WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results (4/12/2021): ThunderDome III, Yuengling Center, Tampa, FL

Welcome back to our live coverage of the first Raw after WrestleMania 37! Here to save your Raw results and show you the way for the greater good is your Monday Night Mikessiah, Mike "Hulk" Hogan. As of 7:57pm EST there has not been an update, so you know what that means--tonight is a mystery episode!

So with all that said, let's get things started! For those of you who want just the results and not the novella, click here!


WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results (4/12/2021): ThunderDome III, Yuengling Center, Tampa, FL

Show Opener

We start cold with the Almighty Champion, Bobby Lashley, signing autographs as he enters the arena to the applause of a few standing by. Riddle rides around on his scooter, circling Lashley, and then begins to go on about being abducted by aliens in his youth. Lashley tells Riddle that he's there to make a statement and doesn't have time for Riddle. Riddle then begins to quote Lashley, citing various times that Lashley spoke of defending the title. Lashley snaps and slugs Riddle, flooring him. Lashley stands over Riddle and says "You're a loser, and I (am) a winner. And tonight...I'm going to show you the difference!"

Non-Title Match: Almighty WWE Champion Bobby Lashley w/ MVP vs. Riddle

We're welcomed to the ThunderDome by our new commentary teamFirefly Fun House later tonight. Back in the arena, Lashley straddles a corner, arms crossed, posing sternly. Finally, we all get contact highs as the "Original Bro" Riddle rides out to the ring on his scooter. Lashley attacks Riddle as he starts to ride around the ring. The ref yells at Lashley as he takes Riddle across the ringside area and launches him into the barricade. Lashley pulls Riddle up in an over the shoulder carry and rams Riddle into the ring post. Lashley yet again throws Riddle into the barricade as the ref yells at him. Finally Lashley throws Riddle into the ring. The ref checks on Riddle as Lashley yells for Riddle to get up. Riddle rises to his feet and puts up his dukes, so the ref calls for the bell.
Riddle and Lashley clash, but the Champ continues his momentum from the pre-match beat down. Lashley toys with Riddle, launching him like a toy. Lashley heads outside and grabs Riddle's scooter, considering its use as a weapon. Riddle jumps Lashley when he enters the ring, but Lashley easily brushes his attack off. Lashley beats Riddle to the outside. Lashley picks Riddle up in a Military Press, then dumps Riddle over the barricade into the front row of the digital audience! We go to break! When we return, we find Lashley hovering over Riddle and wrenching the Bro's head. Riddle tries to fight back but Lashley shuts him down once again, this time with a series of vicious high knees that back Riddle into the corner, followed by a Uranage side slam. Lashley is barely sweating whereas Riddle looks like he's been in a sauna for an hour. Lashley stands on Riddle's head and neck, using the top rope to add pressure, and the ref counts to warn the Champ. Lashley whips Riddle into the ropes and hits a massive back elbow to flatten Riddle. Lashley kneels on Riddle's head, grinding his face into the mat as the ref counts. Lashley switches his focus, attacking the right elbow then the left, then any joint he can. Again, Lashley cranks the former United States champion's neck. Riddle once again tries to mount some offense, but Lashley shuts it down with a big arm.
Lashley whips Riddle into the ropes and looks for a pop-up move. Riddle slips free and falls back on his martial arts training, using a quick series of kicks and elbows to battle the champion back. Riddle with a big Revolutionary Knee strike to drop the Champ! Riddle rushes up top and goes for the Bro-ton. Lashley moves and immediately locks Riddle in a seated Full Nelson once the youngster crashes into the canvas. Lashley quickly converts it to a standing Hurt Lock and out goes Riddle.
Your Winner by Submission, the Almight WWE Champion Bobby Lashley!

Backstage Interview: Raw Women's Champion Rhea Ripley

A new backstage reporter with an Irish accent interviews Rhea about her match last night as well as her upcoming WrestleMania rematch tonight. Rhea lets us know she fought hard to get where she's at and tonight she'll prove once again that she is ready for Asuka. We go to break.

