WWE Friday Night SmackDown Live Results (6/4/2021): ThunderDome III, Yuengling Center, Tampa, FL


Welcome back to Rajah.com's live coverage of Friday Night SmackDown! Your host is one of the somewhat semi-electrifying names in sports entertainment live results covered specifically from 8:00-9:58pm EST on Friday nights, it's Rajah's smack-talking jabroni, Mike "Hulk" Hogan! Our official preview earlier today set the stage for two big championship matches tonight. Apollo Crews will defend his Intercontinental Championship against Kevin Owens while Cmdr. Azeez is barred from the ringside area, and the Mysterios will defend their titles for the second week in a row, this time against a returning the Usos!

We'll have all this and more tonight, next! So with all that said, let's get things started! For those of you who want just the results and not the novella, click here!

WWE Friday Night SmackDown Live Results (6/4/2021) -- ThunderDome III (Yuengling Center), Tampa, FL

Welcome to the ThunderDome!

Michael Cole welcomes us as we open straight on the ThunderDome and our Head of the Table, our Tribal Chief, the One We Must Acknowledge--

In the Ring: Universal Champion Roman Reigns with Paul Heyman

After six minutes (timed it), Reigns makes his way down to, enters in, and posts up in the ring to get on the mic. After a very lengthy "Roman sucks" chant, the Head of the Table speaks. Our Universal Champion is not happy about things last week but with the counsel of a wise man--he indicates Heyman--and a week to think about it, Roman's allowing "this to happen" meaning the tag team title shot. Roman calls himself a giver, then addresses Jimmy. He tells Jimmy via camera that "if you say you're gonna win, you better win. As a matter of fact, let's not waste anymore time. There's a lot on my plate...wise man?" Heyman responds, and Reigns demands he call out the Usos. Heyman calls for the Usos who are happy to oblige.
Jey calls Roman the OG and says "Tribal Chief, what up, Use?" Roman tells Jimmy it's his turn to acknowledge Reigns, and demands he do so. Jimmy reminds him that he acknowledged Reigns in the past and tonight's not about that. Tonight's about become the seven-time champs. He asks Roman what he thinks about that, and Roman responds after a long pause, "well..good luck. You called the shot. I get that. I do. But then I get the job done. So if you say you're gonna win, make sure you win. And remember--you know this--our whole family's watching. Get the job done and bring me the titles when its over." Roman drops his mic, and Jimmy is fired up, stating tonight the seven-time champs are coming. Together, both Usos welcome us to the Uso Penitentiary.

