WWE NXT Live Results (6/24/2020) - Full Sail University, Winter Park, FL

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Tonight we'll have a Triple Threat for the NXT North American Championship with the winner getting a Title vs. Title shot at Adam Cole in two weeks! Keith Lee will square off against Johnny Gargano and Finn Balor in what's sure to be a heck of a match! We'll also see Damian Priest taking on Cameron Grimes, and Bronson Reed stepping up to the task of taking on Karrion Kross!

WWE NXT Live Results (6/24/2020) - Full Sail University, Winter Park, FL

One Hour Ago

We see Cameron Grimes yelling as the camera crew to check on Damian Priest, and the crew run up to a car in which Priest is hanging out of. The refs attending to him ask what's wrong, and he says his back. This has been a very, very bad month for rental car-related injuries in the WWE. A moment of silence, please.

In the Ring: Cameron Grimes

Mauro and Beth Phoenix welcome us as Grimes makes his way to the ring to a chorus of boos. He takes the mic and mocks Priest for no-showing the "biggest match in his career." He accuses Priest of slashing his own tires prior, then faking an injury. Grimes says he fought Finn Balor with a broken nose but that's all right by Grimes, because Priest ain't making it, and demands a ref come out and raise his hand. Priest makes his way to the ring through the crowd and despite the officials. Grimes attacks Priest and the ref finally gets Grimes back. Looks like the match is on!

Cameron Grimes vs Damian Priest

Priest immediately takes it to Grimes. Priest has his ribs taped. He lays in with a series of clubbing forearms. Grimes gets in a hit to the ribs. Priest goes for a big chokeslam but can't pull it off. Grimes rests in the corner; Priest goes for a big splash but Grimes moves and Priest hits his ribs on the corner. Grimes begins tearing at the rib taping and hits Priest in the ribs. Priest powers through it and hits a big sit-out Chokeslam. Grimes rolls out of the ring, waving off the ring as if he wants no part of Priest. Priest pursues outside but is suckered by Grimes. Priest goes for the Razor's Edge at the ringside on the floor but Grimes slips out of it and counters with a leaping double stomp/Cave In onto Priest's sternum and chest to the outside floor. Grimes gets in the ring as the ref is still counting. Priest gets in at nine!

Priest resting in the corner; Grimes charges it but Priest moves. Grimes sets it up and comes out the corner fast, hitting the Cave In again for the pinfall!
Your Winner, Cameron Grimes!

Earlier Today: Outside w/ Rhea Rhipley

Rhea is being interviewed about Io Shirai's title reign. She says that Io is the woman, for now. Robert Stone confronts Rhea outside and begs her for a second chance, asking her if she wants to be managed by him. He says Aliyah's just signed on, and he's got a golden ticket for Rhea, all she's got to do is let him manage her. He goes "choo choo choo" repeatedly until Rhea hits him in the gut and throws him n the dumpster. Aliyah runs out and tells Rhea that just because Rhea's career's gone in the trash, she doesn't need to throw Aliyah's manager in the trash. Rhea slaps her and tells her that Aliyah's just gotten a golden ticket to a match with her. We cut to commercials.

Backstage Promo for Timothy Thatcher

We see him backstage, talking to a darkened ringside, and exhibiting different submission moves on a nameless talent. He demonstrates a crab, an ankle lock, several other moves before asking some "gentlemen" to come in. He has them line up and says he hopes they've learned some things, but most importantly that they had fun. He then excuses them.

Santos Escobar vs. Jake Atlas

We're treated to a short clip from last week when Legado del Fantasma, led by Santos Escobar, took out Drake Maverick and he was taken away on a stretcher. Escobar is out first with his henchmen, followed by Jake Atlas.

Both men lock up and Escobar takes Atlas back to a corner. The ref counts to break it, and Atlas takes advantage, coming out swinging. Atlas blitzes across the room and hits a crossbody, then begins to slap Escobar down on the mat repeatedly. Atlas gets Escobar in the corner and lays in punches until the ref breaks it up. Atlas snapmares Escobar into a rear chin lock, slowing the pace and wearing down on Escobar.