Tag Team Match: Cedric Alexander & Shelton Benjamin vs the Viking Raider

We return from break with Benjamin & Alexander already in the ring. Out next is a surprise return, as we've not seen Erik and Ivar in competition in over seven months--think back to their decathlon with the Street Profits. Ivar starts up with a body slam to Cedric, then tags in Erik. Erik body slams Ivar onto Cedric! Cedric escapes and tags in Benjamin. Benjamin takes down Erik fast and nearly picks up the pin fall. Benjamin starts to work over Erik, keeping the war machine of a superstar floored with big, stiff kicks. Benjamin pounds on Erik and hits a snap suplex, covering for a two. Benjamin tags in Cedric. Alexander cockily punches Erik around his side of the ring, talking smack to him. Erik attempts to catch Cedric in a Uranage but Cedric hammers Erik off with a series of elbows. Shelton Benjamin is tagged in. Erik slugs Benjamin, then turns and gives Cedric a piece as well. Benjamin stops his effort at a comeback with a suplex and a close two count. Benjamin tags Alexander back in. Alexander pulls Erik up and attempts to whip him, but Erik digs down deep to hit a desperation high knee and both men are down. Both men crawl to their corners and the hot tags are made! Ivar comes in hot, excited to be back after being on the shelf for over half a year. Ivar takes Benjamin down, cleaning house with big fists and kicks. Benjamin is knocked flat on his butt and Ivar hits a seated crossbody! Benjamin rallies and shoves Ivar back into his corner and Cedric Alexander tags in. Ivar tags in Erik and they hit the Viking Experience, then Erik covers Cedric to pick up the win on their first night back!
Your Winners, the Viking Raiders!

Backstage Interview: Asuka

The new interview brother is backstage post-match with Asuka, and asks her thoughts about her rematch tonight. Asuka excitedly exclaims things in Japanese, then tells us that she's ready for Rhea. We go to break with this championship rematch up next!

In the Ring: Charlotte Flair

We return from break and pyro greets the Queen as she comes out wearing a snazzy outfit instead of her usual robe. Charlotte stands on the apron and talks off-mic to someone off screen, indicating they should get the rope for her. An audio/video tech gets on the apron and holds the ropes, allowing the Queen to enter. She gets on mic. Flair isn't happy that she wasn't "welcomed" to WrestleMania. She's upset that she wasn't there. "Oh Charlotte, it's just one WrestleMania; Oh Charlotte, you've been on five WrestleMania's," she exclaims are some of the excuses she's heard. She goes on to state that it wasn't her fault that she wasn't on WrestleMania. It wasn't her fault that Asuka needed a partner, that Ric Flair decided to show up on Legends Night and act a fool, nor was it her fault when Lacey Evans had to go out on maternity leave before Flair could kick her ass. Flair is upset that Asuka didn't give Flair a title shot, but here comes upstart Rhea Ripley who gets the WrestleMania shot. Flair then angrily yells that all the women in the back were excited that Charlotte wasn't on WrestleMania. Flair gives kudos to Rhea, then calls her the biggest snake of them all in the back. She laughs, pointing out that Asuka even manipulated herself into a rematch the night after WrestleMania. Charlotte says that's okay, because payback is a bitch--and she is that bitch! Charlotte lists the women's roster and exclaims "no one compares to me!" She tells us that, seven years ago when she signed her first contract with the WWE, and had to sit at home and watch WrestleMania, "I don't steal opportunities...I create opportunities! This is the new Charlotte Flair! I'm not apologizing for being that damn good! Because all of you are going to bow down to your thirteen-time women's champion!" She takes a whiny voice and remarks, "no more humble Charlotte!" She demands we show respect to all that she's brought to the industry and the years she's dedicated to the WWE. "And what have any of you given me in return?.....Exactly. So enjoy your title match that I should have been in!" Flair drops her mic and poses.