SmackDown Tag Team Championship Match: the Mysterios(c) vs the Usos

The Usos remain in the ring as our father-son tag team championship team, the Mysterios, make their way down for tonight's first match and the first of two title matches this evening! Cole hypes our "battle of the bloodlines," up next after this break! Luke Graham & Tarzan Tyler won the first tag team championships in what we now know as the WWE 50 years ago yesterday per Cole. We start with Dominik, wearing white and orange Power Ranger gear, with Jey Uso. Dominik and Jimmy lock up. Rey comes in soon, wearing his own red and white gear, similar to his son's. Jey comes in and exchanges the lead with Rey. Both teams start off exchanging the lead several times early on. Jey takes a kick to the gut from Rey but makes a blind tag when Rey whips Jey. Jey and Jimmy work together to pop Rey up and drop him across the rope before attempting a pin. Roman & Heyman walk in the back as Jimmy attempts another pin and works Mysterio's neck. The crowd starts to pop for Rey as the veteran and legend attempts to get to his feet. Jimmy grounds Rey again and uses the ropes to choke him. Dominik looks to enter the ring and help but distracts the ref, allowing Jey Uso to run along the outside of the ring and punch Rey. Jimmy stomps away at Rey. Rey rolls to the outside, looking to catch his breath. Jey follows, yelling "where you goin'?" Jey with a big back drop suplex across the barricade before taking it back into the ring. Jey isolates Rey in the Uso corner and arches back, allowing Jimmy to come in. Jimmy continues to work over the abdomen and neck. Rey shoves Jimmy back, who looks for another blind tag to Jey. Rey streaks past and clubs Jey off the apron then sends Jimmy outside. Rey looks for his vintage belly slide to the outside but is caught by Uso who connects Rey's body into the announcer's table, Samoan style, and we head to break!
Back from the break. We're informed that the Usos have dominated Rey during the entire break. Dom looks on, full of teenage angst, as the Usos work in tandem to control his father and wear the legend down. Rey has a critical moment when he drops Jey Uso with a drop toehold, stretching for his son's hand only to have Jimmy tag in and block it! Uso takes his time, alternating angry ten-second stares and a punch once that sends Rey stumbling back into the corner. Attempted diving headbutt in the corner but Rey dodges and Uso headbutts the turnbuckle! Rey starts his comeback, sending both Usos outside and getting the very hot tag to Dom. Dom streaks across the ring, diving outside and taking both Usos out on the floor! Dom and Jimmy fight it out one-on-one in the ring, culminating with Dom hitting a springboard Tornado DDT for a close two. Dom climbs the ropes but Jimmy is up fast and catches Dom climbing. Jey's up on the apron and makes the tag. Dom sends Jimmy and Jey down into the ring. Dom dives out but Uso dodges; Dom rolls through and dives for a tag but his father's not in the corner. Jimmy with a pop-up Samoan Drop that almost wins them their seventh titles. Jey is tagged in. The Usos both attempt a double-superkick but Dom ducks and yanks the rope, sending both men outside. Rey's back in the fight outside. In the ring Dom looks for the 6-1-9 on Jimmy Uso but Uso dodges and connects with a superkick! Uso goes up top and looks for the Uso Splash but Dom gets his knees up and rolls Jimmy up. The ref makes a mistake as Uso gets his shoulder up, very clearly up, before the three.
Your Winners and STILL SmackDown Tag Team Champions, the Mysterios!

After the Match

Pat McAfee flips out as Cole calls for replays and we see that it's quite clear that Uso's right shoulder wasn't down at the three count. It came up after "one" but back down before "two" but was clearly nowhere close to down for the "three." Cole and McAfee go back and forth about this as Roman, seen from backstage, demands Heyman bring him his cousins to speak to.

Backstage: Universal Champion Roman Reigns, Paul Heyman, and the Usos

Roman lays into the Usos, heavily disappointed. He tells Jimmy to talk to any official he has to to "fix this" tonight and make this right. He accuses Jimmy of failing their family. He then calls Jimmy as Jey, and when he's corrected by a confused set of cousins, he asks them "what difference does it make (soon) anyways?" Once again, Roman implies that they'll be relegated to being indistinguishable twins if not for him.

Backstage Interview: Kayla Braxton with Seth Rollins

Kayla asks Seth about his actions involve Cesaro, who took another Stomp from Rollins last week. Rollins smugly extends his arms. Kayla reminds Rollins that Cesaro always finds a way to come back, and Rollins accuses Kayla of trying to frame the question in a way to make him look bad. Rollins arrogantly tells Braxton that he doesn't owe her or the WWE Universe any answers or any thing. She again asks Rollins what will happen when Cesaro does return. Rollins pulls off his mic and walks off.

Backstage: the Street Profits with Chad Gable

The Profits are shown backstage when Gable starts to sway them into hiring him. He claims Montez Ford has lost six inches off his Frog Splash height, for example, and tells them that "profits are down." He offers to coach them to success, like he did with Otis. They laugh at him and head off, leaving Gable steaming.

Backstage: Adam Pearce, Sonya Deville, and the Usos

The Usos angrily approach our on-air officials. Pearce acknowledges that the ref made a mistake but they all know that the ref's decision is final.

