WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results (4/19/2021): ThunderDome III, Yuengling Center, Tampa, FL

WWE Monday Night Raw Results

Welcome back one and all to Rajah.com's live play-by-play coverage of Monday Night Raw with our award-nominated live results play-by-play! Here to save your Raw results and show you the way for the greater good--and coming off the best birthday weekend ever-- is your Monday Night Mikessiah, Mike "Hulk" Hogan sporting new ink. (I get to brag, perk of the job, sorry!) We had our Monday Night Raw preview show up earlier today than usual Mondays. We'll see Asuka vs Charlotte Flair, the first-ever match between Braun Strowman and Randy Orton*, and Drew McIntyre will look for answers from MVP after Mace & T-BAR attacked Drew while MVP looked on from top of the stage.

So with all that said, let's get things started! For those of you who want just the results and not the novella, click here!
*a late update, covered right here, updates us with late changes, with the Orton/Strowman match being pulled. Also, ads are showing we start our program with Drew McIntyre.

WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results (4/19/2021): ThunderDome III, Yuengling Center, Tampa, FL

Show Opener: Drew McIntyre Speaks

We're welcomed to Raw by Corey Graves, Adnan Virk and Byron Saxton. We catch a few short clips that highlight the surprise attack Drew faced at the hands of two former Retribution members. Drew makes his way out to the ring and begins to speak of opportunity. He says that sometimes, opportunity falls in one's lap. Case in point, his speech last week about getting his title back triggered everyone in the back. He mocks Braun Strowman exclaiming, "Me Braun, me want title shot". He mocks the Viper, Randy Orton. McIntyre goes on to tell us that he defeated both men last week to become the number one contender once again, as he's pursuing the Guiness World Record for number of times a person has been number one contender in a calendar year (speculation).
Drew takes offense to MVP watching on. Drew hopes that MVP comes out in a fancy mask, too. Then he promises to get some "retribution" on "those two big bastards." Drew demands someone come out and fight him, as he's in a fighting mood. MVP makes his way out, no longer to the Hurt Business/Lashley theme. MVP says that Drew crying about not expecting stuff is getting old; he didn't expect to lose to Lashley, he didn't expect an ambush. MVP goes on to tell Drew how excited Bobby Lashley is to get his hands on Drew McIntyre and put him to sleep--again. MVP says that Lashley recently decided to downsize the Hurt Business, and asks Drew why he'd recruit those "two guys." Drew recalls MVP attempting to take McIntyre out by way of the roster in the back. Drew says maybe, just maybe, MVP wasn't behind Mace and T-BAR's actions. Maybe, just maybe, they can talk this out and--Mace and T-BAR strike again! The crowd is nothing but loud boos as Drew is, for the second week in a row, slammed and wrecked by the former Retribution members. Beautiful combination opening strike that saw T-BAR fly off the steps to strike McIntyre while Mace ran in from the opposite side. After the attack, they head to the back where...

Backstage Interview: Mace & T-BAR

Mace & T-BAR are interviewed about their actions. Mace lists a bunch of animals, and T-BAR latches on when he says "Sabre-tooth Tigers" and asks if they're extinct. When he's told they are, he promises that's what they're going to call Drew when they're finished with him. We go to break.

Backstage: Adam Pearce with Drew McIntyre

Drew angrily stomps backstage until coming across Adam Pearce. Drew demands to have a match against the two. Adam tells Drew he has to find a partner. Drew tells him to make it happen or else.

Tag Team Match: the Viking Raiders vs Cedric Benjamin & Shelton Alexander

When we return to the ThunderDome, Alexander & Benjamin are already in the ring. To loud cheers from our digital audience comes out the Viking Raiders. The bell rings and we start with Erik and Benjamin. Benjamin dodges a forearm attempt, then uses his decades of mat-wrestling experience to wrap up Erik from behind. Benjamin holds Erik in a rear waist hold until hitting a rear takedown. Benjamin is tagged in and mocks Ivar on the apron. Alexander and Benjamin begin their smart strategy, each man tagging in to deliver a few strikes, then tagging in their partner to do the same. Benjamin is in, and arrogant again, allowing Erik to hit a big right and escape. Ivar's tagged in. Ivar takes on Benjamin & Alexander as they use their quick-tag work on Ivar. Alexander chokes Ivar in the corner as the ref counts; Benjamin pummels Ivar in the corner as the ref counts.
Erik's tagged back in. Alexander comes in against him and connects with a big lariat. Alexander takes control briefly. Alexander attempts a rope-assisted back elbow strike but Erik counters with a loud knee strike that allows him to break free. Ivar is tagged in and the duo hit the Viking Experience on Alexander and pick up the win!
Your Winners, the Viking Raiders!