Escobar gets out of it and attempts to mount offense but Atlas immediately takes control, sending Escobar into the corner. Atlas hits an arm drag, then pummels away at Escobar on the mat with some fast rights. Escobar escapes to the corner where the ref forces the break. Atlas picks up Escobar and hits a huge backhand chop, sending Escobar to the mat. Atlas picks him up and hits another, but Escobar stays to his feet. Whip to Atlas, who counters with a springboard. Atlas on the apron, and is distracted by Escobar's men, allowing Escobar to blindside him and send Atlas to the floor. Off to commercials!

Back from the break, and Escobar flattens Atlas with a beautiful side dropkick. He pins for two. We see a clip from the break, with Escobar hitting a heel kick. Escobar has Atlas on the mat with a neck lock but Atlas reaches the ropes. The crowd tries to pump Atlas up. Escobar whips Atlas then hits an exploding back elbow, covering for a two.

For the umpteenth time, Mauro tells us how young Jake Atlas is as Escobar locks in an abdominal stretch on Atlas, punching his ribs in between wrenching back on Atlas' head and neck. Atlas fights back to his feet. Escobar goes for the Fantam Driver but Atlas maneuvers out of it. Atlas flattens Escobar with a slam, hits a standing moonsault and covers but only gets a close two. Atlas looks pissed. Atlas picks up Escobar and whips him into the ropes, then hits an immediate dropkick to send the Cruiserweight Champion Escobar outside the ring. Atlast heads to the top rope and leaps off of it, hitting Escobar's men as Escobar slips into the ring. Atlas with a duck under, inverted DDT but only gets two. Atlas goes up top but Escobar crotches him on the top turnbuckle, puts him in a fireman's carry, and hits the Fantam Driver for the three!
Your Winner, Santos Escobar!

After the Match

Santos Escobar and his men stand tall over Jake Atlas, holding the Cruiserweight title up high as we get replays from the match.

Earlier Today: The Undisputed thERApy

Roderick Strong is on a sofa with Bobby Fish and Adam Cole sitting in chairs as the shrink asks him how he feels. Roderick talks about someone chasing him, and this last week Strong's isolated himself and he thinks he can do it--he can conquer that fear, the fear of the trunk. Cole and Fish pump him up as Strong slaps the couch and says today is the day that he can conquer the trunk. The shrink then pulls off his glasses to reveal he's really Kyle O' Reilly. They all head outside and Kyle mentions that he's been researching a role for a crime fighting film, hence the glasses. Strong gets in the trunk of the car as the UE cheer him on and slam the lid. They cheer and the driver pops the trunk, and Strong hops out. All four men are fired up. They tell him that tonight, he's going to conquer Dexter Loomis. Strong looks nervous but the UE tell him they're all so proud of him. He stays behind to solemnly look at the trunk, slamming it and says "yeah. Tonight." He does not look prepared.

Tale of the Tape

Coming up after the break, we'll do a deep dive into tonight's main event--a triple threat match for the North American championship with Keith Lee defending against Finn Balor and Johnny Gargano. The winner will face Adam Cole in two weeks on NXT in a winner-takes-all match!

Backstage w/ Mackenzie & Indus Sher

We're told that last week, Indus Sher just walked out to see what was going on with the NXT Tag Team championships, when those thugs Danny Birch and Oney Lorcan attacked them for no reason. We then get a warning in a foreign language (not sure if Hindi or what) in which the Indus Sher threaten Birch and Lorcan.

Tale of the Tape, Part Deux

We get to the recap we were promised before the break. We see clips of Adam Cole talking about how he's held the NXT title for 381 days, and that maybe he should hold the NXT North American title for 381 days so we can call him "champ champ, bay bay." We see where Keith Lee came out to confront Cole last week, followed by Gargano and Prince Balor. Regal interrupts them and says he loves the passion and competition, so tonight we'll have a triple threat match for the NA title. The winner will face Cole next week with both titles on the line. The last time we had a North American vs NXT Title champion versus champion match, it ended in a DQ. Will history repeat itself in two weeks? Will we see a Keith Two Lees? Johnny Dos Garganos? Finn two-leaf Shamrock? Champ Champ Bay Bay? Guess we'll find out in two weeks! We get random quotes from the different competitors, setting up tonight's match. We see Mick praising Keith Lee backstage, and see that Johnny's wife is sporting her heel hair color, then we get commercials!

