WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results (3/15/2021) - ThunderDome II (Tropicana Field), St. Petersburg, FL

Shakespeare warned you to beware the Ides of March and lo and behold, the Mikessiah Cometh! Welcome back to Rajah.com's live results and kick-off show! Your host tonight, returning after a couple weeks slacking off being sick is the Caesar of teasers, the Emperor of Tonight, and voted most likely Rajah.com reporter to be stabbed to death by the senate, your Monday Night Mikessiah, Mike "Not Julius" Hogan!
We know that Mustafa Ali will challenge Riddle for his United States Title. Over the weekend, T-Bar tweeted that Retribution would be in attendance to ensure things go "according to plan." Will the Original Bro retain or will Ali gain some retribution? In other title action, The New Day challenge The Hurt Business for the Raw tag team titles! Can Kofi and Xavier overcome all obstacles to start a new day as champions, or will Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin remind their opponents that they're in the business of making others hurt? All this and more! Our official preview was posted at 2:35pm Eastern right after WWE.com reported on it, and contained the information above which had previously been promoted on social media.

So with all that said, let's get things started! For those of you who want just the results and not the novella, click here!

WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results (3/15/2021) - ThunderDome II (Tropicana Field), St. Petersburg, FL

Show Opener: WWE Champion Bobby Lashley with MVP

We start right off with Michael Cole's failed clone experiment, Tom Phillips, welcoming us to the ThunderDome. WWE Champion Bobby Lashley and MVP make their way to the ring, both dressed in sharp suits. The talented Byron Saxton and Samoa Joe join Tom on commentary as they question what the Almighty Era could mean. MVP makes an announcement from the Hurt Business. He tells the audience that he needs to reiterate that we have entered the Almighty Era. After sixteen years, the C.H.O. of the Hurt Business finally had an opportunity to take the WWE Championship..." MVP pauses, and Lashley speaks. "...and I did it." Lashley points out that he destroyed Drew McIntyre in the Elimination Chamber, and he'll destroy any opponent whether at WrestleMania or Raw, and again brags that this is the Almighty Era. Out come the Miz & John Morrison!
The Miz & Morrison make their way down the ramp. They tell Lashley that they're not to steal his championship or cause issues, and both men claim to be on board with the Hurt Business. The Miz tells Lashley that it was an honor to wrestle Lashley over the last two weeks. He then attempts to compare their feud against other legendary WrestleMania match-ups. The Miz continues on, even impersonating "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, and tries to make the case for Lashley to choose the Miz at WrestleMania. He then makes excuses about having to defend his title twice in one night, blaming it on cramps and not being 100%. As he continues to make his case, Drew McIntyre comes out, sword in hand! He points the sword at Lashley and marches down to the ring, completely ignoring the Miz & Morrison as he climbs into the ring.
Drew starts off by stating he hasn't had a chance yet to congratulate Lashley. McIntyre then proceeds to compare their careers as both men spent nearly two decades each to get to the top after all the matches, all the scratching for the top, and all the long road trips. McIntyre then points out that he took out Brock Lesnar in five minutes. He begins to imply his impending victory at WrestleMania when MVP interrupts him and plugs his client. MVP mentions that Drew has to get past Sheamus, and McIntyre mentions he's fought him for two weeks in a row and isn't even sure why they're fighting again. McIntyre criticizes Lashley for having MVP as a spokesman, and not doing his own talking. Lashley and MVP tell McIntyre that he's got a problem with them. The Miz and Morrison are shown on the apron, and the Miz adds "and me!" Drew and the Hurt Business stare at the Miz. Drew tells the Miz he has two choices, to either stand there and shut up or attack Drew from behind. Drew then turns his attention to Lashley. He fires up verbally, and promises to defeat Lashley at WrestleMania. He ends his speech by calling Lashley a "big, bald bitch!" MVP restrains Lashley from attacking McIntyre. The Miz & Morrison then attack McIntyre as the Miz has a match against him tonight. They continue beating him down. As Lashley heads up the ramp, he's ambushed by Sheamus! Sheamus pounds away at a grounded WWE Champion as MVP looks on in shock from the ring and the Miz hammers Drew McIntyre. We go to break.

