WWE Friday Night Smackdown Live Results (9/18/2020) - Amway Center, Orlando, FL

Welcome one and all to Rajah.com's Friday Night Smackdown live results coverage! The official WWE preview is up. Roman Reigns & Jey Uso will team against Sheamus & King Corbin in a Samoan Street Fight. It looks like the two cousins have woven a web of distrust and familial commitment!

It's also been reported that Sasha Banks will respond to Bayley. It's Sasha's first time on Smackdown since Bayley rained down some maximum carnage on her best friend. We'll also be treated to "A Moment of Bliss" with the special guest being Nikki Cross. Alexa Bliss hasn't been the same since her encounter with The Fiend--so who's hosting Nikki, her bestie or a venomous doppelganger? We'll also see AJ Styles taking on Sami Zayn as their sinister six-degrees-of-Kevin-Bacon claim to the Intercontinental title continues on! Will Jeff Hardy finally find time to relax with Mary Jane, or is this tiger going to remember that with great power comes with great responsibility?

We've got sad news, as it appears The Miz managed to have Mandy Rose sent to Raw. What does this mean for Mister Money in the Lunch Box, Otis? Will he use his MitB title opportunity to take on the Universal Champion later this year so he's on the same brand as his peach? Or will he cash it in at Subway for a Five Dollar Foot Long? And do we care? What a tangled web we weave!

All this and I'm sure much, much more commercials action tonight, next, on Smackdown! And as always, I'm your friendly neighborhood word-slinger, Mike Hogan and it's time to get this party started before J. Jonah Jameson starts yelling at me!

WWE Friday Night Smackdown Live Results (9/18/2020) - Amway Center, Orlando, FL

Show Opener: Welcome to the ThunderDome

We open silently looking at the ThunderDome, where thunder and simulated lightning roll in before Michael Cole welcomes us to Friday Night Smackdown! We get straight on with the program!

The Dirt Sheet

The Miz and John Morrison welcome us to Friday Night Smackdown inside the "visually scintillating" WWE ThunderDome. Morrison says he's the most important part of your breakfast. Miz and Morrison have nailed their gimmick, and occasionally speak in unison. They tell us its their responsibility to get the information to us, the fans. They promise to give us the dirty on why Bayley attacked Banks, and that they're going to dig into the Samoan Family dirty secrets that Jey is desperate to bury. But first, they're talking about the hottest of the hot gossip--the sudden and shocking departure of the Golden Goddess, Mandy Rose, who was sent to Raw. Morrison says that it was so scandalous that you have to see the clip. We see a clip from Talking Smack last week in which the Miz states that he used his clout to send Mandy Rose to Raw (presumably, due to having his shows on the USA Network). He goes on to explain that he has no issue with Otis, and this was all meant to help Otis focus on his trajectory and career as Mister Money in the Bank. Miz and Morrison then essentially call her a gold digger, and tell us that Dolph Ziggler is over on Smackdown and they imply that they've heard rumors about her being adulterous to Otis.
Otis's music sounds and out comes the big man, carrying two Money in the Bank briefcases. He comes into the ring; the Miz tries to wave him off but Otis hits a takedown on the Miz. Otis begins to beat Miz inside the ring and when the Miz attempts to escape, Tucker shows up. MOrrison is taken down and the Miz is sent back in the ring. Tucker hops up on the apron in the corner and slaps Otis' shoulder, telling him that he knows what to do. Otis then hits the Caterpillar on the Miz! Their music plays and they start to leave...then Otis runs back to the ring. Otis attacks Miz again and rips Miz's pants off, leaving Miz wearing tight whiteys. Miz escapes outside with the help of John Morrison, and runs up the ramp holding a hand over his bum and one over his crotch. In the words of the Bloodhound Gang, he's wearing tighty whiteys and smuggling plums. He heads off to the back and we head off to a commercial break!

