WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results (7/20/2020) - Performance Center, Orlando, FL

The red and white background fills your screen and our text enlightens your minds, so that must mean it's time for Monday Night Raw! Welcome one and all to Rajah News' Raw Live Results Coverage, dare I say the best in sports-entertainment's live results coverage today! That's right, ESPN and Wrestling Observer, I'm calling you out! Your coverage of Raw can't hold a torch to the legendary results coverage of I, Mike Hogan! You think you can step up to the man? Email me at Mike@rajah.com!

So our official Raw preview by Matt reminded us that we have Randy Orton vs the Big Show in an Unsanctioned Match. That's two Unsanctioned matches for Randy Orton in the last 30 days! I do not sanction these unsanctionings. We were also going to get answers to questions over last night's clusterfuck interesting show, Extreme Rules. An update to Rey Mysterio's medical condition was promised, too.

But we've learned earlier today that the taping of tonight's program has been over an hour late in starting due to significant rewrites. TL;DR: who knows? It's Vince.

What's in store for us tonight? Find out now!

WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results (7/20/2020) - Performance Center, Orlando, FL

Show Opening: An Eye For An Eye

We start tonight's Raw with a video package showcasing the build up to The Horror Show at Extreme Rules, where Rey Mysterio took on Seth Rollins in an Eye For An Eye Match. Both men tried to blind each other, and it ended with Seth pushing Rey's right eye--the same eye that was blinded by Seth weeks ago--into the stairs, thereby winning as he blinded Rey's blind eye. Que the music, because this is legendary!

In the Ring: Seth Rollins (w/ Murphy)

Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton, and Samoa Joe welcome us to our show. We're reminded tonight that we've got Orton vs Big Show in an unsanctioned match. The lights go dark and out comes the Monday Night Messiah, Seth Rollins accompanied by Murphy. Tom tells us that Mysterio's optic nerve was not severed, then uses Steiner Math, but healthcare edition. Byron tries to push the match last night as barbaric, sadistic, etc. Someone had a thesaurus handy! Murphy gives Rollins a mic, the fans boo, and I click refresh!

Seth tells us that at Extreme Rules last night, Rey Mysterio's eye came out of its socket. Some dude in the PC trainee crowd reallyyyyyy (henceforth known as Seth's Number 1 Fan) doesn't like Seth and is vocal throughout this segment about it. Seth continues, stating that what happened last night will stay with him the rest of his life. Again, the crowd starts a shame! shame! shame! chant. Please, please don't make Seth do a Game of Thrones "Walk of Shame," Vince. Seth goes on to tell us that he doesn't mean to feel obtuse and, instead of answering questions about whether he regrets what he did or not, he wants to know if we, the WWE Universe, regret what we did to him? He accuses the WWE Universe of turning him into a monster, and making him our Messiah, and making him into what he is. He reminds us that Rey Mysterio is the one that asked for this stipulation in the match, and actions have consequences. He says what happened to Rey Mysterio last night was unfortunate, and we can't afford to dwell in the past. He says that the beauty in all of this is that now Rey Mysterio--Seth's Number 1 Fan yells "can't see!", causes Seth to crack up a little while trying to maintain his serious composure. Totally worth seeing. Seth says that with Mysterio gone, there is no one left to stand in the way of the greater good...

...and cue Aleister Black's music! Seth turns slowly as Aleister Black stands up at the top of the ramp with a serious "what the eff?" look on his face. He pulls out a mic and tells Seth not to try to deflect, and Aleister is here to rectify this. Murphy charges down to engage Black. Black brawls with him at the ringside, then slides in the ring to go after Seth but again, Murphy follows. Black and Murphy brawl along the ringside down and over to the announce table. Black destroys Murphy then slides in the ring after Seth, who he'll be facing tonight, and Seth flees the ring, looking both incensed and, dare I say, scared. Commercial break.

Seth Rollins vs Aleister Black

We return from break mid-match, with Rollins working Black in a corner. The ref counts and, eventually, Seth gets into the ref's face and tells the ref that he does what Seth says. Aleister Black fights back and takes on Rollins, sending him to the corner and hitting a flurry of knees and strikes. Rollins to the outside, Black follows. Both men take time to work over each other outside. Rollins gains the upperhand after Black misses a big strike and connects his arm to the ring post. Rollins sends Black into the ring, where Seth is firmly in control. He continues to strike Aleister on the mat, and as Aleister tries to rise up. Seth keeps targeting that right arm, eventually pulling Black to his feet by his arm and high-kicking right into that injured and held arm!