Backstage with Sarah and Sheamus

Sarah comes up to Sheamus and asks as to why he attacked Lashley. Sheamus ties it into his feud with Drew McIntyre. He tells Sarah that Lashley is sticking his nose where it doesn't belong. The reason Sheamus wants a match with Lashley is so he can show the world who Sheamus really is and he will be the one to beat Bobby Lashley, and he'll beat Drew this Sunday at Fastlane.

Match: Drew McIntyre vs the Miz w/ John Morrison

Drew is hunkered down in the corner, and Miz stands in his opposite corner as both men ready-up. Our announcers run down the card as has been announced. Drew confirms to the ref in the ring that he's good to fight, so the ref calls for the bell. The Miz streaks across and leaps up, attacking Drew briefly in the corner. Drew stops the Miz's offense by picking him up in a bear hug and ramming the Miz into the corner. Drew takes control early on, using big chops and fists to wear down the Miz, and hits a beautiful Suplex Toss. Again, McIntyre with chops. The Miz strikes Drew but it doesn't even phase the former champion. Drew responds with a Glasgow Kiss! Drew loses control to the Miz and with the assistance of a distraction by Morrison--throwing sunshades into the ring--the Miz is able to take control briefly. The Miz pounds on Drew in the corner. The Miz loses control quickly, and Drew connects with the Reverse Alabama Slam on the Miz! McIntyre posts up in the corner, looking for the Claymore, but the Miz is saved by his pal John Morrison. Morrison drags the Miz out of the ring and shelters him from Drew. The ref has had enough and ejects Morrison as we go to break!
When we return we find McIntyre pounding away at the Miz in the corner. McIntyre with big chops and a strong Irish Whip into the corner. Drew tries to follow up, but the Miz halts his progress with a kick to the gut followed by a DDT. The Miz attempts a cover but gets only one. The Miz sets McIntyre up for the Skull Crushing Finale but McIntyre powers out of it and takes control. McIntyre with big tosses and strikes. Drew tosses the Miz outside. McIntyre picks the Miz up like a child and rams the Miz's back into the ringside and the barricade multiple times! Drew rolls into the ring and out to break the ref's count, then takes the Miz to the steel steps. McIntyre repeatedly slams the Miz's face into the steel steps as the ref restarts his count. Drew leans over the Miz and tells the Miz that he should have stayed out of Drew's business. Drew takes the Miz back into the ring and hits him with the Future Shock DDT. Drew waits for the Miz to rise, then connects with the Claymore! Drew starts to cover but immediately sits up. McIntyre isn't done punishing the Miz quite yet. Drew points to the WrestleMania sign then pulls the Miz up and into the Hurt Lock! The Miz taps and Drew drops him like a rag doll to the ground, where the Miz lays for several moments.
Your Winner by Submission, Drew McIntyre!

Video Package: Bad Bunny

We get a quick package praising Bunny's Grammy performance and win, especially as he's still the reigning 24/7 Champion. We see Bunny and Priest walking backstage.

Video Package: Shane McMahon & Braun Strowman

Another quick video package showcasing Shane McMahon insulting B-b-b-Braun last week and their beef. We then see Braun walking backstage as we go to break.

In the Ring: Braun Strowman

We return as Braun is speaking, demanding for Shane McMahon to come out. Shane O'Mac's music plays and he comes out to the stage, telling Braun "this is close enough." He claims to not know what Braun's issue is, he's always demanding stuff. Braun tells Shane that he was bullied and called stupid, and he will not let Shane disrespect him like that. He tells Shane that his pedigree and wealth privilege do not make him smarter than Braun. Shane states repeatedly that he'd not make fun of anyone. Braun tells Shane he knows that McMahon's don't apologize. They go back and forth with Shane again insulting Braun's IQ. Braun challenges Shane to a match tonight. Shane tells Braun that he doesn't want any of Shane because he couldn't handle Shane. Shane then goes off and calls Braun stupid about 23 times. He says that Braun fell out the stupid tree and hit every branch on the way down. He continues to verbally berate Braun. Shane then says if Braun wants "Brains versus Brawn, or Brauuuun" then he's on. It's official, Shane versus Braun tonight.