Backstage Interview: Randy Orton

Orton is asked about defeating the Fiend at WrestleMania, and if the Fiend is still around. Orton exclaims that the Fiend is no more, and will never be again--not while Orton's around. He moves on, putting Bobby Lashley and Drew McIntyre on notice because now that the Fiend is in his rearview mirror, he's coming for the WWE Championship. Up rides Riddle on his scooter. He circles around Orton and pitches ideas, as he's noticed they both don't have titles. Riddle continues to circle and babble on, exclaiming that he can get Orton his own custom scooter with a snake skin motif and "I hear voices in my head..." on it, too. They could be "R-K-Bro"...and Riddle then notices Orton's walked off. "No fangks," he jokes as we go to break.

Previously on Raw...Charlotte Flair

We get a video package from last week's Raw, in which Flair once again went full-heel. She is then seen in clips from her attack on Rhea Ripley and Asuka last week as her speech from earlier in the show continues. She insists she doesn't take opportunities like Asuka and Rhea, she makes them. Commentary quickly hype tonight's match between Asuka and Flair.

In the Ring Promo: Charlotte Flair

And with that, out comes the Queen wearing a sparkly blue and purple outfit that looks like street wear. We head to break and upon return, Charlotte continues her heel turn. She aims vitriol and hate at the women's locker room. She's mad that she was "cheated" out of a match at WrestleMania. She goes on to point out that she can, and has, beaten Rhea Ripley and Asuka. Heck, she could beat them in one night. Asuka makes her way out, entering the ring with her former tag-team partner and bitter rival. Just as Asuka lifts the mic, out comes Raw Women's Champion Rhea Ripley! Ripley stands up the ramp.
Flair asks them what's going on, and jokes that they've come to beat her. Flair tells Rhea that when she's done beating Asuka tonight, she's coming after Rhea. Ripley snarkily remarks that she'll take Flair up on that offer, but knowing Asuka? Asuka's got this. Flair laughs, then patronizes Asuka and how she speaks. Asuka starts to try to talk and Flair tells her to shut up, she doesn't want to hear her talk. Asuka tries again, and gets the same results. Finally Asuka snaps and yells at Charlotte, promising to beat her and calls her a bitch.

Backstage: R-K-Bro Faction Dissolves

Going the way of other legendary groups such as the Undisputed Era, the Hurt Business, and RETRIBUTION, we see Orton walking backstage as Riddle is heard off-camera looking for/talking to him. Orton sighs and we're promised a Riddle vs Orton match up next, effectively ending the short, but beloved, reign of the R-K-Bro tag team. We go to break.

Earlier Tonight on Raw

We return and get clips from the T-BAR & Mace attack on Drew earlier. We're informed it's official, Drew McIntyre will face T-BAR & Mace in a handicapped match.