Seth continues to control the pace of the match, keeping his focus on Black's right arm. Finally, Rollins' arrogance gets the best of him and he pulls Aleister up to his feet and goes for a strike, but Black ducks and lays in a hand. Rollins charges Black; Black grabs the top rope and ducks down, sending Seth to the outside. Seth is quick to the apron and goes up for a springboard splash but Black dodges. Both men pick up the pace and begin to exchange strikes. Murphy tries to distract; Black takes him off the apron. Seth with a kick to Black, dropping him to his knees. Seth goes for The Stomp but Aleister moves, rises, and hits a Black Mass! Seth is down! Murphy hits the ring, only to eat a Black Mass of his own! Aleister goes to cover Seth but he rolls out the ring and we roll into a commercial break!

Back from the break and Aleister Black is trying to exact some revenge on behalf of his friend, Rey Mysterio. Yes, their friendship is legendary and goes back decades. Black lets Rollins to his feet and smacks him with a stiff Black Mass that connects right on the chin, sending Rollins down. Aleister kneels at Rollins' head and says that he will undo everything Rollins has done. Black uses his foot to draw up Aleister and goes for a Black Mass, but Seth dodges and hits a Superkick! Seth hits a second Superkick and both men are down! Rollins calls for Murphy, but Murphy is still knocked out ringside at the announcer's desk!

Rollins goes slowly up the ringpost; Black is fast to his feet and runs up to battle with Rollins at the top of the turnbuckle. Seth shoves Black off while holding on to Black's arm, and Black drops his injured arm against the rope. Rollins goes flying off the top rope for a knee strike but Black catches him. Seth and Black switch control back and forth until Rollins lays out Black with an Arm Ringer. Rollins rebounds off the ropes as Black tries to recover, and hits The Stomp! Rollins covers and gets the win.
Your winner, Seth Rollins!

After the Match

We get replays from the match. Tom Phillips calls Seth "the black hand of Raw." Seth and Murphy stand up the ramp; Seth points at the ring and Murphy charges in first, beating down Aleister Black. Seth hits the ring, too, but mostly orders Murphy around. Murphy sends Black into the barricade once, twice, thrice! Seth taunts Black, asking "how's your arm? How's your arm?"" He has Murphy hold Black at the bottom right right post then slams the already-injured arm into it. Seth yells "when is enough, enough?" repeatedly as Murphy holds Black on the announcer's table and Seth repeatedly slams Black's injured arm into the desk. Seth yells "you think I wouldn't do this? When is enough, enough?" over and over.

Seth yells at Black, asking him where his friends are as Murphy puts Black into a chin lock, sitting on Black's back as his injured right arm rests over the fin-shaped top of the announcer's desk that fell off earlier. Seth asks Black where all his friends are, and asks who's going to save him? Seth then says that he, the Messiah, is the only one who can save him. Seth then jumps up and lands right on Black's injured arm as it's draped across the piece of the desk. Refs run out and Seth's music plays him off as Byron and Tom talk about how sick and sadistic he is.

Fallout From Extreme Rules: Apollo Crews

Tom reminds us that Apollo Crews was not able to perform last night as he wasn't medically cleared, and we're shown clips of last night where MVP and Lashley still came out, and MVP declared himself the new United States champion as Crews "forfeited the match." We're reminded by Tom that Crews is, still, the US champion.

Backstage w/ MVP, Bobby Lashley, & Ron Simmons

We cut to backstage with the Nation of Domination team of MVP and Lashley, with Ron Simmons telling them "I know you guys have got your way of doing things, but just think about what I told you, there's a better way." They all fist bump and Simmons walks off sceen. MVP tells Lashley they'll talk about that later, as he's spotted R-Truth.

MVP calls Truth over, and Truth comes over, wearily holding a frying pan. MVP tells Truth he doesn't need that frying pan. Truth tells MVP, who's wearing his version of the US championship title, "that's a pretty nice replica right there." MVP tells him its the new and legit title. R-Truth says it's a pretty nice belt but he's not the championship. R-Truth says Apollo's a pretty good champ. MVP keeps insisting that he's the US champ, so R-Truth agrees and says "okay, champ" as he winks. MVP says that he and Lashley are about to go out and they'd love it if the 24/7 Champion could come with them. R-Truth says "absolutely not! I don't want Bobby to put me in Nelson from Simpsons again. Dog it actually hurts!"