Kacy Catanzaro & Kayden Carter vs Dakota Kai & Raquel Gonzalez

Kacy and Kayden (The KC Express, Mauro calls them) are out first for this women's tag team bout. Kai and Gonzalez are out next. The heel turn and look was the best thing to happen to Kai in a long time.

Starting things off for us are Kayden Carter and the tall woman Raquel Gonzalez. Carter gets in Raquel's face, who immediately throws her down to the mat face first. Carter tries slaps and utilizing the ropes but can't get Raquel down. Carter tags in Kacy, who hits a chop block but Raquel is sitll on her feet. Raquel whips Kacy towards Kayden on the apron, and Kacy springs over as Kayden ducks down, catching her partner on her back. Tag is made. Kayden and Raquel tussle before Kai makes the tag in. The American Ninja Warrior Kacy Catanzaro goes for a quick pin on Kai. Kai isolates Kacy in the corner, tagging Raquel in. Another tag back to Kai for a double team move, where Raquel lifts Kacy up over her shoulder and Kai slams her down then covers for a two. Kacy's crawling for her corner but Kai grabs the foot. Kacy kicks Kai back and Kayden tags in, hitting quick, high impact kicks. Carter off the ropes with a back kick and covers Kai. Kai kicks out and Carter kicks Kai across the rope, covering Kai for a two. Jesus Christ, this match is alliterative. Kai rear kicks Carter back into her corner, tagging in Kacy so Kai can tag in Raquel. Carter and Kacy attempt a double team on Raquel who catches Kacy with one arm up over her shoulders, kicks Carter, and one-arm powerbombs Kacy. Raquel tags in Kai who puts Kacy in a one-armed submission for the win!
Your Winners, Raquel Gonzalez & Dakota Kai

After the Match

Dakota Kai puts Io Shirai (again the rhymes?) on notice, and runs her hands across her waist, indicating she's coming for Io's title. We flash backstage to see Bronson Reed psyching himself up for the Karrion Kross contest, coming up after these commercials!

Bronson Reed vs. Karrion Kross w/ Scarlett

Kross comes out with Scarlett at his side, doing one of the best entrances in NXT today. She leads the way down to the ring as he slowly follows. She sings along to the lyrics, chanting "the end is here, fall and pray." The black and white filmtype cuts to strobing red and orange lights with lots of dry ice smoke as she takes up position kneeling before him and he looks on fiercely. Out next is Bronson Reed, who's entrance really should've come first because you just can't follow that. The big Aussie stomps the stairs before climbing in, hyped up.

Bell rings and Bronson takes it right to Kross, hitting two big hits before whipping Kross into the ropes and taking him down. Reed sends Kross to the corner, but Kross comes out fighting. Big Show-style right fist to send the big Aussie down to the mat. Reed slow to his feet. Kross hits a huge side exploder suplex easily. Bronson comes out of the corner fighting, punch, punch, huge enziguri from the 300 pounder. Kross flashes to his feet and Reed and Kross exchange hits. Big right fists from both men, staggering them both. Reed hits a running kick, then sends Kross into the corner. Reed hits a big slam in the corner, then goes for it again. Kross is ...raging up? He looks angry. Huge clothesline by Kross onto Reed. Reed crawls to the ropes and gets to his feet but Kross hits the Doomsday Saido, effortlessly tossing the 300 pounder around. Kross wraps his legs around Reed's waist, slaps in the headlock--what he's calling the Kross Jacket it seems--and Reed taps out! Impressive effort by Reed, but it only went on to prove the dominance of Kross and the push he's getting.
Your Winner by submission, Kross

After the Match

Maura says Kross is so menacing, he'd make atheists pray. Kross taps his wrist aggressively, as if poking a watch, sending a message to Adam Cole that time is almost up.

Backstage w/ Mackenzie & Adam Cole (Bay-Bay)

Mackenzie asks Cole if he's ready for whomever wins tonight, as he faces them in two weeks in a title versus title match. Cole tells her it's a stupid question, builds himself up, and walks off as we head to commercials.

