WWE Friday Night Smackdown Live Results (6/26/2020)

Welcome one and all to Rajah News' Friday Night Smackdown Live Results Coverage! It's everyone's favorite ranting moron reporter, Mike "Hulk" Hogan! And if you're not down with that, I've got two words for ya: "oh, okay!"

In case you missed it, this past Wednesday saw the second installment of Listen up, Slapnuts and also saw the debut of my NXT Live Results Coverage! As shameless and self-plugging as ever, it was a total blast to entertain the dozens...and dozens...of Rajahmaniacs this week!

Tonight's Smackdown Preview features Braun Strowman's response to the return of the "Eater of Worlds," Bray Wyatt We'll also see Sheamus toast Jeff Hardy and we'll finally get to see AJ Styles defend his Intercontinental Championship against Drew Gulak who pinned AJ clean a few weeks back! Finally, WWE announced earlier today that there'll be a Special Tribute to the Undertaker! The rumor is that they will broadcast the WrestleMania Graveyard Match as part of the tribute. If you haven't seen that match, I highly recommend watching it tonight or on the Network! But enough blabbering! To quote the famous family man, the "original deadman," Michael Myers, "....." Translation: Let's get this party started!

WWE Friday Night Smackdown Live Results (6/26/2020) - Performance Center, Orlando, FL

Tribute to the Undertaker: Music Video

We open our show with clips from the Undertaker over his 30+ year career as the Deadman. We see his debut, we see him hitting his flying clothesline; we see Paul Bearer hoisting the urn as Taker kneels in tribute to it. We see legends such as Vader, Kane, Bret Hart, HBK, Hulk Hogan, the Ministry, countless names from his storied career. We see the Brothers of Destruction; we see Mankind thrown off the top of the Cell. Music continues to play as we see Old School, chokeslams, tombstone after tombstone. We see his streak build to 21-0. We see the different incarnations of the Undertaker, the Taker, the American Badass.

We get a clip from "The Last Ride" where Taker states that he wants to end his career on his own terms, and this time, the cowboy rides away. We see still photography from his career before more clips from TLR where Taker tells us he was blessed to have his family, and his WWE family.

Tribute to the Undertaker: Smackdown Roster in the Arena

We see the Smackdown roster in front of the tron, clapping and chanting "Thank you, Taker" repeatedly as Michael Cole and Corey Graves welcome us to a very special episode of Smackdown. Tonight will be dedicated to the Undertaker's Legacy and we'll hear testimony from Stone Cold to John Cena. Later tonight we will celebrate his final match in the WWE.

But now, we're taking you back to the Undertaker's debut on November 22, 1990 at the Survivor Series! Ted Dibiase calls out the Undertaker as Gorilla Monsoon gawks at the size of the dead man.

We see the dead look of the deadman as he tombstone piledrives the Harts and leaves the audience in shock. We're then given word that coming up next will be a repeat of this year's WrestleMania match between AJ Styles and the Undertaker. If you somehow haven't seen it, you'll want to see this match.

Commercial time!

Tribute to the Undertaker: John Cena & Roman Reigns

John Cena and Roman Reigns are featured in clips of interviews. They state that the bar of respect was the Undertaker, and that the amount of decades that the Taker was top dog was impressive. Cena states that as long as you believe, then the Undertaker will be the Undertaker.

WrestleMania 36: The Undertaker vs AJ Styles (Boneyard Cinematic Match), Part I

We hear the Taker's classic, organ theme play as a hearse slowly pulls into a dark graveyard. It parks alongside tombstones, with eerie fog surrounding it. Druids step out and open the back, removing a coffin. The coffin is opened and it's revealed to be AJ Styles inside! AJ's music plays and he hops out, calling out the Undertaker, telling the big man that he's ready.

In the distance we hear the sound of a motorcycle as AJ Styles exclaims "I hear 'em, I hear 'em!" We're then treated to the worse-possible Metallica song to be used to introduce a legend as the Undertaker rides his motorcycle through the fog and into the graveyard. Undertaker is decked out in a black bandana, a leather vest, knuckle gloves. The American Badass rides one last time!