Lashley corrects him and says "it's the Full Nelson, and what MVP was saying was he wanted the new 24/7 champ." Lashley pulls a ref over, R-Truth turns to flee only to eat a big blow from Shelton Benjamin. Benjamin pins R-truth. Your NEW 24/7 champion is Shelton Benjamin! MVP, Lashley, and Shelton head off to the ring as we go to a break.

In the Ring: MVP, Bobby Lashley & Shelton Benjamin

Back from the break, we hear MVP's music and out walks the 24/7 Champion, Shelton Benjamin, as well as MVP and Bobby Lashley. Shelton is really proud of that belt and shows it off in the ring as Lashley mounts the turnbuckle and glares out.

MVP gets on the mic and tells us that in case we were under a rock and missed it, last night at Extreme Rules MVP emerged as your "new, United States champion." He says last week on Raw, Bobby Lashley Ragdolled (I seriously came up with this term first--hire me Vince, I know you're reading) Apollo and Apollo couldn't show up. MVP goes on to say that once they get done beating up "dumb and dumber," Ricochet and Cedric Alexander, they're going to the club to have a private party.

Out comes Cedric Alexander & Ricochet. They take offense to the name of "dumb and dumber" and says that hasn't been relevant since 2006, just like MVP's career. Alexander and Ricochet call MVP a chump and say they've been champions before, and can be champions again. MVP calls Bobby the CEO of the Hurt Business, and when he looks around he sees Shelton as a champion, and he sees Ricochet and Alexander as nobodies. MVP says that since there's only two of them (Ricochet and Cedric), he'll let them choose which two of his faction to face. Ricochet tells MVP that, actually, they've got a friend who's back after being out for a bit. MVP mocks them, saying it can't be Apollo Crews, who's home nursing a hurt neck. Ricochet and Alexander welcome back...Mustapha Ali!

Ali comes out and Bobby charges out of the ring and up the ramp. Ali hits a superkick, which spins Lashley just in time to catch a double superkick by Ricochet and Cedric Alexander. The three heroes hit the ring and chase out MVP and Benjamin, and we go to commercial!

Six Man Tag: Ricochet, Cedric Alexander & Mustapha Ali vs The Hurt Business (MVP, Bobby Lashley, & Shelton Benjamin)

We return with the match under way. Note: MVP's faction may or may not be called the Hurt Business. TBD. MVP is clearly in control over Cedric Alexander. He continues to work him on the ground, making many attempted pinfalls. MVP finally tags in Shelton, who chops and open-hand chest slaps Alexander, attempting a pinfall. The announcers argue over the validity of MVP's title. Benjamin picks up Alexander and drives him into the corner of the Hurt Business. Three times in 30 seconds, they're referred to that, so we'll assume thats their name. Benjamin tags in Lashley, who hits a beautiful stalling Suplex. Lashley gets in the corner and awaits Alexander, then hits a spear into the corner. He tags in MVP who hits the Helluva Kick in the corner. Instead of covering, MVP struts then hits the Ballin' Elbow and pins for a two.

MVP continues to batter Cedric Alexander. After about three minutes of working him over and attempting pinfalls, he tags in Shelton Benjamin. Benjamin slips up and gives Cedric and opening, who hits a few strikes and tags in Ali. Ali comes in and strikes Shelton, and Shelton rolls out the ring and into a commercial break.

Back from the break and Shelton sends Ricochet flying. We see during the commercial break where Ricochet was on the apron and attempted to fly into the ring, but ate a huge knee from Benjamin. In the ring, Benjamin and Ricochet are on the mat, with Shelton having a chin lock in. Both men slow to their feet and Ricochet hits a jaw breaker. Ricochet is trying to craw to his corner but Benjamin locks in a leg lock and scoots back, getting close enough for MVP to tag in. MVP comes in and begins kicking Ricochet, then puts him in a seated chin lock and says "smile for the camera" five times as the camera man finally gets in position. MVP tags Bobby Lashley. Ricochet sent outside and into the barricade twice, before taking the action back into the ring. Lashley cranks a chin lock so hard it sends Ricochet's body up on the ropes for a moment. Lashley takes Ricochet into the Hurt Business' corner and keeps working his neck. Lashley distracts the referee so Benjamin can hit a cheap shot behind the ref's back. Lashley takes Ricochet to another corner and works him. He attempts to send Ricochet across the ring and into the opposite corner. Ricochet bounces right back out and hits a drop kick, taking the big man down. Ricochet makes the hot tag to Mustapha Ali as Lashley tags in MVP!

