WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results (7/05/2021): ThunderDome III, Yuengling Center, Tampa, FL


Welcome one and all to Monday Night Raw! Your host tonight is the original Rajahmaniac, Rajah.com's red-and-yellow reporter, Mike "Hulk" Hogan. For the next three hours, we'll have live results coverage, with updates every five to seven minutes. And with the start of nWo week starting today, we've got a heckuva show ahead of us.

Our official preview has the previously announced tag match between the New Day and the Hurt Business, a singles match between Ricochet and Morrison, and a special episode of Miz TV featuring McIntyre, Morrison, Riddle & Ricochet. We'll also hear from Charlotte Flair.

All this and much more, tonight on Raw! So with all that said, let's get things started! For those of you who want just the results and not the novella, click here!

WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results (7/05/2021): ThunderDome III, Yuengling Center, Tampa, FL

Welcome to the ThunderDome!

Jimmy Smith, the wonderful Byron Saxton, and Corey Graves welcome us to the ThunderDome for one of the final times. We hype Money in the Bank and immediately get to Miz TV>

Miz TV feat. Money in the Bank Raw Participants Drew McIntyre, Morrison, Riddle and Ricochet

The Miz and Morrison are already in the ring with the Miz TV set up. The Miz is still in his wheelchair. The Miz hypes "America's Moist Wanted" John Morrison's chance to win and hypes the live audience at the event in Texas. Morrison refers to his friends as the "Aqua-holics." The Miz calls out Drew McIntyre first. He comes out on the mic and admits that the Miz did beat him using the MitB contract, but only after McIntyre fought a brutal match. McIntyre states he will win the Money in the Bank Ladder Match and use it to take on any champion on any brand he wants. He and the duo exchange words. They call him a "splashhole" and hope that Jinder Mahal destroys Drew later tonight. Drew states he's a distant relative of Davey Crockett. And just like Crockett, he'd rather die in Texas than deal with them. Next out comes Ricochet. Ricochet tells us he's a little shook about last week, and he knows Johnny is too, but he will literally use the Miz in his wheelchair as a battering ram on his way to win the MitB. Ricochet and Morrison exchange smack talk, and Morrison calls Ricochet "dry." Riddle is out next. We get clips from last week's match between Styles and Riddle.
Riddle climbs the ladder and sits at the top. He's sad that his buddy Randy Orton isn't in the Money in the Bank match. So he dedicates this match to Orton--raising his hand and face heavenwards--wherever he may be. He then tells the Miz that after he wins, he's going to take Randy out for pancakes or such. The Miz screams at him to shut up and is baffled as to why Orton hasn't punt kicked Riddle to hell yet. Raw Tag Team Champions AJ Styles & Omos make their way out next. Styles tells the Miz that he doesn't speak for anyone. Styles then enters the ring and complains, pointing out that Orton couldn't make the match last week so it should have been McIntyre and Styles only. He points out that Riddle is the one who was pinned in their triple threat match last week. Riddle smiles down at him, telling Styles he looks cute all the way "down there" like a rabbit. He tells Omos that he's almost as tall as Riddle now; Omos shoves the ladder and Riddle falls to the canvas hard, landing on the right foot injured last week. Omos grabs the ladder and throws it out the ring. The Miz and Morrison cower into one corner; McIntyre and Ricochet stand beside Riddle, with the Raw tag team champions stand between the groups. Morrison takes a cheap shot on Ricochet, but Ricochet gets his revenge by throwing Morrison out with a springboard dropkick. Styles and Omos leave the ring. Riddle re-enters the ring. Omos attempts to enter again but McIntyre clotheslines him over the top of the rope. We head to break.

