WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results (7/19/2021): American Airlines Center, Dallas, TX


Welcome one and all to Monday Night Raw! Coming to you live from UMMC and here to save your Raw results--and show you the way for the greater good--is your Monday Night Mikessiah, Mike Hogan. For the next three hours, you and I--we're going to go on a little trip. We'll have live results coverage of Raw, loquaciously irrelevant word-for-word quotes, underwhelming coverage of the 47 different backstage segments and your very own LIVE Roman Reigns entrance tracker! Oh, and we'll have updates every five to seven minutes so be sure to refresh this page frequently! Can you think of a better way to spend a dreary, hot, Monday night than with your fellow Rajahmaniacs? (Shh...don't burst the bubble)

Our official preview was drier than the Northwest, simply stating that John Cena will open tonight's Raw to explain his absolutely, totally unexpected and unforeseen return last night at Money in the Bank. Could the 16-time champ look to acknowledge his Tribal Chief, Roman Reigns? Did he get lost on his way to a convention? Or does he have sinister motives in store for our Head of the Table?

We'll find that out tonight, as well as handle the fallout from last night's Money in the Bank event. We'll also welcome our new Raw stage and we've got our first Raw before a real, live audience for Raw since early 2020.

All this and much more, next on Raw! Buckle your seatbelts, it's gonna be a bumpy ride! And so with all that said, let's get things started! For those of you who want just the results and not the novella, click here!

WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results (7/19/2021): American Airlines Center, Dallas, TX

Show Opener: John Cena Returns to Raw!

We open cold and, on cue, the Cena theme pops and so does the crowd as the WWE Universe welcomes back the Doctor of Thugonomics with the usual reaction-loud cheers, loud boos; cheers of "Cena sucks" which Cena tells us is so great to hear. Cena explains he's here because he's missed us, the WWE Universe. He hits the obligatory cheap pop by name-dropping Dallas, Texas. He tells us that he knows what everyone's thinking--"Yes, I will probably where the Peacemaker to the Suicide Squad premiere!" The crowd with another cheap pop. Cena addresses his return last night, and mocks Michael Cole playfully, then states Pat McAfee "still can't see me!" He then gives the credit to the live WWE Universe for making last night a success. He tells us that we, the WWE Universe, are who brought him back "...and it was Roman Reigns. So that brings me to the what. 'What am I here for?' The WWE Universal Championship. When? About five weeks from now, at a little event called SummerSlam. Where? Elysium Stadium, in Los Vegas--that's a pretty safe bet. Why?" He explains that he could tell us all about the main-event excitement of a packed-stadium, main-evening one of the biggest ppv's in wrestling history. Heck, he could tell us how he wants to break the record and become a 17-time champion. But that's not why he's back. He's come back because Roman "Reigns is an asshole." The crowd pops and starts an "asshole" chant. Cena continues on, cutting a promo that tears Roman a new one and calls him overrated. Cena tells us he'll be at SmackDown this Friday night to address Reigns directly but, until then, its time to get the show started! And out comes Riddle! Riddle makes his way down to the ring and engages in a...a...bro-duet with Cena, with both men alternating sing-speaking the word "bro" as the crowd pops. Cena heads off with a salute, and we head to break--our first match is up next.

Six-Man Tag Team Match: Riddle & the Viking Raiders vs Raw Tag Team Champions AJ Styles & Omos and Morrison w/ the Miz

