WWE Friday Night Smackdown Live Results (6/19/2020) - Performance Center, Orlando, FL

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Okay, so on tap for tonight's Smackdown we'll get to see AJ Styles' Intercontinental Championship presentation as well as Miz TV featuring Mandy Rose and, finally, the return of Bray Wyatt and the Firefly Fun House! It's almost 8, so it's almost time for Friday Night Smackdown and the best live results coverage in the business. And that, you can bank on it!

WWE Friday Night Smackdown Live Results (6/19/2020) - Performance Center, Orlando, FL

Last Friday: The Finals of the Intercontinental Championship Tournament

We open with clips of the action from last week's IC tournament finals. We see Daniel Bryan delivering drop kicks and utilizing his high-flying skills as well as his technical skills. We see AJ working on Daniel Bryan's leg throughout the match. We see the ending, where Daniel Bryan is in the corner, pumping the crowd up with a "Yes!" chant, charging AJ and leaping up onto AJ's shoulders...only for AJ to reverse it into a Styles Clash, then hit the Phenomenal Forearm and win the Intercontinental Championship! We cut to AC/DC and the opening montage!

Intercontinental Championship Presentation

Renee Young is in the ring with a podium set up, the IC belt under a draped cloth, as the announcers hype up tonight's show--Miz TV w/ Mandy Rose, the return of the Firefly Fun House.

Renee welcomes us and gives Aj a worthy introduction as the face that runs the place. AJ comes out to a chorus of boos, grinning ear to ear. Ringside are the New Day, Sheamus, a dozen others from the Smackdown roster.

AJ tells Renee that he loves the introduction, as Renee listed all his accolades, which is fitting as he's an accolade machine. He says this is Smackdown, the house that AJ Styles built. He says that's why he wanted the roster ringside, and points to them all, and tells them he wanted them ringside because this is the closest they're going to get to the IC title.

Renee asks him what does this milestone mean to Aj; he responds that the cream rises to the top, and this is vindication. He said the title is for those who rise to the top, not those who want a handout. He then says this is enough talk, we need to get to what we're down here for. Renee starts to pick up the IC title to present it but AJ stops him. He says she's not the right person. There's only one person who's qualified to present the title to him. New Day ask "who? who?" AJ looks around, then sees Daniel Bryan. He tells DB that only Daniel is qualified enough to present AJ with the title, and tells Daniel to come in the ring and put the belt around AJ's waist. Daniel does not look happy.

Daniel begrudgingly climbs in the ring. AJ tells Daniel that he beat Daniel fair and square, so Daniel should do it. He tells Daniel not to try anything stupid, and have a little respect, and put the belt around his (AJ's) waist. Daniel hesitates. AJ tells Daniel that he's "better than that" and needs to "just be a man about it." The crowd chants "no! no! no!" and tells him not to do it. AJ asks Daniel if he's even a man. He tells Daniel "you don't have to do it, you don't have to do it--if you're a coward, you're a coward." Daniel says he'll do it. AJ reminds Daniel to tell him "congratulations". Daniel puts the belt around AJ's waist then mumbles "congratulations." AJ stops him and demands that Daniel Bryan congratulate him like a man.

Daniel gets on the mic and congratulates AJ. He tells AJ that AJ was the better man last week. He tells AJ that AJ can be a great Intercontinental champion, one of the greatest of all time...if he shows up every week and defends his title against everyone. He tells AJ to imagine defending the IC title against Shorty G, Big E, others from the locker room--that his legacy will be cemented. AJ frustratingly tells Daniel to shut up and regrets in even letting Daniel say anything. He says that only the select few are going to be given a chance for a shot at the title, that it has to be earned, not just given. Daniel then reminds AJ that if that's the case, AJ should give Drew Gulak a shot because Drew Gulak pinned AJ Styles two weeks ago in this very ring.

AJ then says he's not Daniel Bryan, he's not going to give out opportunities, the only person who deserves a shot is the Number One Contender. That's the only person who deserves a shot.

Broooooooo. Matt Riddle makes his Smackdown debut dancing down to the ring as the crowd chants bro. Matt asks AJ, "what's up, bro?" He introduces himself as Matt Riddle--AJ cuts him off and says he knows exactly who he is, the talk of the town, but all AJ sees is some dude in the ring not even wearing shoes. Matt says it's all good, he never wears shoes. AJ says it doesn't matter--he just sees another guy looking for a handout. Matt tells AJ that he knows that AJ is the "face that runs the place" but Riddle is "the bro that runs the show." AJ takes his title off, setting it on the podium, and takes a quick cheap shot on Matt Riddle!