Singles Match: Ricochet vs "Johnny Drip-Drip" Morrison

When we return from break, we start our first match of the night. Both men start off with strikes. Ricochet takes the first lead and uses working holds and a headlock to slow down Johnny Drip-Drip. Morrison breaks it after a long moment and takes the battle to Ricochet. The Moistest Wrestler in the WWE battles Ricochet in the corner, then uses the bottom rope for a guillotine slingshot. Sick. Morrison applies a headlock on a seated Ricochet, then transitions into a unique back handed neck crank. Morrison strikes Ricochet with knees and feet as Ricochet attempts to gain some offense. Morrison with a neckbreaker and a pin attempt. Two count only. Morrison transitions into another headlock. Graves can't imagine what it's like to wake up in the morning and be "America's Moist Wanted." Morrison transitions the headlock into a neck crank. Morrison with a big right that staggers and drops Ricochet. Ricochet starts his comeback, using a headscissors takedown to send Morrison outside to the Miz's side. Ricochet looks for a suicide move but Morrison moves. Ricochet with a very impressive ringside maneuver, in which he runs up behind the Miz's wheelchair, flips over the Miz and lands Hurricanrana-position on Morrison, but the Moist One counters it into a wicked Powerbomb against the barricade as we go to break!
Back from the break. Morrison unloads on Ricochet in the corner with kicks and strikes. Morrison batters Ricochet to the center of the ring and hits a double-stomp. Ricochet with a roll-up for a two, followed by a rear grapple transitioned into another roll-up attempt. Morrison whips Ricochet into the ropes but Ricochet counters with a knee to the face. Morrison counters with a beautiful standing Spanish Fly, wow. Morrison covers for two. Morrison with side submission, grinding and striking his elbow into Ricochet's left ribs. Ricochet and Morrison struggle in the corner, and Ricochet starts another comeback sequence. Ricochet kicks Morrison back out of the corner, rushes Morrison and hits the Satellite DDT! Ricochet with strikes to Morrison's face; Morrison covers up and Ricochet redirects his blows to the midsection. Ricochet with a very close two after a clubbing forearm followed by a Discus Clothesline. Outside the ring, the Miz unloads his Drip Stick all over Ricochet's face. Ricochet is incensed, and Morrison uses it to his advantage. Morrison with strikes followed by a running knee. Morrison looks for a springboard elbow drop but Ricochet rolls out the way. Ricochet and Morrison rise, the latter on the apron. Ricochet charges the ropes, leaps over, grabs Morrison and hits a form of a....an airborne gut-wrench side suplex? That's unique. The Miz cheers and helps Morrison, and Morrison rolls into the ring. Ricochet cannot make the ten count and, just like last week, is counted out. The Miz repositions his wheelchair, forcing Ricochet to crawl a bit further out of the way--and costing him the match.
Your Winner by Count-out, "America's Moist Wanted" John Morrison!

Backstage: Jinder Mahal and Indus Sher

Jinder drives up on a fancy red sports bike and discusses it with the tag team of Indus Sher in what I am assuming is Hindi. He's asked about his match tonight. Mahal points out that he and McIntyre used to be friends but when Mahal asked him about buying a bike, McIntyre essentially blew him off. Now Mahal is butthurt and out for revenge as he feels McIntyre took his spot in the MitB match.

Backstage: Nia Jax, Shayna Baszler, and Reginald the Sommelier

Will I ever stop using the word sommelier? No. Backstage, the trio are talking. Reggie warns them that, behind them, Bliss is standing in the shadows. The camera and the duo turn to look; no joy. Shayna verbally lays in to Reggie as she's tired of his games. They walk off and, just before we head to break, the camera pans back to show Alexa Bliss in the shadows again. We'll have a big eight-woman tag match tonight.

Previously on Raw & Order: Special Recap Unit: the New Day & the Hurt Business

We return from the break and are given a video package recounting the feud between the New Day and the Hurt Business. We're reminded how Lashley destroyed Woods in the Hell in a Cell as Kofi was helpless to aide his brother. Kofi points out MVP's knee injury has been milked for six months. Kofi threatens to hurt Lashley for what he did to Woods; MVP thinks Kofi's deluded. The clip ends with Kofi attacking MVP, leaving him on the floor and yelling "now you're hurt!"

Backstage: Naomi, Asuka and Nikki A.S.H.

Naomi and Asuka congratulate the former Nikki Cross, now Nikki A.S.H. (Almost a Super Hero) on her new outfit and enthusiasm, as well as her name and confidence. She reminds them she's not a superhero, she's almost a superhero. She hears her theme and heads out.