Rhea Rhipley vs Aliyah w/ Robert Stone

Rhea is out first as Mauro sings her accolades--NXT UK and NXT Women's Championship holder and still a bright future ahead of her. Out next, accompanied by Robert Stone, is Aliyah. Rhea takes control as soon as the bell rings, tossing her down, grabbing a waist lock and shaking her around. Aliyah attempts to rebound off the ropes and Rhea catches her with a dropkick, sending Aliyah outside. Robert Stone coaches Aliyah while she's down. Aliyah gets to the apron and drops Rhea's neck across the top rope, then goes up to only to be caught midair by Rhea. Aliyah tries three times to whip Rhea, but Rhea pumps the brakes. Rhea with two brutal clotheslines, a series of knee strikes, and a side press. Aliyah kicks out at two as Robert Stone yells to her that it's all in her mind, not to let Rhea get to her. Aliyah hits some low kicks but Rhea delivers a big boot to a knelt Aliyah. Rhea locks in the Prism Trap in the middle of the ring. Robert Stone gets on the apron and throws a shoe at Rhea. The ref looks at Stone like he's crazy, and Rhea chases him outside and around the ring. Back inside the ring, she rips off Stone's jacket before he escapes. Aliyah tries to take advantage of the distraction but Rhea hits the Riptide for the win!
Your Winner, Rhea Rhipley

Roderick Strong vs Dexter Loomis

We come back from break and have Dexter Loomis in the ring as Maura talks about the traumatized Roderick Strong. Dexter's music makes me wonder if the "Loomis" moniker is rooted in Carpenter's Halloween, as the music has that 80's retro tech vibe. Roderick Strong comes out begrudgingly with Bobby Fish, and tries to leave but Fish stops him. It's explained to us that a few weeks ago, Bobby Fish and Roderick Strong were locked in a trunk by Dexter Loomis, which is the source of Strong's trauma. Fish tries to fire up Strong, who rips off his shirt and slaps his chest and seems ready to face his fear.

The entire time, Loomis stays perfectly calm. The bell rings and still, Loomis stays still. Roderick skirts and dances around the ring, trying to psych himself up before jumping out the ring. Loomis stands, still, perfectly still. Roderick tries to approach twice, three times but Loomis continues to stand stoically and unflinching. Strong to the outside as Fish tries to pump up Strong and the ref counts. Strong yells "I hate him." Strong hops in and Loomis walks slowly, chasing Strong out of the ring. Loomis pulls his best Michael Myers impersonation and stalks Strong around the ring. Strong is panicking and tries to jump backwards over the barricade, forgetting the plexiglass is there and falling to his butt. Strong runs off and the referee counts him out.
Your Winner, Dexter Loomis

After the Match

As Fish yells at Strong to come back, Loomis slides on his belly in the ring and grabs Fish through the bottom rope. Fish freaks out and runs off.

Backstage w/ Robert Stone, Aliyah & Regal (Via Tablet)

Backstage, we see William Regal on a tablet as Stone demands that "we" indicating himself and Aliyah get a rematch with Rhea Rhipley. Their connection seems spotty. Regal says that sounds like a fine idea, so next week we'll see Rhea Rhipley versus Aliyah and Robert Stone. Stone insists he can't wrestle, and tries to get out of it, but fails. Commercials. Our main event should be up next!

Fatal Four Way Promo, First Ever Strap Match

It's announced that there will be a fatal four way between Dakota Kai, Tegan Nox, Candice LeRae and Mia Yim to determine the number one contender for Io Shirai's NXT Women's Championship. This match will take place next week! Also next week will feature NXT's first ever Strap Match between Dexter Loomis and Roderick Strong!

Triple Threat for the North American Championship & #1 Contender: Kieth Lee(c) vs Johnny Gargano vs Finn Balor

Johnny Gargano is out first tonight. Finn Balor makes his way out next, and the ref has to separate he and Gargano while we're awaiting the current North American champ, Keith Lee! O, bask in his glory! Out last, but never least, is the reigning, defending, undisputed North American Champion of the world, Keith Lee! Just a reminder, tonight's winner takes the title and takes on Adam Cole two weeks from tonight for both titles!

We're reminded that Adam Cole was the first North American champion; Gargano's held the belt, but the NA title is one that Finn's never held. Announcements are made for our main event and we are under way!