Backstage with R-Truth, Dana Brooke, Mandy Rose, Naomi and Lana

The four women are talking friendly despite having a match coming up tonight. R-Truth walks over and wants a hell yeah in honor of Stone Cold. They remind him that today is 3/15, not 3/16. He offers them a drink but they politely decline as they've got a match, so he drinks it instead. We head to break with the promise of a Hole lot of action coming up next!

Tag Team Match: Mandy Rose & Dana Brooke vs Naomi & Lana

When we return from the break, Women's Tag Team Champions Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler have joined commentary. Brooke & Rose are holed up in the ring, awaiting their opponents. Lana and Naomi come out, doing the hole "Feel the Glow" entrance together now. We're reminded of the tag title match this weekend, when Bianca Belair and Sasha Banks take on the champs. Jax basically tells us that Jax & Baszler are on a hole other level than their challengers. The match starts off. Naomi takes control early on Dana Brooke. Dana tags in Many, who scoop slams Naomi and takes her into the corner. She works her over for a few, then hits the running knee strike to a seated Naomi and covers for two. Rose slams Naomi and tags in Brooke, who does an inverted flip onto Naomi and covers for two. Naomi desperately reaches for her partner. Brooke tries to stop her but Naomi hits a chinbreaker. Both women tag in their partners. Lana comes in fired up, running and throwing Mandy Rose face-first into the mat repeatedly. Rose catches Lana in the corner but Lana heel kicks Rose to the top of the head to gain separation. Lana fights on, hitting a neckbreaker and covering for two--saved only by Brooke diving into the ring. Lana continues her offense when Asuka's music hits and out comes the Raw Women's Champion! Baszler leaves her belt at the commentary table and runs up the ramp. Asuka and Baszler brawl until Adam Pearce and other officials separate them. Back in the ring, Mandy and Lana brawl somewhat. Lana doesn't see Mandy tag in Dana Brooke, and hits a backdrop on Mandy. Brooke comes in from behind, slams down Lana and covers for the win. Afterwards, she makes belt gestures at Jax.
Your Winners, Mandy Rose & Dana Brooke

Backstage with the New Day & Riddle

Riddle and the New Day hype each other up regarding their title matches tonight. They encourage Riddle to put an end to Ali. Riddle tells them that when they win the titles tonight and he retains, they should all get matching tattoos. They decline, so he offers matching scooters. The New Day's music begins to play and we cut to the arena.

Raw Tag Team Championship Match: The Hurt Business(c) vs The New Day

The New Day make their way out as we go to break. When we return, the Hurt Business comes out. Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin, the reigning Raw Tag Team champions, come down proudly holding their belts. The official announcements are made and we start our match with Cedric Alexander and Xavier Woods. Woods pulls Cedric into a headlock, taking him down to the mat. Cedric powers to his feet and slips out of it, then slaps one on Woods and yells "what now!" twice at him. Cedric begins to work the shoulder of Woods. Alexander and Woods go through a sequence in which Woods and Alexander alternate running off the ropes as the other drops to the mat or leapfrogs. It ends with Alexander finally wrapping Woods up for a German Suplex. Cedric tries to control Woods, but Woods shoves them back into the New Day's corner. Kofi makes the tag and comes in. He and Cedric grapple to a draw basically, and Shelton is tagged in. Alexander monkey flips Kofi through the air, where he's caught by Shelton Benjamin and takes a huge spinebuster. Benjamin runs to the New Day corner, hopping up on the middle rope and hitting a knee strike to Woods, knocking him off the apron. Benjamin tags in Alexander. Cedric distracts the ref, allowing Benjamin to run around and pick up Woods at ringside and whip him into the steel steps. Shelton quickly hustles to his corner. Alexander and Benjamin begin a series of quick tags, with Alexander spending the bulk of the time in the ring. Alexander sets Kofi up on the top turnbuckle but Kofi leaps off, landing on Alexander! Kofi makes the hot tag to Woods who cleans house, tossing Benjamin out the ring as fast as he entered and knocking Alexander down across the middle rope. Woods runs off the opposite ropes and nails a beautiful dropkick to Alexander's back. Cedric spills outside. The New Day both run off the opposite ropes and dive through, colliding with the Hurt Business and the announcer's table as we go to break!
Back from the break and Woods exchanges fists and forearms with Alexander. Both men are tired. Woods and Alexander do another sequence in which they chase each other to the ropes and one attacks the other. It ends when Alexander catches Woods coming off the ropes and hits a Michinoku Driver for two! Woods manages to tag in Kofi Kingston as Alexander tags in Shelton Benjamin. Kofi hits the ring all fired up, taking Shelton down twice before hitting a leaping knee strike, covering for two. Kofi runs off the ropes but Benjamin pops him up, letting him fall hard into the canvas. Kofi recovers and hits the SOS on Benjamin, and covers for a close two. Kingston posts up in the corner and starts a "New...Day rocks!" clap. Kingston might be looking for Trouble in Paradise but Benjamin counters. Kofi with a strike, then heads up to the top. Benjamin pops up fast and runs up the ropes, grabbing Kofi and hitting a top-rope Exploder suplex! Woods and Cedric briefly get into it. Kofi hits the Trouble in Paradise and tags in Woods! Kofi streaks across the ring to take out Alexander on the apron. Woods dives off and crashes into the vulnerable Benjamin. Kofi is tagged back in and flies off the top, then puts away Benjamin to make the New Day the new tag champs!
Your Winner and NEW Raw Tag Team Champions, eleven-time tag team champions The New Day!

