WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results (8/31/2020) - ThunderDome at Amway Center, Orlando, FL

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The official preview is out. We'll see Rey Mysterio taking on Seth Rollins tonight in single's action. It's been reported here that this should be the final match of their feud. We'll also get new WWE Women's Tag Team Champions, Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler beginning their reign tonight. We've been promised more Raw Underground and we're going to see the Limitless One, Keith Lee, as he continues to build upon his winning streak in the WWE's main roster. At 1-0, he's only 172 wins behind breaking Goldberg's (173-0) record for longest undefeated streak! So for Keith Lee, who's next?

If you missed last night's Payback, Matt's got you covered. I fully expect we'll see new United States Champion Bobby Lashley and his cohorts, the Hurt Business, in action as well.

We also received an update just before airing to announce that Kevin Owens will take on Randy Orton and the aforementioned unlimited Keith Lee will battle Dolph Ziggler. And at approximately 7:50pm EST, it was announced that Dominick Mysterio will fill in for his father, Rey, who is unable to compete tonight.

WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results (8/31/2020) - Amway Center, Orlando, FL

In Memory: RIP Bullet Bob Armstrong, 1939-2020
Show Opener

We open up in the ThunderDome with a big pyro and light show. Tom Cole welcomes us to the first WWE Raw after Payback. We then hear voices in our heads (they counsel us, they understand...)

In the Ring: Randy Orton

Randy Orton walks slowly to the ring as Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton and Samoa Joe contemplate how furious Orton is for losing last night. They then discuss last week's Raw, when Randy Orton attacked Drew McIntyre and punted him like a gnome in Arathi Basin. We then see later in the night where Orton took on the debuting Keith Lee and, per Phillips, Drew attacked Randy to cause the DQ finish. We then see later in the night, where Orton again punted Drew so hard it caused microfractures. We cut back to the arena and are told that Drew isn't medically cleared to return to action yet but he will have to defend the title at Clash of Champions next month. Three matches taking place tonight--KO/Orton, Lee/Ziggler, and Mysterio/Rollins--will determine who advances to a triple threat match to award a WWE Championship title shot against Drew at Clash!

Finally, in the ring, Randy speaks! Orton says that Drew tried to take pity on Orton by offering a rematch. Randy takes especial exception to that as no one pities the Legend Killer. He then brags about destroying Drew McIntyre last week. He goes on to remind us of some of the legends he's killed recently--HBK, Flair, Edge, Christian, etc. He then complains that he has to fight Kevin Owens in a match tonight, and he shouldn't have to fight anyone in a triple threat match as he's owed a rematch, to earn a title rematch at Clash of Champions. But Orton says he'll play that game, he'll jump through all the hoops, so that he can go on to Clash of Champions and destroy Drew McIntyre again. He then refers to eliminating legends again, and asks for a picture on screen--a doctored image of Edge, Christian, Big Show, Ric Flair, HBK and Drew McIntyre all in hospital beds. He laughs until Keith Lee comes out.

Lee gets in the ring and stares at Orton...and Orton cautiously backs up, stalking about the ring, as Lee gets a mic. Lee begins: "Mister...Orton. You've done well for yourself. I see you're amused with yourself, proud even. So fixated on talking about the havoc you've caused over the past few months, over the damage you did last week on Raw. Do your best to forget about what happened last night at Payback. Do your best to forget about the fact that I beat you. Now, I understand, you may be the so-called greatest ever to lace up a pair of boots but it is factual...last night I gave you no choice but to bask in my glory. And with that said, you're out here complaining about a championship opportunity that should be handed to you? Well, Mister Orton, I think things are a little different now because maybe--just maybe--a victory like mine last night, over a Legend Killer like you, means that maybe I...should get the opportunity at the WWE Championship. And don't get me wrong, Drew--I've known him for some time. I would even consider him a good friend. He likes to talk a little about receipts and I believe, without a shadow of a doubt, that he'll make good on his word and at some point--" Lee is silenced when Dolph Ziggler attacks! Lee knocks down Ziggler and faces Orton, who's moved to the apron. This distraction allows Ziggler to, again, attack Lee from behind and knock him down as we go to commercial!

