WWE Friday Night SmackDown Live Results (March 18, 2022): Spectrum Center - Charlotte, NC

In loving memory.

Welcome one and all to Friday Night SmackDown! Your host tonight is your Friday Night Friar, Hogan. Refresh this page frequently as we'll have live coverage with updates every five to seven minutes.

Speaking of tonight's show, our official preview is up. We've got six-man tag action as Drew McIntyre & the Viking Raiders look to shut-up Corbin, Moss, & Mahal. In tag action on the Women's side, Rhea Ripley & Liv Morgan team up to take on future WrestleMania 38 opponents Naomi & Sasha Banks. Also on tap is a meeting between Roman Reigns & Brock Lesnar, as well as a singles match that'll see Kofi Kingston attempt to weather Ridge Holland and his cronies, Sheamus & Pete "Butcherweight" Dunne.

All this and more tonight!

So with all that said, let's get things started! For those of you who want just the results and not the novella, click here!

WWE Friday Night SmackDown Live Results (March 18, 2022): Spectrum Center - Charlotte, NC

Recap: Madison Square Garden's Beatdown of Brock

We start with the now-familiar images of Roman drawing first blood on Brock at MSG. We get clips of Brock and Heyman's back and forth, including Brock's hunt for Roman. We're welcomed to the Queen's City by Pat McAfee and Michael Cole.

The Bloodline Promo in the Ring

Universal Champion Roman Reigns, SmackDown Tag Team Champions the Usos, and Special Counsel Paul Heyman begin making their way out at 8:04pm. We're reminded that we are only two weeks from WrestleMania! The Bloodline are met with a decent pop, followed by a very healthy of majority-leaning-pop/jeers. Roman is finally ready to speak at 8:08, and is given a mic by his Special Counsel after soaking in several conflicting chants. The Charlotte crowd seems to show the Bloodline as much love as they do hate. Roman demands Charlotte acknowledge him, then pumps up the road to WrestleMania and the excitement it brings. He brags about smashing Brock Lesnar and making Brock "bleed all over New York," then states if Brock shows his name, he'll make him bleed all over "Charlotte as well." Heyman then shows Reigns a text that states Lesnar's plane was grounded four hours ago in Canada due to weather issues, and Brock won't be there tonight. Huge boos. Heyman then talks off mic, telling Reigns how he knows Reigns would've smashed him hard, and apologizes that Brock isn't' there to be smashed.
The crowd starts a "we want Lesnar" chant and Roman pipes in, stating he wanted Lesnar there, too, so he could smash him. He then claims the weather delay is a business decision because he feels Lesnar is scared of the Tribal Chief. "And as I said it before and as the shirt says now, I'm in God-Mode. On a different level and there ain't a man that can touch me." Heyman tries to get his attention, and Reigns seems annoyed, telling him "enough! They paid to see me, they want to hear what I got to say!" He finally asks Reigns what he wants, and Heyman reads another text: "he's landed. And he's on his way!" Reigns asked where, and Heyman freaks out, screeching "on his way here! He landed!" Roman seems a bit upset, and tells Heyman--when asked "what are we gonna do?"--"I know what I"m gonna do, you're gonna wrap this up" and the Bloodline leaves the ring, Heyman chasing them. The Bloodline head to the back as Cole and McAfee hype Kofi's match tonight. We cut to the back and, right after the Bloodline & Heyman enter their vehicle, Lesnar streaks over on a forklift, honking the horn and using the forks to strike their vehicle just as we go to break! Clips from during the commercial showed Lesnar attempting to rip his way into their truck, instead chasing them off on foot after ripping off the passenger door, and Lesnar carried the door to their Silverado down to the ring--its time to hear from the Beast!

In the Ring: Brock Lesnar (Happy 20th Anniversary, Brock!)

Brock takes his time making his way into the ring, dragging the truck door with him. Fun fact--Brock Lesnar debuted this day 20 years ago! Lesnar gets on the mic. "Roman Reigns, you done unleashed the bipolar beast, on! You see, Roman, you can run, you can hide, but in two weeks at WrestleMania I'm gonna do more than blow the doors off ya." He drops the door and continues. "Roman Reigns! I'm coming for blood! Coming for blood, Roman, you best be prepared. I'll see you in two, buddy." And with that, Lesnar leaves--leaving the truck door behind.

Tag Match: Shinsuke Nakamura & Rick Boogs vs Los Lotharios

Boogs is back and with a new Gibson guitar. McAfee is beside himself as Boogs does his usual warm-up entrance for Shinsuke. Pat dances on the desk and in Cole's face, haha. This match is up after this break! We start with Shinsuke Nakamura and Humberto Carrillo. Commentary hypes Boogs & Shin's title match at WrestleMania, as Boogs has not yet held WWE gold. Nakamura takes an early lead over Humberto, using his Strong Style to batter the young luchadore. Nakamura and Carrillo exchange leads, with Los Lotharios taking control until Freddie Mercury takes the hot tag. Boogs quickly dispatches the cousins, then proceeds to curl Angel's body as if it were hand weights. Boogs slams Angel down and picks up the quick win, and some momentum ahead of their WrestleMania shot at destiny.
Your Winners, Shinsuke Nakamura & Rick Boogs!