Both men brawl in the ring before Riddle kicks and forces AJ from the ring. AJ is livid ringside and yells at Riddle as we go to commercial.

Intercontinental Championship Match: AJ Styles(c) vs Matt Riddle

The announcer begins to announce that this is for the Intercontinental Championship, but AJ cuts him off and says "you've seen the sign--no shirt, no shoes, no service!" So it's now NOT for the title. Matt Riddle starts off aggressively, hitting a German Suplex as soon as the bell rings. He then hits two Gutwrench Suplexes on AJ. He mounts Aj and throws a few punches before the ref separates them due to the rings. Styles hits a jawbreaker. AJ wraps up Riddle, who hits a standing switch. AJ runs backwards and slams Riddle into the corner, causing a break. Styles walks to the middle of the ring, turns around into a loud kick by Riddle. Riddle with a front facelock on Styles on the mat. AJ makes his way to his feet while Riddle holds the left arm. AJ forces riddle into the corner and works him a bit. Riddle hits a loud slap on AJ, pushing him back. Another slap! Riddle unloads on Styles in the corner and circles the ring, celebrating, giving AJ time to hit a picture perfect dropkick.

Riddle controls the match for a few moments with strikes, but AJ uses his veteran ring knowledge to take the upper hand. AJ knocks Riddle to the apron, then knocks him off. Riddle lands partially on King Corbin and the announce table. Corbin shoves Riddle; Riddle shoves back and gets in Corbin's face as we cut to commercial!

Back from the break and AJ has Riddle in an overhead armlock, then slams Riddle down to the mat. We see a clip from during the commercial, where Corbin kept Riddle distracted and AJ hit a wicked drop kick. Riddle in the ring, on his knees. AJ delivers several kicks, but Riddle shakes his head no and tells AJ "come on!" AJ hits more kicks, same reaction. AJ hits a big right hand and knocks Riddle down. AJ pulls Riddle to his feet and sends him to the corner, and continues to deliver hard bunches. AJ hits a gentle snapmare then rebounds off the ropes to hit a big knee drop on Riddle's face. Riddle to his feet. He mounts some offense, hitting kicks until AJ grabs his leg and hits a dragon screw. Riddle clutches his hamstring. Both men to their feet. Riddle has AJ on the ropes and delivers a right hand, AJ reverses it and has Riddle on the ropes and hits a right. Riddle goes for a kick, AJ ducks and hits a chopblock. AJ grabs Riddle's left leg and forces Riddle to hop. Riddle delivers a kick. AJ delivers a stiff kick of his own. Riddle hits a fisherman's suplex.

Both men to their feet. AJ sends Riddle to the corner. AJ goes for a running splash/right fist combo. Riddle dodges. Riddle drops AJ and hits the Broton. Goes for the cover but gets nothing. Riddle locks in the Bro-mission! AJ breaks. Riddle picks AJ up, AJ squirms out and locks in the calf crusher! Riddle struggles to get to the ropes. Daniel Bryan gives some advice to Riddle, trying to coach him/pump him up. AJ exits the ring and runs into Bryan, shoving him back. The ref is counting as AJ argues with the Smackdown roster at ringside. AJ up to the apron and goes for a Phenomenal Forearm but Riddle catches him in midair and hits the Bro-Derek for the pin!
Your Winner, Matt Riddle!

After the Match

The faces get in the ring and dance/celebrate with Riddle. Heavy Machinery, the New Day, Lucha House Party etc. AJ looks on in shock on the ringside floor.

Backstage w/ Jeff Hardy

Jeff is seated on a stool. A tech comes over and tries to get his attention, having to say his name several times to break Jeff's trance. He pins a lapel mic onto Jeff and we learn that, up next, Renee Young sits down with Jeff Hardy. Commercial time!

Match Flo: Hardy/Sheamus Recap

We're back from the break and see Jeff speaking two weeks ago, regarding the situation with Elias and Jeff being arrested a month ago. Jeff continues on, wondering how he can look his wife and two daughters in the eye and explain this. He reminds us that he took every sobriety test possible, and he was passing them right and left. The witnesses that showed said the man who fled from the car had a red hair and red beard. We get a recap of their back and forth over the last two weeks. If only Jeff had told Sheamus "urine for a surprise!" We then see clips of their match at Backlash.