#1 Contender Triple Threat Qualifier: Keith Lee vs Dolph Ziggler

We're back from break and our match is just now starting. Keith and Dolph square up; Dolph squats low, cautiously reaching a hand for the big man. Dolph goes low and locks on to Lee's left leg, but can't budge the big man. Lee locks fingers with Dolph and uses his sheer strength to painfully twist and force Ziggler to his knees. Lee then uses the arm to propel Ziggler up overhead and down to the mat. Ziggler gets to his feet and delivers a quick kick to the knee, slowing Lee for a moment, and Ziggler attempts to take advantage. Lee grabs Ziggler and all but catapults him face-first into the turnbuckle. Ziggler rolls outside to give himself a moment to compose, then heads back in the ring.
Ziggler avoids a grapple, then uses his smaller size to his advantage to slip around Lee. Modified side leg sweep on Lee, then Ziggler locks in a sleeper hold. Lee begins to rise to his feet and Ziggler hops on his back. Lee shrugs him off and stands as Ziggler converts the sleeper to an arm hold, but Lee escapes. Lee goes off the ropes and Ziggler attempts a neckbreaker but Lee ducks it. We head to commercial again, Ziggler eying Lee as we break.
We're back from break and Lee demonstrates his power by tossing Ziggler across the ring like a rag doll. Impressive power from the unlimited one. Ziggler attempts a Famouser but Lee avoids it. Ziggler picks up the pace, using his speed and amateur wrestling skills to ground Lee. Arm bar from Ziggler. Ziggler stops Lee's attempt to regain control, and locks in another sleeper while Lee's face down on the mat. After about a minute, Lee powers to his feet as the crowd cheers him on. Ziggler hangs on but Lee backs him hard into the corner. Lee is livid and hits a big tossing suplex. Lee picks Ziggler up and just slams him down on the mat like a training dummy. ZIggler off the ropes and tries a crossbody but Lee catches him and turns it into a powerslam!
Ziggler is up and catches Lee with his speed, hitting the Zig Zag! Ziggler covers but Lee kicks out at two! Ziggler posts up in the corner, awaiting Lee to rise. Ziggler charges in for the superkick but Lee catches him, hoists him up and hits the Spirit Bomb! Lee covers and picks up the win!
Your Winner, and Advancing to the #1 Contender Triple Threat Match, Keith Lee!

After the Match: Women's Tag Team recap

We're informed, in case we missed Payback, that the Golden Role Models are now not-so-golden after dropping the titles to the team of Jax & Baszler. In the period of 8 days, they've lost three of the four belts they possessed.

Backstage w/ Sarah Schreiber, Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler

Sarah asks them how did they pull the upset last night. Nia tells Sarah that she told Shayna to follow her lead and they'd win; Shayna interjects and takes the credit, reminding us that she won the match for the team. Both begin to lightly argue about it when in walks Asuka. Sarah starts to ask Asuka who's next, but both Nia and Shayna say "whoa!" and complain about this being their interview and Asuka can't just walk up and take over. Asuka again gets in their faces, unafraid of Big & Nasty, and we go to commercial break.

Backstage w/ Security & Adam Pearce

Pearce is shown with several security personnel. He informs them that Retribution has been attacking recently, and he's not going to let that happen tonight. Okay.

In the Ring: Asuka

Charly Caruso is awaiting Asuka in the ring. Charly asks who Asuka feels is most disturbing of the next championship opportunity. Asuka speaks in Japanese, then switches to English. "I've beaten very great women." She goes on to name most of the Raw women's roster. She then adds "it doesn't matter who is ready for Asuka because....Asuka is ready for anything!" And now we queue Mickie James' music and out she comes! She walks to the ring, telling Asuka that she respects her career and all of her accomplishments so, out of respect, she wanted to tell Asuka to her face that she's coming for her Raw women's championship. Out next comes Lana & Natalya. Lana's sporting new, blue ring wear that looks like she stole it from Carmela. Nattie is on the mic and says that Mickie's had "six chances" at the Raw title and it's time for others. Lana tells Mickie that J Lo's fifty and looks fabulous, then mocks James' ring attire, saying she's had the same attire since 1998. She then goes on to build up Nattie and says that "if you want to get to her, you've got to go through me." Lana and Mickie get in each other's faces when Asuka interrupts them. Asuka tells them she's ready for each one of them. Lana and Natalya then jump Asuka and Mickie James. Mickie sends Nattie out, and Asuka hits the Bump on Lana, sending the ravishing Russian to the ringside floor. We go to commercial and I suspect we've got a tag match coming up.