When we return from break, "America's Moist Wanted" rolls the Miz out and forces the announcer to correct his entrance and call him AMW. Miz joins commentary with Dripsticks, blasting Byron Saxton and Jimmy Smith as Graves cracks up. All our other competitors are in the ring. We start with Styles & Riddle. Styes with a side headlock and a takedown. Styles runs into a high kick from Riddle, and is popped up quickly over Riddle's head. The Miz starts a "John-ny, John-ny, drip drip-drip drip" chant as Morrison makes the tag in. Riddle looks for an early working hold but the slippery and Moist One escapes. Riddle and Morrison with a short exchange of counters, leading to Riddle planting Morrison with a simple suplex and a pin attempt. Riddle tags in Ivar, who tags in Erik, and the Viking Raiders double-team the Moisturizer by whipping Morrison into a high knee. The Raiders execute a series of quick tags as they successfully keep Morrison in their half of the ring. Ivar looks for an easy cover but barely gets two. Riddle is tagged in. Morrison throws a kick to an entering Riddle; Riddle fires back with one of his own, but Morrison still manages to escape and tag in Styles. Styles takes down Riddle while Morrison dodges both Viking Raiders as they charge him--and Morrison grabs the top rope, yanking it down and sending the Raiders outside! Omos grabs Styles and throws him out as a human Discus, wiping out the Raiders and Riddle as we head to break!
Back from the break. The gargantuan Omos holds Riddle's face with a few fingers as the Original Bro throws futile attempts at strikes. Omos sends Riddle into the corner and once again exhibits the impressive speed of the 7'3, 400lb giant as he charges the corner and crushes Riddle with a devastating big elbow. Styles makes the tag in and uses a working hold on Riddle, working at the neck. Styles pulls Riddle to his feet and tags in Morrison. Morrison unleashes a series of punches and kicks, battering the tired Riddle. America's Moist Wanted with a beautifully-vicious rear chin lock, over-shoulder cranks. It takes Riddle several log moments to escape and gain some separation. Morrison tags in Styles, who intercepts Riddle. Riddle flips over Styles, dodges him and tags in Erik as the crowd pops. AJ Styles unleashes his Styles Combination, pummeling the drengr warrior with forearms and elbows. Erik stays in it, however, resisting the offense until Styles lays him out with a beautiful Pele Kick. Both men are down. Ivar of the Raiders and Morrison tag in. Morrison approaches Ivar and rolls over his back; Ivar copies him, showing off his own big-man mobility. Both men counter each other briefly until Ivar lays out Morrison with a big lariat. Ivar with a Bronco Buster on Morrison in the corner! Ivar heads up top, carefully perches on the top turnbuckle, and looks for a top-rope Moonsault! Morrison moves and Ivar eats nothing but canvas! Morrison heads up top, looking to capitalize on things, but completely misses a Starship Pain as Ivar moves! Outside the ring, Riddle grabs the Miz's Dripstick and blasts Omos with it, then throws it into the Miz's lap. The giant Omos angrily looks back. Morrison attempts to crawl across the ring in an effort to save his friend. Omos easily tosses him aside like a rag doll as the Miz begs for mercy, seeing how they're on the "same team." Erik and Ivar take advantage of this and hit the Viking Experience on Morrison, picking up the win in a solid match.
Your Winners, Riddle & the Viking Raiders!

WrestleMania Host Announced

We return from break and it's announced that Dallas will host next year's WrestleMania! And this guy will be there live come April!

In the Ring: Elias

Elias welcomes us to the ring, picking a few notes. He goads the crowd into a "WWE stands for...walk with Elias!" chant. Before he can begin, Jaxson Ryker interrupts him via the new tron screen. Ryker tells Elias that people are sick and tired of hearing Elias introduce himself over, and over, and over again. Ryker promises that after tonight, we'll never hear the words "Hello, I'm Elias..." ever again. His music plays and it's on like Donkey Kong!