Backstage w/ The Miz & Morrison

We return from break and the Miz is panting, holding his bundled clothing on his shoulder. Morrison tells the Miz that he doesn't think it was smart to send Mandy Rose to Raw as it's made Otis angry--and he doesn't like it when Otis' angry. Kayla Braxton walks up and asks Miz about upsetting Otis and if he has a plan. Miz pulls out his cell and calls someone, asking "did you get it? Was it enough?" He smiles and Morrison admits they have a plan, then they walk off, telling her "like we're telling you, get outta here."

Match: Kalisto (w/ the Lucha House Party) vs Cesaro (w/ Shinsuke Nakamura)

We're treated to another quick video package as the LHP make their way to the ring in unison, showing support for their newly self-declared "leader" of the Lucha House Party. Cesaro comes out with his tag team partner, Shinsuke Nakamura, with a short video package as he comes out in which he, essentially, promises to win this match and make the LHP pay. The bell rings and we start things off!
Both men clash to start with but Cesaro immediately takes control. Cesaro uses his impressive skillset and size to man handle Kalisto. Cesaro with a running kick, then a wear-down for a few moments. Cesaro sends Kalisto into the corner. Gran Metallik and Lince Dorado begin to yell advince to Kalisto--and this pursues throughout the match, with even the commentary team (Cole & Graves) mentioning its hard to focus on a match when you have so many screaming in your ear. Kalisto takes a big punch. Kalisto's speed comes into play and he takes control briefly. LHP continue to yell at him in regards of what to do; Kalisto goes onto the apron, setting up a downed Cesaro for a springboard moment, and his LHP partners hop up on the apron. They continue to yell instructions to him. They seem to be the negative element this week, in stark contrast to the aggression Kalisto's shown the LHP the last few weeks. Their presence on the apron forces the ref to ban them from ringside. The distraction allows Cesaro to attack Kalisto from behind, sending him flying down. Cesaro goes out the ring and up the ramp, shoo'ing off the LHP as they're forced to leave the ringside and we're forced to a commercial break!
We're back from break and Michael Cole informs us that this is epsiode #1100 of Smackdown. Wow, I remember when the first one aired. And Kalisto remembers when he briefly had control of this match--which isn't now as Cesaro is dominating him upon return from break. Cesaro carries Kalisto to the corner and sets him up on the top rope, then attempts to possibly climb the ropes next to him but he's not fast enough. Kalisto stands on the ring post and hits a modified hurricanrana, covering for a two. Cesaro recovers fast and takes Kalisto out immediately, pinning for the win. We get no replays; Kalisto holds his knee, downed in the ring for the brief moment we see Cesaro standing as victor but they avoid showing the ring again.
Your Winner, Cesaro!

Backstage w/ Kayla Braxton & Jey Uso

We are reminded that the LHP takes on Cesaro & Nakamura for the Smackdown titles a week from Sunday at Clash of Champions. We then cut to the back and see Kayla Braxton. Jey walks up and Kayla begins to interview him about what happened last week--and we're treated to a replay in which Roman basically let Jey fight in a handicapped match, showed up at the last minute to tag himself in as Jey was going for the win, and stole the pin for himself. Kayla asks Jey about this after we see the clip, and Jey says that he's spoken to Paul Heyman. Heyman told Jey it was just a misunderstanding. Jey says that they've butted heads since they were kids but they're still fam, and tonight the "Use with the Juice" is ready to team with the big dog to take on Sheamus and Corbin. We're told that up next will be "A Moment of Bliss" but first, commercial time!

Video Promo: Matt Riddle

Matt Riddle tells us that people ask him all the time why he says "bro" so much. He explains that it can be used to express any emotion. We then see him making several faces while saying "bro" with labels for them--happy, sad, angry, fearful, confident, etc. He says it's that simple, bro.

