WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results (6/21/2021): ThunderDome III, Yuengling Center, Tampa, FL

Monday Night Raw

Happy Monday and welcome back to this post-Hell in a Cell edition of Raw! Here to save your Raw results and show you the way for the greater good is your Monday Night Mikessiah, Mike "Hulk" Hogan. Our unofficial preview gave us a small hint at tonight but keep in mind the script is still rumored to be in the writing process as of 7:15pm EST, with no official preview yet. Rest assured, however, as we can expect a lot of fallout from last night's lackluster pay-per-view event and begin working our way towards next month's Money in the Bank. We're also rumored to see Nikki Cross team up once again with Alexa Bliss against Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax.

So with all that said, let's get things started! For those of you who want just the results and not the novella, click here!

WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results (6/21/2021): ThunderDome III, Yuengling Center, Tampa, FL

Welcome to Monday Night Raw

We open with pyro as Jimmy Smith and Corey Graves welcome us to the ThunderDome. We've got five qualifying matches tonight for the upcoming Money in the Bank PPV.

The VIP Lounge, featuring WWE Champion Bobby Lashley

MVP and Lashley come out, escorted by the best personal protection team ever. Lashley assists all the beautiful women in his entourage into the ring and enters last, looking relaxed in a fine suit, shades and happily hoists his belt up in the ring as the digital crowd boos. MVP sits on a black leather love seat with a woman in the ring as Lashley sits on a larger, black leather sofa surrounded by women. MVP asks Lashley about last night. Lashley admits that Drew almost took him to his limits, but even Drew at his best isn't enough to defeat the Almighty. MVP claims Lashley beat McIntyre within an inch of his life, then points out the stipulation from last night--Drew McIntyre can no longer challenge for the WWE Championship as long as Lashley is champion. MVP has production show a picture on screen from last night, Drew in defeat and Lashley in almighty victory. Everyone grabs champagne off the table before them to toast the Almighty Champion because...it's a new day, yes it is! Out come the New Day! They come down the ramp with a cart, topped by a platter of toast. Both men are wearing their Power Rangers ring attire. I get to bold that because I'm an MMPR dork.
The New Day tell Lashley that they're not there for trouble. They crack a few jokes and throw toast at the VIP Lounge set in the ring. MVP insults them, dismissing them essentially as being clowns. Kingston tells MVP that unlike them, Kofi surrounds himself with friends he can trust--not people just using you, the way MVP and the Train are with Lashley. Kofi repeatedly calls Lashley "Bob" to antagonize him. Kofi implies he'd beat Lashley. Lashley reminds Kofi that he had the belt and lost it. Lashley claims he's up here (holds his hand to his head) and Kofi is down there (holds a hand by his knee). Kofi reminds Lashley that Kofi beat him in this very ring. Kofi calls for production to show footage as proof. We see a clip from Raw last month, in which McIntyre distracted Lashley, allowing Kofi to steal the win. Kofi gets to his point. He states that last time he checked, "You--Bob--Lashley do not have an opponent for Money in the Bank." He then challenges Lashley to a title match. MVP starts to object but Lashley immediately accepts repeatedly. He claims that Kofi only won because of McIntyre, and Lashley wants a match so it's one-on-one and no interference...and then segways and states he wants to take on Xavier Woods tonight. Woods exhibits his high IQ, tearing into Lashley. MVP tries to interrupt, to which Woods yells for him to "shut up! I'm speaking! I'm speaking!" Woods very quickly rumbles off about a thousand words, pointing out his accolades as an eleven time world tag team champion, the host of UUDD, et cetera. Woods tells Lashley he's going to put an ass whoopin' on him and accepts the challenge. Woods then adds that the match tonight will be inside Hell in a Cell. They all look up at the cage and Kofi starts a "New Day Rocks" chant. Lashley again accepts, so it's on. Hell in a Cell match tonight. We go to break.