Raw Women's Championship Match: Rhea Ripley(c) vs Asuka

Asuka comes out immediately, wearing a gold and black-striped mask this time. She poses as we go to break. After the break out comes the Nightmare and new Raw Women's Champion, Rhea Ripley! Ripley holds her title up high and smiles broadly back at Asuka and at the digital audience. Our announcements are made and our competitors ready up! Right out the gate, Asuka takes it to Rhea. Asuka backs the Champ into the corner and the ref begins to count. Rhea battles out of the corner, fighting Asuka across the ring and into the opposite corner, and again the ref begins to count. Rhea hits the Hair Toss, sending Asuka flying by the hair. Rhea lifts Asuka up for a back drop but Asuka rolls her up for a pin attempt. Asuka converts the failed pin attempt into an arm bar but Rhea quickly grabs the bottom rope. Asuka uses kicks and strikes to regain control. Ripley takes Asuka to a corner and sits her on the top turnbuckle, her back to the ring. Asuka tries to fight out of it and Ripley hops down. Ripley quickly closes the gap, connecting with a dropkick and sending Asuka flying out of the ring as we fly off to another commercial break.
Back from the break Rhea is still in control. Ripley lays out Asuka with a big clothesline. Ripley with a Strong Irish Whip that sends Asuka into and off of the corner, writhing in pain. Rhea laughs, pulling Asuka up and smashes her face into the turnbuckle. Rhea kicks Asuka in the gut. The ref and Rhea have words. Ripley moves in but Asuka with a back elbow. Rhea runs in to a kick, and Asuka goes up top to quickly take out a charging Ripley again--this time with a beautiful dropkick off the top. Asuka catches Rhea with a big knee. Asuka hits the rear attack/Bump in the corner. Asuka with a big spinning kick in the middle of the ring, followed by a sliding kick and a close two-count pin attempt. Asuka is fired up and climbs up top as the Champ is still grounded. Asuka...comes up way too short on a dropkick attempt, crashing down beside Ripley. Ripley puts Asuka in her standing cloverleaf/anchor lock. Asuka won't tap, though. Ripley slams Asuka. Ripley with a pin attempt. A frustrated Rhea slaps Asuka's head and tells her she's not the champion. Asuka fights back with slaps and strikes of her own. Rhea and Asuka both are working sloppy, and Corey Graves blames it on exhaustion from their match less than twenty-four hours ago. Rhea botches an Electric Chair carry on Asuka, so they reposition throwing a few punches. Rhea pulls Asuka into an Electric Chair carry again. They struggle and Asuka goes for--per Corey Graves--a crucifix that Rhea counters at the last moment. Asuka slaps on a submission on the mat! Rhea rolls out of it and right into an Asuka Lock! Rhea takes several long moments to get to her feet and runs into the corner, ducking so the turnbuckle knocks Asuka off.
Once again, Rhea picks Asuka up in the Electric Chair position and pops Asuka over her head and face-first into the mat. Rhea covers for two. Rhea takes it out to the apron and attempts a suplex but Asuka blocks it. Asuka shoves Ripley back on the apron! Asuka hits the rear attack on the apron! Asuka follows it up with a big apron DDT! Both women are outside the ring, and Asuka hurries to try to get Rhea back in the ring. Without warning and as expected, Charlotte Flair strikes. Flair attacks both women, at first focusing on beating Asuka along the barricade and laying out the champ, Ripley, with a big kick. Charlotte throws Asuka against the ring, seated on the floor, and runs in to kick her. Charlotte mocks Ripley then does the same thing. Charlotte stands over both women, mocking them with fake crying motions and fake tears. Charlotte extends her arms, smiling and yelling "I'm back!"
Your Result, No Contest!

Backstage: Trippin' Brawls

We return from break and find Nia Jax watching a clip of Mandy Rose & Dana Brooke's entrance Saturday night. Mandy Rose slipped on the wet entrance ramp. Jax repeatedly plays the clip over and over, laughing at it as Rose walks up to her in the back. Rose states that it wasn't the impressions he wanted to make, but she's going to make a better impression. Rose then attacks Jax, and she & Brooke walk off leaving a stunned Jax on the floor.

Alexa's Playground

Alexa wants to tell us a story. "The Darkness" helped a little girl and protected the little girl. But then the Darkness went away. Bliss then thinks the little realized she didn't need the Darkness as she can do everything on her own. Bliss questions if the Darkness was helping or hindering her? "Why else would she use what she was taught to try to destroy the Darkness?" We see clips of last night's opening bout, where Bliss distracted the Fiend and aided Orton in nailing an RKO. Bliss says that it's true in some species, that the female is deadlier than the male. Bliss then creepily exclaims she doesn't need the Darkness. She wants to introduce us to her new friend, "Lily"--a warped doll that I totally want right now.