The bell rings and Gargano immediately slides out the ring. Lee raises a hand to lock up, and he and Balor do just that. Keith takes Finn to the corner and sits him up on the top turnbuckle before the ref breaks it. Finn tries to take advantage and launches himself at Lee, who catches Finn in midair. Gargano sneaks in quickly and tries to roll up Lee but Lee doesn't budge. Lee takes down both Gargano and Balor, leaving them flat on the mat as we head to a break!

Back from the break and Lee throws Balor down. Gargano steps up to try to take down the big man, who double slaps Gargano down to the mat. Balor quick to his feet, and leaps on Lee's back locking in a headlock. After a few moments, Lee throws Balor aside only to have Gargano up on Lee's back applying the same move. Lee's fading a bit. Lee bucks Gargano off, only to have Finn return to Lee's back and lock in the headlock. Lee down to one knee, fading, but fires up and drives backwards into the corner, knocking Balor free. Gargano hits several strikes before Balor takes out Gargano. Balor with multiple running clotheslines but still can't take down the big man. Balor hits repeated running clotheslines before Lee catches him over one shoulder. Gargano tries to take advantage but Lee catches him over the other shoulder, and suplex tosses both men over his shoulders. Lee works Balor's midsection in the corner before whipping him across the ring hard and into the other corner. Gargano tries to chop Lee's knee out but Lee picks him up for a powerbomb. Gargano wiggles out and tries to take the legs of Lee out again, only for another powerbomb attempt. Balor jumps on Lee's back and locks in the headlock again only to be shrugged off. Gargano locks onto Lee's legs, but Lee sends Gargano from the ring too. Balor and Gargano are both down as Lee comes out the ring. Lee moves towards Gargano, but Balor is quick to his feet and hits the Sling Blade. Rolling Senton from Gargano. Balor and Gargano team up to whip Lee into the steel steps on the outside as we go to break!

Back from break and Gargano hits a slingshot spear onto Finn, getting a two. Gargano has Finn in the ropes, hitting chops, with Lee still down on the floor. Balor catches Gargano mid air with a right, then hits Tope Con Hiro on Keith ringside. Gargano in from behind but Balor catches him and gets a two. Crowd pumping this up as Balor prepares in the corner. Balor hits a slingblade on Gargano but Lee is up on the apron. Gargano attacks, Balor attacks, but the big man stays on the apron and hits a beautiful springboard crossbody, taking out both men. Lee gets Balor and Gargano in opposite corners and runs back and forth between the two, hitting big rams on both. Balor hits a standing double stomp once he gets Lee prone. Lee back to his feet, and Balor's back on Lee's back to lock in the sleeper! Lee's fading! Gargano comes in and jump kicks both men. Gargano goes to the apron and springboard DDT's Balor for a two but Lee breaks it up! Gargano locks in the Guillotine on Lee; Lee reverses it into a big slam as an escape, and rolls out of the ring. Gargano with a big Tope onto Lee at ringside. Gargano back in the ring, crosses and attempts a Tope on Balor who catches him, side headlocks him and sets up for the 1916 before Lee runs them both over. Lee and Balor in the ring, both slow to their feet. Lee picks Balor up for a huge powerbomb but Balor leaps out of it in mid air and hits a double foot stomp on Lee! Balor in the corner and sets up for the slingblade but is intercepted by Gargano with a super kick! Balor with a kick to Gargano, Lee collapses onto Gargano. Balor goes up the blind corner but Lee turns in time to lock the neck! Gargano interferes; Balor's draped over the top rope and Lee hits a buckle bomb with Gargano's body on Balor. Lee hits a Big Bang Catastrophe to Gargano but Balor breaks the pin; Balor goes flying, Lee intercepts him and hits a Big Bang Catastrophe on Balor for the win!
Your Winner, STILL North American Champion, and #1 Contender: Keith Lee!

After the Match: Adam Cole Confrontation
Cole makes his way out, and he and Lee stare at each other in the ring, each holding their respective titles up as we're reminded that they'll meet in two weeks on USA for champion versus champion! We fade to black!

That's it for tonight's show! Thanks for stopping by for my debut NXT Live Results Coverage, and a special thanks to Steven and Gothic for correcting me on Kross' name! See y'all Friday for Smackdown!