After the Match: AJ Styles and Omos

As the New Day celebrate in the ring, their celebration is cut off by AJ Styles' theme music. Out comes Styles and Omos. They get in the ring. He tells them that he wants to congratulate them on becoming champions once again. He goes on to tell us that he (Styles) and Omos don't have anything to do for WrestleMania. AJ tells us that he's been the Intercontinental champion, WWE champion, etc but he has never had a tag team championship. Styles tells us that Omos had a great idea, and Omos tells them that they (Omos & Styles) should be Raw Tag Team Champions. Styles babbles on for a minute or so, then mocks the New Day's hip-swivel as he officially challenges them for the Raw Tag Team Championships at WrestleMania. Kofi gets on the mic. "First and foremost, are you two even registered as a tag team? Secondly, do you...even know how to work as a tag team?" Woods speaks next, adding "and third, you want your match, big man? You've got it!" Omos and Styles celebrate and it's now official: Omos will make his in-ring debut at WrestleMania!

Backstage with Damian Priest, Bad Bunny, the Miz, and John Morrison

The Miz & Morrison walk in the back and come across Priest and Bunny. Bunny and Priest mock the Miz for losing the belt to Lashley. The Miz angrily points out that he's the star of the Marine franchise films and he's won many, many accolades. He mocks Priest and Bunny. Priest tells the Miz that it might take him some time to get accolades like the Miz, but he's willing to start right now. He steps up and stares down at the Miz. The Miz & Morrison leave and up comes R-Truth. Priest asks Truth if he was trying to sneak up on Bunny (to get his 24/7 title back). He tells them no, it's 3:16 day and he has various WWE store gifts such as an Austin plush doll, a lunch box, and replica belt. Bunny thanks him and asks him what he wants in return. Truth tells him he'd like the 24/7 championship. Bad Bunny and Damian Priest discuss it and Bunny tells R-Truth that he respects him and this business, and Truth deserves the 24/7 Championship. He gives the 24/7 title to R-Truth. Afterwards, Truth has to run off as catering empties and chases him as we go to break.
Your "Winner" and NEW 24/7 Champion, R-Truth!

WWE Network/Peacock

We're reminded that the WWE Network begins migrating to the Peacock streaming service on Thursday, and it will be the exclusive home of Fastlane and future PPV's. Author's note: for the same $9.99/month for the WWE Network, you now get the Network plus Peacock's exclusive content for the same exact price.

Match: Damian Priest with Bad Bunny vs Jaxson Ryker

When we return from the break and hype, we see Jaxson Ryker already in the ring and Bad Bunny at ringside as Priest makes his way down. We're treated to a clip from two weeks ago when Elias tried to recruit Bad Bunny into doing music with him, followed by a clip of Priest defeating Elias later that night. After enough hype, we get our match started. Ryker streaks over just before the bell rings, and connects with a lariat as soon as the bell rings. Ryker gets maybe two moves in, then Priest hits Hit the Lights (Metallica reference + the move formerly known as The Reckoning) and picks up the win in a squash match.
Your Winner by Squash, Damian Priest!