Match: Riddle vs Randy Orton

Riddle comes out first, riding his scooter and flipping his flops with the off-timed pyro and the Iron Man ground pose. Out next is the legend-killing legend, Randy Orton! The bell rings and we get straight to the action. Riddle tries to come out of the gate hot, hoping to use his speed, MMA skills and youth against the fourteen-time world champion. Riddle hops up on Orton's back, wrapping legs around his waist and slapping on a sleeper. After a few moments, Orton whips Riddle off his back. Riddle hops back up, and back up onto Orton, locking in the sleeper again! This time, Orton runs backwards into the corner, slamming Riddle into the turnbuckles and off his back. Riddle immediately hops back on Orton's back, locking in the sleeper for a third time! Orton starts to fade as Riddle yells for Randy to go to sleep. Orton rallies, walks a few steps forward and leaps up, dropping on his back and onto Riddle to break the hold! Barely two seconds later, Riddle slaps on the sleeper again! Orton gator-rolls on the mat until he reaches under the ropes and the ref breaks the hold. We go to break.
When we return we find Orton firmly in control as he works to dismantle the King of Bros. Orton with big forearm strikes, a beautiful suplex, and fists in the corner. Riddle tries to fight out of the corner but Orton shuts it down with an eye poke. Orton's favoring his right shoulder as he uses his left hand to chest slap Riddle hard in the corner repeatedly. Riddle snaps and fights out of the corner with a series of chest slaps and chops, battling Orton to the opposite corner! Riddle attempts to whip Orton, but the Viper counters and sends Riddle hard into the corner. Orton covers but only picks up a two. Orton pulls Riddle up to a seated position by the hair as the ref counts a warning, then Orton puts Riddle in a side headlock down on the mat and growls at him that "respect is very important, you hear me?" Riddle replies "I hear you," then fights to his feet. He throws a few strikes before Orton sends him into the corner. Orton charges shoulder-first and catches nothing but ringpost after Riddle dodges. Riddle with a punching combination and a kick. Orton tries to counter, but a salivating (looks like he has Rabies) Riddle lays out the vet with a huge kick. Riddle runs across the ring and hits a leaping spittle-strike on Orton in the corner (he's like foaming at the mouth, practically). After a few more moments, however, Orton takes control and drops Riddle off the top with a middle-rope suplex. Graves compares it to Orton's father's superplex move.
Orton begins to toy with Riddle. Riddle rolls to the apron. Riddle attempts a last-ditch effort, catching Orton over the ropes in a submission until the ref breaks it. Orton then hits the Spike DDT on Riddle. Orton sizes him up and awaits Riddle to rise. Riddle does and Orton goes for the RKO, only to have it countered into a backstabber by Riddle. Riddle quickly rolls Orton up and steals a win in an impressive match and what Saxton calls the biggest match in Riddle's career. RIP R-K-Bro.
Your Winner, Riddle!

Backstage with Adam Pearce and Sheamus

Pearce congratulates Sheamus on his United States Championship win over Riddle at WrestleMania. Pearce talks about past champions who've offered open challenges, including legends like John Cena. Sheamus tells Pearce he's nothing like Cena, and suspects Pearce is manipulating him to declaring an open challenge. So, Sheamus accepts--just not for his title.

Women's Tag Team Match: Lana & Naomi vs Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler

We return to the ThunderDome as our WWE Women's Tag Team Champions Big & Nasty come out first for a non-title match against Lana and Naomi, after this break! When we return it's time to feel the glow as Naomi and Lana come out in matching, blacklight outfits. Both women dance up the stage and streak down the ramp, doing Naomi's knee-slide together as they're announced. Lana squeezes Naomi's butt. Not sure why, but I owe it to you, the reader, to be comprehensive in my coverage. Our competitors ready up in the ring. Lana is pumped up. Naomi starts things with Nia Jax. Jax grabs for Naomi, but Naomi dodges. Naomi uses her speed to avoid Jax and deliver stiff kicks to punish her larger opponent. Lana is tagged in. Naomi and Lana look to do a double team move but the setup takes too long, and the ref forces Naomi out. Lana with a strike then tags Naomi; Naomi comes in and hits a knee then tags in Lana; Lana runs in with a knee to a downed Jax and tags in Naomi. Both women attempt a double-team maneuver but Jax counters and finally manages to make a tag of her own. Shayna Baszler enters in and tries to wear down Lana's arms by joint manipulation. Baszler streaks over to attack Naomi, then goes back to working on Lana's arm. Naomi tries to enter to help her partner but the ref won't allow it. Mandy Rose & Dana Brooke come out, standing stage-top with mics. We then get clips at the request of Dana Brooke, and its of Jax & Baszler laughing at Rose tripping at WrestleMania only for Jax to eat a shot. We get another clip, this time of Jax tripping while climbing the apron. Rose and Brooke laughed at her before fleeing in the scene. Back in the ring, Jax hops off her apron and angrily stomps up the ramp. Baszler struggles to contain Lana in the ring but can't. Naomi tags in and both women hit a double Facebuster on Shayna, and Naomi immediately covers to pick up the win. After the match, Jax comes back to the stage and fumes, realizing her mistake as Baszler stands ringside, arms extended, demanding to know wtf.
Your Winners, Lana & Naomi!

WrestleMania Post-Match Promo: Bad Bunny & Damian Priest

We're given a short video of Bunny & Priest being interviewed after their match. Priest praises Bunny's hard work and dedication to actually taking this seriously. Bunny praised Priest's work ethic and technique, and was emotional at the opportunity to not only wrestle in the WWE, but at WrestleMania with the first main-roster live-crowd match in a year.