Taker approaches AJ through the fog, a large light rig backlighting him. AJ asks if Michelle let the Undertaker out this late. AJ points at an empty grave and states that he dug a grave for the Taker. Taker says no, that's for you. AJ reaches for a shovel and Taker lays fists into him, yelling "get up boy, get up!" AJ continues to punch and lead AJ around the graveyard. AJ tries to gain separation, and the Taker stalks him, yelling "Where ya going, Allen?" Taker grabs AJ by the scruff of his neck and rams his face into the coffin.

AJ lays against the side of the hearse; Taker goes for a fast right hand but AJ ducks, and Taker's arm goes through the glass. He pulls his arm out; contusions and blood are down his right forearm. He says "son of a bitch," then grabs AJ and leads him to the front of the hearse. Taker launches AJ on top of the limo, shattering the windshield beneath AJ's back. We go to commercial!

Tribute to the Undertaker: Edge & Christian, Bret Hart

E&C talk about the Undertaker being an awe-inspiring figure. Edge compliments Taker's ability to take the character and morph it to keep it relevant over time. Bret Hart pays comment, stating that the Taker always took it and did his best.

WrestleMania 36: The Undertaker vs AJ Styles (Boneyard Cinematic Match), Part II

We return to the match and see AJ controlling things a bit. AJ is trying to get the Taker over to the grave. He tells Taker, "get your ass in the grave, big man." AJ Stands Taker up beside the grave and strikes Taker. Taker wobbles, stays on his feet. Another big strike from AJ. Taker, again, staying on his feet. Another hit from AJ but the dead man refuses to go down! Taker fights back, and punches AJ before sending him into the grave. He asks "how's that feel down there?" Suddenly, The OC show up and yell to Taker that they're just getting started.

From behind them, in an apparently graveyard barn, wooden walls fall open and several persons dressed as druids come out and surround the Taker. Taker stares at them then says "well, let's do this." He then engages the druids, knocking them down with fists before the OC jump him and beat him down into the ground. Gallows calls for the shovel, but before he or Anderson can do anything, Taker fights them off.

Taker sees the shovel and says "that's a nice shovel. You wanna use the shovel? Okay, let's use the shovel, get your ass up." He then proceeds to smack the OC with the shovel down on the ground before AJ styles breaks a cinderblock over the back of the Taker's head. He then hits a dropping fist on the Taker, taunting him, saying "Michelle never shoulda let you out." AJ straddles the Taker and delivers mounting punches before rolling off. He cries out "you made me break my finger," and shakes his hand as he gets to his feet. He says "stay down, old man, stay down" and paces near the Taker. Undertaker groans and tries to get to a sitting position, then attempts to get to all fours as AJ continues to taunt him, begging Taker to get up so he can retire him. Finally, Taker makes it to his feet, only for AJ to charge him and take them both through another wooden wall! Both men are rolling on the ground as we go to commercial!

Tribute to the Undertaker: Kane & Ric Flair

Kane calls the Undertaker the greatest character in the history of the company, and calls him mythical, legendary. Flair says a 6'10, 280lb person diving over the ropes, guys just didn't do that. Kane states that he was the only person able to maintain the integrity of his character and add to it. Ric Flair calls the Undertaker the biggest star in the history of the business and the greatest character in the history of wrestling

WrestleMania 36: The Undertaker vs AJ Styles (Boneyard Cinematic Match), Part IV

AJ Styles sits as the Taker is rolling in pain. AJ tells Taker "you just don't have it anymore, old man." Taker to a seated position as AJ makes his way to his feet. AJ continues the verbal barrage, calling Taker a broken down shell of who he used to be. "Phenom? You ain't no phenom. You're nothing, you're nobody." AJ stalks Taker on the ground then delivers a right fist. He curses and holds his right hand, with the broken finger. "I thought you were the American Badass. Huh? Know what you look like right now? A broken down, old bitch. Trust me, Undertaker," he says as he picks up a shovel and looks at it, "I'm doing the world a favor. I'm gonna bury you. Right here. Right now." Taker is slow to his knees, then up to his feet. AJ hits the Taker so hard over the back with the shovel that it breaks the handle, and the Taker collapses into the grave!

AJ picks up a handful of dirt, says "Ashes to ashes, dust to dust" and is ready to Fade to Black (better Metallica song for the Taker, just saying) and climbs onboard the tractor. He starts it up, ready to use it to shovel the dirt onto the deadman. He senses something and turns, seeing the Undertaker standing behind him, looking refreshed!