Singles Match: Liv Morgan vs Carmella

Carmella makes her way out as we go to break, with the last remaining Riott Squad member coming out next. After the above segment, Liv comes out solo to her old post-Riott Squad music as the platinum blonde skips down to the ring. We catch a previously recorded interview in which Liv tells Carmella that she's going to give her a "Liv Morgan makeover," claims Carmella is a seven (we all know she's an eight), and is now apparently pretty concerned with her looks. The bell rings and Carmella shoves Liv repeatedly to anger her. Carmella runs, sliding out the ring and Morgan gives chase. Carmella back into the ring and attempts to ambush Morgan as she enters, but Morgan is ready for it and sends Carmella into the barricade! Morgan slides in and out of the ring to break the count then slams Carmella's face repeatedly into the apron. Morgan enters and Carmella catches her with a kick to the face, then screams at Liv while pushing her into the corner. Carmella fires off a series of back right elbows before using a snapmare and attempting a cover. She continues to verbally berate Morgan. Morgan with a strong Irish Whip reversal that sends Carmella into the corner. Carmella comes out swinging and Morgan hits a very unique backbreaker that ends with Carmella face-planting into the turnbuckle and covered for two. Carmella fires back with a drop toehold and immediately latches on the Code of Silence to pick up the submission win. Yes, the winner is announced as below:
Your Winner by Submission and "the Most Beautiful Woman in all of WWE," Carmella!

Backstage: Adam Pearce, Sonya Deville, and the Mysterios

Just as the Mysterios are about to walk out he door, luggage in tow and Rey limping, Pearce & Deville approach both men. They explain that there was a mistake made by the official and they're going to have to give the Usos another shot--tonight. We get replays again as Pat McAfee threatens to go hoarse, all kinds of excited for this tonight.

In the Ring: SmackDown Champion Bianca Belair Challenges Bayley

Out first is the EST of WWE, SmackDown Women's Champion Bianca Belair. She cuts a short but solid promo, telling us that she's tired of Bayley's laugh as it's starting to get to her. To sum up: Belair challenged Bayley to a match at Hell in a Cell. Belair demands Bayley come out and give an answer. We hear Bayley's cackling before seeing her on the tron via satellite, she claims, and we see her on a white loveseat sofa with a bunch of photos of Bayley's various championship reigns and poses on the background. Bayley accepts, promises to be laughing when she wins at Hell in a Cell, then ends the segment cackling as every screen in the ThunderDome is replaced by pictures of Bayley's face as she cackles even more.

Backstage: the Street Profits and Otis

The Profits are chillin' out, relaxin', maxin' all cool ready to shoot some b-ball outside of the school when Otis walks up and is upset at them for insulting Chuck (Chad Gable). Montez Ford asks Otis to think about checking out of the Academy--to which Dawkins says "get your money back, fam"--as Gable's done nothing for Otis' career. Otis takes offense at them offending Tucky Chucky Gable and attacks both Profits, leaving them laid out as we go to break.

Singles Match: King Shinsuke Nakamura with Rick Boogz vs "the False-King" Corbin

We return from break and find the former baron, Corbin, in the ring. We get a quick recap of the last two weeks' events involving Rick Boogz and our One True King, Shinsuke Nakamura, capturing the throne from the false king. Boogz has played out Nakamura twice and assisted the King in retaining his crown. After the video we're treated to Boogz once again coming out, taking position in front of two double stack amps. "Hear ye, hear ye, beautiful subjects of SmackDown! I'm Rick Boooooogz and this is the King of Strong Style, Shinsuke Nakamura!" He pelts out an 80's-inspired high-pitch scream and out comes our king, Nakamura as Boogz plays him out again! McAfee really, really loves his job. Gotta give him props for improving week over week. The bell rings and King clashes with the fallen king. Both men spend the first minute jostling for control. Corbin with a bomb and a pin attempt, and is incensed when he fails to end the match sixty seconds in. Corbin begins to hammer Nakamura with big rights before the King catches the former Golden Gloves boxer in an armbar. Nakamura looks for a whip but Corbin reverses. Corbin slides outside the ring, going for his Misdirection Clothesline, but changes course at the last moment and takes out Rick Boogz with a clothesline. Nakamura catches Corbin as he enters the ring but Corbin surprises Nakamura, rolling him up to steal the win.
Your Winner, Corbin!