Connor's Cure

Again this year, WWE is working with Connor's Cure. We see Lance "The Tumornator" from back in 2017, who introduces us to a new batch of Connor's Cure Superstars from all over the country in a cute promo video. If you want a link, here you go: click here.

Last Monday: the Hurt Business & Raw Underground

We get footage from last Monday when the Hurt Business demanded access to the Raw Underground to blow off some steam. We then see the Hurt Business destroy those in attendance before standing tall over everyone.

Backstage w/ the Viking Raiders, Cedric Alexander, & Demi

Cedric and the Raiders are getting hyped up when Demi from the Bachelor joins them. She tells Cedric that she's proud of him for standing up to the Hurt Business' invitation to join them, then gives Ivar a kiss. They all walk off as the camera turns over to see Angel Garza standing to the side, all smiles, holding a rose.

Mickie James vs Lana

Back to the ring as the bell rings and Mickie James locks up with Lana. Lana takes control early on. Lana throws James to the mat as Asuka joins commentary. The commentary team ask about her next opponent, or preference. They mention they know her very well from her time on NXT. Lana and Mickie are both on their feet in the ring after Lana took a hard punch from Mickie, gaining some separation. Lana ducks through the ropes when Mickie comes close, trying to buy herself some time. James backs up and when Lana approaches, she eats a Mick Kick. James covers for the win in a very lackluster, and short, match.
Your Winner, Mickie James

Last Monday: KO Show w/ Aleister Black

We get a recap of last week's KO Show. Kevin Owens wanted to check on his friend, Aleister Black. Black attacked Owens without provocation or warning, or explanation.

Backstage w/ Charly Caruso & Aleister Black

Charly's standing outside Black's dressing room door as she's awaiting word regarding the attack last week, when Black comes out of his room and walks by without even pausing. We go to a message from our sponsor.

Backstage w/ Sarah & The Iiconics

We're told that The Iiconcis will take on the Riott Squad later tonight. The winner will go on to face the tag team champions; the losing team will be split up. Sarah asks the Iiconics about this as they've been best friends since high school. We see a picture on screen of them from their youth. They go on to talk about their history, then insult anyone who thinks that they won't win. They talk about their WrestleMania 35 tag title win. They then do their Iiconic pose, and the camera lingers a little longer than usual, before we cut to the arena.

#1 Contender Triple Threat Qualifier: Kevin Owens vs Randy Orton

Randy Orton comes out to the ring first and we get a promo for WWE 2K Battle Grounds. We switch back to the ring and see Orton doing his corner pose. Kevin Owens marches straight down to the ring but as soon as he reaches the apron, Aleister Black strikes! Black mercilessly attacks Owens at ringside, then rolls KO into the ring. The ref gets down to check on on Kevin Owens. The ref tries to tell KO he can't compete but Owens convinces the official to start the match. Owens gets one strike in before Orton hits an RKO and picks up the win in seconds!
Your Winner, and Advancing to the #1 Contender Triple Threat Match, Randy Orton!

Backstage w/ Charly Caruso & the Mysterio Family

Charly says she has a question, but once again makes a statement. Rey has his wife Angie, daughter Aalyah, and his son. He gives us a speech about family, and that he's completely confident in his son. His family all group hug as we go to commercial.