Undertaker strikes AJ, sending him flying from the tractor. AJ tries to get away, and Undertaker taunts AJ now. "You can't run from me, son. You can run, but you can't hide from me son. This is what you wanted, right?" AJ climbs on top of the barn and the Undertaker stalks him. "Where ya going, AJ?" Suddenly the Taker raises his hands and fire erupts from the barn, distracting AJ.

Gallows and Anderson appear on the roof to ambush the Taker. One by one, Taker grabs each of them and throws them off the roof and into the unemployment line! Taker stalks AJ. AJ exclaims, "how are you still standing? I had you dead and buried!" AJ hits a right. Taker taunts him. AJ hits another. Again, Taker tells him to bring it on. AJ hits another right. Taker grabs AJ by the throat and chokeslams him off the roof and through a prop at the side of the barn in the graveyard! Taker climbs down and paces towards AJ as we pace towards a commercial break!

WrestleMania 36: The Undertaker vs AJ Styles (Boneyard Cinematic Match), Part V

Back from break and we go straight back into the match. Taker picks up AJ and carries him over his right shoulder. "Let me help you. Ya see, you don't last, you won't last as long as I did. You're a lot tougher, I'll give you credit for, whaddaya think?" AJ mumbles "don't bury me" and "I'm sorry" as Taker drops him on the ground. Taker asks AJ what he's sorry for. He asks AJ if his ribs hurt, as AJ coughs. Taker picks AJ up and grabs his throat. "Go out like a man." AJ tries to plead. Taker cuts him off. "What, what? I'm an old man, right? I'm an old man." AJ again pleads not to be buried. Taker tells him "you fought your ass off, you fought your ass off. C'mere, man" and he hugs AJ, patting him on the back. "You fought, man. There's a lot of people that couldn't give me that fight. You're good, brother." AJ stands wobbling at the side of the grave as the Taker begins to walk off, before turning back and kicking AJ down into the grave!

Taker moves behind the controls of the tractor, cranking it up. He then dumps the load of soil up and over, into the grave, burying AJ alive. We then hear the Taker's bell begin to toll as he hops off the tractor. He moves to the grave and wipes moss off the headstone, revealing "AJ STYLES - REST IN PEACE - 1977-2020". The Undertaker's second, early 90's theme plays as he picks up his bandana and puts it on and straddles his bike. The bell tolls for the Undertaker, who revs up his back, thrusts a fist up to the air to cue pyro in the graveyard barn. A purple neon Taker logo is seen on the top of the barn and the Taker rides off to the same Metallica song he rode in to.

In the Ring: King Corbin

Corbin and those ringside in the audience applaud the Taker's final match. He asks us if we know why it was called a "Boneyard" match? Because the Taker is an old bag of bones. Note that we HEAR the audience booing Corbin, but the camera is mostly kept tight on Corbin so we're not seeing a ringside audience at the PC. Corbin says that the Taker had a 35 year career because he kissed up to a certain family. He says there used to be a "Kiss My Ass Club" here in fact because of people like him. He accuses the Taker of stealing from the company for decades. He says that he has to stand around and listen to all the fools pay homage to the Taker, and chant "Thank you, Taker." He says "Know what, Taker? I don't thank you!" The crowd starts up the chant and we see a few PC trainees--they're spread out much more than they've been, and some are wearing face masks. Corbin says "Taker, you suck!"

Suddenly Jeff Hardy runs out and blindsides Corbin. Corbin rolls to the outside of the ring, holding his arm, yelling at Jeff. Hardy stays in the ring and it looks like we may see these two stars in action, next, after the break!

Tribute to the Undertaker: Stone Cold Steve Austin & Kurt Angle

SCSA and Kurt Angle pay homage to the Taker, echoing the sentiments many have already expressed.

Backstage w/ Jeff Hardy

Jeff says that Corbin should be respectful of the Undertaker, a legend in this business. He said that he's issuing an official challenge to King Corbin, and Jeff's got a lifetime of pain he's going to unleash on the disrespectful Corbin. It's official--they fight tonight.