Money in the Bank Qualifying Match: AJ Styles w/ Omos vs Ricochet

When we return, Raw Tag Team Champions AJ Styles & Omos make their way out t0 the ring. We're treated to a clip from earlier today, in which Styles calls the Viking Raiders "nothing" and says their win last week was just dumb luck. Styles tells them to watch him as he goes on to win the WWE Championship at Money in the Bank then they'll defend their titles against "you two stinky barbarians." Erik reminds him these two "stinky barbarians" beat him once before. AJ slaps the turkey leg out of Ivar's hand and Erik has to keep Ivar from attacking. We return to the ring and out comes Ricochet. Our competitors ready up for this match. We start with both men exchanging quick leads, but with the veteran Styles quickly gaining the upper hand. Throughout the match, Ricochet steals cautious glances at Omos. After a break, we return to find the veteran still in control, taking the young flyer Ricochet into the corner as Corey Graves reminds us it's been all Phenomenal so far. Ricochet attempts to gain separation with chops, but Styles shuts him down with a back elbow as Ricochet rebounds off the ropes. Ricochet fires off shots to the guts and rebounds off the ropes again, this time catching Styles with a knee jawbreaker (per Graves). Ricochet starts his comeback, using his athleticism to springboard and ground the champ. Ricochet with a charging clothesline on Styles in the corner, followed by an Irish Whip to the opposite corner and another charging clothesline. Ricochet hits a beautiful Northern Lights Suplex, hanging on and rolling through to hit a second, transitioning into a pin attempt for a close two. Beautiful spot, worth seeing. Styles starts his comeback, using a Step-Up Enziguri to stun Ricochet and a modified Powerbomb for a close two. Frequently, we see the two MitB briefcases hanging above the ring. Byron Saxton is excited that we've got five qualifying matches tonight. Ricochet starts one last flurry of offense, hitting an Enziguri and dodging a Pele kick. Bridging German Suplex for a close two from Ricochet. Ricochet with a clothesline in the corner, but the champ comes out of the corner and rolls Ricochet into a Calf Crusher. Ricochet breaks the hold by way of the bottom rope, but Styles finishes him off with the Oshi Garoshi! Styles slides to the apron, adjusting his glove and calling for the Phenomenal Forearm. The Viking Raiders storm the ringside area and brawl with Omos. Omos initially takes them down easily, but the Vikings dodge an Omos charge and he crashes through the barricade! Styles attempts the Phenomenal Forearm but in yet another impressive display, Ricochet counters by catching Styles in a cutter to pick up the win!
Your Winner and Advancing to the Money in the Bank, Ricochet!

Backstage: Randy Orton and Riddle

We cut to the back, where Orton is adjusting his wrist braces. Riddle rides up on his scooter, sporting "RK-Bro" merch like an apron and a mug. Riddle goes off on a tangent about how he always keeps a stash of Burger King's Whoppers around, and somehow the Burger King mascot scares him. Orton tells him to get to the point. Riddle asks for some pointers, "Bro to bro!" Orton offers: "stay out of my way." Riddle says that'd be hard if they both win tonight, then they'd have to fight each other in the Money in the Bank match. Riddle thinks it'll be awesome for two best friends--no, two brothers--to fight side by side and with each other for such an opportunity. Riddle asks if that'd be awesome, to which Orton replies "Not for you." He walks off as Riddle wishes him luck and we head to commercial.

F9: the Fast Saga

On Friday, we get to find out how John Cena is Vin Diesel's brother.

Previously on Raw...

We get a short video package from last week when Eva Marie defeated Naomi, by way of Doudrop (fka Piper Niven). After the match, Eva announced herself as the winner even though she didn't fight.

Backstage Interview: Eva Marie and Doudrop

Eva Marie and her associate are stopped backstage by the interviewer. Eva introduces her "protege" then asks her (Doudrop) what her name is. Piper tries to mouth her name, Piper Niven, but Eva decides she shall be known as Doudrop. Pronounced Dew-drop.

Women's Money in the Bank Qualifying Match: Eva Marie & Doudrop (Piper Niven) vs Asuka & Naomi

We return to the ring and out comes the Empress of Tomorrow and the Glowing One, Asuka and Naomi. Poor Naomi dances out alone. :( We get a pre-recorded video of a very glittery Naomi and Asuka, who are confident they'll win tonight and celebrate with the usual "no one is ready for Asuka." Asuka and Naomi dance together in the ring. Eva Marie and Doudrop come out next as the "Eva-lution is upon us." We go to a break. After the break, we start with Eva and Asuka. Eva and Asuka circle briefly before the cowardly Eva Marie tags in Doudrop. Asuka strikes Doudrop with several kicks that have little effect. Asuka stops a 'Drop charge with a back elbow, then another with a kick, but a third sends Asuka down hard to the mat. Doudrop charges the corner and Asuka dodges. Naomi tags in and gets off a couple of kicks before Doudrop whips her into the corner. Doudrop with a Cannonball in the corner, smooshing Naomi. Doudrop covers but Asuka makes the save. Doudrop wears down Naomi and Eva Marie finally gets back on the apron, tagging herself in. Eva tries to steal the win but Naomi kicks out. Eva tries to tag in Doudrop, but Doudrop hops off the apron. A shocked Eva Marie is rolled up by Naomi for the win. Afterwards, Doudrop simply shrugs at Eva Marie. We head to break.
Your Winner and Advancing to the Money in the Bank, Asuka & Naomi!