After the Match: Elias/Bunny

After the match, Elias ambushes Priest. Elias threatens Bad Bunny but Priest saves him and takes out Elias. The Miz & Morrison then come out. Morrison comes down the ramp, distracting Priest & Bunny, and the Miz attacks Bunny with a guitar across the back before running off. We run off to a commercial break.

Backstage Interview: Sarah with MVP and Bobby Lashley

Lashley is in his ring attire and MVP is hyped up. He tells Sarah that Lashley will do to McIntyre the same thing he's going to do to Sheamus tonight.

Match: Braun Strowman vs Shane McMahon

We return to the ThunderDome and Shane is already in the ring. Braun comes out to his new entrance (same music). Strowman marches to the ring and Shane climbs out as Braun climbs in. Shane holds a hand to Braun, gesturing for a mic with his other. He gets on the mic. He tells Braun that he's not out there every day and needs to do a warm-up. Shane runs up the steps two or three times then says he's going to do some push-ups and does a few. He then does some jumping jacks. Braun tells Shane that he's just delaying "the ass whooping" waiting for him. Shane plays hopscotch at ringside (there's a pad set up for it in fact). Strowman's had enough and chases Shane. Shane evades for a few moments but Braun finally gets ahold of Shane! Braun drags Shane out and slams him into the barricade, then batters Shane with big fists and flattens the millionaire with a Big Boot. Strowman calls for the Strowman Express and runs around the ring. Just as he's about to plow through Shane, Shane grabs the camera from the cameraman and nails Braun right in the face! Shane begins to beat Braun with the camera. The bell has not rung yet, so this is not illegal. Shane beats Braun down onto the announcer's table with the camera. Shane enters the ring, climbs up top and hits a diving elbow drop onto Braun and through the announcer's table! Shane gloats afterwards and looks under hte ring. He finds a big pail. He yells that he's got something for Braun. He holds Braun by the beard and calls Braun stupid, then pours bright green paint or the Ooze onto Braun, as it seems to disable Braun. Shane grabs another bucket, continuing to call Braun stupid, and pours another bucket of slime or whatever on Braun. He yells at Braun to never challenge him again, and calls him stupid before walking off. Braun eventually rises to his feet and yells "I'm going to rip you in half!" We go to commercial break.
No Match

Video Package: Rhea Ripley

We get a short video package that shows off several of Rhea Ripley's moves and past matches as they hype her impending Raw debut.

Video Package: Orton, Styles, Bliss

We get another video package, this time showing how Alexa Bliss cost Orton a match against Styles.

Alexa's Playground

We cut to the back, where Alexa's Playground is set up. Alexa sits on a swing and says it's time for her favorite game, inflicting pain. Bliss tells Orton (by way of the promo) that if Orton wants Bliss out of his way, he's going to have to take her out and his chance is this Sunday at Fastlane. It seems she's challenged Orton to a match.

Non-Title Match: Raw Women's Champion Asuka vs Shayna Baszler with Nia Jax

Asuka makes her way out as our commentary team mention the tooth she lost last week. They make a point to have Asuka smile broad with her tooth apparently replaced. We go to break. When we return, Pom Thillips points out that tomorrow is 3/16 (on US calendars). After seemingly forever, Shayna Baszler makes her way out with Nia Jax at ringside. Asuka strikes before the bell, kicking Baszler and according to Phillips, knocking a tooth flying. Jax comes in to help her partner and takes a foot to the face for her efforts. Finally the ref restores some modicum of order and the match officially starts. Asuka misses an attempted hip bump and Baszler takes advantage. The match is very short, with both women hitting barely a dozen moves. Baszler locks in the Kirifuda Clutch! Asuka collapses to the mat and vaults her body over, bridging the hold into a pin attempt. Baszler refuses to break the hold and ends up being pinned.
Your Winner by Pinfall, Asuka!

After the Match: Nothing but the Hole Tooth

Afterwards, Asuka snaps. She beats Shayna, focusing her attack on Baszler's mouth. She slams Baszler's face into the turnbuckle, then grinds her mouth against the bottom rope. Asuka continues her assault despite the ref's pleadings. Finally Asuka knocks Baszler out of the ring.

Backstage with Retribution

Ali stands before his soldiers, and promises to fix their flaws, their losses, by winning the title tonight. We go to break.