A Moment of Bliss: Special Guest Nikki Cross

We return to the ThunderDome where Alexa Bliss is set up in one of two bar stool-height white chairs. Alexa says that normally, her co-host would be here with her but after last week, Alexa wanted to bring her out to clear things up. Cole has a set of video clips shown from last week, when Bliss and Cross were both part of a four-woman fatal four-way to see who would challenge Bayley for the Smackdown Women's Championship at Clash in 9 days. We see where Alexa seemed to snap and hit the Sister Abigail then walked up the ramp in a trance. Nikki went on to win the title shot.
Alexa welcomes Nikki and Nikki thanks Lexi for having her. Alexa says that she wants to ask the questions that others are asking, and they're hard questions. She wants to know what will be different this time as Nikki didn't beat Bayley for the title any this year--in fact, Cross hasn't beaten Bayley since last year. Nikki is taken aback a bit and admits Bliss brought the tough questions. Cross says the difference this time is that there'll be no Sasha Banks to have Bayley's back. No steel chair, that Cross can still feel smashing across her back, either. Cross gets fired up and says that come Clash of Champions, there'll be a new Smackdown Women's champion. She asks Bliss if that answers her questions, and Alexa chuckles and says it sure does. Cross says she has a question of her own, and asks, "Lex, what's going on with ya? Last week Lexi, you had me with...of all the things you could (hit) me with, you (hit) me with the Sister Abigail then you just walk off?" Alexa replies that she doesn't fully understand it, and she can't explain it, nor does she know how to control it-- and Lacey Evans comes out to interrupt. Lacey mocks them and asks if this is Dr Phil. She pulls out her handkerchief and asks if Bliss is going to cry about her feelings. She then addresses Cross and says that Nikki should be on her knees thanking Bliss because when Alexa left the match last week, it made Lacey Evans off her game. And that was the only reason Nikki won the fatal four-way last week. Lacey says that Nikki can make all the speeches she wants but Nikki's too nice, too short, too weak "and damn sure don't have a backbone, honey, which is why you'll never beat Bayley." Lacey laughs at her. Cross hops up, snatches Lacey's handkerchief, blows her nose in it and throws it at Lacey. Lacey is aghast and bends to pick it up, but Cross attacks her. Lacey and Nikki have a match next, but Lacey's heading to the ring and we're heading to commercials!

Match: Lacey Evans vs Nikki Cross

Alexa Bliss has joined commentary, and Cole congratulates her on her new podcast that comes out next week. Lacey leaves the ring as soon as the bell rings, and Corey Graves says she's "sanitizing" after the snotty kerchief incident. Cross goes outside and attacks Evans, bringing her back into the ring. Cross jumps on the back of Evans and crazily shakes on her back until Evans backs her up into the corner. Cross dismounts, climbs up the ropes and leaps off, landing on Evans and getting a two count. Evans takes control and begins to work on Nikki Cross' left elbow, hyper-extending it by dropping her knee onto it. Cross is up and bumbles into the corner, Evans right on her rear. Evans wraps Cross' left arm around the rope, lifts her leg to place over Cross' shoulder and does a unique form of a rope-assisted elbow twist. The ref breaks it at four. Bliss is questioned about her mental state. Corey offends Bliss by saying that Evans reminds him of Alexa Bliss, adding "once upon a time, some would say you're ruthless...and it led you to multiple championships." Bliss builds up Cross and says that Cross is special in her own way. In the ring, Lacey is using weardown moves such as rear chin locks and keeps Cross grounded. Cole then jumps in on Bliss, saying that if Nikki didn't have to worry about her best friend (Alexa Bliss) and her mental state, she might be Smackdown champion. Graves gets onto Cole and tells him to stop insulting their guest commentators or they'll never have anyone stop by again. In the ring, Lacey Evans has been dominating by using weardown and pace-slowing moves, concentrating on Cross' arm.
Cross tries to fight back, but Evans lays her down with a fist and hits a standing moonsault, getting a close two count. On commentary, Alexa Bliss stays positive and continues to build up Cross as a legitimate contender. She says that Cross is talented in her own way and more than deserving, etc. Very good job in playing her as walking the thin line between good and evil. Lacey goes outside and gets a big bottle of sanitizer, then rubs it all over Cross' face. The commentary questions why the ref isn't disqualifying her. Cross gets mad and begins to fight back. Cross with a tornado DDT off the middle rope, hangs on, sets Evans' feet up on the top rope and continues the momentum into a rolling neckbreaker. Impressive combination move! Cross covers Evans and gets the win!
Your Winner, Nikki Cross!