Backstage: The Hurt Business

As Saxton reminds us that Lashley will have had two Hell in a Cell matches within a twenty-four hour period, we see MVP coaching Lashley as he warms up. We're told the Hell in a Cell match is official, and it's the first time in 25 years since a Hell in a Cell match has taken place on Raw!

In the Ring: WWE Officials Adam Pearce & Sonya Deville

Sonya and Adam want to address last night's finish, and ask Raw Women's Champion Rhea Ripley to come out, and she does. Pearce states that he and Sonya are in agreement--what Ripley did last night at Hell in a Cell was unacceptable. Rhea asks what the hell they're talking about. Sonya reminds Rhea that the only way a title changes hands is to pin or submit, but instead Rhea abused the "rules" and got herself disqualified. Ripley accuses them of the rules being selectively applies, as Charlotte Flair's done this often on her own. Speaking of the devil, Charlotte Flair comes out to the stage on mic in street wear. Flair tells Ripley that last night, Flair was kicking Ripley's ass but Rhea proved she's smarter than Flair realized. She calls Ripley a strategic competitor, like herself, but Flair promises to still destroy Ripley. Sonya gets on the mic and tells Charlotte that if it's her way of asking for a rematch, she and Pearce approve it. It's official: Charlotte Flair vs Rhea Ripley at Money in the Bank. Ripley's music plays us out.

Previously on Raw...

We get clips from last week, when Mandy Rose & Dana Brooke accused Natalya (Neidhart) and Tamina (Snuka) of only being where they're at due to their family surnames. We then get a clip from last night's match between Natalya, in which Nattie defeated Mandy Rose.

Backstage Interview: Mackenzie with WWE Women's Tag Team Champions Natalya & Tamina

Natalya and Tamina start an interview with Mackenzie but start to hear a rumbling sound. They head down the hall to investigate and find Mandy Rose & Dana Brooke in the back, training. The champs are upset as they're trying to give an interview, but Rose & Brooke don't care as they're trying to train. Natalya and Tamina hit the practice ring in the back, just like last week, but unlike last week it's Rose & Brooke who end the segment with the upper hand.