Renee interviews Jeff, and they discuss the troubles Jeff's had, his past demons. They discuss his loss to Sheamus at Backlash--Jeff's chance for redemption. Jeff says that Sheamus is a constant reminder of what he doesn't like about himself, and that if he could just beat the holy hell out of Sheamus and shut him up, it'd help Jeff feel like he's turning himself around. He says that in losing, all his doubts come back--is he a bad husband, a bad father, a bad performer etc. Jeff then states that the bottom line is, if he's learned one thing in his life, he has to catch himself before his life spirals out of control. He says that just because Sheamus calls him a junkie, it doesn't make it true. He then admits that he's an adrenaline junkie, and he realizes this about himself. He says Sheamus doesn't have a problem with Jeff--Sheamus has a problem with himself. Sheamus is a bully. Jeff says Sheamus is just a bump on his path to redemption and that he's not done yet.

Backstage w/ Shorty G & Kayla Braxton

Shorty G is working out with resistance bands and is asked about his upcoming match against Mojo and the height advantage. While Shorty talks, Mojo tries to sneak up behind him. Shorty says the key is to have eyes in the back of your head, and he turns around and clocks Mojo before heading out the curtain to the ring as we head to commercial!

Mojo Rawley vs Shorty G

We come back from break and the bell rings. Mojo immediately charges Shorty, picking him up and slamming him into the corner. Rawley throws Gable into another corner. Mojo picks Gable up over his shoulder and runs, attempting another but Gable reverses it into a form of a hurricanrana and tries for a pin but gets nothing. Shorty G attempts a northern lights suplex but Rawley stops it. Mojo hits a shoulder charge into Gable, sending Gable flying, and attempts a pin but only gets a two. Mojo with a neck lock on Shorty G as both men make their way to their feet. Shorty escapes and attempts a sleeper, then sends Mojo down to the floor. Rawley leaps over the ropes and hits a quick splash in the corner. Rawley runs to the opposite corner and attempts another splash but Gable moves and hits a back suplex. Shorty G goes up to the top rope and dives off for a crossbody, but Mojo catches him in midair. Shorty G turns it into an inside cradle and gets the pin for the win!
Your Winner, Shorty G

Championship Monday on Raw

After the match, we get a promo for Monday's Raw! Asuka will defend her Women's title against Charlotte Flair; the Iiconics challenge Sasha & Bayley for the Women's Tag Team titles; the Viking Raiders take on the Street Profits for the Raw Tag Team championships; and R-Truth will defend his 24/7 title against Tozawa and his Ninjas! Also, Ric Flair will be on hand to crown Randy Orton as the greatest wrestler of all time!

Miz TV

Miz & Morrison, coming off thier "hit music video" per Corey Graves, invite Mandy Rose down to the ring. Miz welcomes Mandy to Miz TV, and she thanks him for that. Miz immediately starts talking about Sonya Deville, and asks Mandy how long they were friends for. Mandy says five years. Miz & Morrison immediately begin insulting her, calling her the worst friend ever, saying that she constantly upstaged Sonya. Mandy gets up to go, saying she didn't come out to be insulted. Miz & Morrison beg her not to go, and tell Mandy they have a surprise for her. Miz exclaims, "hit the music!" Sonya Deville comes out to the ring. Mandy says Sonya is the one that betrayed her, went behind her back to sabotage her career and her personal life, and she's done with this. Sonya tells Mandy that she's not done with this. Sonya says week after week she came out to support Mandy and if it weren't for the Miz, Sonya would still be in the back twiddling her thumbs with catering. She asks Mandy if she's even seen the promotion for tonight's show--that it was Miz TV w/ Mandy Rose.

Sonya asks Mandy what all she's done. "Win matches? No, you've not been doing that." Sonya questions exactly what Mandy's done with all the attention she's had--and Mandy chose to make out at poolside with Otis. Mandy says Sonya can hurt Mandy physically, but Otis has always stood beside her. She asks Sonya what does Sonya have? She says Sonya is alone. Sonya tells Mandy she's not mad at Mandy anymore, she's just confused as she's trying to figure out what she has to do to get the "Mandy Rose Treatment." She says shes looking at Mandy, and herself, and she can't see any reason Mandy's getting more opportunities than Sonya...except "this" and indicates Mandy's look, that Mandy's wearing a skimpy top. Sonya claims that Mandy only gets opportunities because of her looks, and that Sonya is superior in every way. Both women begin to brawl all over the ring, with finally Sonya out of the ring yelling at Mandy. Miz & Morrison block Mandy from following, and Mandy slaps Miz before heading off to the back. Coming up next: the Women's Tag Team champions Sasha Banks & Bayley.

