WWE Monday Night Raw: Legends Night Quick Recap (1/04/2020)

For those of you who want just the quick results and don't want the details of matches, this is a quick recap of tonight's show. There are spoilers for tonight's show below. The full results can be found right here. This was a solid Raw and despite it being a gimmick episode, it was great seeing the Legends. The main event was a fantastic match and definitely worth watching, if nothing else. Despite being advertised as hosts, Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan didn't host anything.

Monday Night Raw: Legends Night Quick Recap

Matches Tonight: 8 (not counting 24/7 events)
  • In tag team action, the New Day defeated the team of the Miz & Morrison in a solid match.
  • AJ Styles defeated Elias. After the match, Jaxson Ryker attempts to attack Styles from behind with Elias' guitar. The giant Omos streaks across the ring and destroys the guitar with a big kick, and Ryker & Elias flee in fear and shock.
  • Asuka & Charlotte Flair lost Lacey Evans & Peyton List after Ric Flair tripped his own daughter up on purpose. Flair was escorted by her father, Ric, to the ring. Evans repeatedly flirted with Ric Flair, pissing off Charlotte Flair who would constantly attack Evans when she did flirt with Ric. After Ric turned on Charlotte, she told him to stay out of her business and way and told him to get out of her face now.
  • R-Truth recaptured the title and is now a 46-time champion. The Boogeyman assisted by scaring Garza and R-Truth rolled him up.
  • Riddle defeated Bobby Lashley despite Lashley essentially dominating the entire match. Riddle tapped out in the Hurt Lock but as the ref was out of position, it wasn't seen. Lashley argued with the ref, leading to Riddle rolling him up for the surprise win.
  • Dana Brooke defeated Shayna Baszler. Baszler was supposed to fight Brooke's partner Mandy Rose, but Rose was taken out by Baszler on her way to the ring. The ref allowed Brooke to substitute in. Very short match.
  • Randy Orton defeated Jeff Hardy with the RKO. During the match, Orton slid fingers into both of Hardy's earlobe holes and wrenched them back in a very cringe-worthy few moments, just like he did a couple of years ago when they last feuded.
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  • The Lucha House Party defeated the Hurt Business' Shelton Benjamin & Cedric Alexander in tag action. Afterwards, they had a mini implosion as Alexander and Benjamin bickered with each other despite MVP's attempts to deescalate the situation. Alexander stormed off angrily, leaving his Hurt Business members behind.
  • In our main event match for the WWE Championship, Drew McIntyre retained over Keith Lee. This was an incredibly good match and is worth watching.
Miscellaneous Non-Match Segments:
  • We opened our show with Hulk Hogan promoting (in a fake ad) the "H-Phone."
  • Miz TV was taken over by the guests, the New Day, and they premiered "the New Day Talks." This lead to arguments, which saw Teddy Long come out and set a match for the Miz & Morrison to take on the Undertaker...until Adam Pearce informed him the Taker is retired, and set up a match for the Miz & Morrison to take on the New Day.
  • We see that on New Year's Eve, R-Truth lost the 24/7 title to Angel Garza. We then see Garza backstage and he encounters Alicia Fox, then Sgt. Slaughter, Mickie James & Tatanka.
  • Matt Riddle came across the Big Show and tried to sell him on his wonky ideas that he's had as of late, pitching "The Big Bro." Riddle sings the pitch to "Well, it's the Big Show.." theme. Big Show sings it, too, and Riddle compliments him for his pipes. Riddle left and Orton showed up, confront Big Show. Orton accused the Big Show of not having the guts to go back out into the ring with the Legend-Killer.
  • In a nice segment, Hulk Hogan praised Drew McIntyre as champ and said Drew reminded him of the Hulkster. He said it looks like Drew's been taking his vitamins and saying his prayers. Drew said Sheamus liked to talk a lot, like Jimmy Hart, then Drew & Hogan did the "whatcha gonna do" bit together.
  • Several segments thereafter showed Randy Orton verbally assaulting multiple legends, berating and belittling them whilst besmirching their good names and character. This happened to many Legends, and Orton never suffered any consequences for his actions. Very odd.
  • Garza tried to hit on Torrie Wilson, who was talking to Nikki Cross and sent him down the hall to a room that supposedly had Cardi B and Ariana Grande in it--but instead held the Boogeyman.
  • Durijng the main event match, a couple dozen Legends and Hall of Famers sat in chairs to watch the match between the two powerhouses.
  • After the main event, Goldberg returned and accused Drew McIntyre of disrespecting the Legends (which did not happen). He then said he wasn't out there to ask for a title shot, then asked for a title shot at the Royal Rumble. Drew told Goldberg that fighting him would be like fighting his own dad, and said that Goldberg twenty years ago couldn't defeat Drew now. Goldberg smirked and shoved Drew down on his butt to end the program.
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