Money in the Bank Qualifying Match: Randy Orton vs John Morrison w/ the Miz

We return to the ring and out comes the Legend Killer, Randy Orton, as our commentary team reminds us everything we've known about Orton for decades--he'll stop at nothing and step on anyone to get what he wants. After taking his time to enter the ring, we head to a commercial break. After the break, Jimmy Smith shows us images from Drew McIntyre's social media--images of Drew's bruised, welted and bloodied back. He'll be in action later tonight against Orton's partner, Riddle. Finally the moistest wrestler in WWE history, John Morrison, makes his way out--pushing the Miz in a wheelchair, complete with a bucket attacked to the side containing some of Morrison's Dripsticks. The bell rings and we begin as the Miz joins the commentary team. Both combatants lock up, with Orton transitioning it into a side headlock. Morrison shoves Orton into the corner, and the ref forces the break. Orton with a side headlock takedown. Morrison reverses it into a headlock of his own and throws a forearm across the back. Morrison shows off his agility as he transitions from a headlock to a modified abdominal sidelock. Morrison nails Orton with a big roundhouse to the head, stunning the Legend Killer and flooring him. Morrison covers for a two. Morrison begins to focus his work on Orton's left shoulder, using a variety of arm holds and strikes to work on the old war wound of the Viper. Orton with a strike and drops Morrison down, taking control. Orton whips Morrison into the ropes, but Morrison hits the brakes--and Orton charges, sending Morrison over the top with a clothesline! Orton heads outside the ring. Morrison gets a few strikes in but Orton quickly regains control, banging Morrison's face repeatedly into the announcer's table. Orton then grins at the Miz and starts to stalk him as the Miz yells "I'm injured!" and starts to try to roll his chair back. We head to break.
Back from the break. Orton corners Morrison and drops him to his arse with a big forearm uppercut. Orton drags Morrison into the middle of the ring and stomps him once, twice, thrice. Orton with a short two on a pin attempt. Orton with a side headlock on a prone Morrison. Morrison gets to a knee and throws an elbow into Orton's side, and again, attempting to get to a vertical base. Morrison with a perfectly-timed kick to stun Orton, followed by Morrison with an Irish Whip to Orton. Orton crashes into the ring post and rolls out the ring, his left shoulder taking the brunt of the impact. Morrison doesn't let up, pursuing the Viper both in and out of the ring. Morrison with a modified left armbar. Orton slips out, only for Morrison to immediately attack the left shoulder again. Morrison manipulates the joint with working holds, interspersed with pin attempts. Orton grabs the tights of Morrison, taking some of the leverage off his shoulder. Orton powers his arm loose after hammering Morrison in the ribs with rights. Morrison with a snap elbow strike followed by an Irish Whip, but Orton bounces out of the corner and drops Morrison with a big clothesline! Orton starts his comeback, taking Morrison into the corner and lighting his chest up with chops. Orton climbs the middle rope and starts a series of corner punches--nine strikes but no fan count? Boo! The ref forces the break. Orton backs up then heads back into the corner. Morrison with a kick to the face, then charges right into a Powerslam! Orton sets Morrison up on the middle rope, slaps his ribs then connects with the Spike DDT! Orton rises, paces, and grins as he checks his shoulder. Down plops Orton, pounding the mat, awaiting Morrison to rise. The Miz uses a Dripstick from outside the ring to blast water in Orton's face! Orton is furious and focuses on the Miz. Morrison rolls Orton up, getting only a two. Orton breaks out and hits a European Uppercut to drop Morrison. Riddle rides down the ramp on his scooter and starts to chase the Miz around the ring--the Miz rolling in his chair as Riddle slowly rides behind him. Orton is distracted by this, allowing Morrison to drop Orton and hit the Starship Pain to steal the win!