In the Ring: Miz TV featuring Maryse

Out comes the Miz, John Morrison and Maryse to a special edition of Miz TV! The Miz, Morrison, and Maryse seat in chairs in the ring. The Miz begins by praising himself and his wife and their show, then shows off his beautiful wife, complimenting and praising her beauty and intelligence. He questions, rhetorically, why she's there and Morrison wants to know too. Maryse announces that after Raw, the Miz & Mizzes (however its spelled) debuts. Morrison asks if they can make it the Miz & Mizzes & Morrison. The Miz tells Morrison that would be a spin-off. Morrison praises a commercial they're about to see, and both men exclaim that it's awesome. Maryse tells him that he's so giving as Miz takes credit for making Bad Bunny look good. The Miz then shows us clips from Saturday's match, in which the Miz & Morrison fought Bad Bunny & Damian Priest. The Miz claims that if it weren't for him, Bad Bunny would be a flop. Que Damian Priest, who makes his way out with a mic. "Hey uh, Miz...you think Bad Bunny has you to thank? I was his tag team partner and even I don't want to take credit for his accomplishments. Bad Bunny put in the work and trained day and night to (prove) he deserved to (be in) a WWE ring." Priest goes on to mention headlines from around the world: "Bad Bunny defeats the Miz." The Miz lashes back, claiming Priest was upstaged by his friend Bad Bunny and didn't have a WrestleMania match. The Miz reminds us that he has many, including a main-event win over John Cena. The Miz wants to fight Priest to put him in place, as does John Morrison. They argue over who can challenge Damian Priest in a fight. Maryse reminds them that they can both fight him. Damian Priest tells them he knows what they're doing, and he's fine taking them both on right now. He marches to the ring as the Miz and Morrison seem to panic a bit, still wearing suits. We go to break.

2-on-1 Handicapped Match: the Miz & Morrison w/ Maryse vs Damian Priest

We return from break; this week, the handicapped match uses tag format. Priest starts with the Miz. The Miz & Morrison are still wearing street clothes. Priest fights the Miz into the corner, but the future hall-of-famer takes control and stomps away at the Archer of Infamy. The Miz tags in Morrison, who continues to work over Priest. Morrison tags in the Miz and both men waste precious time with arrogance. Priest battles back, setting the Miz in one arrow and Johnny Drip-Drip in the other. Priest with running elbows to both. Priest with a Broken Arrow (per Graves--modified Falcon Arrow) on Morrison. Priest lays out the Miz and covers, but Morrison makes the save. The Miz makes the tag to John Morrison. Morrison enters the ring and runs right into a big clothesline. Priest climbs up to the top turnbuckle but Morrison quickly rolls out of the ring. Priest hops back down into the ring. Priest charges the corner and dives over and out of the ring, crashing onto both the Miz and Morrison in a very impressive display of agility from the big man. Morrison and Priest battle in the corner. Priest with a high kick to lay out Morrison, followed by a diving roundhouse kick that lays out Morrison again, picking up a close two! Morrison makes a blind tag to the Miz. Priest goes for a rear suplex move on Morrison but is attacked by the Miz. Priest easily takes the Miz down. Maryse gets on the apron, and Priest implores her to get down for her own safety. The Miz uses the distraction to roll up Priest for the win! Afterwards, the Miz runs up the ramp with his wife. His pants have ripped off as well as his dress shirt and he finished the match in his boxers. Up the ramp, the Miz and Maryse break character and laugh as they both collapse while she tries to hide his front.
Your Winners, the Miz & Morrison!

Backstage Interview: WWE Women's Tag Team Champions Big & Nasty

The new interview guy is back and we still don't have his name. He shows Jax & Baszler a clip of Rose attacking Jax earlier. Jax angrily asks him why he would show that clip, then cuts him off and says it was a rhetorical question. She claims someone would only show that clip if they wanted to insult her and no one's that stupid. We cut to the ring.