The VIP Lounge

MVP and Shelton Benjamin are in the ring. MVP tells us that big things are popping and reminds us that the VIP Lounge is for people better than us, people like the Hurt Business, and we're having the VIP Lounge debut in the ThunderDome! He tells us he's not Tina Turner; they don't need the master blaster because they've got the almighty, the new United States champion--Bobby Lashley! Lashley makes his way out to the ring. All three are wearing the new Hurt Business shirts, which look pretty awesome to me.
MVP tells us he wants to get down to business. He tells Apollo that he's no different than scores of other young talent in the past. He says Apollo disrespected him. He then says that in life there are only three guarantees--death, taxes, and Bobby Lashley. Lashley laughs and says that he did exactly what he said he was going to do, and he took the US title from Crews. He then reminds us that when he was celebrating with his associates, Apollo attacked him. Lashley says he understands as its the same damn thing he'd do, too, but he promises that he'll get Apollo back. Shelton then informs us that he'll take on Crews in Raw Underground later tonight. MVP then warns the "three wanna be vikings," referring to Cedric and the Viking Raiders, and then starts to address Cedric directly when Alexander's music hits and Cedric Alexander comes out. The Hurt Business move out of the ring to the ramp to approach, but MVP has Shelton and Benjamin stand back.
MVP says he noticed Cedric came out here alone and asks if he's had a change of heart about joining the Hurt Business. Cedric says "hell no, I didn't change my mind, and I didn't come out here alone, either!" Suddenly, the Viking Raiders attack the Hurt Business from behind! Cedric, Ivar and Erik stand tall in the ring as we go to a break with the promise of a six-man tag coming up, next!

The Viking Raiders & Cedric Alexander vs the Hurt Business

We're back from the break and this match is underway. MVP battles Erik into the Hurt Business corner, and delivers some punches to the gut before tagging in Shelton Benjamin. Benjamin with a blow and a pin attempt. Shelton whips Erik into the ropes and Ivar reaches over, slapping his partner on the back to tag himself in, and Erik and Ivar take Shelton Benjamin to their corner. Tag to Cedric who hits a flurry of punches and tags Erik back in. Erik whips Benjamin down and hits a stunning knee strike to the head; Benjamin wobbles but reacts in time to counter Erik's move and both men are down.
MVP and Cedric both get tags and clash in the middle of the ring. MVP takes control quick, and drags Cedric back to the HB corner. Shelton's tagged in and kicks Cedric down, then chokes him until the ref physically makes him back out of hte corner. Shelton tags in Lashley, who comes in and slams Cedric down then twists his arm. Another quick tag and Shelton's back in. Cedric tries to escape to his corner but Lashley stops him until Benjamin can take control. Benjamin attempts two pins, but only gets two's. Benjamin with a wicked scoop slam on Cedric. Shelton pulls him up and takes him to the HB corner, and MVP tags in. Benjamin holds Cedric in the corner until MVP can post up in the middle of the ring. MVP with a running strike in the corner, followed by a snap suplex and a cover for two. MVP is mad he didn't get the three, and grabs Cedric's head, dragging Cedric's face into the mat over and over. He tells Cedric "you could've been one of us!"
MVP locks in an arm bar, and toys with Cedric. Cedric starts to escape and the Hurt Business hop down, running around the ring to yank the Raiders off the apron so that Cedric can't tag out. MVP chases after Cedric, who rolls him up and steals the win!
Your Winners, Cedric & the Viking Raiders!

After the Match

The Viking Raiders quickly get in the ring to help guard their friend Cedric. MVP and the other members of the Hurt Business get out of the ring and grin, backing up the ramp. We're reminded that Raw Underground starts at 10pm Eastern and we see Titus O'Neil warming up in the back for Raw Underground tonight. Commercial break time.

Backstage Attack

We return from break and see the trio of the Hurt Business beating down Cedric. Ricochet and Apollo Crews make the save.

Unique Stipulation: Riott Squad vs the Iiconics

Reminder: winner receives a tag team championship opportunity; loser's team is disbanded. Billie Kay and Peyton Royce make their way out as the Iiconics are dressed in blue and full of confidence. Out next is the Riott Squad, wearing matching urban camouflage colors on their ring wear. Liv poses mid-ropes and hoists Ruby up. The bell rings and here we go!
Billie Kay immediately tackles Ruby Riott down as the bell rings. Kay sends fists flying, pummeling Riott before tagging in Mrs. Shawn Spears, Peyton Royce. Peyton locks in a chin lock. Ruby eventually makes it to her feet and throws her elbows into Peyton's side, causing Royce to whip Ruby into the ropes. Royce goes for a kick but Ruby dodges and tags in Liv. Liv comes in and attacks Peyton, attempting a pin. Liv Morgan picks up Royce for a slam but Peyton slips out of it and slams Liv down to the mat. Peyton tags in Billie Kay, and the Iiconics perform a double-team strike on Liv. Billie pins for a two, then begins to yell at Liv as she strikes her. Billie takes her into the corner and strikes her more, then hits a modified suplex into the middle of the ring for a two. Billie Kay screams more at Liv, picking her up, and Liv delivers a kick to the midsection that grounds Kay. Liv tags in Riott, who punches Kay and drags her by the head to slam her face into the turnbuckle. Ruby takes Kay into the corner and backs up for a strike. Peyton rushes in for a surprise attack but Liv Morgan moves in and intercepts her, taking the bullet for her teammate! Ruby and Billie alternate pin attempts, each coming closer and closer to a three count until Ruby secures the win!
Your Winners and New #1 Contenders for the Women's Tag Team Championship, the Riott Squad!