Biography: Rowdy Roddy Piper

Technically a commercial, but worth relating--A&E will debut a biography special on Rowdy Roddy Piper, including clips of his life in his own words and those of his family.

MizTV featuring Maryse

When we return from break, the Miz & Maryse make their way out for a special edition of MizTV. No John Morrison accompanying them. The Miz welcomes us, then goes on bragging about himself. He takes credit for making Bad Bunny look like a WWE Superstar, and then tells Bunny that he's welcome on the sold-out world tour. Maryse tells the Miz that he's an incredible father and husband, and is the greatest WWE Superstar of his generation. They both make eyes and go on telling each other they love each other for a few moments. The Miz then tells Maryse that "tonight is our night! Give me a kiss!" Maryse does as pyro goes off and the couple celebrate in the ring. Maryse pours them a lil' bit of the bubbly as the Miz speaks on. The Miz tells us that after Raw tonight, their reality show airs. And this Sunday, on WWE 24/7, they'll document the career of the Miz.
As he celebrates himself more, Damian Priest makes his way out and doesn't look happy--not that he ever does, really. Priest points out that in all his bragging about beating Priest last week in a handicapped match, he seems to forget that even in a handicapped match, he had help. He shows a clip of Maryse causing a distraction that allowed the Miz & Morrison to defeat Priest. Priest then mentions that the Miz had his pants ripped off last week and showed the world he has no cajones. Maryse asks Priest "how dare you?" She then extends a challenge on behalf of the Miz to take on Priest tonight as the Miz looks on in shock. Priest thanks her as that's exactly what he came out there for. He then grabs a glass and takes a drink of the champagne, exclaiming "Oh, and congratulations!" After he drinks it, he gags and tells Miz, "bro this is (disgusting." The Miz throws his drink in Priest's face, and both the Miz & Maryse quickly scurry out of the ring.

Backstage: the New Day & Riddle

The New Day are walking in the back as Kofi's got a match next. Riddle rolls up and pitches more ideas, some of which include Xavier placing doves inside his trombone case so that when he opens it, doves fly off the way Riddle's flops do. They quickly gab back and forth, then all three men excitedly burst into chants for Silver Dollar pancakes as we go to break.

Match: Kofi Kingston vs Elias

When we return from the break, Elias and Ryker are in the ring as usual. Ryker welcomes us, and name-drops Jaxson Ryker. He starts to play his guitar but something's off. The trained musician isn't aware that someone is playing a bass guitar over his acoustic until out comes the New Day, with Xavier Woods playing a simple bass line (reminiscent of the opening riff to Megadeth's "1000 Times Goodbye"). The New Day make their way down and this match starts with Elias immediately flooring Kofi. Elias works over Kofi, using the apron to slam Kofi into and a one-handed suplex toss. Elias continues to slow the pace with working holds, focusing on Kofi's shoulder. Kofi escapes and runs to the ropes. Elias chases, running right into a big kick. Kofi heads up top and hits a beautiful side-spinning Frog Splash for a close two. Both men are up and struggle. Kofi looks for a Sunset Flip but Elias rolls through. They continue to struggle until Kofi drops Elias with an SOS. Kofi can't put it away, and follows Elias into a corner where Elias uses the top rope to mule kick Kofi. Elias climbs up top but Kofi runs up and both men struggle. Elias shoves off Kofi. Kofi kips up and runs up the turnbuckles again, only to be sent flying by Elias yet again. Elias goes up top, hitting a flying elbow to put away Kofi in the big upset!
Your Winner, Elias!

Alexa's Playground

Alexa recounts the story of a mean little girl when Alexa was young. She mentions shoving the little girl off a swing and taking her ice cream, then says "Lily made me do it." She's seated on a swing, and turns to look at Lily--her creepy doll on a swing next to her. Alexa says that Lily didn't like that little girl, so that's why Bliss did what she did. She goes on to state that Lily didn't like the Fiend, and look what happened to him. She then puts the women's roster on notice as Lily isn't happy with any of them. The segment ends with a close-up of Lily's face, with a light bit of animation applied to make it look like the puppet snarled and grinned.

Backstage Interview: Mandy Rose & Dana Brooke

Sarah walks up to the duo backstage and asks them about their actions as of late. Rose tells Sarah that they're not the bullies, Jax & Baszler are. They point out Jax playing the Rose slip from WrestleMania over and over. Jax walks up and both women flee. Jax says they better run. Baszler comes up behind her, slapping her on the shoulder, and tells Jax that she's been slipping up too much and she better get her head back in the game "or else." Jax questions "or else what?" as Shayna walks off and Angel Garza walks up. He asks Jax what she sees in her partner.