Tag Team Match: Mandy Rose & Dana Brooke vs Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler

Brooke and Rose come out first, Rose overplaying the caution she's using to walk down to the ring after falling while entering at WrestleMania 37. We go to break. When we return, Rose & Brooke are set up in the ring wearing new, nearly-identical ring wear to help cement their look as a team. Jax and Baszler come out, coldly staring down their opponents. When they enter the ring Jax trips a bit, stumbling. Rose & Brooke laugh at her and Jax is livid. Jax starts things with Dana. Nia goes for Dana but Dana rolls under it. Jax catches her anyways and takes her into the corner before tossing her across the ring. Jax takes Brooke back into the corner and puts a boot to her neck, loudly exclaiming "you wanna laugh at me?" Jax uses the rope to rub Brooke's face against as the ref warns her. Jax tags in Baszler. Baszler with two quick knees and a pin attempt, but Brooke kicks out. Baszler stands on Brooke's ankle as she lets her hair down, then stomps Brooke's ankle hard. Baszler puts Brooke in the Stretch Muffler submission! Brooke screams in pain as Baszler moves to her corner and lets Jax tag in. Baszler swings Brooke like a pendulum into the turnbuckle. Jax takes over, slamming down Brooke and using working holds to wear down the neck and shoulder of Dana Brooke.
Jax easily woman-handles Brooke, tossing her aside. Jax tags in Baszler. Brooke attempts to run for her corner but Baszler catches her...yet Dana's momentum is enough to get her in tag range. Mandy Rose makes the hot tag, running all over Baszler. Rose battles Baszler into the corner. Rose looks for a double-underhook facebuster and gets Baszler up perfectly...but can't carry through and Baszler escapes. Baszler tags in Jax. Jax, on the ringside floor, starts to climb into the ring and slips on the apron. Brooke and Rose laugh at her. Jax angrily storms the ring but Brooke and Rose help each other up the ramp, waving her back. Both women willingly take the count-out loss, exclaiming "it's not worth it" as they continue to back up, almost in fear, with Brooke checking on Rose at the top of the ramp.
Your Winners by Count-out, Shayna Baszler & Nia Jax!

In the Ring: MVP and Pals

When we return, MVP is in the ring and informs us that Lashley will be out shortly but first MVP has some things to say. MVP reminds us that this Saturday at WrestleMania, Lashley won and just wanted to celebrate tonight. MVP then pivots and calls Drew McIntyre an absolute warrior and "one of the most dominant champions the world has ever seen. Fearsome individual. But he took his eye off the target for just one second and that's exactly where he finished. Drew, I'd like to tell you it's okay to be number two when the Almighty Bobby Lashley is number one....but I've told the (WWE) Universe time and time again that once Bobby Lashley applies that Hurt Lock...it's over." He goes on to tell us that Drew can barely lift his head at all today after passing out in the Hurt Lock. MVP states that if Drew McIntyre can't handle the pressure of the Hurt Lock, who can? "I'll tell you--no one. Absolutely no one!" And out comes Drew McIntyre
Drew asks MVP how the hell would MVP know how Drew feels right now? MVP suggests he feel humble. Drew tells us that he knew that the title bout would come down to the Hurt Lock, the Claymore...whomever made the first mistake. And Drew made the mistake by letting MVP distract him. Drew tells MVP that he (Drew) passed out at WrestleMania and MVP's out here bragging. Lashley's at the top of the world. Drew wants MVP to keep growing Lashley's ego, keep him in fancy suits and to keep milking the cash cow and kissing "that ass...I want his head as big as possible...because eventually I'm going to get my rematch. And when I connect...with the Claymore, I want him to fall as far as possible. And when he (wakes up) he'll be looking at the new WWE Champion." MVP starts to speak and Drew warns him to choose his words carefully as Lashley isn't there. MVP tells Drew that nothing around here is given, everything is earned and...out comes Braun Strowman! MVP yells in the mic that Drew can "take your ass to the back of the line" and see how it works. He then asks what Mr. Strowman wants. Braun says that for once, he has to agree with MVP--Drew lost and goes to the back of the line. Braun mentions destroying Shane at WrestleMania. Braun gets in the ring and stands toe-to-toe with Drew McIntyre...and out comes Randy Orton! MVP exclaims "what the hell is going on around here?" Orton immediately starts talking, pointing out the Fiend is defeated and Orton gets to focus on what he's best at--being the apex predator, being the legend killer, being the viper but most importantly...being the WWE Champion again. And much to Erica's joy, out comes Adam Pearce! Pearce announces that Orton, McIntyre and Strowman will have a triple-threat match tonight with the winner becoming the new #1 contender and facing Lashley at Backlash.