Eight-Woman Tag Match: Alexa Bliss, Nikki Ash (fka Nikki Cross), Naomi & Asuka vs Nia Jax, Shayna Baszler, Eva Marie & DouDrop

Nikki is out first, followed by Alexa. We go to break. Afterwards, the rest of our competitors make their entrances. We're reminded that, just like with the men's division, the women's division has completely filled their Money in the Bank slots for Raw. SmackDown has two women (Carmella & Zelina Vega) so far. We also get a quick video clip from DouDrop's win last week over Asuka. We're also reminded Eva Marie & DouDrop = Alexa Bliss & Nia Jax 2.0 it seems. We start with Doudrop and Naomi. Both women circle. Eva Marie slaps DouDrop on the back, tagging herself in. DouDrop isn't exactly thrilled but exits. Eva locks up with Naomi, pushing her into the corner. Naomi shoves her back. Eva with a slap to Naomi, then cowardly runs and tags DouDrop in. Naomi drops Dou with a dropkick, sending her outside. Naomi attacks Baszler & Jax; Asuka takes out DouDrop at ringside. Eva heads into the ring to celebrate and Bliss sneaks up behind her, catching her by surprise and screaming to scare her. Eva flees out the ring and we flee to a commercial break.
Back from the break. Alexa Bliss and DouDrop are going at it in the ring. Dou whips Bliss but Bliss puts the brakes on, grabbing the ropes. Nikki A.S.H. tags in and works hard to get DouDrop down, but to one knee. Asuka is tagged in quickly and fires off a few kicks to DouDrop before Dou takes down the Empress of Tomorrow. The Dou tags in Jax and both women run off ropes, pancaking Asuka between them! Jax attempts a cover on Asuka but gets two. Jax tags in Baszler and restrains Asuka as Baszler fires off a trio of gut punches. Baszler attempts a pin for maybe a 0.25. Asuka was lightning-fast on that kick out. Baszler, frustrated, kicks Asuka. Baszler begins to manipulate a grounded Asuka's left ankle with a vicious ankle twist. Baszler with a knee pick. Baszler takes Asuka to the heel corner and tags in Eva Marie. Eva kicks Asuka in the corner for a few seconds and tags in Jax. Jax with a Scoop Slam followed by a cover for two. Breaking: Riddle vs Styles tonight. Did not see that one coming. In the ring, Asuka hits a desperate jawbreaker to gain some separation. Jax attempts to clear Asuka's corner, attacking Nikki A.S.H. and sending her to the floor. Jax beats Asuka back...and Bliss begins walking along the apron, hypnotizing Reggie once again. Jax calls to Reggie, and Baszler claps hands and calls his name, trying to break the trance. Baszler, upon realizing it isn't working, rushes around the ring and rips Bliss off the apron. In the ring, Asuka uses the chaos to drop Jax. Jax tags Eva Marie, the only person standing in her corner. Eva attempts a few movies but is out seconds later, once Baszler is up. Baszler tackles Asuka and looks for an armbar. Asuka fights it and staggers back, tagging Naomi in. Asuka wraps up Baszler from behind. Naomi executes a Scissors Kick, and Asuka uses the backwards momentum to hit a German suplex. Chaos breaks out as multiple tags are made quickly. Baszler and Nikki wind up as our two legal opponents. Jax makes a blind tag to Baszler; Nikki doesn't realize it as she rolls up Baszler, just like last week. Jax attacks A.S.H. from behind, connects with a Samoan Drop and picks up the win.
Your Winners, Nia Jax, Shayna Baszler, Eva Marie and DouDrop!

After the Match

Eva Marie stops the ring announcer from doing their job, and grabs the mic. Eva Marie announces the winner of this match as being solely herself. In the ring, Baszler and Jax are pissed and question "what'd she just say?"

Backstage: the Hurt Business

Our UK interviewer walks into the Hurt Business' backstage room, where MVP and the Chief Hurt Officer of the Hurt Business are holding a special session with their, uh, junior executives? MVP snaps, demanding to know how the hell the interviewer keeps getting in their room. Lashley promises to eviscerate his enemies, then they kick him out. That's the gist of it.

