WWE House Show Results (12/11/21) - Saginaw, MI

Thanks to rajah.com reader Tom Skulley for sending in these results

Host/Ring Announcer:  Alicia Taylor from NXT

Bianca Belair def Doudrop--- Good idea to send Bianca out there with all her energy and enthusiasm to get the crowd going.   Doudrop did a lot of power moves during the match and finally went for a power bomb which was reversed by Bianca into a power bomb for the pin after about 10 mins.  No KOD.

Finn Balor def Austin Theory --Theory grabbed the mic and played off the TV angle and his "good buddy" Vince McMahon and ranked on Saginaw.   He brought out the cell phone for the selfie while Finn was down, Finn got back up and rolled him up with the school boy after about 6 mins.   

WWE Women's Tag Team Title Match:  -- Queen Zelina and Carmella defeated Liv Morgan/Dana Brooke, and Rhea Ripley/Nicki ASH.   First 5 mins were all comedy with Rhea chasing Carmella outside the ring and then the crowd teasing her about the mask.   The rest was mostly Dana Brooke and Nicki selling.   Liv Morgan did not get into the match until toward the end.   I still see a lot of potential with her.  Has the look and cosmetic value, just a matter of the machine getting behind her.  Finish was Nicki taking the pin from Zelina after about 12 mins.

Drew McIntyre def Madcap Moss w/Happy Corbin -- this was the best wrestled and most competitive match of the night.   Lots of near falls, lots of good selling on both sides.   They were given a lot of time and I really enjoyed this one.   Madcap did real well and played the character well.  McIntyre won with the claymore after about 15 mins.


Angelo Dawkins def AJ Styles w/Omos by DQ  --  Another pretty good match.  Angelo displayed some really good athleticism here and hung with AJ pretty well.  Few interference spots by Omos getting shots in when the referee's back was turned.  Another match that played off the TV angle.   AJ was ready to deliver the Phemonemal forearm when Omos hit Angelo for the DQ.   Then Omos/AJ jawed at each other on the way up the ramp.  

Smackdown Women's title match:  Charlotte def Sasha Banks ---another really good match with neither women "mailing it in."   Lot of good back and forth action with some near falls.  Had a few 2 1/2 counts that were nice to see at a house show.  Charlotte won with natural selection after about 16 minutes.   

WWE Championship:  Big E def Kevin Owens ---did the usual New Day comedy spots with the hip gyration and spanking the back side in tune with the "New Day Rocks" chant.  Owens did get some good offense in as well.   Played off the crowd like a good heel.   Big E won with the Big Ending after about 12 minutes.

Overall, a solid show.  Nice to see a lot of stars come to our town.   Balor match and ladies tag could have went another 5 minutes or so.   I would give it a thumbs up.

Attendance:  4200

Tom Skulley