Joining the Announce Team: Sasha Banks & Bayley

After a recap that showed Banks & Bayley successfully defending their titles in a triple threat Sunday at Backlash and again Wednesday on NXT. Both women make their way down to the ring, celebrating ringside. Bayley comes over to the announce table and yells at Michael Cole. Corey Graves has two chairs ready for them and hands them headsets as Bayley continues her weeks-long verbal harrassment of Michael Cole. Once they're on mic, Bayley says that they're so good at everything, they're going to take Coles' job. We head to commercials.

The New Day vs Lucha House Party

The eight-time tag team champs the New Day come out to ring for a non-title match. Michael Cole congratulates Bayley as today is her 250th day as the Smackdown Women's champion. Bayley continues to talk trash, saying they're better than the New Day. Big E throws a pancake at Bayley and she grabs a pad and a pen and says she's going to write that down. Okay. Lucha House Party come down to ring.

Sasha and Bayley hug as its a birthday celebration week. The bell rings as Kofi and Lince lock up. Bayley continues to lay into Michael Cole, and Banks says that Cole claiming the New Day are the greatest tag team is an insult as the Boss N' Hug are greater. Kofi and Lince exchange waist locks. Cole asks who's next for the Women's tag titles; they list off everyone they've beaten and said that's why they're ringside--to beat Cole and Graves for their jobs. In the ring, Lince and Kofi hit simultaneous drokicks on each other. Kofi's sent to the corner and a tag is made. Kofi tags in Big E who hits a big belly to belly suplex. Bayley screams that they "stole that from me!" and screams "Bayley to Belly" every time Big E hits the suplex. The action spills outside as Dorado dives off the top rope to take out Big E, and his partner does the same, taking out Kofi. We cut to commercial with all four men down on the outside.

Back from the Break and Lince dives in the ring but Big E catches him and lays him out. Big E off the ropes for a big splash but only gets a two count. Bayley points out that she's Bayley Dos Belts because she speaks a little spanish. Big E locks Lince up but Lince escapes and hits a springboard stunner. Both men down. Both men crawl for the corners and make respective tags. Kofi in off the top ropes, taking his opponent down. He hits dropkick after dropkick before finally Gran Metallik hits a chop. Gran Metallik goes for a springboard maneuver but Kof reverses it and attempts a pin, getting a 2. Kofi starts a "new...day rocks" chant as he waits for Gran Metallik to get to his feet. Metallik picks Kofi up over his shoulders and backs into his corner, allowing Dorado to make the tag. Kofi's slammed down in the middle of the ring, and Dorado goes flying for a big body splash and pin attempt but Big E breaks it up. Both Lince and Gran go up top, preparing for a double team aerial move. Big E rushes up and shoves Metallik off the top rope, and Kofi dodges Dorado. Kofi off the top and double team with Big E. New Day picks up the win.
Your Winners, the New Day

After the Match

The instant the match ends, Shinsuke and Cesaro attack the New Day. Cesaro hits the big swing on Kofi and lays him out. Cesaro and Shinsuke come to ringside and high five Bayley and Banks. Cesaro tells Cole that they're tired of being treated poorly. He points out that they beat the New Day. He says that he and Nakamura are the last of a dying breed, and after eight years "you treat me like this?" Cole tells him that he's not responsible for how they're treated. Cesaro complains more and walks off.

Backstage w/ Alexa Bliss, Naomi, Lacey Evans, Tamina, and Dana Brooke

All five women are talking about how they've done things to Bayley, and argue over who deserves as hot at her title next. Finally Bliss interrupts them and asks where Nikki Cross has run off to. We go to commercial.

Backstage w/ Kayla Braxton & Sheamus

Kayla mentions Renee's interview with Jeff, and asks Sheamus his thoughts. He said that Jeff came across pretty well, and when Jeff said Sheamus was a bully, it made him really think about it. He then smiles and says "I am a bully!" He says that people like Jeff deserve to be bullied. He's tired of Jeff and his issues. He said that Jeff said he's turned his life around, but Sheamus doesn't believe it. He said he's going to help lift Jeff up one way or another, the only way an Irishman can. He tells everyone to get a cold one as next week, Sheamus is going to toast Jeff Hardy.