Handicapped Match: Drew McIntyre vs Mace & T-BAR

Drew makes his way out and we promptly go to break. This match is next! When we return, T-BAR and Mace make their way out to their old Retribution music. Mace and T-Bar walk to ringside, reach up to grab the top ropes and hoist themselves up off the ground and into the ring. Both men stand toe-to-toe with Drew and both are taller than McIntyre. This week, handicapped matches are using a tag format. It changes weekly. The bell rings and Drew starts by tackling T-BAR and pounding away on him. Drew with a DDT and a big right to drop the bigger T-BAR. Drew covers but gets nothing. From backstage, MVP watches this match on a TV. Mace is tagged in and beats Drew into a corner. Drew, however, fights out with a few chops until Mace drops him with an explosive spinning forearm strike. Mace attempts a cover but gets nada. Mace tags in T-BAR, and both men work together to hit a double suplex on McIntyre. T-BAR covers for two, but Drew kicks out. T-BAR with a big stomp to the gut on a prone Drew. Mace is tagged in; T-BAR kicks McIntyre to keep him grounded as Mace enters. Mace with a big uppercut and a tag to T-BAR. Both work together to double team McIntyre again. T-BAR with a rear chin lock. Drew fights to his feet, and begins a brawl with T-BAR. Drew takes the uppe hand with some big rights. Drew turns to run towards the ropes but T-BAR grabs his shoulders immediately and slams him down into the mat. Mace is tagged in and hits a beautiful belly to back suplex, covering for a two. The common theme amongst our announce team is that Drew brought this on himself as he refused to find a partner. T-BAR is tagged in and hits a few fists before Drew starts his comeback. Drew with a desperate Spinebuster and a pin attempt for two. McIntyre sets up for the Claymore but walks into a Big Boot from T-BAR. T-BAR catches a Glasgow Kiss for his efforts. Drew attacks Mace on the apron. T-Bar and Drew brawl in the corner. Mace comes in and they double team the former champ, beating him in the corner as the ref counts and warns them. They refuse to adhere, and are disqualified. After the bell, they continued to attack Drew until Braun Strowman made the save!
Your Winner by Disqualification, Drew McIntyre!

Tag Team Match: Drew McIntyre & Braun Strowman vs Mace & T-BAR

When we return from a break, this is now a tag match. Braun locks up with Mace and shoves him back, yelling at him. Mace hops up and grapples with Braun, telling him that they (he and T-BAR) "are two!" Okay. Mace manages to overpower Braun briefly, shoving him back into the corner. Strowman fights back, running over Mace. Drew laughs on the apron as he watches Braun work. Braun slams Mace's face into the top turnbuckle in his corner. Drew asks if he wants to tag him in, but Braun instead takes Mace to another corner for further face-smashing. Braun's bleeding slightly on his forehead. Braun continues to yell inaudible grunted words at Mace as he beats him into his corner. Drew is all smiles at this. Braun tags in Drew, and Drew takes it to Mace. Mace counters with a lariat as Drew charges. Mace makes the tag to T-BAR. T-BAR lays out Drew and pounds on him until Braun gets the hot tag. Strowman easily takes T-BAR into the corner, and yells "who do you think you are" while flailing big fists onto him, forcing the big man down to a knee in the corner as the ref warns. Mace taunts Braun, luring him over. T-BAR uses the distraction to chopblock Braun. T-BAR tags in Mace and they double team Braun with an as-yet-unnamed move. Mace works over Braun, now, using neck cranks and working holds to keep the Monster Among Men grounded. T-BAR tags in and continues the strategy, using a rear chin lock. Braun powers to a knee and throws alternating left and rights in an attempt to get free. T-BAR clubs Braun's back with forearms before bouncing off the rope and right into Braun's fist! Drew makes the hot tag and Mace makes a tag, too. Drew runs over Mace, then hits an exploder suplex. Neckbreaker to drop Mace, followed by a kip up from Drew. Drew pulls Mace's mask off and smiles as Mace stands up, unmasked. Drew says something about doing Mace a favor. Mace says something back and smacks McIntyre. McIntyre then uses Mace's mask to beat him with it, causing a DQ.
Your Winners, Mace & T-BAR!