Backstage: Braun Strowman & Drew McIntyre

Drew is walking in the back and comes across Braun. Braun tells Drew that he knows Drew saw what Braun did to Shane at WrestleMania. Drew tells him that he knows, he knows, Braun tore the cage open and tore Shane a new one. Drew then goes on to hype the Claymore until Braun cuts him off. Braun tells Drew that he's got a "monster-sized ass whoopin' coming."

Tag Team Match: the New Day vs Elias & Jaxson Ryker

We start off with Elias seated on a stool, guitar in hand, as Ryker stands beside him. Elias plays a few chords and licks, introducing Ryker and praising Shane McMahon for his "valiant effort" against Braun Strowman. He then states that he wants to dedicate this once-in-a-lifetime performance to his mentor and good friend, the brave Shane O' Mac. Elias strums his guitar and we hear a trumpet. Elias can't figure out what's wrong. He strums again, and again hears a trumpet. He yells at an off-screen tech, trying to find out what's going on. For a third time he strums, and this time we hear his guitar...and the trumpet as the New Day make their way out! At the top of the ramp, Kofi wonders why Elias isn't apologizing to the entire Raw tag team division "for the way you disgraced it!" He tells them that the two of them, two men, got their "sorry asses whooped alllllllllllllll over WrestleMania by just one man, just one man bruh! ...I'm talking about Braun Strowman!" Xavier woods tells Elias and Ryker that he doesn't know what they'd do if that happened to them. Woods tells us that they (the New Day) have the faces of angels, and tells the cameraman to zoom in on their faces as they pose. They continue on and start chanting "Shame!" Game of Thrones style at Elias. Elias fires back, asking them about their loss to the giant Omos and AJ Styles at WrestleMania. Woods tells us "what we have here is a failure to communicate." Kofi tells them that this isn't a game, and Elias & Ryker have brought disgrace and dishonor to the tag team division. But not to fear, "ya boys the New Day" are here to whoop Elias and Ryker all over the ring and bring honor back to the tag team division. They start again on the trumpet and chant and finally both teams ready up for this match. Finally, we start. Woods starts with Ryker. Ryker slugs Woods into the corner and whips him to the opposite, following it with an attempted charge. Woods moves and Ryker runs into the turnbuckle. Ryker spills to the outside and for some reason, Elias runs around to stand beside him but his timing is horrible--he arrives just in time for the New Day to dive over the ropes and crash into both Elias and Ryker as we go to break!
Back from the break, Woods is at the mercy of Elias. Elias uses a series of working holds to wear down the neck of Woods. Elias effectively cuts the ring in half by controlling woods in the heel corner. Woods struggles to his feet and picks the leg out from Elias, rolling him up. Elias kicks out. Elias manages to block Woods from tagging in Kingston. Elias tags in Ryker. Ryker with a suplex on Woods and a pin attempt, barely getting a two. Ryker rises and hits a standing diving headbutt followed by a cover for two. Ryker whips Woods into the heel corner; Woods converts it into a running elbow to Elias, and throws another at Ryker. Ryker shrugs off an aerial attack from Woods then slams him down hard. Elias tags in and they double-team Woods. Elias covers for a close two. Ryker is tagged in and they hit another double-team, in which Elias does a sideways suplex and drops Woods' back across Ryker's knee in an impressive new move. Ryker covers for two. Ryker with a modified Accolade. Woods quickly escapes. Ryker goes for the back drop but Woods floats over and catches Ryker with an Enziguri. Kofi comes in hot, taking Elias down easily. Kofi with the leaping stomp to the gut followed by the Boom Drop. Kofi starts a "New...Day rocks!" chant. Ryker threatens from the ringside area but Woods takes him out with a suicide dive! Kofi and Elias still fight in the ring. Blind tag to Woods. Kofi sets Elias up in a back-breaker position and Woods dives off the top rope, crashing into Elias. Woods covers and picks up the win!
Your Winners, the New Day!

The Firefly Fun House Returns!