After the Match

Corbin grabs the crown and tries to flee up the ramp, but Boogz catches his foot. Corbin loses his crown and Nakamura takes out the impostor, recapturing his crown and leaving as Boogz plays him up the ramp.
STILL Your Once and Future King, Shinsuke Nakamura!

Progressive Match Flo, aka Previously on SmackDown...

We get a video package from last week's Intercontinental Championship match in which Commander Azeez had to interfere to preserve Apollo Crews' championship reign. They'll clash again here in a few--with the Commander barred from the ringside area!

Backstage: Kevin Owens Gets KO'd

We see Kevin Owens backstage, getting ready for his championship match, when Commander Azeez attacks him backstage! Several officials separate them after a few big hits leave KO rolling on the floor. Azeez stands back, and stands by, saluting as Intercontinental Champion Apollo Crews walks by, laughing. We head to break.

Intercontinental Championship Match: Apollo Crews(c) vs Kevin Owens

Per WWE Officials, Commander Azeez is barred from the ringside area for this match. Kevin Owens makes his way out as the Champion is already in the ring. Owens is not obviously 100 percent. The bell rings. Crews starts off by immediately taking it to Owens, looking to capitalize on the ambush by Commander Azeez just moments ago. Crews with an early pin attempt for one. Crews grinds the point of his elbow into Owens' ribs over and over before pulling Owens to his feet. Crews focuses his attacks on the ribs, using clubbing blows and forearms to soften the soft midsection of Owens. The official checks on Owens as he continues to sell the beating from Azeez. Crews with more fists and kicks to Owens in the corner. Crews with a Strong Irish Whip that sends Owens into the corner, his back colliding hard with the turnbuckles and bouncing the big boy off. Crews pulls Owens up and whips him into the ropes, broadcasting a back body drop. Owens counters with a kick, drops Crews and follows up with a Senton. Owens goes on the offensive now, whipping Crews into the ropes. Owens goes for the pop-up Powerbomb but his ribs give out. Crews with a standing side-kick to Owens' side. Owens sends Crews outside and attempts a Suicide Dive but his ribs give out halfway across the ring, it seems. Crews attacks the weakened Owens, crashing him into the floor outside as we go to break.
Back from the break. Crews continues to work over Owens, targeting the midsection as Cole reminds us that Azeez may have injured Owens' ribs prior to the match. Crews takes his time, keeping the pace slow. Belly-to-belly suplex on Owens that sends him across the ring. Crews pulls Owens to his feet and goes to work on the midsection again, throwing rights and kicks. Another belly-to-belly by the champ, who takes a moment to grin at the booing digital crowd. Crews with a German Suplex followed by a pin attempt for a two. Owens finally gets in offense, hitting a German Suplex after a standing switch to drop the champ! Both men are down!
Owens with a big right; Crews drives his shoulder into Owens' gut and rams him back into the corner. Crews sits Owens on the top turnbuckle and positions himself on the middle rope. Crews looks for a middle-rope Superplex but Owens puts on the brakes! Headbutt from Owens sends Crews crashing. KO looks for the top-rope Senton but Crews gets the knees up! Crews follows it up with a step-up Enziguri and a pin attempt. Standing Moonsault followed by another pin attempt. Crews heads up to the top rope then flies, looking for a D-Lo-styled Frog Splash. KO moves and dodges a Crews charge into the corner. Crews is stunned by a snap superkick from Owens; Crews is whipped into the ropes and Owens connects with the pop-up sit-out Powerbomb for a close two! Crews rolls out to the apron. Owens heads up top but Crews converts it into a Death Valley Driver on the apron! Crews heads back into the ring and picks up the three!
Your Winner and STILL Intercontinental Champion, Apollo Crews!