Singles Match: Mustafa Ali vs Mansoor

Ali makes his way out as we go to break. After the break, Mansoor makes his way out. Our commentary team hype this as a mentor/student match. Mansoor and Ali spent the first two minutes locking up and forcing ref breaks from shoving each other in corners. Ali takes time to yell lessons to Mansoor. Ali with a cross body followed by an arm drag transitioned into a headlock. Again, Ali continues to jaw at Mansoor. Mansoor whips Ali off and chases, taking him down with a back elbow. Mansoor is livid and yells for Ali to get the hell up. Ali rises, grinning, and is promptly chopped down twice by Mansoor before being whipped into the corner. Mansoor with a big Spinebuster followed by a pin attempt. Mansoor kicks Ali; Ali falls back into the ropes and his foot gets stuck between the second and third rope as his body hangs off the side of the ring. Ali screams in pain. Mansoor exits to the apron and assists the ref in pushing the ropes apart, freeing Ali. Ali holds his knee in pain on the mat. Mansoor comes over to check on him and Ali rolls him up, picking up the dirty win. Afterwards, Ali yells to Mansoor that he's gotta fight with his head, not just his heart.
Your Winner, Mustafa Ali!

Backstage: with Drew McIntyre and his BS

Back in the gorilla, Drew now claims his sword is literally made from the tooth of the Loch Ness monster. He relates a tale of how a young warrior used a Claymore to kick the tooth out of Nessy's mouth. And she taught him, and told him that one day he'd go to Fort Worth Texas and win the MitB ladder match. He does not inform us if he will begin to wear a raccoon-skin hat and carry a musket, since he's related to Davey Crockett.

Singles Match: Drew McIntyre vs Jinder Mahal with Indus Sher (Shanky & Veer)

Cue the bagpipes! Out comes former WWE Champion, the Scottish Psychopath, the Kin of Davey Crockett, the Wielder of the Loch Ness Monster-Tooth Sword, Drew McIntyre. And we go to break. Afterwords, Jinder makes his way out with Shanky and Veer. Mahal and Drew eye each other. Shanky is taller than McIntyre and Mahal. After a stare-down, we get this match started. Both men lock up and struggle for control. Both break and lock up again, with Drew breaking it this time by whipping Jinder into the ropes. Mahal with a shoulder block that bounces Drew into the ropes, and rebounds him back--hitting Mahal with a shoulder block that sends him to the mat. Mahal takes control, showing no signs of ring rust as Graves points out, and works McIntyre over in the corner. McIntyre fires out the corner with a clothesline, then sends Mahal into the corner. Drew with big chops and fists. Mahal fights back with strikes of his own. Both men struggle for control until Drew pummels Mahal into the corner. Drew with a really stiff shot that seems to rock Mahal, and the ref checks on him. Mahal seems fine and they continue. Mahal with a textbook suplex. Mahal with a kick to the face, then another, to a downed McIntyre. Mahal runs off the ropes and right into an Exploder Suplex! Mahal rolls out of the ring and McIntyre pursues. Indus Sher check on Mahal. Jinder uses the distraction to throat-punch Drew! Mahal with a suplex across the announcer's table as we go to break!
Back from the break. When we return, Mahal is still in control as he uses a chinlock on a seated McIntyre. Mahal with a clubbing forearm followed by a headlock. McIntyre powers to a vertical base and gains separation with a pair of thunderous chops. McIntyre off the rope but Mahal catches him with the Kitchen Sink leaping knee strike, covering for two. Mahal continues to punish McIntyre, using the ropes to help choke him. Mahal maintains control for a minutes, working over McIntyre until Drew finally, finally has had enough. Drew with a trio of Exploder Suplexes to drop the Modern-Day Maharajah! McIntyre with a big swing to a neckbreaker, followed by a kip-up. McIntyre with the Future Shock DDT, stunning Mahal. McIntyre backs into a corner and begins counting down. Three...two...and is cut off as Shanky and Veer hit the ring, attacking McIntyre and causing the disqualification.
Your Winner by Disqualification, Drew McIntyre!

After the Match

Jinder Mahal, Veer and Shanky work over the former champ before Mahal runs up the ramp, leaving McIntyre down and out. We get replays. Afterwards, Mahal accuses McIntyre of stealing his Money in the Bank Opportunity and has decided to steal McIntyre's family sword.

Backstage Interview: the New Day

Our eleven-time tag team champions, who were just voted on WWE.com as the greatest tag team in history, are asked if they had to adjust strategy as tonight's tag match was originally to be a singles match. Kofi points out their record and isn't worried about it. He focuses on MVP's miraculous healing from the knee injury he's had for six months. Woods tells us that he went to Hell and back with Lashley but he came back. He also tells us that once they're live, in front of an audience, they're going to see Kofi Kingston walk out of MitB and go on to defeat Lashley as WWE Champion. Kofi quotes Kevin Arnette, reminding us that "anything is possible!" Kofi then states he's put his time in preparing this while Lashley keeps taking days off.