Your Winner and Advancing to the Money in the Bank, John Morrison!

Backstage Interview: Nia Jax, Shayna Baszler and Reginald the Sommelier

The duo are asked about their upcoming qualifying match tonight. Shayna mocks Reginald for being scared of Alexa, then claims she's not scared of her. Both women then add that there's "something different about Alexa." They head to the gorilla position.

Women's Money in the Bank Qualifying Match: Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross vs Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler w/ Reginald

Out first is Alexa Bliss with new theme music. We head to break. When we return from the break, Bliss is still posed in the ring, wearing the same ring gear upgrades she sported yesterday. We see a quick video promo from Nikki Cross, just her head--and a blue sparkly mask with a gold glittery butterfly on it. Cross is excited to share something new with us. She gives a positive message, and says tonight she represents everyone--no matter their shortcomings. The camera pulls back and she's wearing blue and yellow spandex "super hero" gear with a butterfly on the front--think "the Hurricane". She says she's embracing her spirit and makes her way out. We're reminded that, as with the prior tag match, the winning team will both be added to the Women's Money in the Bank match. Jax & Baszler come down with Reginald, and we're starting with Nikki Cross and Shayna Baszler. The bell rings and Baszler gestures at Cross' outfit, asking "what the hell is this?" Both women lock up. Cross with a suplex. Baszler with a Kimura Lock into a slam. After missing a charge in the corner, Cross throws shoulders between the ropes from the apron and springboards into the ring, attempting to roll up Baszler. Baszler escapes and tags in Jax. Jax easily tosses Cross aside and into the corner. Jax charges full-steam and Cross dodges--and Jax rams the ring post incredibly hard, inadvertently flying to the outside. Reginald and Shayna check on her as she holds her shoulder, but she seems okay. Bliss hops off the apron and walks to them, then stands and watches, smiling as they warn her off. Out of nowhere, Super-Cross flies from the top and out of the ring, crashing into Baszler, Jax and Reginald as we go to break!
Back from the break. Cross sends Baszler into the corner and Bliss asks to be tagged in, so Cross complies. Bliss with a double knee drop on Baszler and a pin attempt for two. Jax distracts the ref, allowing Baszler to jab Bliss in the eye and tag in Jax. Jax with big blows and whips Bliss into the corner, tagging in Baszler. Jax holds Bliss in the corner for Baszler, allowing her partner to hit a jumping kick. Baszler continues to work the face and head, attempting to work the eyes. Baszler attempts to reposition so the ref can't see, but he kneels before her. Baszler switches to a modified Crossface but Bliss fights to her feet. Bliss' expression changes to evil and she manipulates Baszler's wrist before throat-punching her. Bliss throws fists and leaps up, but Baszler catches her and perches her on the top turnbuckle. Bliss counters Baszler, using a Sunset Flip Powerbomb to lay out Baszler. Both women make tags and in come Jax and Cross! Cross leaps at Jax, but Jax catches Cross' cross-body attempt. Jax takes Cross into the corner and tags in Baszler, then holds Cross from behind. Baszler goes to punch her but Cross ducks, and Baszler pulls her punch before it hits. This causes discord between Jax and Baszler, even though Baszler didn't hit her. Jax hops off the apron. Bliss uses the distraction to take down Baszler then climbs the middle rope. Bliss "entrances" Reginald and Jax calls his name repeatedly. Bliss lifts her right hand, and the mesmerized Reginald does the same. Bliss attempts to "use Reginald" to "slap" Jax but he "comes to" at the last moment. Bliss and Cross us this distraction, rolling up Baszler for the win.
Your Winner and Advancing to the Money in the Bank, Nikki Cross & Alexa Bliss!

