna tags in Jax, who picks Bayley up over her shoulder and carries her around the ring. Banks tries to come in the ring, distracting the ref and Jax. Bayley slips free and chopblocks Jax's knee out. Bayley tags in Banks. Banks comes in hot, attacking Jax and getting her in the corner. From the apron, Banks hits kicks to keep the big superstar in place. Banks goes up top and hits a Meteora off the top! Banks covers but only gets a two when Jax forcibly kicks out!
Jax and Banks up about the same time. Jax attempts to lift Banks on her back/shoulders but Banks escapes to the apron. During the shuffle and struggle, Jax accidentally knocks Baszler down--but it's still a tag. Banks tags in Bayley. Bayley sends Jax from the room. Bayley tags Banks in, who attacks Baszler from behind and attempts a pin. Banks takes Baszler into the heel corner and works her over. Baszler begins to fight out of the corner. Bayley comes in. Baslzer attempts a Kirifuda Clutch but the heels double team her. Banks gets ready to go up top but Bayley covers and only gets a two. Bayley is still legal. Bayley with a belly to belly and covers but only gets a two. Bayley sets up Baszler, allowing Banks to hit a sliding dropkick to Baszler's shoulder. Baszler is laid half in ring and half on the apron by the ring post. Sasha Banks charges along the apron and goes for a running knee, but Baszler moves and Banks hits the ring post hard! Banks is legal. She's on the apron and attempts to come in but Baszler attacks her by yanking her off the top rope and slingshotting her knees into the turnbuckle. Baszler with a sliding knee strike, focusing on Banks' knee. Baszler grabs Banks by the left leg and drags her out to the middle of the ring. Baszler attempts a Figure Four but Banks rolls her up mid-move and gets a two! Baszler escapes and viciously stomps on Banks' injured left knee. Baszler rolls Banks to her stomach and sets up the shin breaker but Bayley hits the ring and attacks Baszler! Banks attempts to pin Baszler but only gets a two; Banks converts it into a Bank Statement! Nia jax is finally back to her feet and comes in, kicking Banks in the back! Jax posts up in her corner and Baslzer makes the tag. Nia Jax goes for the Stretch Muffler submission but Banks rolls through and attempts a pin, getting a two. Jax hoists Banks up to her shoulders and climbs the the turnbuckles, only for Bayley to hit the ring and attack Jax. Baszler hits the ring but the Golden Role Models double team Baszler, taking her down. Jax comes flying off the top rope with a splash, landing on both Banks & Bayley and pinning them both to retain!
Your Winners and STILL Women's Tag Team Champions, Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler!

After the Match, Part I

We get replays showing where Sasha's knees were injured throughout the match, and other highlights of the match. We then head to commercial break as medical staff are checking on Sasha Banks.

After the Match, Part II: The Snappening

Different medical staff keep trying to help Sasha. She repeatedly tells them not to touch her, then has to shove them. Bayley yells at them, too, not to touch her friend. Banks scoots to the apron and Bayley helps her sit up on it, then attacks her! Bayley kicks Sasha Banks down to the floor, then pulls her up and rams her into the steel steps. Bayley again pulls Banks up and rams her face into the ring post. Bayley drags Sasha's injured left leg to the steps, places it on one, then stomps it mercilessly. Bayley pulls Banks up again and throws her into the barricade. Bayley pulls Banks up yet again and rams her into the ring side, then throws her into the room. She's yelling at the ThunderDome audience to shut up. She takes Banks into a corner and begins to beat her down, stomping her into the corner. Bayley stands over her, then kicks Banks in the back again. Bayley then yells at Michael Cole, asking if he's happy. She then grabs Sasha's hair and yanks her head back, saying "you deserve this. You deserve all of this." She then throws Banks' face into the mat. Bayley again stomps the bad knee of banks before exiting the ring to get a steel chair. Bayley's completely snapped and attacks her best friend with the chair. She stands in the corner, breathing deeply, then grabs Banks by the head and pulls he rto her hands and knees. She lifts Sasha Banks' left arm, hooks it under Bayley's right leg and drops down on it hard. She then drags Banks to the middle of the ring and places Sasha's head into the steel chair. Bayley climbs to the middle rope and leaps off, landing on the steel chair and all but guillotining her best friend's head off! The ref comes back in and tells her to leave. He wants to check on Sasha Banks but her head's still in the warped, folded remains of the steel chair. Medics come in as Bayley finally leaves the ring. Bayley grabs her Smackdown title and hugs it to her chest protectively, then runs a hand through her hair. She laughs and says something to Sasha that we can't hear. We go back to commercial.