United States Championship Match: Riddle(c) vs Mustafa Ali w/ Retribution

After a lengthy hype for this Sunday's Fastlane, the United States Champion Riddle makes his way out and does his flip flop kick-off usual schtick. Out next is Mustafa Ali, accompanied by Mace, T-Bar, Slapjack and Reckoning. The official announcements are made while both men prepare themselves. The four members of Retribution stand outside the ring, circling it somewhat. The bell rings and Riddle raises a hand, looking for a lock-up. Ali kicks Riddle in the gut and punches him to the ropes. Ali attempts to whip Riddle, but Riddle holds firm to the ropes. Ali strikes Riddle more and again attempts to whip him, but Riddle counters and sends Ali outside. Riddle comes outside and to Ali. Ali grabs Riddle and pulls him down towards the floor, dropping Riddle's face and neck across Announcer's Table #2. Riddle finally recovers and slides into the ring just in time to catch a running kick from Ali. Ali works over Riddle at the ropes before knocking Riddle down to the ringside floor. We go to break.
Back from the break, Ali and Riddle are in the ring once again. Ali with a huge upper arm strike. Ali pushes Riddle down against the rope he fell on. Ali with a strong Irish Whip, then catches Riddle on the rebound with a beautiful leaping neckbreaker for a close two. Ali and Riddle jockey for control. Ali slides out the ring after striking Riddle down and uses the ring apron against Riddle for a moment. Ali lets Riddle up only to hit another beautiful leaping neckbreaker, covering for two. Ali now locks on a working neck lock. The virtual crowd tries to cheer Riddle on. Riddle powers to his feet somehow, and counters a sit-out attempt by Ali into a stiff running kick. Ali attempts to regain control but Riddle shuts him down with another big kick. Riddle with a leaping senton and a pin attempt. Riddle takes a moment to compose himself. Ali and Riddle rise together and struggle, with T-Bar distracting the referee right as Ali had Riddle rolled up! Riddle counters it, then follows up with the Bro-Derek to pick up the win!
Your Winner and STILL United States Champion, Riddle!

Backstage Interview: Sarah with Randy Orton

Sarah asks Orton for his thoughts on Bliss' challenge for a match. Orton speaks many words to simply say that yes, he accepts. Bliss vs Orton at Fastlane.

In the Ring Promo: Drew McIntyre

We return to the ThunderDome as Drew McIntyre makes his way out for the second time tonight. Our commentary team hype Drew vs Lashley for the title at WrestleMania. Drew stands in the ring and we go to break. When we return, we're ready to hear from Drew McIntyre regarding his future. Drew tells us that he knows what we're thinking: what's a handsome devil like him doing here? He also says we may be wondering why he's not showered in two hours. Drew then switches topics and reminds us that MVP has made guarantees about Lashley defeating McIntyre. Drew states guarantees are dangerous. He addresses this weekend's bout with Sheamus, and is so fired up for it he bumbles his words. He points out that Sheamus and he have fought for weeks, and even had a no DQ fight. He then promises to beat the hell out of Sheamus. He then tells us that he's going to sit at ringside and watch Lashley in action against Sheamus in their upcoming match. Out come Bobby Lashley & MVP.