Ali comes in, fired up, and hits a rolling X-Factor on MVP and covers. Lashley breaks it up. The action ends up spilling outside as the faces and heels basically take each other out. MVP is tagged in at some point and made the legal man. Mustapha Ali takes down MVP, goes up top to hit the 450, and covers for the win!
Your winners, Ricochet, Cedric Alexander & Mustapha Ali!

Backstage w/ Randy Orton

Randy Orton is alone. "Do you ever think to yourself about those moments, back in time, those moments that may have changed your life? I do. Now for some, they might think the moments I'm referring to are when I joined Evolution, or when I had that match with Mick Foley at Backlash, or when I became the youngest world champion in WWE history. Those aren't the moments I'm talking about--although those moments did solidfy to help me be the Legend Killer, to be the greatest wrestler ever. Those aren't the moments I'm referring to. The moment whenever I close my eyes. The moment I'm referring to is when, 175 days ago, I swung a steel chair as hard as I could, down on the surgically-repaired neck of Edge. I've made a lot of friends in this business. Those friendships, I thought, as far as I were concerned, were etched in stone. But they're not. Those friendships are done with, they're gone. Edge. Christian. Big Show. These are all men that, at some point in my career at one time or another, I swear to you--I swear to you!--that they helped save me from myself. Which is amazing to me. It baffles me, in fact, that a moment in my history could've brought so much pain to so many people, all at the same time--that some moment in history makes me, brought me...satisfaction. It felt good when I stood over the convulsing body of a man who paved the way for tons of WWE Superstars in the locker room. It made me feel fantastic to stand over that same man at Backlash knowing that I ended his career! And the night after, that man's best friend came to his aide. Where was I? I was right there in the ring to put a stop to it and ruin Christian's chance at one last match. And tonight, with the Big Show, I will punt kick him in the skull and I will enjoy immensely ending his career once and for all." We go to commercials.

Big Show Video Package/Christian Interview

We come back and see a video package, covering the Big Show's career. We're reminded of his royal rumble battle royale win, his big right fist finisher, his WCW, ECW and WWF/E championship wins. We're told that the Big Show is fighting for Christian, and Christian joins us via Zoom/Satellite. They thank him for showing. Joe asks Christian how he's doing after Flair/Orton low-blowed and punt kicked him. Christian said he knew what he was getting into that night, but he didn't expect Orton to "weaponize" the two-time Hall of Famer Ric Flair. He says he'll never look at Flair and Orton the same ever again. Joe asks if Christian feels tonight, Orton will spring a trap on Big Show, and asks how he's healing. Christian says the healing process is slow and some days are better than others. He says he'd go through all of that again if it guaranteed that Orton got what was coming to him. We see a clip of Flair low-blowing Christian and Orton delivering the punt kick. It was a very awkward interview.

Backstage w/ Bianca Belair

Sarah Schreiber welcomes the EST of WWE, Bianca Belair. She says Bianca is one of the newest members of WWE Raw and unexpectedly helped Ruby Riott last week and wants to know what we can expect from her moving forward. Bianca asks "what you mean? Now you know being the EST means I'm the strong-est, the fastest the toughest the roughest the quickest to ever do it, and my rise in this division is going be the fast-est because nobody can handle it!" She's interrupted by Peyton Royce of the Iiconics, who shoos off Sarah. She says that Belair was stupid for picking such a "loser" as her tag team partner. Ruby Riott walks over and mocks Peyton's accent, and points out that last week, it was Riott and Bianca who were winning. She asks where Billie Kay is, to which Peyton says Billie's busy off in "none of your business land." The banter continues back and forth until Royce insults Liv Morgan, which causes Ruby to step up. Bianca interrupts them both, mocks Peyton and tells her she needs to tell Billie Kay to come back so they can whoop them both. She mocks their "that's iconic" phrase and we go to commercial.

Peyton Royce vs. Ruby Riott

Royce is out first, followed by Ruby Riott. Royce gets on the apron to avoid Riott, then re-enters the ring. The bell rings and both women lock up. Royce yells that Liv will never trust Riott, and enrages Riott who hammers away at Peyton in the corner. Royce gets a kick in, sending Riott to the mat, and beats her on the mat while yelling insults, mostly around "Liv won't trust you" et cetera.