After the Match: Liberation Time

Afterwards Cole still tries to justify Azeez's small ambush as having cost Owens this match. Sami Zayn streaks past them and hits the Helluva Kick on a recovering Owens. He yells down at Owens and stomps Owens' midsection after yelling about Karma getting Owens. As Zayn backs up the ramp, he yells "I didn't do anything, Karma did it! Karma!"

Backstage: the Street Profits, Again

The Profits are rubbing their necks and address the attack from Otis. They state that they were simply trying to watch out for Otis, and no matter what type of heavy machinery he may feel he is, he better stay out of their way as they've got some smoke for the Alpha Academy.

SmackDown Tag Team Championship Main Event Match: the Mysterios(c) vs the Usos II

Both teams make their way out for our final match of the night, a rematch of our first match of the night. Gotta love that, right? We start with Dom who quickly finds himself stuck int he wrong corner. Jimmy and Jey keep Dom restrained with quick tags and attempt to cut the ring in half. Dom comes out of the corner with fists but his spurt of offense is short as he's sent outside. Jey with a dive onto Dom as we head to break.
Back from the break. The Usos have kept Dominik in the ring throughout the break. Upon returning, Jey stomp away at Dom and begins to work his neck with a headlock. Dom fights to get to his feet and throws shots to the ribs, attempting to fight off Jey Uso. Jey shuts him down with a single blow. Uso looks to run-and-toss Dom into the corner but Dom counters with a handspring facebuster. Rey gets the hot tag, Jimmy a not-so-hot one, and Rey streaks across the ring to knock Jey Uso off the apron before taking Jimmy down in the ring. Rey continues, taking both Usos out of the ring and finally connecting with his belly-slide splash outside the ring on Jimmy! Jimmy looks to attack Rey but Rey dodges it and climbs up, into the ring and up top, attacking Jey and setting him up for hte 6-1-9! Rey connects with the 6-1-9 then gestures "it's over" and tags in Dominik. Dom is sloooow climbing the ropes, finally reaching the top and eating a Superman Punch from Roman Reigns!
Your Winners by Disqualification and STILL SmackDown Tag Team Champions, the Mysterios!

After the Match

Roman yells at his cousins about letting him down twice. The Universal Champion begins to dismantle the tag team champions, beating the hell out of Dom and Rey at ringside. Rey is sent into the steps, Dom into the barricade. Paul Heyman gestures for Lil' Naitch to back off, and the ref does. Reigns uses steel stairs to rearrange Dominik's facial features then drives them into Rey's skull across the ring. Roman pulls Rey up with one hand on his face and tosses Rey over the barricade and into the front row of the digital crowd as they loudly pipe in a "you suck" chant. Roman pummels Dom, taking him into the ring. Roman looks at Jimmy Uso, seated in a corner, then straddles Dominik and rains lefts and rights repeatedly down on the youngster's face. Roman with one more big right to Doms face. Both Usos are in the ring and up now. Roman with a Guillotine on Dominik! Dom's screaming and fading, slowly passing out. Jimmy begs Roman, yelling "That's enough, Use! That's enough! Let him go, Use, he's out, he's done! Not like this, Use. C'mon Use. C'mon. Not like this, brah." Roman glares at Jimmy then looks to the fallen Dom, then back at Jimmy as he walks up the ramp. "C'mon dawg," Jimmy implores, "you with me?" Roman gets in Jey's face in the ring, and Jey cowers down, averting Roman's gaze and refusing to join his brother. Roman drags Dom over by the foot and begins to hammer right fists into Dom's face. Roman picks up Dom and hits him with a Powerbomb to end our program.

In Closing

And that does it for tonight's program! All in all, not a bad show--it got better as it went on. We want to thank each and everyone of you for swinging by tonight, and eagerly look forward to Monday Night for Raw! Have a great weekend--stay safe out there and stay cool!

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