After the Match

Afterwards, Alexa dances in her seat, smiling and pointing at Cross in the ring,truly happy for her friend. Lacey Evans crawls over to the announcer's table, yells that its "all your fault" to Cole, calls him a "four-eyed nerd" then demands to be given to her purse. Bliss stands up, staring off into the distance. Bliss calmly walks around the desk and hits the Sister Abigail on Lacey Evans! Bliss walks off calmly, still staring into the distance, and we see Sasha backstage with a neck brace on and being fitted with a mic. We hear from her, next!

Video Package: Roman Reigns (narrated by Paul Heyman)

Heyman tells us that the world of sports entertainment has seen many great family bloodlines, and we see video of Bret Hart & Natalya and other multi-generational stars. Heyman says none compare to Roman Reigns family--the Wild Samoans, Yokozuna, the Rock, Umaga, Rikishi (father to the Usos)--and they're wrestling royalty. Heyman tells us that Roman's dominance isn't just his will, but his birthright. "From the day Roman inherited the torch of his family's legacy, he has made them proud with victory after championship victory. While Jey has done a respectable job for himself as tag team champion with the help of his brother Jimmy. These two men have fought their entire lives as cousins who might as well be brothers, from the football field...to the squared circle...This battle of the bloodlines will be fought with honor, with pride, but make no mistake. They may all feast at the same table but there is only one ruler of this tribal dynasty and he is your tribal leader and Universal Champion, Roman Reigns." During his narration we see multiple clips of Reigns during his multiple title runs. We return to the backstage.

Backstage w/ Sasha Banks

Cole welcomes Sasha back, and immediately we see clips from two weeks ago on Smackdown, when Bayley went motopsycho and attacked Banks, beating her like a two-dollar steak. We also hear audio from last week when Bayley spoke about their friendship and its dissolution. Cole asks Sasha about the extend of her injuries. Her answer? "I'm still here, aren't I?" Cole points out some of Bayley's comments about how all along, Banks was supposedly using Bayley but, in reality, Bayley was using Banks. Sasha speaks tearfully, stating that she heard every single word that Bayley said last week. Sasha says it hurts that Bayley used her and then just disposed of her. Banks points out the irony that they used to walk the halls of the Performance Center, and they're part of the group that put the PC on the map. She says that this summer they told the world, and showed the world, that they were--and could--take over the whole damn company together. Now, though, when Sasha walks the halls and sees the PC trainee girls here...she begins to choke up and takes a moment. She says that all of their accomplishments and accolades, they did all of that together, and if the PC walls could talk...if they could tel us...she continues to break up a little. She gets angry and tells Bayley that she knows Bayley is watching this, and Bayley is naive and an idiot because Bayley is nothing without Banks. She then chokes up and repeats that Bayley is nothing without her. "Since I'm useless to you now, one day I am going to take the one thing that you love--your Smackdown Women's Championship." And, without warning, Bayley attacks her with a steel chair! Bayley again places Sasha's neck into the steel chair, wedging the seat and back, but trainers show up to break it up. One yells for security and tells Bayley to get out of there. We head to break with Sasha crying and holding her neck.