Fatal Four-way for Smackdown Women's #1 Contender: Alexa Bliss vs Nikki Cross vs Lacey Evans vs Dana Brooks

The tag team women champions, Sasha Banks & Bayley, come out to do guest commentary. As usual, Bayley gives Cole crap. The four competitors come out one after the other. Lacey Evans throws her handkerchief on Bayley as she enters, making the champ freak out. The first woman to gain pinful or submission will face Bayley for the Smackdown Women's Championship at Extreme Rules: Horror Show in a few weeks.

All four women begin to go at it. Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross work together to take on Lacey & Dana. They each get an opponent in the corner and take turns hitting running moves. Alexa and Nikki hug it out, only for Cross to roll up Bliss. Bliss breaks it. Cross apologizes and they agree to fight each other respectfully. Alexa puts Nikki in a headlock, then rebounds off the ropes only to have Lacey grab her by the feet, trip her up and rip her out the ring. Dana and Lacey enter the ring and take it to Nikki before turning on each other. Lacey asks Dana "are you kidding me?" and Dana calls Lacey nasty. They shove each other until Cross is back to her feet, then they proceed to double team Cross. Finally Brook sideswipes Evans and whips a returning Bliss into the corner. Dana corner splashes Cross and Bliss. After some shuffling, Evans and Dana tackle each other and begin slugging it out while Cross and Bliss are on the floor. Bayley and Cole have a war of words about Bayley's screaming into the mic, and Graves says he thinks it'd be awesome if Banks/Bayley took two other people's jobs next week instead of theirs. Evans sent from the ring; Cross is in and Brooks hits a beautiful body slam while Bliss lines up behind her. Bliss hits several slaps and a shove, sending Dana to the mat. Bliss climbs up top and goes for the Twisted Bliss but Dana gets her knees up! Nikki charges Dana and hits a dropkick, sending Dana from the ring. Lacey crawls in and discovers shes surrounded by Cross and Bliss. She rises fast and sends Bliss to the outside with a kick. Lacey knocks down Cross and hits a springboard elbow drop. Lacey Evans moves on to Dana, hitting the Women's Right. Cross comes in and rolls up a distracted Evans, scoring the pinfall!
Your Winner and NEW #1 Contender, Nikki Cross!

After the Match

We're treated to replays, and we see Bliss and Cross hugging it out as Alexa seems honestly happy for her tag team partner. Cross yells at Bayley, and Bayley yells about having the title "352 days," only for Cole to correct her that it's only been 252. Still to come: Jeff Hardy vs King Corbin, Braun's response to Bray, and an eight man tag team match between Cesaro & Nakamura and Miz & Morrison vs the New Day and Lucha House Party! Commercials!

Tribute to the Undertaker: HBK and HHH

HBK calls the longevity of the Taker's career magical. HHH compliments the Taker as a locker room leader, what he meant to the business inside and out, and that there will never be anyone like him.

Eight Man Match: The New Day and Lucha House Party vs Miz & Morrison and Cesaro & Shinsuke Nakamura

Out first are the eight-time champions, the New Day! Out next are the Lucha House Party (LHP). We're treated to clips last week, where Cesaro and Nakamura were upset in how they were being used. They come out next, followed by the Miz & Morrison!

Big E starts things off with the Miz. Big E immediately goes to work on the Miz, whipping him into a spinning back elbow. Big E goes outside the ring and drags the Miz to the apron, hitting a few big elbows before hitting a big splash on the apron. A cover and kickout by the Miz at two. Big E tags in Lince and uses him as a weapon to slam down on the Miz. Miz tags in Cesaro and the Swiss Cyborg catches Lince in an attempted Hurricanrana and attempts a powerbomb, but the luchadore lands on his feet. Big kick sends Cesaro to the mat; Lince attempts to pin. Cesaro out, to his feet. Lince hits a headscissors take down before tagging in Gran Metallik and LHP hit a double team move on Cesaro. Cesaro hits a well timed big boot to send Metallik to the corner, and tags in Shinsuke. Shinsuke eats a face driver before Gran tags in Kofi. Nakamura dogs a Kofi leap kick and saunters to his corner, tagging in Morrison. Morrison and Kofi clash; missle dropkick and a pin attempt but its broken up. Morrison hits a big kick to Kofi, sending him outside the ring, and distracts the ref so Shinsuke can send Kofi into the plexiglass. Shinsuke is made legal and Cesaro comes in with him, hitting a big kick and taking the former WWE Champion down to the mat as we go to commercials.