Backstage: Drew McIntyre, Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville

McIntyre is preparing in the back when Pearce & Deville walk up. They try to tell him that he doesn't have to compete tonight after the hellacious Hell in a Cell match last night. He states that he doesn't want to talk about the past, as he wants to focus on the future. He then equates himself to a World War II speech (Churchill, I believe, but don't quote me on that) and insists he's ready to go. So here we go!

Backstage: Adam Pearce, Sonya Deville, Jeff Hardy, Cedric Alexander, Jinder Mahal, Sheamus

Pearce and Deville walk upon the group of wrestlers arguing. They try to calm them, regarding the Money in the Bank qualifying matches. Sheamus insists he shouldn't have to compete because of his United States title. Pearce points out if his nose is good, then he can defend the title. Sheamus quickly asks like his nose is hurt and excuses himself. Jinder Mahal is upset that "Johnny Drip Drip" was chosen over the Modern-Day Maharajah. Jinder complains about Drew's 9,000th title shot. Jinder then asks Pearce to consider him as an alternate if one of the participants doesn't make it to Money in the Bank.

Money in the Bank Qualifying Match: Riddle vs Drew McIntyre

Riddle makes his way out first, solo, and we head to break. After the break, Drew makes his way out and we're ready to begin. After the bell rings, both men lock up. Drew easily pushes Riddle into the corner and the ref forces the break. Riddle and McIntyre lock up again, and again Drew overpowers Riddle and forces him into the corner. Riddle hops up on the turnbuckle and ropes, latching on so the ref forces Drew back. Riddle feints a lockup and looks to pick the leg, but McIntyre has him scouted and blocks it. Both men separate and lock up again. Riddle nails a hard high kick to Drew's back--bruised and scarred severely from last night--and Drew flips out from the pain, taking Riddle into the corner and pummeling him. Drew takes Riddle into another corner and suplex tosses him completely across the ring, covering for a two. McIntyre slugs it out with Riddle in the corner before hitting a Falcon Arrow for a close two.
Drew pulls Riddle to the corner and smashes his face into the turnbuckle. Drew with a big chop in the corner that leaves Riddle on his knees, screaming in pain. Drew looks for a traditional suplex; Riddle puts on the brakes and throws rights, attempting to gain separation. Riddle comes off the ropes fast and runs right into a big arm from McIntyre, who lays him out and covers for two. McIntyre whips Riddle to the corner again and chases, but Riddle dodges. McIntyre looks for a middle-rope attack but Riddle rips the legs out from McIntyre, dropping him hard on his ravaged back. Riddle with a Bro-ton! Riddle locks on and shows off impressive power, hitting a gut-wrench suplex on McIntyre! Riddle hangs on, looking for a second, but McIntyre counters it. A big right from McIntyre sends Riddle outside. McIntyre follows and Riddle makes him pay for it, ramming him back into the ring post. McIntyre grunts in pain and Riddle connects with a belly-to-belly suplex, leaving the former champ writhing in pain on the ringside floor as we go to break!
Back from the break. McIntyre with blows to Riddle and attempts to hoist him up, but Riddle wiggles free. Riddle with speedy strikes and an Exploder Suplex. As Drew sits up, Riddle kicks him right in the back across the welts, grinning. Riddle looks for another Bro-ton but McIntyre gets his knees up and deflects Riddle against the ropes. Both men rise about the same time. Riddle charges right into a belly-to-belly suplex toss, then another! McIntyre with a neckbreaker. McIntyre kips up and hols his back, resting his face on the turnbuckle and in excruciating pain. McIntyre grimaces and returns to Riddle, latching him up in a butterfly underhook, looking for the Future Shock DDT. Riddle reverses and attempts a pin, but Drew kicks out. Saxton states that the wounds upon McIntyre's back don't compare to the wounds on his soul because he lost last night. Finally both men rise. McIntyre looks for the Reverse Alabama Slam but Riddle fights it...until McIntyre overpowers him and slams him into the mat hard, covering for two. McIntyre sets Riddle in a rear position upon the top turnbuckle then ascends behind him. Drew stands on the top rope as Riddle stands on the ring post. Riddle throws back elbows, knocking McIntyre down--and he crotches himself on the turnbuckle. Riddle with more back elbows, dropping McIntyre into a Tree of Woe! McIntyre quickly swings his torso up, grabs Riddle, and throws him across the mat. Both men are down as Randy Orton slowly walks to the ramp, arms crossed. Riddle smiles huge, exclaiming "Randy!" as we go to break.
Back from the break. Randy Orton still stands at the top of the ramp as McIntyre, on the middle rope, looks for White Noise on Riddle. Riddle counters with a Powerbomb, then connects with a big knee to the face for a close two. Riddle posts up in the corner, exhausted, then wraps up McIntyre in a rear waistlock. McIntyre with a Michinoku Driver and Riddle has a wardrobe malfunction. Haha. He quickly pulls his pants up his bum while Drew attempts to cover, kicking out in time. Drew climbs the turnbuckle slowly, waiting for Riddle to rise. Drew leaps off at Riddle, but Riddle hops up and locks in an armbar! Riddle converts to a Triangle submission! McIntyre attempts a one-armed Powerbomb but Riddle rolls through. Riddle with a Crucifix pin attempt, but McIntyre counters by rolling through and connecting with a Future Shock DDT. McIntyre sits in the corner, then sets up for a Claymore. Riddle attempts to get up but collapses to his chest on the mat. McIntyre pulls Riddle up and the two engage in a quick sequence of counters, culminating with Riddle nailing McIntyre with the Ripcord knee strike! McIntyre tries to rise and Riddle plants him with a kick to the back of the head. Riddle drags McIntyre into position and heads up to. Riddle goes for the Floating Bro, but McIntyre moves. Riddle with a counter into another submission, and McIntyre powers to his feet and flings Riddle off. Riddle rolls through and immediately charges back in, connecting with a Flying Knee! McIntyre with a Glasgow Kiss to gain separation! Riddle with a fast strike and rolls up Drew McIntyre to pick up the win! He excitedly yells "Randy!" after winning, riding up the ramp on his scooter to celebrate with Randy. He tries to get an upset-looking Orton to smile, and offers him his RK-Bro coffee mug. "What's wrong? Randy, you can talk to me, talk to me Randy...I'm always here for you bro!" Riddle makes faces and continues, trying to cheer Orton up but it doesn't work.
Your Winner and Advancing to the Money in the Bank, Riddle!

Backstage: the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers the New Day

Woods and Kingston are shown backstage, firing each other up, as Woods will be taking on Lashley in our Hell in a Cell main event--next!

Previously on Raw...

We get clips from the last few Raw episodes, showing the dissolution of the partnership between Elias and Jaxson Ryker leading to two matches. Both matches ended with Elias fleeing cowardly up the ramp.