Match: AJ Styles vs Sami Zayn

We return from break as Sami Zayn makes his way to the ring. AJ Styles is out, and commentary reminds us of the drama lately--ICYMI, Hardy is the IC champ; Zayn was the champ but had to relinquish the title due to Covid, and AJ lost the title to Hardy only because Hardy's knee brace made contact with his head, giving Hardy the advantage. Both men begin to brawl in the ring as Cole and Graves argue over Zayn's legitimacy to claim the title. In the ring, both men exchange brief spurts of offense. Zayn goes for the Helluva Kick in the corner but Styles avoids it and counters with a running clothesline to Zayn, knocking him off the apron. We go to commercials.
Back from the break and we're reminded that this is Sami Zayn's first match in six months. Sami is in control upon our return, and hits a stungun, attempting a pin. Zayn goes for a suplex but Styles counters, slinging Zayn up for the suplex. Zayn attempts to shift and slide out of it, and mid-move Styles is able to counter it into a neckbreaker instead. Very impressive. Attempted cover for two. Styles and Zayn both get to their feet and exchange rapid fists. AJ hits his Phenomenal Combination of strikes, culminating with a beautiful Pele Kick to the side of Zayn's head. Both men are floored and we get a replay of the Pele. Both men are up and grappled; Zayn shoves AJ back then catches him and hits the Blue Thunderbomb for a very close two count. Zayn is up, frustrated, and with his crazy hair and beard he looks like the love child of Elias and Bob Ross. Styles is hit with the exploder suplex. Styles is down in the corner. "The Great Liberator" Sami Zayn takes up position in the corner, getting ready for the Helluva Kick. He charges in but AJ avoids it. Zayn rolls up Styles and grabs his tights, but the ref catches it at a two. He begins to argue with her and she tells him that she can't count it if he's got the tights. AJ then rolls up Zayn and pins him, holding his tights but unseen by the ref!
Your Winner, AJ Styles!

After the Match: Jeff Hardy Strikes Back!

Zayn attacks AJ immediately afterwards, then rolls out the ring and confronts the female ref. She tells him, again, that she can't count if he's holding the tights. He then claims AJ had him by the tights. Jeff Hardy's music starts and out comes Hardy, limp-running down to the ring. Hardy beats Zayn and Styles down outside and sends Zayn inside. Hardy grabs a ladder, sets it up in the ring and climbs up but Zayn rolls out before Hardy can dive. Hardy gets on the mic and says that he's sick and tired of the both of them. He says at Clash of Champions, he'll fight Sami Zayn just to be done with all this drama--but it won't be a normal match. Jeff Hardy will defend his IC title against Sami Zayn & AJ Styles in a Ladder Match at Clash of Champions!

Backstage w/ Heavy Machinery

Note: this segment took place right before a commercial break, and continued right after it. Heavy Machinery are backstage in their locker room when a man comes to the door. He asks for Otis, who responds "oooh yeahhh!" He's then told that he's been served. We go to break, and come back--and Tucker is explaining that the Miz & Mrs are suing him. The papers explain that Miz is a celebrity, and the Dirt Sheet is a "news program" and that Otis not only assaulted him, but violated his rights. Otis exclaims that they're in trouble, to which Tucker replies "no, you're in trouble."

Backstage w/ Sheamus, King Corbin, & Big E

We cut to backstage where Sheamus and Corbin are excited for the Samoan Street Fight. They both imply that they've got weapons and are ready to destroy the dynasty. We then see Big E as he attacks a member of the backstage crew. He begins to beat the man around the back, and tells him that he was told that this particular person was responsible for setting him up (I believe it's the guy last week who told him that Xavier Woods had arrived). Despite other officials begging him to stop, Big E takes the man up on top of a car hood and takes him down. Adam Pearce talks Big E down and tells him that he has to leave the building. He implies security will not permit Big E to be there, and he needs to go cool down. We then are reminded that the main event is up next--after this break!

Vignette: Mystery Woman

We get another, and new, vignette of the mystery blonde. She's changing clothes this time and puts on another snazzy dress. She turns to face the camera with a mirror in front of her face but if you back it up, you should get a pretty good glimpse of her. Not sure if it's Carmella or someone with a similar face structure. It could be a repackaged Carmella, or a repackaged Scarlett. Who knows.