Tag Team Match: Mace & T-Bar vs the Lucha House Party

Mace and T-Bar make their way out as we head to break. After a break, Lince Dorado comes out in a Kane-themed outfit and Gran Metallik. We start with Dorado and T-Bar. Lince ducks under T-Bar and hits a chop. Quick Hurricanrana from Dorado to drop T-Bar to a knee. T-Bar quickly recovers and hammers Dorado down. Dorado with boots to the face and dives off the top, looking for a cross body, but T-Bar catches Dorado mid-air, drops him across his knee for a rib-breaker, then throws Dorado outside to the floor. T-Bar streaks over to attack Metallik on the apron. Mace is tagged in. Mace works Dorado over on the ringside floor before taking it in. Mace tags in T-Bar and lifts him up for a Big Boot double-team. Dorado manages to kick out. An incensed T-Bar stomps away at him before tagging in Mace. Mace takes his turn stomping away at Dorado. Mace with a springboard elbow drop followed by a pin attempt. Dorado gets the shoulder up. Mace is incensed, too. Dorado with a dropkick that staggers Mace. Dorado attempts to leap over Mace and make the hot tag to Metallik, who's still not entered the match yet, but Mace manages to push him back just enough. Mace sends Metallik off the apron and tags in T-Bar. Metallik hits the ring and takes Mace outside. Dorado connects with another Hurricanrana and quickly steals the match with a roll-up, barely getting the three. Dorado dives over the top rope out of the ring and scrambles up the ramp with Metallik.
Your Winners, the Lucha House Party!

Backstage: Riddle and Damian Priest

Riddle, backstage and seated on an equipment case, is tending to his injured foot when the Archer of Infamy shows up. Priest and Riddle greet as friends and Priest checks in on Riddle. Priest warns Riddle to be careful with AJ, so as not to injure himself further and put his Money in the Bank ladder match in jeopardy. Riddle relates a story of breaking his foot when he was younger, and how he stood up, climbed up, and proved he could fight through pain. He doesn't fear heights, he doesn't fear Styles, and he's doing this--he kisses his fingers and looks heavenward--for Orton, "wherever you are!"

Singles Match: Raw Tag Team Champion AJ Styles w/ Omos vs Riddle

Our Raw tag team champions make their way out and we head to a break. After a break, Riddle makes his way out alone for the second week in a row. Riddle limps on his scooter down the ramp and into the ring. He has his right foot wrapped up and walks with a slight limp. Riddle does his springboard entrance but his foot hurts, so he pulls off his flip flops instead of kicking them off. Smith comments that Riddle is clearly in no shape to compete tonight. Riddle, all smiles, doesn't seem to mind. Our bell rings and we're off. Riddle circles with Styles as AJ asks if he's crazy for competing injured. Riddle limps a bit as he circles about. After about half a minute, both men lock up. AJ immediately goes for the right leg but Riddle quickly escapes. Styles continues to talk smack. Styles looks for a low kick to the injured foot, but Riddle moves it out the way. Styles tells Riddle that he's going to hurt him. Riddle with a grapple take-down and both men jockey for position before breaking. Styles takes the upper hand, using stomps and kicks to Riddle's injured ankle and his right knee. Riddle with a knee breaker. Styles goes for another but Riddle floats over and rolls Styles up for a two. Riddle with a kick but drops to the mat after a single well-placed kick from Styles to Riddle's injured foot. Styles locks in an ankle-calf lock, looking to weaken up the Original Bro for a Calf Crusher. Styles attacks Riddle against the ropes. Styles is sent outside by a modified headscissors whip. Styles, furious, rushes to enter the ring. Riddle kicks Styles with his injured foot, catching him in the ropes. Riddle looks for Orton's Spike DDT but Styles catches Riddle's injured foot and makes him suffer for his insolence. Styles cockily enters the ring, all grins. Riddle channels his inner Karate Kid by taking the Crane Kick pose, his injured foot off the mat. Styles mocks him, laughing him and asking him if he's the Karate Kid...but, just like the Karate Kid, the kick works! Riddle closes in on Styles, battling him back into the corner. Riddle with a suplex toss, sending Styles out of the corner. Again, Styles desperately attacks Riddle's foot in an effort to take control. Styles unleashes his Styles Combination. Riddle attempts a comeback but, again, Styles shuts him down with a single stomp to the foot. Styles works Riddle over in the corner until the ref physically forces him back. As the ref warns Styles, Omos strikes from the outside, cutting the legs out from Riddle and dropping him hard on his back. Omos remains outside, acting innocent, as Riddle rolls in pain and we head to a break.
Back from the break. Styles and Riddle slug it out in the middle of the ring. Riddle goes for a left roundhouse kick; Styles ducks under and takes Riddle's injured foot. Styles locks in the Ankle Lock and Riddle screams in pain. Riddle, after a few long, painful moments, manages to roll through and flip Styles off. Styles looks for a Calf Crusher but Riddle rolls through and counters with a knee to the jaw! Both men are down. Riddle rises first and hits a standing Bro-ton for a close two count. Riddle still tends to his injured foot and uses the ropes to assist his ascent. Riddle heads after Styles, but Styles connects with a rope-assisted step-up. Styles looks for the Phenomenal Forearm but Riddle counters by yanking the top rope out, tripping Styles! Riddle sets Styles up and hits Orton's Spike DDT! Riddle holds his foot and wastes precious moments, slowly climbing the ropes. Riddle leaps for a Floating Bro but Styles rolls through; Riddle lands on his feet and drops hard. Styles picks Riddle up and hits a beautiful Torture Rack Driver for a close two! Impressive! Styles pulls up Riddle and looks for the Styles Clash. The Viking Raiders show up, in the digital crowd's front row, distracting Omos and Styles. Riddle rolls up Styles and steals the win! Afterwards Riddle loudly exclaims "I love you, Randy!" The Viking Raiders escort Riddle up the ramp in celebration.
Your Winner, Riddle!