Symphony of Destruction Match: Jaxson Ryker vs Elias

Prepare for your Corey Graves-fueled Megadeth song-name drops as we've got another Symphony of Destruction match! Actually, forget him, I'm a bigger Megadeth fan anyways. Ryker calmly makes his way down to the ring, like the Dawn Patrol, his eyes sizing up the musical weapons that surround the ring. Elias waits in the ring, all but Sweating Bullets as his opponent approaches. Graves reminds us that all of these beautiful, wonderful weapons are legal and you can only win by pin fall or submission. Ryker's set to Take No Prisoners as he and Elias lock up at the bell, with Elias taking a very early lead. Elias sends Ryker out on the ramp-side entrance of the ring, where Ryker spills to the floor by a Grand Piano. Ryker recovers fast and uses a cheap Casio keyboard to smack Elias with, beating, before attempting a pin fall at the ringside. Apparently this is also "falls count anywhere," too! Elias uses a cymbal stand to beat Ryker, then throws it into the ring as he plans his Architecture of Aggression against his former roadie. A huge gong is behind them at the announcer's table area. Ryker fights back and beats Elias' head off a drum set. The action continues back and forth at the ringside as our two Superstars battle Into the Lungs of Hell as we go to break.
Back from the break! Elias maintained control throughout the break but, as Ryker fires off several rights, Elias realizes that The Threat Is Real and sends Ryker outside of the ring. Elias attempts to send Ryker into the ring post, but Ryker counters and sends Elias' skull crashing into the ring post. Talking about a Rattlehead! Ryker takes control outside the ring, sending into the barricade. Elias finds himself Looking Down the Cross and attempts to fight back, using big chops to lay Ryker out across the top of the Grand Piano. Ryker starts his comeback, feeling Angry Again, and counters with a huge backflip onto the piano followed by a close cover for two. Both men slug it out on top of the piano yet again. Elias drops Ryker hard upon it and, in a moment of overconfidence and Trust, attempts to put away Ryker. Ryker kicks out. Elias is incensed, and commentator Jimmy Smith points out that Elias is desperate to figure out how to put down Ryker. The crowd loudly chants for Elias as he approaches a large cello. Elias smashes Ryker with big cello shots once, twice, and covers Ryker for a close two. Ryker refuses to Wake Up Dead, however, and just barely kicks out. Elias is fired up still, unleashing a proverbial Holy War on Ryker as he pounds him with fists at the ringside. Elias sends Ryker in and begins to ascent the turnbuckles. Elias and Ryker battle at the top. Ryker, feeling a need to dig deep In his Darkest Hour, pummels Elias' abdomen before hitting a beautiful Superplex off the top, through two tables to the outside floor, where Ryker proves that while Peace Sells...no one's buying. Ryker stretches a few fingers across the rubble to pick up the pin after a fantastic match.
Your Winner, Jaxson Ryker!

Backstage: WWE Officials Adam Pearce & Sonya Deville

The two officials are talking backstage with Mansoor when Ali walks up. Ali is surprised and incensed to learn that he's been put in a tag match tonight, by Mansoor, who in turn acknowledges the veteran Ali's wisdom. They head off and up walks United States Champion Sheamus. He complains about the apparently-resurrected beef with Humberto Carrillo. Sonya & Adam suggest he have a match to squash the beef if he wants any Rum Ham, and we go to break.

Charlotte Flair's Royal Coronation

When we return from break we get a healthy mix of boos and cheers as the new Raw Women's Champion, Charlotte Flair, makes her way out in a beautiful, bedazzled jumpsuit. She poses at the top of the ramp as the fans boo and we're treated to still-shots from last night's match. Graves praises Ripley for fighting valiantly, overcoming "attempt upon attempt" until the Queen "snapped.""This feels good," the Queen exclaims to more boos than cheers--but still a decent reaction. "I am so proud to be standing here as your Queen and new Raw...Women's...Champion!" Again more loud boos. "So, the last year and a half hasn't been kind to us but from adversity comes opportunity. And I am the opportunity! I am the opportunity that all of you have been begging for." More boos. "And that snake, Rhea Ripley, she's an opportunist. And you wanna know the difference between the opportunist and the opportunity? I don't need to take a page out of anyone's book. I created the book." Deep boos. "Rhea Ripley can do as many moves of mine as she wants, she'll (never measure up) to the original!" Charlotte tells us to look up the hashtag Charlotte Flair, which shows an outpouring of...--she's interrupted by a loud "Becky!" chant from the crowd. Flair tells the audience that Becky's busy at home breastfeeding her baby. Flair goes on to state that she's a one-time (and final) WWE Diva's Champion, a five-time SmackDown Women's Champion, and now a five-time Raw Women's Champion. She touts that she's the first eleven-time women's champion in WWE history. Flair goes on to tell us that she could beat Ripley any night of the week and if she had the opportunity to do it tonight--
And cue Rhea Ripley. Ripley makes her way slowly to the ring and gets on mic. Rhea opts to stay at ringside for a few moments before cautiously entering the ring. Ripley tells Flair that if the Queen thinks that she can beat Ripley any night, how about tonight? Flair asks if Ripley's even medically cleared because the last she saw her last night, Ripley was sitting in the corner holding her knee like a little girl. So Flair is going to have to decline. Enter WWE Officials Sonya Deville & Adam Pearce. They both exclaim "whoa, whoa, whoa" as they make their way to the top of the ramp. Deville first wants to congratulate the Queen on the milestone...but she believes Flair just boasted that she could beat Ripley any night of the week. Pearce adds that if Ripley says she's up for the fight--which she does--then he sees no reason why it can't be our mandatory ppv rematch for Raw. We'll have Flair vs Ripley for the Raw Women's title later tonight! Flair sneak attacks Ripley, striking the left knee that she made Ripley tap with last night. Ripley leaves the ring, puts on her heels as her music plays, and Ripley yells indiscernible words at her from the ring. For what it's worth, Ripley's modified look tonight is the best she's had since her call up.