Main Event - Samoan Street Fight Match: Roman Reigns & Jey Uso vs Sheamus & King Corbin

We return to the ThunderDome where the big dog, Roman Reigns, comes out first. Cole points out that it's in his contract to come out first after his actions last week. Roman gets on the mic and says that he came out first to make a point. He states that this is his ring, his yard, his title and if you want it, you've got to come take it from him. Out next comes his cousin, six-time WWE tag team champion and son of Rikishi, Jey Uso. Graves reminds us yet again that these two grew up playing and fighting with each other, and our main event starts...after these words from our sponsors. We go to break.
Back from the break and Sheamus is already in his corner as King Corbin is carried out to the ring on his throne. He removes his crown and we're reminded that this is a Samoan Street Fight so there's no tags, no DQ. The action stars and Sheamus and Roman spill to the outside as they brawl. Uso dives off the barricade to take out Corbin, then runs over and hits a dropkick on Sheamus after Roman dumps him to the "crowd" row. Corbin comes in and catches Uso, hitting a Deep Six on the outside. Reigns and Corbin both move into the ring. Roman takes the steel chair and beats Corbin down with it. We get a replay from the break, when Corbin threw a chair in Reigns face. Reigns heads outside to get a table but catches a running knee strike from Sheamus! Sheamus straddles Roman and nails him with some rights, then Corbin straddles Roman and nails him with rights.
Corbin and Sheamus throw Roman over the announce table, then slide a table into the ring. Corbin runs in and mounts Uso, raining down big rights. Sheamus takes over, kicking Uso into the corner. Corbin and Sheamus then set up the table together. Jey comes out the corner and throws a kick but Sheamus catches it, and turns it into a step-up enziguri that floors the Celtic Warrior! Uso attempts to fight off Corbin but the numbers game is too much. Uso goes up top but Corbin and Sheamus grab him and double powerbomb him through the table set up in the ring. They pin but only get a two. Corbin comes outside the ring, looking for a chair, but Roman launches an announcer's big chair straight into the face of Corbin, taking him down. Sheamus quickly moves outside and engages with Roman. Sheamus throws him onto the announce table. Sheamus stands up and picks Reigns up onto his shoulders, looking for the White Noise on the announce table, but Roman wiggles out of it, hits a low-blow (it's legal in this match) and drops Sheamus head-first onto the announcer's table! Roman turns in time to catch Corbin and take him down at ringside, too. Roman turns back to Sheamus and sees him using the barricade to get to his feet. Roman charges over and spears Sheamus through the barricade!

Corbin immediately attacks Reigns from behind. Corbin sends Reigns face-first into the steel steps. Uso from out of nowhere, attacking Corbin. Corbin sends Uso across the announce table. Corbin reaches through the ropes, looking for a weapon and Uso comes in and hits him in the face with the Universal title! Roman goes to cover him in the ring but Jey flies in with the Uso Splash and steals the pin--returning the courtesy Roman showed him last week!
Your Winners, Roman Reigns & Jey Uso!

After the Match

Uso's music plays and he celebrates happily in the ring as Roman stares at him. Uso sees the Universal title on the mat and snatches it up, smiling at it as Roman eyes him wearily. Jey smiles big and tosses it to his cousin, continuing to celebrate and smile. He gets Roman to smile, and the two hug in the middle of the ring, all smiles. They continue to hug for twenty seconds now...twenty five...half a minute they hug. Finally they part, shaking hands. Roman is legitimately smiling and Jey seems honestly fired up for their match. Jey continues to celebrate, yelling things like "number one contender, Use!" and "let's get it" as he stands on the ramp. Roman remembers he's playing the bad guy and frowns at Jey just in time for our show to come to a close.

In Closing

And now, the end is near. Our program's had its final curtain. My friend, I'll say it clear, Jey Uso is in for a world of hurtin'. A solid Smackdown after a few weeks of lackluster events, with some entertaining matches. But, alas, 'tis the end of the week so we must bid each other adieu. Let's get together again soon--how's Monday night sound for you? Come out to the results, we'll get together, have a few laughs. Have a great weekend, stay safe out there, and see you all Monday!

Bonus fun fact: the original Die Hard casting for Bruce Willis' character of John McClane was supposed to be played by Frank Sinatra. Sinatra played the character originally in 1968's "The Detective." Sinatra was contractually required to be offered the role he originated, and the original book called for a man closer to his age than Bruce's, but the 73 year old Sinatra declined the role. The character and script were tweaked for a younger Willis and that's how the greatest Christmas movie ever didn't star Frank Sinatra.

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