Royce continues to control this match, slowing the pace down by keeping Riott down to the mat and delivering a series of elbow strikes and neck wrenches. She continues to yell at Riott and gets in her face, yelling "you will never have any friends." Riott punches her in the mid section, and gets a little separation. A sequence ensues in which Riott tries to slide under Royce, but Royce grabs the top ropes to use as leverage for a pin attempt. Ref catches it and breaks it. Riott attempts a roll-up counter but Royce escapes. Royce continues her cocky, arrogant taunting instead of focusing on the match, giving Ruby a chance to hit the Riott kick and cover for the win!
Your winner, Ruby Riott!

Backstage w/ Charly Caruso, Andrade, Angel Garza & Zelina Vega

Charly comes out and says hi to everyone, then asks them about their match against the Street Profits that's coming up, and wants to know if they've managed to get past their differences. Zelina interrupts "Chucky" and says that her team is working together just fine, and asks where the Street Profits are. She says they're in hiding. Andrade steps in to say that they're ready and when they win tonight, they'll be one step closer to being the tag team champions. Angel speaks now, flirting with Charly as always, but Zelina moves suddenly and, from out of nowhere, the Street Profits ambush Andrade and Angel! They beat them down and yell at them, saying "You wanted the smoke!" We head to commercial.

The Street Profits vs Andrade & Angel Garza

The Raw Tag Team Champions, the Street Profits, come out first. We're told Angelo Dawkins became a father not that long ago and congratulate him as Montez Ford dances on their announce table. We're told that the Street Profits are the longest-reigning Raw tag team champions since the Raw Tag Team Championships were created in 2016. I'm not sure I'd highlight how their super short reign so far is the longest the titles have been held. Out next are Andrade & Angel Garza with Zelina Vega.

We're treated to a clip last week where the Viking raiders fought Andrade and Garza, in which Garza and Andrade won due to trickery by Vega and an eliminated Andrade.

As soon as the bell rings, all four men clash. Andrade takes Montez out the ring, and Garza takes down Dawkins in the ring. Garza rips off his pants and tags in Andrade. Andrade beats Dawkins down in the corner, delivering a series of kicks to his lower back and abdomen. He tags in Garza and both men grab a leg of Dawkins, hitting the Wishbone. Haven't seen that move in a long time. Andrade tags Garza back in, and Garza works a neck lock/head hold for a few before hitting a low kick right to the face of Dawkins. Dawkins attempts to fight back, and tags in Montez Ford just as Angel Garza tags in Andrade. Montez Ford hits the ring and exhibits his incredible speed, bouncing off the ropes, leap frogging Andrade, hitting a leaping bump that sends Andrade outside the ring, then hits a modified tope con hiro to the outside of the ring on Andrade. He returns to the ring and yells at the camera and we go to break.

Back from the break and Montez Ford and Andrade are exchanging moves. Montez exhibits his high flying potential before Andrade grounds him. Andrade takes Montez to the heel corner and works him over. He tags in Angel, who continues to work Montez and hits a low superkick to the face before tagging Andrade back in. Andrade hits a snap suplex and covers but only gets a two.

Andrade holds Ford and tags in Garza, then holds Montez Ford from behind so Garza can deliver a few abdomen strikes until the ref forces him out. Garza sends Ford to the mat and works the arm and neck. He lets Ford to his feet and tags in Andrade. Ford flies up as if he's trying to float over Andrade and make the tag, but he's sent by his right arm right down into mat. Andrade locks in an abdominal stretch, but Montez fights out and hip tosses Andrade. Both men are down and their partners are calling for tags! The ref is counting as both men are down. Andrade and Ford both get to their feet. Andrade can't contain Ford who, instead of just stepping over one step and tagging in Dawkins, leaps up in the air and dramatically tags in the big man, Angelo Dawkins!

Dawkins comes in hot, running over Andrade; he rams into Garza, then continues to runover and control Andrade. Dawkins puts Andradea up in the Electric Chair, and Montez goes up top. Andrade slips out and makes the tag to Garza. Garza charges, sending Angelo out (who apparenly must have made a tag but I didn't see it). Garza and Montez struggle with each other on the top rope until Montez sends Garza down. Montez Ford leaps high--he must get up to 20 feet up--and actually changes his direction and motion in mid air to correct, hitting an incredible body splash to cover and win!
Your winners, the Street Profits!