Video Package: Women's Money in the Bank Recap

We get a series of stills and video clips showing the events of last night's Women's MitB match. It took the combined efforts of seven women to literally bury Bliss beneath a pile of ladders to keep the psychotic one at bay. The match ended when Nikki (Cross) A.S.H. streaked up the ladder behind six warring women and stole the MitB case from above their heads to win her first MitB match!

Later Tonight: Alexa's Playground

We cut to the Playground, where Bliss informs us that we'll have a very special guest later tonight.

Women's Non-Title Tag Team Match: WWE Women's Tag Team Champions Natalya & Tamina vs Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler w/ Reginald the Sommelier

Our tag team champs make their way out, followed by a Liberty Mutual Insurance video package highlighting their recent championship rain, as we head to break. Former WWE Women's Tag Team Champions Big & Nasty will be out next! Back from the break. This match apparently started during the break. Nia Jax is rocking a new hairdo, I love it. The match progresses slowly, with Nattie and Tamina slowing the pace of the match. Jax gets some offense in early on after our return. Reginald the Sommelier attempts to cause a distraction but is stopped by Nattie and, instead--and once again--distracts Shayna Baszler. Baszler turns into a Superkick from Tamina to end a short match.
Your Winners, WWE Women's Tag Team Champions Natalya & Tamina!

After the Match: Meltdown?

Jax & Reginald look on in shock from the ringside at what just happened. Baszler gets int he ring, telling Jax that she's sick of this--they were the champs, they were unstoppable, and once again Reggie's cost them. Nia Jax stands between Baszler and Reggie, hugging her boy toy...then connects with a big headbutt that lays out the Sommelier! The crowd starts a "Reggie sucks" chant as Jax & Baszler seem to have made amends and leave together, brushing off the poor, heart-broken Reggie. Suddenly, catering hit the ringside area as they chase 24/7 Champion Akira Tozawa. Akira flees to the ring. Reggie, every the opportunist, tricks Tozawa and rolls him up to steal the 24/7 Champion! The commentary team encourage him to smile before he flees up the ramp to avoid his 24/7 challengers. Reginald does a cool backflip over the top rope to avoid his challengers, then backflips up the ramp, briefly, and we get replays.
Your Winner and NEW 24/7 Champion, Reginald the Sommelier!

Later Tonight: NXT Champion Karrion Kross Debuts

We return from the break with a quick announcement that time's up, as the NXT Champion will make his Raw Debut tonight! What?!

Non-Title Championship Contender Single's Match: United States Champion Sheamus vs Humberto Carrillo

If Humberto wins, he will earn a future shot at the United States championship. We head to break. We're reminded upon our return that Carrillo broke Sheamus' nose. IN the ring, our match starts with Sheamus and Humberto exchanging blows. We get repeated comments from our announce team, regarding Sheamus' broken nose. Sheamus looks to suplex Humberto into the ring from the apron but Carrillo escapes. Carrillo flies into the ring with a diving cross body. We see Damian Priest watching from a screen in the back as Corey Graves reminds us that Priest and Sheamus have had some recent bad blood. In the ring, Carrillo locks onto Sheamus' protective face covering and attempts to rip it off. Sheamus stops him with back elbows. Carrillo sends Sheamus outside and attempts a Suicide Dive, but the Celtic Warrior catches him int he face with a double-Axe Handle Smash that stuns the youngster! Sheamus follows it up with an Apron Bomb and taunts the live crowd as we go to break! Back from the break. Sheamus is still in control, but his chest is red and bloody from the attacks Carrillo's executed on the Celtic ginger. Sheamus executes the Ten Beats of the Bodhran and controls for a few more moments. Carrillo starts his comeback, taking Sheamus into the corner. Carrillo intercepts Sheamus up top with a step-up high kick, then hits a Hurricanrana that sends the champ flying tot he apron and rolling to the outside. Carrillo then hits a picture-perfect Suicide Dive that sends Sheamus flying across the announcer's table! Carrillo sends Sheamus inside and climbs the turnbuckles. Carrillo locks on target, sizes him up, waits...and hits a beautiful Missile Dropkick that sends Sheamus sprawling and nearly picks up the win for the youngster Carrillo! Sheamus fights back and with a series of strikes and Brogue Kicks, Sheamus quickly turns things around and picks up the win--thanks in large part to his metal protective mask injuring the hand of Carrillo, stopping his momentum, and setting up the game-winning Broke Kick.
Your Winner, United States Champion Sheamus!