Royal Announcement: Charlotte Flair

When we return from a break, we get a quick video from Raw last week's Flair match. Raw Women's Champion Rhea Ripley supposedly "injured" Flair. In the ring, Flair is on a crutch. "I know. It's shocking to see me like this. After Rhea took me out...with my own move? The NBA has been in turmoil after top stars being injured, like Anthony Davis and Harding. The Playoffs are ruined." She continues, stating that she might miss Money in the Bank. She accuses Ripley of dirty tactics, using Flair's own tactics to take Flair out before the title fight because Ripley is afraid of Flair. Flair states that Ripley is genius, because this is exactly what she would have done. Flair says "Nobody is better than Asuka! Charlotte Flair." Out comes Rhea Ripley on a crutch, mocking Flair as she limps down the ramp. Ripley sells the mock injury very, very well. She slowly uses the crutch and limps down to the ring, grimacing as if in pain and tender with her left foot. Flair watches her from the ring, not amused. Ripley even takes a few long moments to hobble up the stairs and calls for assistance. Ripley is aided by a WWE employee, who holds the ropes for her. She hobbles in and asks for a mic, still selling the injury. Flair accuses her of taking Flair's entrance, too. Ripley tells Flair that she's right, and Ripley can play Flair's game better than she can. She tells Flair that she knows she's being a drama queen. Flair tosses her crutch aside and shoves Ripley's. Both women walk around--neither injured. Flair takes off her heels and Ripley takes off her belt. They both pick up a crutch and circle. Flair mocks her, exclaiming "my knee, my knee!" as they circle each other. Both women then engage in the lamest sword fight ever with the crutches. Flair disarms Ripley and Ripley backs up. Ripley ducks under a swing and miss, then grabs a crutch and smacks Flair with it. Flair flees the ring and up the ramp, grinning back and indicating "you came this close" with a hand gesture. Ripley holds her belt high as we end this segment.

Tag Team Match: Elias & Cedric Alexander vs Jaxson Ryker & R-Truth

Our competitors make their way out for this match. We're reminded of the recent history between Ryker and Elias, including their strap match last week. R-Truth wraps down to the ring, with the ThunderDome audience enthusiastically joining him in "Wassup" chants. Awesome! R-Truth speaks. "WWE Universe! Make some noise! Wassup?" Suddenly, 24/7 Champion Tozawa runs down the ramp and into the ring, looking over his shoulder. Truth tries to roll him up and steal the 24/7 title, but catering chases Tozawa. Truth runs up the ramp, chasing the group and abandoning his partner. The bell rings and Ryker starts with Cedric Alexander. Ryker sends Cedric to the apron Cedric fires back with a kick. Cedric starts to run his mouth off but Ryker punishes him for it, slamming him hard before tossing him to his corner. Ryker yells for Cedric to tag Elias, repeatedly. Elias hops off the apron and, for the third time in four matches, leaves the ring and up the ramp as Ryker yells this isn't over. Cedric attempts to use the distraction but runs right into a spinning sidewalk slam. Ryker covers for the win.
Your Winner, Jaxson Ryker!