After the Match Part III: Replays and Medics

We return from commercial and get replays of the vicious beatdown from Bayley to Sasha Banks. We then see in the back where Adam Pearce is supervising as medics get Sasha Banks into the ambulance and drive off. We see Cole and Graves who never, ever would have seen this split coming.

In the Ring: Sami Zayn

The fake Intercontinental Chamion, Sami Zayn, comes out with his own IC title. Once in the ring, he takes offense with Greg not addressing him as the IC champion. Greg tells him that "it wasn't in my notes." Zayn asks who's the stage manager--it's Evan, apparently--and he has him come over. He gets on the headset to the production truck, and talks to someone named Marty. He asks Marty why wasn't "Intercontinental Champion" listed on his graphic. He's told that it wasn't in his notes. He then tells Marty and Evan that he wants to redo his whole entrance and--
--out comes Jeff Hardy. Hardy walks down to the ring and tells Zayn that he didn't need to attack Jeff last week. If Sami wanted an IC title match, he simply could have asked for one. Sami snaps at him and says that he's the IC champion and he doesn't need to ask Jeff anything. They then exchange barbs about not needing to ask each other anything. And out comes AJ Styles. AJ is not happy with these two morons. He insists the belt is his. Jeff tells AJ if he wants a title shot, he can ask any time. Sami starts to interject until AJ sucker punches Hardy. AJ attacks Jeff while he's down, and over comes Sami to do the same thing. Styles attacks Zayn! Hardy is up and hits the Twist of Fate on Styles, only to turn in time to take a Helluva kick from Sami Zayn. Zayn flees the ring holding up his fake IC title.

Breaking: Fatal 4-Way Match, Updated

We're informed that Jey Uso, Roman's own cousin, will be replacing Big E (injury) in the number one contender's match which starts now!

Main Event: Fatal 4-Way #1 Contender: Sheamus vs Matt Riddle vs King Corbin vs Big E Jey Uso, Part I

Out first is the original Bro, the man with the power to pass a random drug test while high, Matt Riddle! We go to commercial break with Riddle dancing in the ring to "bro!" chants.
We're back from the break and are reminded that Talking Smack will be on tomorrow. Xavier Woods and Kayla Braxton are hosting, and their guests will be Alexa Bliss, Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura. We then get...

Video Promo: Mystery Woman

We see high heels walking along the floor, dragging a fur coat with whomever it is, but aren't told who she is.

Backstage w/ Heavy Machinery

Tucker tells Otis that they've got to find Morrison as he took the briefcase with the money in the bank contract. Otis tells Tucker not to worry as he doesn't keep the contract in the briefcase. He pulls up his money in the bank lunch box and reveals the contract is there. Tucker asks what does he keep in the briefcase and we cut to the Miz and Morrison, who are opening the case. Inside is a stapler, a tape dispenser, and a sandwich.

Backstage w/ Roman Reigns & Jey Uso

Jey wants to thank Reigns for getting him into the match. Roman says that Heyman's to thank for that. Jey is excited to win tonight and take on Roman and blow it up at Clash of Champions. Roman says that he'd be worried if it were Jey's brother, not him. They part ways and we cut back to the ring.

Main Event: Fatal 4-Way #1 Contender: Sheamus vs Matt Riddle vs King Corbin vs Big E Jey Uso, Part II

Corbin comes out and wants to object to his match. Jey Uso and Sheamus are already out and all four men begin brawling before the match. Corbin and Jey fight at the ring side while Sheamus slugs it out with Riddle. We go to yet another break.

Firefly Fun House

We get an episode of the Firefly Fun House because why not? It's not like we're in the middle of a match or anything. Bray tells us that he bets we're down in the dumps like him, because "he" is angry. It's a very short segment with no purpose other than to let us know that "he" isn't done.

Backstage w/ Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross

Sure, let's do this. Alexa comes up to Nikki and interrupts her apology attempt, then hugs her. She smiles at her best friend and walks off.