Raw Women's Championship Situation

We're treated to a video package detailing what happened last night, where Asuka had Banks tapping out but Bayley distracted the ref by throwing the belt in (and he had to get out of position to remove it). We see also where Asuka accidentally spit Green Mist into the ref's eyes. Bayley came in, taking off the ref's shirt and putting it on, and counted the three count as Sasha Banks quickly hit a move and covered Asuka. We're then shown a picture of Banks & Bayley with all the women's gold and the words "2 Beltz Banks?" on screen before we go to commercials.

Backstage w/ Andrade, Angel Garza & Zelina

Garza and Andrade are discussing the match congenially when Zelina comes over and lays into them. Andrade and Angel say that they are on the same page, and Zelina tells her to prove it.

In the Ring: Sasha Banks & Bayley

We cut to the ring and out come the Women's Tag Team Champions, and Banks holds up the Raw belt, calling herself "2 Beltz Banks." They make their way into the ring and Sasha poses, holding the Raw title high, as Bayley kneels and does the "we're not worthy" praise/bowing. They get mics and the music cuts.

Bayley tells the audience shame on them for their pettiness in not showing Sasha the respect shes due. Sasha says she knows people are talking about her and are accusing her of stealing the Raw title. She says they all have "low-def television." She says she fought for the title last night. She reminds us that Becky Lynch handed the belt to Asuka--that Asuka didn't "win" it. She says Asuka spit in the ref's eyes, and Bayley didn't steal the ref's shirt, she just borrowed it because someone had to referee the match. Bayley says shes not just Bayley Dos Straps, she's our role model and someone had to step up when the ref went down. She reiterates that when she saw Sasha cover Asuka, she had to do the right thing and make the count. Banks says that the people don't get it, but they don't need to get it because she is the boss, the blueprint, and 2 Beltz Banks. They celebrate in the ring until Asuka's Music hits! Out comes Asuka and Kairi Sane

Asuka immediately yells and says that Sasha was not ready for Asuka, and "Asuka not ready for thief." She yells that its her title. Banks tells Asuka to come and get it, so Kair Sane and Asuka march down to the ring. Stephanie McMahon cuts in on the big screen. She congratulates Bayley and Banks on being the Women's tag team champions. She says Banks didn't win last night, nor did Asuka, so next week we're going to have a championship match to determine who is the rightful Raw women's title holder. She tells Sasha that you can lose via submission, pinfall, dq, count out or, to put it more bluntly, if a certain role model gets involved, she will lose. Stephanie wishes them good luck and the Kabuki Warriors hit the ring and we hit commercials!

Bayley vs Kairi Sane

Back from the break, and the bell rings. Kairi delivers backhand chops to Bayley in rapid succession. Bayley ducks between the ropes and stays there, forcing the ref to separate them. Bayley then takes advantage of the break and sends Kair ot the mat. Bayley whips Sane into the ropes but Sane catches the top, locks on a headscissors and sends Bayley outside. Bayley up to the apron and Sane flies across the ring, rebounding back and hitting a big bump that sends Bayley to the ringside. Sane follows and sends Bayley into the ring, but Bayley takes control. Bayley sends Sane into the corner and begins to abuse her with kicks and chokes. As Kairi crawls out of the corner, Bayley hits elbows down on her back and sends her back to the corner. Bayley hits several shoulder thrusts to Sane's midsection, then snapmares her into the middle of the ring and locks in a headlock.

Joe and the commentating team discuss the validity of Banks' claim to the title. Meanwhile, Bayley slows the pace with a variety of holds before hitting a snap suplex and covers for two. Bayley controls the match, hitting forearms to the back of Sane's neck. She hits another suplex and covers for a two. Bayley gets on the apron and steps up, standing on the bottom rope. She attempts to suplex Sane out to the ringside but Sane blocks it. Sane delivers a forearm then an axe kick right to the back of Bayley. Bayley is hung out to dry over the top rope. Sane climbs the turnbuckle and delivers a diving stomp right onto the back of Bayley's neck and shoulders. We go to commercial.