Back from the break Kofi is in the ring with Morrison, who tags Miz and both men hit a double team gut buster. Miz and Morrison take out LHP from the apron, and Miz attempts a cover but Kofi kicks out at two. Miz slowing the pace of the match with a neck lock. Kofi can't reach Big E for a tag. Both men are down. Kofi reaching for the hot tag but Nakamura is tagged in first and comes over, stomping Kofi on the back. Cesaro goes outside and around the ring to distract Big E, setting up a baseball slide from Nakamura to knock down Big E. Nakamura sets up in the corner, hinting at a Kinshasa, but as he charges he misses due to Kofi jumping up and hitting a stomp. Kofi leaps and tags in Gran Metallik as Nakamura tags in Morrison. Gran takes Morrisond own with a kick to the hamstring. Morrison wraps up Gran from behind, but Gran uses the ropes to spring free. Gran hitting kicks to Cesaro and Miz who try to interfere, but it opens him up to a big kick from Morrison. Metallik hits a sunset bomb for a two. Metalik off the top onto Morrison but not before Lince tagged in. Lince hits a perfect Shooting Star Press and goes for the cover before everyone gets in the ring, brawling to the outside. We've got Miz on the apron, and Morrison makes the tag. Metalik tag; Dorado goes to the top rope and takes Morrison off the apron. Metallik springboards off the top rope with an elbow drop and picks up the win!
Your Winners, the New Day & Lucha House Party!

Backstage w/ King Corbin

Corbin stares at his crown before putting it on. He's told that his opponent tonight, Jeff Hardy, sees Taker as a mentor. Corbin laughs and asks where did it get Jeff--in and out of jail, in and out of rehab? He says that Jeff should follow in the footsteps of the Undertaker and hang it up and says after Corbin is through with Jeff tonight, Jeff can Rest..in..Peace. We then flash to Braun Strowman walking backstage. He'll be out after this commercial break to respond to Bray Wyatt!

In the Ring: Braun Strowman

The Universal Champion, Braun Strowman, comes out to respond to the return of the "Eater of Worlds" Bray's remarks last week.

Braun tells us about the first time he met Bray Wyatt--not the bump in the night childhood fear, but the type of fear that makes a grown man tremble. "Now one night, we're sitting on the edge of that disgusting swamp, Bray's lantern glistening in the dark. A moccasin slides out of the water up to Bray's lantern." He says he jumped up to warn Bray, but Bray walked towards the snake and said it's his friend. He knelt down and got face to face with the snake. As the snake coiled up, it lashed out and bit Bray in the face and all Bray did was laugh. He laughed as the snake bit him repeatedly and in that instant, Braun knew he was in the presence of evil. He said he didn't get poisoned or bleed as it bit him, all he did was laugh, and Braun knew in that moment that Bray Wyatt was the devil himself. Bray was the serpent. Braun was enamored at it, and started doing the devil's work--and the bad part was that he loved every second of it. He says parts of him still do. He's done everything in his power and being to lock that part of himself away in the back of his mind. But it calls for him. Braun says he can't go on living like this, and tells Bray they should go back to the swamp. He says there's only two ways that this will turn out--either Braun will come out of this the most evil son of a bitch this earth has ever seen, or he's coming out with satisfaction that he ripped the devil from limb to limb and broke his body, and he'll drag's remains into the swamp so the gators can feed on him. Braun says he's ready to turn Bray's home into a place of destruction one more time. "Let's go home, Bray."

We hear Bray's laughter on loop over the loud speaker, and Braun begins to laugh in time with Bray's laughter, a maniacal look on his face. We then go to commercial.

Tribute to the Undertaker: Bautista & Mick Foley

Bautista says if there was something that he'd brag about his career, it'd be the Undertaker as the Taker was the top of the totem pole. Mick Foley says people come up to him all the time and ask if he ever wrestled the Undertaker. He says when he tells them he did, their lights up. He accredits the Taker for helping his career. He says he thinks of the Taker as one of the greatest stars in all of entertainment.