We open the Firefly Fun House with Mercy the Buzzard, Abby the Witch, Huskus the Pig and Rambling Rabbit who present the return of Bray Wyatt! Bray walks in, looking slimmer, and laughing. "Hello Fireflies! It feels so good to be back in the Fun House! Especially with all my true friends!" Abby the Witch calls Bliss a *****. Bray exclaims, "Abby, if you don't have anything nice to say then don't say anything at all!" Abby curses Bray, and he laughs, responding "Witches be crazy." Rambling Rabbit excitedly exclaims something but is interrupted by Bray snapping his neck. Bray is excited that this could be a whole new start for them--a new season of Firefly Fun House, new friends, and a "new me!" He goes around to the different puppets, laughing "I'll kill you" and "be gone" to the various puppets. Pentecostal-style music plays and Bray exclaims that its gonna be better than ever and stronger than ever, and hints that the Fiend is gone for now.

Main Event Triple-Threat Number One Contender's Match: Drew McIntyre vs Braun Strowman vs Randy Orton

Out first is Drew McIntyre. The winner of this match will get a title shot against Bobby Lashley at the next PPV. Braun Strowman makes his way out, followed by Randy Orton as we get ready for our main event! The bell rings and our gladiators circle. Orton rolls out the ring and lets Strowman and McIntyre go at it. Braun pounds Drew in the corner with huge fists and headbutts. Orton comes in and attacks Strowman from behind. Orton and McIntyre work together to pummel Strowman before hitting a double-team suplex. McIntyre stomps Strowman; Orton comes up and attacks McIntyre from behind. Braun knocks Orton out of the ring. McIntyre is sent out of the ring. Braun ramps up and charges around the ring, looking for the Strowman Express. McIntyre surprises Strowman with steel steps to the face right as Strowman charges in! Orton quickly turns and slams McIntyre onto the announcer's table as we go to break!
When we return McIntyre and Orton are working together, colloquially stomping away at Braun as he's against the ropes. Finally the duo send Strowman out of the ring, and Orton turns on Drew as expected with a jab to the eyes. Orton drops the former champ and takes his time, stomping McIntyre and toying with him. Drew throws a right to Orton's midsection, then another as he rises to his feet. McIntyre whips Orton into the ropes and ducks down; Orton counters with a kick to the face that has no effect on McIntyre! McIntyre takes Orton down repeatedly with a series of Exploders. Strowman enters and lays out Drew with a big boot, then focuses on pounding away at Orton. Orton rolls out of the ring. Braun turns to Drew, who grabs Braun's beard and hits a...beard-assisted jaw breaker? Drew follows outside. Orton attacks Drew when he exits. Orton and McIntyre exchange chest chops. Orton rams Drew's head into the barricade, and then into the ring post before slamming him face-first into the announcer's table once..twice..thrice! Our new announcer is excited that "Orton keeps giving it to McIntyre!" Orton dismantles McIntyre at the announcer's desk until Strowman re-emerges!
Strowman savagely beats Orton, using steel stels to smash Orton on the apron. Braun uses the stairs to smash a running McIntyre and Orton both. Braun growls, standing over a fallen Orton. Strowman sends Orton into the ring and as he starts to enter the ring himself, Orton catches him with a kick to the face and hits the Spike DDT! Orton sadistically eyes the digital crowd. Orton takes a deep breath then does his snake bit, spinning and dropping to the mat, pounding it with his fists. Orton sizes up Strowman, repositioning, and hits the RKO! Orton covers for a close two as Corey Graves exclaims Orton's "going to WrestleMania: Backlash", but Drew McIntyre makes the save! McIntyre immediately takes out Orton and covers him for the win!
Your Winner and NEW Number One Contender, Drew McIntyre!

After the Match

MVP comes out to his own music and stands at the top of the ramp with a cane, eying Drew McIntyre. Suddenly, T-Bar and Mace attack McIntyre! MVP watches on as the two former Retribution members lay out McIntyre, then stand lower on the ramp and eye the ring as we end our program.

In Closing

And there you have it, folks, night eight of an exhausting nine-night stretch of WWE events, has come to a close. Don't forget, NXT moves to Tuesdays starting tomorrow night. If I were a jerk, I'd love to point out how NXT beat AEW in their final head-to-head Wednesday showing and, therefore, has officially won the Wednesday Night Wars because it's not about the number of rounds you win, but who delivers the final KO. But me, a jerk? Never! Y'all stay frosty, stay safe, and see you tomorrow night for NXT!

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