Six-Man Tag Match: Drew McIntyre & the Viking Raiders vs Happy Corbin w/ Madcap Moss and Jinder Mahal & Shanky

Drew & the Raiders are out first after a short recap of last week's events involving their foes prior to a six-man match that never was started. We'll be getting that match tonight. We head to break ahead of this match after being informed Madcap Moss has been replaced with Shanky. When we return, we see The Happy Folks (their name, not mine) with Moss. Makes a joke, asking what do you call Happy Talk when it makes you sleepy? (Answer: Nappy Talk, which drew no laughs from his friends and elicited stares). Shaky starts us off with Erik, towering over the scrappy berserker. Shanky nearly decapitates Erik with a huge clothesline, then brings in Jinder. Erik drops Jinder with a Spinebuster and brings in the agile big man, Ivar. Ivar whips Erik into Mahal to splash him; Erik whips Mahal into a lariat from Ivar! Ivar and Mahal go at it until Corbin comes in. The Happy Folk fail to contain Ivar in their corner, however, and Ivar throws multiple fists at the former Golden Gloves champion. Corbin shuts it down with a big Spinebuster of his own. Throughout the match, Corbin does his best to avoid McIntyre. When Drew tags in, Corbin rushes to tag others in. McIntyre comes out of the break on fire, using a huge Michinoku Driver to plant Shanky before kipping up. Drew gets the crowd to countdown with him, welcomes Shanky to Claymore Country, and picks up the quick win.
Your Winners, Drew McIntyre & the Viking Raiders!

Backstage Promo: Sami Zayn

Zayn's shown backstage and cuts a promo on his WrestleMania opponent, Johnny Knoxville. He tells Johnny (via the camera) that Johnny got in his head, but then challenges Johnny to make their match an "Anything Goes" match at WrestleMania. Uh...so extreme rules?

Tag Match: Liv More Brutality (Liv Morgan & Rhea Ripley) vs Naomi & Sasha Banks

Sasha Banks & Naomi are out first together to a decent pop. Great, new 3D CGI for the Boss. Banks & Naomi make their way out wearing matching white fur sleeve-coats. We go to a break ahead of this match. When we return, Women's Tag Team Champions Queen Zelina & Carmella are at commentary, watching off-mic as they're facing both teams at WrestleMania. We're reminded that Zelina's been on Carmella about Carm flirting with her "boyfriend" Corey Graves (fiance', but who's counting? McAfee, that's who.) We're also told that Liv & Rhea now go by Liv More Brutality. Brutally would sound better, but it's the E. Morgan impresses early on, successfully countering both Banks & Naomi for the start of the match. Naomi takes control back with a split-leg drop.
Liv weathers tandem offense from the Boss and the Glowster long enough to bring in Rhea. Rhea with a wicked dropkick to the back of Naomi's head that looked and sounded very, very wicked and not in a good way. The ref briefly checks on Naomi but we don't pause a second. Rhea uses her power to handle Naomi until the Boss comes in. Banks and Rhea battle it out, going back and forth on offense until Morgan comes in. Morgan, wearing matching shirts with Rhea, ends up eating a pair of jaw breakers from both opponents before dumping them out. Ripley takes the legal tag, wipes out Banks & Naomi with a cannonball off the apron in front of the champs, and we head to another break! When we return, Rhea and Naomi are both down. Liv and Sasha are both practically wiggling on the apron, eager to get the hot tags. When they do, Sasha stuns Morgan with a kick shot to the face and connects with a top-rope Meteora for a close call. Morgan uses a step-up Enziguri to floor Banks, and tags in Rhea. Ripley with a fucking beautiful missile dropkick off the top right to Sasha's face for another close call! Rhea's getting spot-on with those dropkicks.
Banks and Naomi use a blind tag to take control, and Naomi attempts to put Rhea away with a split-legged moonsault into a cover. Naomi and Banks send Morgan out of the ring. Banks tags in and both women double-team Rhea, hoisting her up on the turnbuckle as the crowd begins to dueling chant for our superstars! Banks & Naomi signal for a double middle-rope Superplex. Rhea holds off long enough for Morgan to position. Morgan double-powerbombs Banks & Naomi; Banks & Naomi double-superplex Rhea! They're all down! Suddenly Natalya & Shayna Baszler hit the ring and attack both teams! Later in the evening, Natalya & Baszler were added to the tag title match and, indeed, it'll be a Fatal 4-Way.
Your Winner by Double-Disqualification, Both Teams!