Video Package: WWE Championship Match

We get a short video that recapped last night's dominant win from the Almighty Champion, Bobby Lashley.

WWE Championship Open Challenge: Bobby Lashley with MVP

Out comes our champion to loud boos as our commentary team pushes his dominant performance last night after complaining of being "soft" last week. We head to break--who will step up? We'll find out after these words from our sponsors! Back from the break. Lashley fist bumps MVP. Lashley speaks. He informs us that he did everything last night to Kofi Kingston that he promised he would. The crowd boos loudly, and continues booing throughout the segment. MVP goes for a cheap pop after eliciting a boo, asking if Dallas is still the home of the Mavericks. The crowd cheers. MVP tells them he can understand they're upset as it's been decades since they've won a championship in Dallas. Ouch! MVP goes on after loud boos, and accuses Kofi Kingston of saying some "very harsh...and disrespectful things to the champ and myself." MVP specifically addresses Kofi's comments, calling Lashley soft and weak, distracted and not having his heart in it. MVP reminds us that anyone who steps into this ring and challenges Lashley faces utter "annihilation and decimation" and "to be honest, I kinda feel sorry for the WWE Roster. Because that window of opportunity where the champ had some semblance of weakness. He then states that that window is closed. No more fun and games, no more bullshit--it's time to get back to business. So MVP invites all those in attendance and viewing to watch the greatest champ in history fight, all for the price of a ticket to the "greatest show on the planet." Lashley asks who will accept the open challenge. We get a long pause as the crowd waits with abated breath until out comes...Keith Lee! The crowd erupts as the Limitless One makes his way down to the ring! We've not seen Lee since January, Graves excitedly exclaims as Lee makes his way down to the ring and Lashley looks on bewildered. We're reminded that this is Lee's home state as Graves plugs the return and we head to break!

WWE Championship Open Challenge: Bobby Lashley(c) w/ MVP vs Keith Lee

Back from the break. The bell rings and Lashley Lesnars in place as Lee sizes him up. The fans start a light "oh, bask in his glory" chant as both men lock up. MVP exchanges words with fans int he front few rows who chant "welcome back" to lee. Lashley and Lee lock up once, twice, thrice--with neither man truly taking control. The challenger fires up after a few moments, picking Lashley up over a shoulder and charging a corner. Again, another corner charge! Lee shows he's still got it as he adds a little athleticism to his power. Lee looks for a Spirit Bomb early on but Lashley fights out of it and drops the Limitless One. The crowd boos loudly as Lashley chokes Lee on the middle rope and MVP talks trash into Lee's face. The ref warns MVP to back off. Lashley takes Lee into the corner and unloads with rights, beating Lee down to one knee as the ref warns him. Lashley backs off, rebounds off the middle of the ropes and connects with a running spear in the corner. Lashley posts up again, waiting for Lee to rise, and connects with a big clothesline that sends Lee outside of the ring. Lashley pursues Lee outside and struggles to hoist Lee over his shoulders, but does! Lee escapes by shoving Lashley off, and the champ crashes face-first into the ring post. Lee sends Lashley back into the ring and follows. Graves criticizes Lee for moving too slowly and "taking his time" in trying to put away Lashley. MVP causes another distraction and Lashley shoves Lee off the apron. Lashley exits the opposite side of the ring, charging around to hit a beautiful diving spear to lay out Lee. Lashley takes Lee back in and maintains control, dropping the challenger with a big stalling suplex. Lashley with a single-hand Chokeslam, then posts up in the corner and connects with his Almighty spear, picking up the surprisingly-clean win.
Your Winner and STILL WWE Champion, Bobby Lashley!