At the Announce Table

Bayley and Sasha Banks put their headsets down and say they're gonna go celebrate. Nikki Cross ambushes them and beats down both women until the numbers catch up. Alexa Bliss runs out to help Nikki. Cross gets in the ring and demands a fight. Nikki wants to play! An enraged Bayley says "you want to fight? You got it!" We go to break.

Sasha Banks vs Nikki Cross

Back from break and this match is underway. Bayley volunteered her friend Sasha Banks for this match. Banks has the upper hand for a moment but Cross takes control. Banks on her knees, trying to hold off Cross, telling her that she's so sorry. Cross takes the action to Banks, and gets her outside, caught up in the ringside banner. Nikki wails on Banks then hops on the announce table to yell at the announcers. Cross and Banks back into the ring. Banks in the corner; Cross runs into her in the corner and attempts a bulldog. Banks reverses and tries for the Bank Statement, but kickout at two. Banks attempts another pinfall but gets nothing. Banks has Nikki in the corner and does a foot choke on her as the ref counts. Banks gets Nikki down on the mat and attempts an arm lock but Cross fights back. Banks hits a kick to Cross' spine and wrenches her arms back. Nikki makes it to her feet and gets some separation, hitting an elbow. Nikki hits punches and headbutts to the midsection to keep Banks away. Cross goes to the corner and psychs herself up with headbangs. Banks charges the corner to try to stop whatever Cross is up to. Cross grabs Banks head and banks it against the turnbuckle between her legs. Cross drives Banks face first into the ring and attempts a pinfall but gets nothing. Banks and Cross exchange moves, leading to Banks putting Cross in a facelock. Cross out of it and attempts a pinfall. Sasha wraps up Nikki from behind. Cross drops down, rolling Banks up for a two. Banks rolls and reverses it for a two. The hold is broken, but Banks hits a Meteora on Cross and gets the pin for the win!
Your Winner, Sasha Banks

Titus O'Neil Nomination

A video package shows all of the community effort that O'Neil does, highlights the book he recently wrote; WWE wants to congratulate O'Neil for being a finalist in the 2020 Mohammed Ali Award for his humanitarian work.

Backstage w/ Braun Strowman

We get a promo for the Firefly Fun House coming up next, and Braun Strowman is watching angrily on a monitor in the back. We cut to commercial.

Back From the Break: Recap of Riddle's Debut

We get a recap of Riddle's debut, and it's announced Drew Gulak will face AJ Styles next week for the Intercontinental Title. Also, Sheamus will toast Jeff Hardy.

Firefly Fun House Returns!

The theme plays and Bray waves at us. "Bonjour, mes ami! It's been way too long! Did you guys miss me? I can't wait to tell you all what I've been up to lately. I joined a book club, I learned all the latest Tik Tok moves. I mastered the dark art of raising the dead. Oh and I learned how to knit. I even infiltrated a reptilian stronghold. I see you." We then see a clip of Money in the Bank where Braun defeated Bray. Bray gets angry for being reminded about it by Rabbit. "That's right, I did lose to Braun Strowman. But in defeat, I learned that I went about this all the wrong way. You see, Braun Strowman is someone I've known a very long time."

Braun Strowman comes out the ring as Bray on screen gives him two thumbs down. Braun tells Bray before he even gets started, there are no more games. Their chapter is over. Bray says that while their chapter may be over, Bray wasn't lying about resurrecting the dead and their story is just getting started. We see clips of the Wyatt Family. We then see Bray on screen in his old Wyatt family hair style and gimmick. Wyatt says for them to move forward, they must first step back to where it all began. Wyatt says that he created Braun, therefore it is his duty to destroy Braun and Braun knows that all he has to do to find Wyatt is to follow the buzzards. He holds up his old lantern, laughs, says "run" then blows it out and we cut to black. That seems to be it for tonight's show!

Thanks to all the Rajahmaniacs for tuning in for tonight's coverage! I hope you all had a wonderful Juneteenth, and don't miss out on an opportunity to educate yourself as to the meaning of this holiday, and what it means to our people. Have a fun, and safe weekend! Nighty Night!