Pat McAfee and Austin Theory

Following the match, McAfee is informed that he's been summoned to Vince McMahon's office. Cole tells Pat he should've apologized for the conflict with Austin Theory and we head to break--more to come after these words from their sponsors. We get clips after a break that shows the conflict between McAfee and Theory, as well as Pat being escorted out by security. We return when Pat leaves Vince's audience and Cole speculates he may have been fired--we don't know, but McAfee makes his way down the ramp. Pat enters the ring and gets on a mic. He takes a moment to soak in the love from the appreciative fans. "On some random Monday, when I was eleven years old, I happened upon a no-name network--the USA Network--and I saw something that immediately changed my life. When I saw professional wrestling for the first time, my life changed immediately! I saw something that inspired me, I saw something that was magical, I saw something that would shape me forever." The crowd welcomes him with "whats."
"On that Monday Night, when all Hell was breaking loose, I found a thing that I thought I was put on this Earth to do. Other professions got in the way and finally, after retiring, I got a call from the greatest of all time--Michael Cole--and he said, 'Pat, do you wanna come work on Friday Night SmackDown?' And I said hell yeah!" He goes on, stating he's been dreaming of traveling to cities like Charlotte--cheap pop--and he's dreamed "of getting in front of the millions..." Before he can finish the Rock's catchphrase, Austin Theory makes his way out. McAfee states he was informed by Vince that if he doesn't apologize to Theory, he'll lose his WrestleMania match. McAfee attempts to apologize, then finally snaps. "Austin Theory, I'm sorry for beating your ass last week. Austin Theory, I"m sorry your parents raised a douche-bag. Austin Theory, I'm sorry I made your melted face relevant. Austin Theory, I apologize that you're a punk bitch!" The crowd pops and Austin takes a selfie. Austin shoves Pat then leaves.

Singles Main Event Match: Kofi Kingston vs Ridge Holland w/ Sheamus & Pete "Butcherweight" Dunne

As with WALTER, Pete Dunne will not be referred to by the stupid name given. I'll compromise and use Butcherweight. Carrying on with our match! As we remember, Big E broke his neck in competition last week, so Kofi's alone for this one. Kofi makes his way out to a big pop and Cole sends us to the Nakamura/Boogs Toyota Tundra commercial that they've been airing the last few weeks. We then get clips of Big E's legit injury last week in their tag match, followed by Big E's statement on Twitter addressing his health. His C1 and C6 are fractured, but he has no spinal damage, no ligament damage and will NOT require surgery. Prayers to the big man in hopes of a speedy recovery. Finally, Holland & co. make their way to the ring ahead of our main event match! We're informed that the "Butcherweight" is yet another long-time friend with Sheamus. It seems every Superstar from the UK must have grown up in the same Irish pubs as Sheamus. We head to break as Kofi takes an early lead. When we return, Kofi holds his own admirably despite attempts of interference from Sheamus. At one point, Dunne shoves Kofi off the top as the ref is distracted by Sheamus on the apron. The ref banishes Sheamus & Dunne to the back; the Butcherweight loses his cool and attempts to enter the ring, only to be dragged out by Sheamus. Holland uses the distraction to hit his finisher, the Northern Grit, picking up the win outta nowhere.
Your Winner, Ridge Holland!

SmackDown Women's Champion Charlotte Flair's Challenge

After a video hyping last week's clash between Flair and her WrestleMania opponent, Ronda Rousey, we're told Flair has a challenge. She makes her way out and we head to one final break for the night. Flair hops on the mic when we return. "When you're Charlotte Flair, you always have a plan. Last week I showed that one-trick pony, Ronda Rousey, why I am the most dominant, the most vicious, and the most decorated woman in sports entertainment history. No one has caused Ronda Rousey more pain than me. I mean, who knew that you could dent the side of a car by smashing someones head into it?" She calls Ronda a screaming pony, and states she had Rousey seconds from tapping in their backstage brawl.
She points out the refs had to pull Charlotte off of Ronda. The crowd chants, "you tapped out!"
Charlotte addressees the city of her namesake, and states that Ronda has to climb the Flair mountain in order to make it to the top but Flair's legacy is bigger than Ronda's, and she'll continue to knock Ronda down at every opportunity. "And when you lose at WrestleMania, you'll cut and run and pop out another baby!" Ouch! Flair keeps taunting Rousey until Ronda marches down to the ring to a nice pop. Flair is ready for Rousey and has a kendo stick at the ready. Ronda ducks under and Rousey looks for the arm bar on Flair. Flair attempts to escape to the outside and Ronda pursues. Flair looks to make Rousey suffer for it, but Ronda counters a whip and sends Flair twice into the ring post. Rousey counters a kick from Flair with an Ankle Lock! .
Flair reaches over the timekeepers' area border and pulls out another kendo! She whacks Ronda with it and uses it to try to choke out Rousey. Ronda refuses to tap. Flair positions Rousey at the commentary table and Powerbombs Rousey through the table! The crowd loves it for a few moments before washing it out with boos as we end our program.

In Closing

And that's a wrap! We thank you all for attending and hope you all have a great weekend, stay cool, stay frosty and stay safe out there, Rajahmaniacs. See you all Monday Night for Raw!

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