Jeff Hardy vs King Corbin

Jeff is out first. We learn that the Toast to Jeff Hardy will take place next week. King Corbin is out next to loud boos from those in attendance. We're reminded that Corbin is a former NFL pro, and a former 3x Golden Gloves winner. We get a clip of earlier tonight before the bell rings. Corbin floors Hardy with a shoulder tackle, then prances around Hardy's form, hammering him back into the mat. Corbin picks up Hardy and hits a back elbow with a cover for a two count. Corbin pulls Hardy back to his feet and hammers him hard in the small of his back, then kicks a knelt Hardy. The crowd tries to get behind Hardy as Corbin mocks them. Corbin stands on the left side of Hardy's face, holding the rope for extra leverage before the ref breaks it. Corbin places Hardy on the middle rope and sends rights into the back of Hardy's head and shoulders before the ref breaks it. Corbin then uses the top rope to choke Hardy before the ref breaks it, too. Finally Hardy gets some offense, clotheslining Corbin over the top rope. Hardy goes for a baseball slide but Corbin counters it and sends Hardy's face into the table. Corbin with knees; Hardy whips Corbin into and over the announce table. Hardy onto the apron and hits a diving double Axe Handle to take Corbin down to the mat. Hardy sends Corbin into the ring and hits two more axe handles before stomping at a prone Corbin. Hardy picks up Corbin and slams his face into the turnbuckle. Hardy takes Corbin into the opposite corner and attempts to Irish Whip Corbin into the opposite corner. Hardy goes for the Whisper in the Wind but Corbin dodges it and sends Hardy to the outside, smirking in the middle of the ring. Corbin drops to his knee, holding his hand up Undertaker style as if looking for an urn, laughing as the crowd boos us into a commercial break!

Back from break and we see the ring surrounded by the Smackdown roster, cheering on Hardy as Hardy is defending the reputation of the Undertaker, apparently. Corbin still in control, mocking the New Day before covering Hardy for a two. Corbin continues to deliver big right hands to the prone Hardy. Dana starts a "Corbin sucks" chant ringside. Hardy up into the corner. Corbin charges and hits his Misdirection Clothesline, showing off his speed and agility. Hardy rolls out the ring. Corbin follows and gets into a verbal match with Braun Strowman. Corbin smears Hardy's face into the plexiglass before sliding in and out of the ring to break the ref's count. Corbin finally sends Hardy back in and hooks the leg but Hardy kicks out at two. Corbin puts a chin lock on Hardy but Hardy fights to his feet and hits back elbows before creating some separation with a jawbreaker. Corbin tries to lock in again but Hardy again hits a jawbreaker. Hardy fights back with right hands into Corbin. Corbin sends Hardy into the ropes, but Hardy rebound swith a clothesline. Hardy hits the Atomic Drop followed by a Leg Drop. Basement dropkick and a cover; Corbin kicks out at two!

Matt Riddle and Drew Gulak cheer Hardy on ringside. Hardy goes up top but Corbin moves out of position. Hardy rebounds off the ropes but Corbin hits the Deep Six and covers. Hardy kicks out at two! Both men still on the mat. Hardy rolls to the ringside, Big E cheering him on. Hardy rests on the steel steps. Corbin comes outside and runs, but Hardy sidesteps and Corbin goes into the steel steps. Hardy sends Corbin back into the ring. Hardy goes up top, stripping off his shirt and hits the Swanton Bomb, covers and gets the pinfall!
Your Winner, Jeff Hardy!

After the Match

Corbin comes in and ambushes Hardy behind. Kofi comes in to try to assist; Corbin takes him out. Big E comes in behind Corbin and hits the Big Ending! Hardy and Big E ask Braun to come in. Strowman steps over the top rope, lays down his belt and yells for Corbin to get up. Corbin turns around and right into a Powerslam by Corbin. Hardy calls for Matt Riddle to get involved! It looks like we won't get the promised Intercontinental Championship bout between Gulak/Styles match until possibly next week.

Riddle goes up top and hits the Floating Bro on Corbin as the faces celebrate with Hardy, who taught Corbin his lesson it seems. Corbin, Riddle and the New Day mount the corners and celebrate as Hardy takes a kneel in respect to the Taker with a picture of hte Undertaker in the same pose on the big screen and we end tonight with a big "Thank you, Taker" chant!

That does it for tonight's Smackdown! Y'all have a fun weekend and be safe out there! See you all Monday for Raw!

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