After the Match: Another Shocking Return Totally Not Expected

As Graves rants and raves over Lashley's performance barely 24-hours removed from his match against Kofi Kingston last night, we're interrupted as Bill Goldberg enters to a massive pop from the crowd, with a loud and sustained "Gooooold-berg!" chant proving that, as usual, the vocal minority of the IWC may hate Bill but the fans love him. Goldberg makes his way down tot he ring, looking slimmer and more ripped than the last time we saw him--he looks in much better shape than he has in twenty years. Goldberg makes his way to the ring, enters, laughs in Lashley's face and yells "I'm next!" Lashley is livid and MVP has to hold the champ back as Lashley grins and eyes the champ.

Backstage: the Hurt Business

Before an interview can begin, MVP simply states that Goldberg disrespected the champ. Lashley sulks silently.

In the Ring: "the Modern-Day Maharajah" Jinder Mahal w/ Veer & Shanky

Mahal is in the ring. Today's a day for celebration--it's Jinder's birthday and, after McIntyre destroyed Mahal's motorcycle last week, Mahal can celebrate that karma came back around when Mahal, Shanky & Veer single-handedly kept McIntyre from winning the Money in the Bank match. They assaulted Drew and drug him out of the arena during the middle of the Glitch in the Bank match. Mahal asks Shanky to sing happy birthday to him. Shanky, who looks like a Hindi version of Pete Steele of Type O Negative, begins to sink (quite horribly) happy birthday to Mahal. A black-clad Drew McIntyre attacks Mahal with a steel chair from behind, using the celebration as a distraction. Veer and Mahal flee the ring and up the ramp partially as Shanky attempts to beg off McIntyre. McIntyre then proceeds to beat Shanky for about two minutes, delivering dozens of chair shots to Shanky as his friends look on helplessly.

Video Promo: NXT Champion Karrion Kross

We get a Kross-narrated video package showcasing his tenure in NXT, including two NXT Championship reigns within the last six months. He states that tomorrow, only God can help those who get in his way.

Non-Title, Cross-Brand Singles Match: NXT Champion Karrion Kross vs Jeff Hardy

We cut back to the ring where Karrion Kross makes his way down alone to the ring, an "eerie calm" (per Graves) washing over the fans in attendance. The majority of whom seem to have zero clue who he is. Kross enters the ring and the crowd finally cheers for him as he growls, howls, and pounds his chest in the ring as he usually does upon entering. Corey Graves quickly hypes this match as we head to commercials! We return from break and out comes Jeff Hardy to his "No More Words" theme (Thanks G Dubb!). Both men start off fast, with Kross taking control easily. Kross with a Doomsday Saito after a failed Twist of Fate. This match barely goes three minutes, and is ended with Hardy uses the corner to roll-up Kross, and Hardy rests his feet (unseen by the ref) on the middle ropes to steal the win.
Your Winner, Jeff Hardy!

After the Disappointing Match

Immediately afterwards, as Kross looks on in shock, we get replays that show Hardy clearly cheated to win. Kross is interviewed in the ring about losing his Raw debut. Kross puts Hardy on notice and promises to make this right.

Alexa's Playground

Alexa is on the Playground set and wants to announce her surprise guest, a returning Lily. Bliss is interrupted by Eva Marie & DouDrop. Eva is wearing a French beret and what looks like a Carmella hand-me-down spandex tight set. Eva insults Bliss. Bliss and DouDrop greet each other nicely with waves--keep in mind, Bliss "mind controlled" DouDrop last week--and rolls her eyes as she tells Eva, "yay, you're here." Eva threatens to have DouDrop take out Bliss. Bliss tells Eva that she really hopes Eva doesn't do that, as Lily just got out of timeout. Bliss offers to put DouDrop in timeout briefly so Eva Marie can show everyone how great a Superstar she is solo with Bliss. Eva Marie's face screws up in a disgusted look, and she tells Bliss that she wants nothing to do with her. She tells Bliss there's no space in the Eva-lution for Bliss and instructs DouDrop to leave with her. The camera changes and Eva Marie is tripped up. The Camera turns to show Lily swinging, Bliss giggling, and DouDrop...DouDropping? We head to break with our main event rematch up next!