Backstage: Jaxson Ryker and Mansoor

Ryker is whipping himself with a leather strap, and Mansoor walks up. He wants to ask Ryker for advice. Ryker stays silent and Mansoor is about to walk off. Ryker speaks, telling Mansoor that his first lesson is never let your enemy escape. He tells Mansoor that when you identify your enemy, you never let them escape. So next week, Ryker will take on Elias in a strap match. After going on a bit creepily, Mansoor tells him "it makes perfect sense. Thanks man." He turns to leave when Mustafa Ali walks up in a gorgeous suit behind him. Ali tells Mansoor that he's still asking the same, wrong questions, and should be asking why neither of them are in the Money in the Bank match. Ali tells Mansoor that if he can't climb the ladder to success, he needs to build his own ladder. We hear smacks and the camera turns to show Ryker once again flailing himself like a Templar.

Hell in a Cell Non-Title Main Event Match: WWE Champion Bobby Lashley w/ MVP vs Xavier Woods w/ Kofi Kingston

We return to the ThunderDome arena as the New Day make their way out. Woods enters the Cell and we go to break. After the break, WWE Champion Bobby Lashley makes his way out. The bell rings and both men are locked in our cell, with Kofi and MVP pacing outside the ring. Lashley overpowers Xavier early on. Lashley abuses Woods with strong strikes and slams. Woods escapes to the outside, retrieving a steel chair. Before he can use it, Lashley punches the chair right into Woods' face! Woods starts an early comeback, catching Lashley between the cage and ring. Woods puts his agility and high-octane offense on display, successfully keeping the champ hemmed in the ringside cage and uses chair shots to keep the Almighty One downed as we go to break.
Back from the break. Jimmy Smith points out that Lashley has not let up for even a moment during the break. Lashley works Woods over against the ropes, pounding his face with big rights. Lashley rushes Woods, but Woods dodges and sends Lashley over the top. Woods looks for a Baseball Slide but Lashley pulls the ring skirt back, trapping Woods in it as he slides out. Lashley uses the skirt to blind Woods and pounds on him as MVP yells words of encouragement and Kingston tries to fire up Woods. Lashley with a strong whip, sending Woods running face-first into the steel cage. Lashley takes Woods into the ring with a Kendo stick, then stands on Woods neck and uses the top rope to assist with leverage. Woods screams as Lashley seems to push down as hard as he can. Lashley pulls woods up; a table's been set up in the opposite, off-camera corner. Lashley again beats Woods in the corner. Woods looks for a roll-up but Lashley stomps him back into the mat. Lashley whips Woods into the ropes. Woods ducks under two clothesline attempts then hits a spear (to Lashley's left arm, not his body). Woods picks up the Kendo stick and whacks Lashley with it, sending the champ to the outside. Woods follows outside and whacks Lashley again, then uses the point of the Kendo stick to push against Lashley's throat. MVP tries to coach Lashley, telling him to treat Woods as a clown even as Woods hits Lashley with another stick. Woods takes it back into the ring.
Woods swings with the Kendo but Lashley grabs it. Woods with a quick blow to stun the champ. Woods off the ropes, looking for a handspring move but Lashley catches him. Woods reverses and rolls up Lashley for a close two! Woods charges Lashley in the corner. Lashley dumps Woods over the top; Woods lands on the apron and hits a step-up Enziguri to stun the champ. Woods with a beautiful springboard-assisted Tornado DDT, nearly picking up the win. Woods grabs the table in the corner and extends its legs, setting it up proper. Lashley catches Woods afterwards, looking for a Powerbomb through the table. Woods escapes and lays Lashley out across the table with a superkick. Woods climbs the top rope, walks along it and dives off--hitting a picture-perfect elbow drop onto the champ all the way across the ring and through the table! Woods with a close two! Woods charges Lashley but the champ dodges. Lashley with a punch then sends Woods face-first into a steel chair wedged between the ropes. Lashley stalks Woods, waiting...waiting...and nearly spears Woods in half! Lashley locks in the Hurt Lock and Woods immediately taps!
Your Winner by Submission, WWE Champion Bobby Lashley!

After the Match

The ref exits the cage and MVP quickly enters, locking the cage behind him and taking the key. Lashley picks up Woods, puts him in the Hurt Lock and shoves him against the steel cage. MVP taunts Kofi as he's helpless to save his friend from outside the cage. We fade to black. our 27th Fast 9 commercial.

In Closing

And that does it for tonight's program. We here at Rajah.com hope you all have a wonderful week. Try to avoid the heat, stay sweet, and then repeat--here, tomorrow, for the show AEW wishes it was--NXT! Stay safe out there, y'all, and goodnight.

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