Non-Title Main Event Match: WWE Champion Bobby Lashley vs Sheamus

Lashley and MVP make their way to the ring as Drew stares daggers at them. McIntyre remains in the ring as the WWE Champion makes his way in, with the ref standing between them as we get a preview of the main event of WrestleMania (don't tell Roman). Lashley poses and stares down McIntyre often. Out next is the Celtic Warrior Sheamus! He wastes no time walking straight down to the ring as we go to another break! When we return we finally start our main event match. Sheamus comes off aggressive and battles the champ into the corner, utilizing forearms and knees. Lashley fights out of the corner and takes Sheamus down to the mat, where he begins to use slow, powerful strikes to wear down the Celtic Warrior. Lashley with a neck wrench before taking Sheamus into the corner, pounding on him as the ref warns him. Lashley sends Sheamus into the opposite corner and charges in, but Sheamus catches him with a knee. Sheamus' attempt at offense is shut down at Lashley immediately regains control and drops Sheamus. Lashley looks long at McIntyre while locking up for a suplex on Sheamus. Sheamus uses the distraction to catch his breath and counters the suplex. Sheamus takes Lashley to the mat and rains elbows down to the champ's head and back.
Lashley once again takes control and stares McIntyre down again as he hits a big suplex. Lashley sends Sheamus out of the ring and smirks at Drew. When Sheamus starts to craw back to the apron, Lashley runs over and catches him with a knee. Lashley beats Sheamus around the ring and picks him up in a fireman's carry. Lashley walks over to Drew, standing in front of him and preparing to execute his move. Sheamus wiggles free, but Lashley takes him down again and sends him into the ring, hurrying to get in at the eight count. Sheamus attempts offense once again, looking for the Ten Beats of the Bodhran but yet again, Lashley takes control. Lashley slams Sheamus down outside the ring to the floor and stands face-to-face with Mcintyre. Finally he grabs Sheamus, heading for the ring as we head for a commercial break and the ref continues to count!
And we're back! Lashley cranks the neck of Sheamus as the Celtic Warrior groans in pain. Lashley continues to use the working hold, wearing down the neck in preparation for a Hurt Lock. Sheamus starts to rise but Lashley leaps up, crashing down on Sheamus' back. Lashley throws Sheamus out of the ring and follows, then drives Sheamus into the barricade twice. Lashley slams Sheamus' face into the apron at 8, then rolls them both in before the ref counts them out. Lashley beats Sheamus in the corner. He positions for a spear and charges, spearing Sheamus' midsection right in the corner! Lashley, pouring sweat profusely, taunts Drew and sets up for another spear. Lashley streaks across again, but this time Sheamus moves. Lashley spears the ringpost so hard that he tumbles out of the ring!
Sheamus goes up top and comes down hard on the champ. Sheamus kneels over the champ and rains multiple elbows down to Lashley's head and side. Sheamus slaps on a shoulder lock, but the champ is able to fight ot his feet. Lashley takes control with big forearms. Lashley whips Sheamus into the ropes and turns his back, expecting...something, per Tom Phillips. Sheamus grabs the ropes to put on the brakes. Lashley charges over and Sheamus knocks Lashley to the apron. Sheamus hits the Ten Beats of the Bodhran properly now, nailing all ten on the champ! Sheamus hoists Lashley up into a Urinage backbreaker. Sheamus covers but gets nothing. Sheamus with a back slam and pin attempt. Sheamus locks up for a Cloverleaf submission, but turns Lashley on his side so as to put more pressure on Lashley's side. After a few moments, Lashley turns his legs and kicks Sheamus off. Sheamus runs at Lashley, but Lashley catches him for a big spinning powerslam and a close two count. Both men are sweating rivers. Lashley drops a rising Sheamus with a clothesline. Lashley pulls Sheamus up and whips him into the ropes, then bends over looking for the back drop. Sheamus counters with a kick. Sheamus goes for the Brogue Kick but Lashley dodges! Lashley attempts to lock in the Hurt Lock but Sheamus escapes! Lashley with a Flatliner and a close pin attempt. Lashley takes Sheamus up to the top turnbuckle and hits a textbook Superplex! Lashley crawls to the corner and pulls himself up, positioning for the spear. Sheamus, exhausted, crawls up in the opposite corner. Lashley goes for the spear but Sheamus counters with a running knee! Sheamus hits the White Noise and covers for a close two! Sheamus goes for the Brogue kick one time too many as Lashley catches Sheamus mid-air with a spear and covers him for the pinfall.
Your Winner, WWE Champion Bobby Lashley!

After the Match

After a few moments of Lashley's music playing, Lashley locks the Hurt Lock on Sheamus! Drew enters the ring as does MVP. Drew catches Lashley was the champ looks to MVP, and McIntyre uses the distraction to nail a big Claymore! Lashley rolls to the outside and Drew yells something about him being a bitch, then jaws at Sheamus as they prepare for their match this weekend. Our program ends.

In Closing

And there you have it, folks, another Raw in the books! Some surprising squash matches and far too many recaps of events of the same night and last week's Raw for my liking, but it was a decent show overall. Thanks to everyone who showed up and welcomed me back in style with nearly a thousand comments! Y'all stay safe out there and come back and see us for NXT coverage on Wednesday!

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