Raw Women's Championship Main Event Rematch: Charlotte Flair(c) vs Rhea Ripley

When we return from break, we set up our main event for the night. Rhea Ripley comes out to a decent fan reaction. The Queen comes out to to a larger reaction, albeit mostly boos. When official announcements are made, Ripley gets a mild pop and Flair gets a mild boo--I think crowd fatigue has kicked in. As Flair holds up her belt, random music plays and we go to another break. Only two breaks before the start of our match this time! After the break we return and start our match. Flair and Ripley start with exchanging blows. Ripley uses the corner to her advantage, throwing shoulder thrusts into the Queen's midsection. Graves and Saxton discuss both Ripley's potentially weakened physical state (her knee) and Flair's potentially weakened mental state (as she wasn't "expecting a match tonight.") Flair takes her first lead with a few forearms, but it doesn't last as Ripley counters a whip into a one-legged dropkick and attempts a quick cover. Ripley cranks the neck, working on the Queen's upper torso with knee strikes while maintaining the hold. Flair looks to grab the hair but Ripley stops her with a big right. Flair with a right of her own, followed by a face-bash to the turnbuckle. Flair with a Flair chop to a weak "woo." Flair takes Ripley into the corner then looks for a Snap Suplex. Ripley counters with an Inside Cradle attempt for a two. Ripley looks for a Stalling Suplex but Flair floats out of it, only to catch a brutal German Suplex from the challenger! Ripley with a seated Dropkick and pin attempt. Flair begins to target Ripley's knee, injured and weakened both last night and again earlier tonight. Flair follows Ripley to the outside and hits another chopblock. Ripley makes her way into the ring. Flair looks to lash out at the knee but the ref asks for separation and checks on Ripley as we head to break. The challenger is in trouble!
Back from the break. Flair yanks on Ripley's left knee, using the middle rope for added torque, as the ref gives Flair a lot of lateral. Flair with a leaping strike to the knee. Flair positions Ripley against the ropes and exits to the apron, using the bottom rope to again put pressure on the knee. Again, the ref gives her a lot of lateral, albeit with a warning this time. Flair enters the ring and walks into a Snap German Suplex from the challenger. The crowd starts a "Rhea! Rhea! Rhea!" chant as the challenger holds her knee, selling it well. Both women rise to their feet and begin to slug it out. Ripley with a clothesline, then pulls Flair into a series of Ripcord clotheslines in an effort to turn the momentum in her favor. Flair with a Urinage in the corner. Flair locks in a Figure Four but Ripley uses the assistance of the ropes to escape. Flair takes Ripley into the corner and fires off Flair chops. Sidekick from the challenger that stumbles the Queen. Ripley hits the Riptide! Rhea covers but Flair gets a foot up on the bottom rope! Rhea is in disbelief and argues with the official, because that always works. Ripley is disappointed and keeps her eyes off the Queen. We switch cameras and find Flair escaping alongside the ring with her title, heading up the ramp. Ripley pursues, looking to force the champ back in the ring, and Flair catches Ripley with title-shot to the face to cause the disqualification.
Your Winner by Disqualification, Rhea Ripley! STILL Your Raw Women's Champion, Charlotte Flair!

After the Match

As Flair tries to celebrate, Ripley attacks the champ. Ripley with a Riptide at the ringside. Suddenly Nikki A.S.H.'s music plays! Ripley with a body slam on Flair at ringside and sends her back in, then cheers on Nikki as she streaks down to the ring. Nikki Cross is going to cash in her contract!

Raw Women's Championship Money in the Bank Cash-In Match: Charlotte Flair(c) vs Nikki A.S.H.

Nikki quickly gives the ref the contract and the announcement is made. A.S.H. heads up top and connects with her Cross Body finisher on a downed champion, and proceeds to roll up the champ! We have a new winner! We end our program to huge cheers and A Super Hero crowned champion!
Your Winner and NEW Raw Women's Champion, Nikki A.S.H.!

In Closing

And that does it for tonight's program! What a big show full of surprises and totally unexpected returns! Thank you all for stopping by, and we hope to see you here tomorrow night for the best wrestling on weekly television today--NXT. Have a great night and stay safe out there. See you all tomorrow, y'all. ~MHH

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