After the Mask Match

Braun rips off T-BAR's mask, and the two unmasked wrestlers we've never ever seen before totally ever back up the ramp. It looks like their masked days are at an end.

Match: the Miz with Maryse vs Damian Priest

We return from a break with the Miz in ring and Maryse at ringside, and out comes the Archer of Infamy himself--Damian Priest! Miz runs off his mouth only briefly before Priest begins completely dominating the match. Priest takes the Miz down with kicks and suplexes and a wicked kick. Priest posts up in the corner, does his Archer of Infamy pose, and finds Maryse pulling on his leg when the ref is out of position. This buys the Miz enough time to charge and attack Priest. Priest attempts to put up his dukes but the Miz gets past and pummels him before using a rear sleeper. Priest fights to his feet with elbows thrown to the Miz but it doesn't last long. The Miz grounds Priest and then starts a series of It Kicks. The Miz goes to the well one time too many and Priest intercepts a kick with a fist to the Miz's shin! Priest drops Miz then whips him into the corner. Archer of Infamy pose followed by a splash/punch in the corner. Priest looks for the Chokeslam but the Miz scurries on all fours to the bottom rope and the ref warns him off. Priest knocks Miz across the ring. Maryse hops up on the apron, just like last week, in an effort to distract Priest. Priest then turns to Maryse and tells her she's not going to distract him again--causing a distraction that allows the Miz to roll up Priest for a close two. Priest escapes despite the Miz's feet up on the second rope and Maryse pulling her husband's feet to assist, and hits the Hit the Lights to put away the Awesome One.
Your Winner, Damian Priest!

In the Ring: Sheamus' Open Challenge

Sheamus gets on the mic, celebrating as our new United States Champion. He issues an open challenge to anyone who wants to touch his gold. Humberto Carrillo, sporting facial hair (looks great, less baby-faced) comes out to accept. Sheamus attacks Humberto before a bell, and absolutely squashes Carrillo, destroying the third-generation youngster all around the ring with devastating fists, hard suplexes, and even rams Carrillo's back into the ring post. Sheamus takes Carrillo into the ring, smiling at the downed Carrillo, and walks across the ring. Sheamus pulls down his suspenders, sizes up Carrillo, and connects with the Brogue Kick. Our commentary team tell us that Sheamus is making a statement for anyone who answers his open challenge. We get replays. Sheamus yells at Carrillo and walks up the ramp, with no match ever officially taking place.

Main Event Match: Asuka vs Charlotte Flair

Charlotte Flair is the first out, followed by Asuka. Our commentary team reflects on Flair's defeat of Asuka at WrestleMania 34, ending Asuka's record-setting 900+ day reign according to the team. Raw Women's Champion Rhea Ripley comes out to watch this match from a steel chair she sets up on the ramp. The bell rings and we're off! Note--Charlotte Flair is wearing new dark blue and bedazzled ring gear. Charlotte and Asuka start fast. Suplex from the Queen. Fists from Asuka and an attempted Bump/running hip toss. Flair dodges. Both women struggle and crash outside as Rhea watches on and we go to our final commercial break of the evening!
When we return we find both women still jockeying for control, with neither competitor taking control for too long. Flair works over Asuka's knee, weakening it up for a future Figure Four. Asuka rolls up Flair and into an Asuka Lock, but Flair escapes. Flair slaps on a Figure Four and converts it to a Figure Eight but, unseen by the ref, Rhea Ripley gives an assist by yanking Flair off her hands and out of the Figure Eight bridge. Flair breaks the hold and tries to grab Ripley by the hair. Asuka uses the distraction to roll up Flair for the win.
Your Winner, Asuka!

After the Match: the Mad Queen

Flair angrily argues with the ref, claiming it was only a two count. SHe then tosses the ref clear across the ring and pounds away at him. Other refs run out as Saxton and Graves remark that she's going to be fined for this. The refs beg Charlotte off. Flair grins then hops on the back of the fallen ref and beats on him more, hammering his back. The refs beg her to get out of there and leave. Charlotte exits to the apron...then climbs back in, running over and kicking the ref in the gut. Again, the other two refs yell at her to get out the ring as our program ends with a Mad Queen on the loose!

In Closing

And there you have it, folks, another Raw bites the dust. What are your thoughts on tonight's show? Weigh in below! The Quick Recap will be up by 11:15pm EST. Y'all stay cool, stay frosty, and stay safe out there! Remember, NXT airs tomorrow night (Tuesday)!

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