Tag Team Main Event Match: the New Day vs the Hurt Business

After entrances and a word from our sponsors, we finally start our match. The match starts slow, with a rejuvenated MVP taking a slight edge over Xavier Woods early on. The wily veteran uses slow, deliberate strikes to keep Woods off balance. Woods rebounds from ropes, to ropes, to ropes before hitting a chopblock to take out MVP's previously-injured knee. Woods looks to tag in Kofi but MVP tries to escape. Woods prevents MVP from tagging in Lashley by grabbing his foot. Kofi tags in and drops on MVP, then begins working on MVP's arm. MVP gets to his feet and breaks the hold, laying out Kofi with a blow. MVP with a hair-pull mat slam before tagging in the WWE Champion. Lashley enters and whips Kofi into the ropes, then uses a big shoulder to hammer Kofi down to the mat. Lashley throws Kofi into the corner and pummels him with fists and shoulder thrusts as the ref warns him. Lashley breaks back and pulls Kofi into a neckbreaker for a pin attempt. Kofi kicks out at one. Lashley maintains control for several long moments, then tags in MVP. MVP looks for a vertical suplex but Kofi escapes and dropkicks MVP in the back. MVP falls into the New Day corner, and Kofi stomps away at MVP! Kofi tags Woods, who stomps a mudhole into MVP as the ref warns, and tags Kofi back in. Woods whips Kofi towards MVP, and Kofi connects with a vicious basement dropkick to the face. Kofi sends MVP outside. Lashley heads around the ring to check on his friend, but Woods drops the champ with a springboard dropkick. Kofi with a suicide dive on Lashley to send the champ down again! Kofi yells "let's go, Bobby, let's go" as we head to break!
Back from the break. We return to find our Almighty Champion still firmly in control. Lashley man-handles Woods, using a quick suplex to floor Woods before working on the neck and shoulder. Lashley toys with woods, dropping across his back and jawing at Kofi. Lashley drags Woods by the hair towards the Hurt Business corner and tags in MVP. Lashley holds Woods' arms back, and MVP with three cheap shots before the ref issues a warning. MVP goes back to focusing on the neck, using the middle rope to choke Woods while pounding Woods' face with right forearms until the ref forces the break again. Woods throws rights from a knelt position, attempting to fight back but MVP shuts him down with a single right fist. MVP takes a moment to showboat and hits a standing elbow drop for a close two. MVP goes back to stretching the neck and left shoulder. Woods looks to Kofi, desperate for a tag. Woods fights to his feet and throws rights, followed by a jawbreaker that leaves both men down. Woods kicks off MVP and hits the hot tag to Kofi! Kofi springboards into the ring, hitting MVP with a single Axe Handle strike. Kofi takes a cheap shot at Lashley. Kofi flips out of a suplex attempt and connects with a Facebuster! Kofi attacks Lashley on the apron again, hitting a second Superkick! Lashley returns to the apron and argues with Kofi before eating a third Superkick from Kofi Jackson Kingston! Lashley starts to fire back but Kofi shuts him down with a Trouble in Paradise! MVP with the tag and comes in, clubbing Kofi's back with yet more forearms. Woods wipes out Lashley at ringside. MVP goes for the Playmaker but Kofi counters and hits the Trouble in Paradise again! Kofi covers, picking up the win before Lashley can make the save!
Your Winners, the New Day!

After the Match

Lashley, enraged, sternly stares up the ramp at the New Day. He assists MVP up as Corey Graves plugs their match in two weeks at Money in the Bank. We fade to black.

In Closing

That does it for tonight's Raw! Don't forget: the Great American Bash airs tomorrow night, LIVE on the USA Network at 8/7 Central and the Mikester might have something for y'all! Good night and stay safe, Rajahmaniacs!

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