Back from the break and Bayley is sitll in control. She has Sane in a rear arm lock. We see Shayna Baszler backstage watching. Charly comes over to ask if Shayna has a vested interest in this match. Shayna says that she's not having matches and asks what is she supposed to do--stand over in catering, or hang out in the trainee crowd? She says she has a vested interest in this match, just like a shark has vested interest in prey. We cut back to the match. Sane is trying to get back into this fight. She ducks a clothesline attempt, catches Bayley's foot as she attempts a kick and reverses it. Sane hits a drop kick. She's still holding her right elbow but is firing up. Sane marches to the corner, then charges across the room and hits the Sliding Knee (and I swear to god, every time Tom Phillips calls it, ikt sounds like he says the Sliding D). Sane goes up top but is too slow, and Bayley pulls her off, dropping the injured arm on the top rope. Bayley climbs the corner and pulls Sane over on the apron, then cranks Sane's arm up in a modified Hangman's. Sane sends Bayley off the corner, and climbs up the turnbuckle herself. Sane hits a flying stomp but can't put Bayley away. Both women slow to get up. Sane charges Bayley in the corner but Bayley dodges. Bayley attempts to sneak up on Sane but Sane hits a spinning backhand that stuns Bayley. Sane goes up top and hits the In-Sane Elbow! But she's hurt her own right arm in the process. She rolls Bayley over and attempts a cover. Ref gets to "two" when Bayley puts her foot on the rope, breaking the count.

Bayley mount some offense, started with a big knee. Bayley grounds Sane then goes up top and hits her old flying elbow, but only gets a two count. Bayley rushes in for a Bayley to Belly but Sane reverses it and rolls up Bayley for the win! Note: Phillips called Sasha & Bayley the "Golden Role Models." Not sure if this is a new tag name.
Your winner, Kairi Sane!

Backstage w/ Sarah & Drew McIntyre

Drew is heading to the ring when Sarah stops him, and asks him how he's feeling after last night's Extreme Rules match with Dolph Ziggler. Drew says he'd be a liar if he said he felt great, but he's still the WWE Champion and he's heading to the ring to discuss the future of Drew Mcintyre. Commercial time!

In the Ring: Drew McIntyre

Drew is announced, and out comes the WWE Champion. He's wearing a nice blue, pin-striped shirt and black slacks. I have nothing else to note while they promote Cricket and SummerSlam and some useless Xbox games I don't play, so I'll continue. Drew's hair is back in a classic ponytail, which actually helps frame his face quite nicely. His beard looks nicely groomed. Oh, look--still images from his match last night against Dolph, where he won. Cool. Okay, I think he's about to talk. Here we go!

Drew wants to congratulate Dolph for a unique stipulation. He points out that Dolph brought it all, and Dolph almost had him. But--and he emphasizes that there is a but--that's been the story of Dolph's career, almost having it. Drew says the next big event coming up is Summer Slam and Drew wants a worthy opponent. Dolph's music hits and Dolph comes out. Drew says "definitely not you," regarding his Summer Slam opponent. Drew tells Dolph he's done with him, and asks what he's doing out here? Dolph goes on about how he was this close to winning. Drew tells Dolph that if he want a match, the answer is no and he needs to bugger off. Dolph mentioned that he's been this close his entire life. Drew cuts him off and says Dolph is just going to embarrass himself, so he's going to save Dolph from himself and leave. Dolph grabs Ziggler, who sends him straight to the mat. Drew leaves the ring and the music hits, but Dolph interrupts and tells him "don't you walk away from me, you son of a bitch!" Dolph says last night he almost won, and he doesn't care what time, what day, what stipulation, Drew can pick--Dolph just wants another shot.

Drew says "all those years in law school must've paid off, you've made a compelling case." He says if he can pick the stipulation, then he agrees. Dolph asks what the stipulation will be, to which Drew reminds Dolph that Ziggler didn't tell him for two weeks. Ziggler didn't name the stipulation until right before the bell, so Drew's going to do the same thing! He leaves and we cut to:

Backstage w/ Big Show

Show says Orton's had a hell of a year, injuring Edge and Christian. He says Orton is systematically lashing out at everyone. Show goes on to say that he's unsure if Flair is turning up the volume, or if Orton is doing it himself, but the voices in Orton's head are screaming at him to take anything in his way out. Permanently. Big Show says he's reminded of a long time ago, when they would tag team together and they called themselves "Hammer and Chisel." Show says they bonded a lot as they traveled and worked together. He says that no matter what a tiger does, it can't ignore its nature--whether it was Show trying to deal with the literal, metaphorical weight of being the world's largest athlete, or whether it was Orton dealing with the weight of being a third-generation superstar. But they bonded as they each knew the other was dealing with stuff inside, too. Show says that's changed now, though, as Orton's brought back the sadistic Legend Killer and he's got a boot with Show's name on it. Show says he looked into a mirror and asked a very hard question: is this the end of the line for the Big Show? He says that may be the case, but there's another thing about tigers: when they're near the end, they do anything and everything to survive. And this old tiger is going to do anything and everything to make sure he survives Orton. Commercial break. Our main event is up next (hopefully!).