Main Event: Fatal 4-Way #1 Contender: Sheamus vs Matt Riddle vs King Corbin vs Big E Jey Uso, Part III

We have returned from yet another break and two more mid-match segments as we are ready to get our main event officially under way. All four head right into this. Corbin (via Uso superkick) and Sheamus (via Riddle) are sent out the ring right away. Uso and Riddle clash; Riddle whips Jey. Uso is drug out of the ring by Corbin, and Sheamus hits the ring with Corbin. Both men stomp away at Matt Riddle. Corbin and Sheamus work together to punch Riddle. They lift him up and double Irish Whip him, but he grabs the ropes to break himself. He kicks Sheamus, sending him out of the ring but Corbin with a massive slam. Uso comes in but is laid out. Corbin and Sheamus are continuing to work together.
Uso fights Corbin off, then works over Sheamus. Riddle comes in and helps Uso double team Sheamus. Corbin comes in; Corbin and Sheamus are sent to opposite corners and Uso & Riddle work together to each attack a foe. Corbin and Uso clash as do Sheamus and Riddle. A double-pin attempt but both pairs kick out. Corbin yells at the ref about it being a three despite clearly not. Sheamus takes the opportunity to attack Corbin, and we go to commercial. Again.
Back from the break and Sheamus suplexes Uso in the ring. Corbin climbs to the apron and Sheamus punches him, then hits a double-knee jaw breaker on the rope. Sheamus runs and hits a low dropkick, knocking the King down to the mat. Uso is slow to get to his feet on the apron. Sheamus delivers the Ten Beats of the Bodhran. Sheamus and Corbin collide but Riddle hits the ring, hitting the ripcord knee to Corbin. Riddle hits a flurry of strikes on Sheamus, suplexes him down, hits a Bro-ton and then locks in a triangle hold. Sheamus manages to power to his feet and lifts Riddle up very high, then slams him down in a big powerbomb and gets a two. Sheamus hangs on to Riddle's legs and converts the failed pin attempt into a Texas Cloverleaf! Riddle tries to crawl to the rope but Sheamus drags Riddle back to the middle of the ring! Riddle in the middle! Riddle uses his impressive upper body strength to lift up and crawl for the ropes again--and again, Sheamus drags him back to the middle! Jey Uso hits the ring and hits a superkick to Sheamus! Corbin comes in and attacks Uso but Jey takes the upperhand and takes out Corbin. Uso hits a superkick on Riddle, then another on Corbin, clearing the ring! Corbin runs to the south ropes, rebounds and runs to the north ropes, ready to fly high when Corbin intercepts him with a shoulder block as he's diving through the ropes! Sheamus and Riddle take out Corbin at the ringside, dumping him over the barricade into the ThunderCrowd. Uso again goes for his suicide dive and takes out Riddle and Sheamus at ring side! Uso goes after Corbin, but Corbin grabs Uso and throws him over a row of ThunderCrowd screens! Corbin takes Riddle into the ring.
Corbin goes for the End of Days but Riddle slips free and Sheamus hits a Brogue Kick on the King! Riddle hits the Bro-to-Sleep on Sheamus! Riddle goes up top and hits the Floating Bro on Corbin! Uso immediately comes out of nowhere, hitting the Frog Splash on Riddle! Uso covers for the pin!
Your Winner and NEW #1 Contender, Jey Uso!

After the Match

We get replays of the intense action and we're reminded that at Clash of Champions, it'll be Cousin vs Cousin for the Universal Title! Kayla Braxton comes into the ring and asks Jey Uso how important was this victory for him? Jey says "Yessir! Yessir! Big dog, I made the family proud too! But Roman Reigns, it's lockdown! Welcome...you know the rest. Woooo!" We're reminded that three weeks from Sunday, Roman Reigns defends the Universal Championship against his cousin Jey Uso! Uso paces the ring, celebrating as we get more replays before our show ends.

In Closing

What an interesting Smackdown! Only three matches but all three are worth seeing. We were teased a mystery woman and are they laying the seeds for a MitB cash-in? We shall see! Will Jey put the Big Dog to sleep, or will Roman take out Jey faster than a highway patrol officer meeting his DUI quota? We'll find out next week, on Smackdown!

I hope you all have a wonderful Labor Day weekend! Be safe, stay frost, and see you all back here on Monday for Raw! Feel free to reach out to me via email (mike@rajah.com) or on Twitter!

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