Main Event, Unsanctioned Match: The Big Show vs Randy Orton

Welllll, it's the big show... What follows next is an unsanctioned match. Big Show is out first, and still being billed at 7'3". Orton is out next to a chorus of boos. He does not have Ric Flair with him this week. We're reminded that this is an unsanctioned match, so WWE cannot be held liable. Rut-roh.

The bell rings and Show immediately goes after Orton. Orton dodges. Orton goes for a kick but Show catches his foot and shoves him into the corner. Show with two big fists in the corner. Orton staggers down the ring to the opposite corner, and Show cranks Orton's arm around the rope then hammers the side. Orton stumbles into another corner and Show hits a shot to the left ribs then hits a huge open hand chest slap. He asks Orton if that hurts, then delivers another. Show rests Orton on the ropes and hammers his left shoulder. Orton stumbles away then tries to fight back but Show shuts it down. In the middle of the ring, Orton hits a few blows but again, Show shuts it down. Show sends Orton into the ropes then delivers a massive spear right in the middle of the ring. Orton rolls out the ring. Show gets a table from under the ring and slides it into the ring.

Show goes around the ring and hits another huge open hand chest slap on Orton as he sends Orton into the ring. From behind, Angel Garza and Andrade come in and attack Show from behind. They hold Show as Orton gets ready for a punt outside when suddenly the Viking Raiders hit the ringside and brawl up the ramp with Andrade and Angel Garza! We're off to commercials!

Back from break and Randy Orton is standing behind a kneeling Orton in some reverse test-of-strength situation. Big Show makes it to his feet and headbutts the Legend Killer, sending him to the mat. Orton is up to his feet. Big Show hits a running clothesline. And another. Show whips Orton into the corner then hits a running body splash. Orton quickly counters with a dropkick, sending the big man to his knees. Orton runs in for a punt but Show is quick to catch Orton by the throat and hits a weak chokeslam for a two. Both men are slow on the ground, but Show is first to his feet. He waits for Orton to stand, holding his right fist, readying the KO-Punch. Orton notices and ducks out the ring. Just a reminder, this is an unsanctioned match. As Orton buys himself time outside the ring, Show sets up a table in the ring in the top right corner. Show goes down to the ropes and grabs Orton by the head, launching him up from the ringside, over the ropes and onto his back. Show is setting him up on the table. Big Show begins to climb the ropes! Show bounces on the second rope and launches backwards, but Orton moves, leaving Show to go through the table!

Orton stalks Show as Show is slow to get up. He gets into position and hits a beautiful RKO on Show from behind. Orton pins but Show kicks out! Orton wants to argue with the ref but Show kicked out! The crowd is firing up for this match and chanting for the Big Show. Show is slow to his knees while Orton goes outside and retrieves a steel chair. Are they still steel chairs? Or aluminum? Either way, Orton hammers the Show with the chair twice. Show is on all fours and Orton leans down to speak to him but we can't hear it. Again, Orton hits a chair to Show's back. Show's down. The ref is throwing out the remains of the broken table as Orton patiently waits for Show to stand. Show stands on the apron, and Orton immediately hits him with a chair. Show's draped over the top rope. Orton locks him in and pulls him back, hitting a face-first draping DDT on Show off the top rope! Orton down to the mat, pounding the mat, readying the viper!

Show to his feet, and Orton immediately hits another RKO! Orton covers and gets the three!
Your winner, Randy Orton!

After the Match

Show is slow to his knees. Orton backs up into the far corner, girnning, salivating--literally drooling--and moves fast, hitting the punt kick to the Big Show! Orton kneels over him and tells him "I told you, I told you! Just like the others! One more legend down!"

Orton's music plays and Randy Orton poses in the corner, hitting his iconic pose as the ref checks on the Big Show and we fade to back.

In Closing

Well folks, call me an inappropriate tweet because I'm done! What an interesting Raw to bookend the Horror Show at Extreme Rules. Was tonight a good show? Let us know what you think in the comments below! As always, it's been a pleasure to cover tonight's Raw for you. Y'all stay safe out there, and see you Wednesday.

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