After the Match: the End of the Iiconics

Peyton and Billie are in tears, all but begging their opponents to come back, or for it all to be a dream. They embrace each other on the mat as we cut backstage to teh Raw Underground door. Shane fist bumps an incredibly tall bodyguard, and then tells the bodyguard that Jessamyn Duke and Apollo Crews will be in action tonight on Raw Underground. We then go to break.

Recap: Seth Rollins/Rey Mysterio Feud

We get a video package that catches up on the Rollins/Mysterio feud that's spanned a couple of months, a few PPV's, and may conclude tonight.

#1 Contender Triple Threat Qualifier: Seth Rollins vs Dominick Mysterio

Seth Rollins comes out first, accompanied closely by his disciple, Murphy. We're reminded that this is a qualifier for the triple threat, of which the winner will advance to Clash of Champions to take on Drew McIntyre.
Seth gets on the mic and in Murphy's face, reminding him that last night, Murphy kicked Seth in the face and screwed up his match last night, allowing the Mysterios to win. He says that he can't have Murphy around screwing up tonight's match, too, and he tells Murphy to get the hell out of his ring. He tells Murphy that he doesn't want to hear him or see him until Murphy figures out what kind of man Murphy wants to be. He tells Murphy to figure out what side of history he wants to be on. Murphy goes to speak and Seth snaps, "Shut your mouth! Shut your mouth, you disgrace me!" He then tells a slumping, sad-panda Murphy to get out and keeps yelling at him to get out, to think about what he's done, as Murphy goes up the ramp. Murphy looks back at Seth and Dominick Mysterio runs out from the back, clotheslining Murphy from behind. Mysterio hits the ring before his theme can even play and this match starts!
Seth attacks Dominick, but Dominick fights back. Seth heads outside and baits Dom into following, then slams him into the announce table. Seth takes it back into the ring and shoves Dom into the ropes. Dom rebounds with a kick, knocking Seth back. Mysterio uses the ropes to his advantage for a springboard strike. Seth is knocked down and onto the middle rope. Dom goes for the 619 but Seth slips out of the ring to avoid it. Dom takes Seth and slams him into the announce table. We go to break!
We're back from the break and Seth is firmly in control. Rollins uses a lot of grapples and wear-down moves to control the pace. Seth sets up for the buckle bomb and runs forward, only to be headscissored by Dom. Dominick hits a DDT as Seth recovers and covers for a very close two! Dom is holding his side, selling the work over Seth's given him in this match. Seth rolls to the outside to get a breather. Mysterio goes up top, standing tall on the top turnbuckle before flying to the outside and landing right on Seth! Dominick sends Rollins into the ring and goes up top but this time, Rollins dodges. Rollins attempts to attack but Dominick sends him down and into the middle rope. Dominick hits the 619! Mysterio goes up top for the Frog Splash but Rollins avoids it! Dominick lands hard on his chest and stomach and gets to all fours. Rollins runs over and hits the Stomp, then covers for the win!
Your Winner, and Advancing to the #1 Contender Triple Threat Match, Seth Rollins!

After the Match

We're shown a graphic remind us that Randy Orton, Keith Lee and Seth Rollins will clash in a triple-threat number one contender match later tonight on Raw, with the winner advancing to face Drew McIntyre at Clash of Champions. We cut back to the ring just in time to see Seth Rollins run over and hit another Stomp on Dom. Dom holds his head and grimaces as the piped-in crowd noise boo's Seth.

Raw Underground: Titus O'Neil vs Riddick Moss & Others

We cut to the back and see Titus working through various no-names. Titus shoulder throws a poor sap to the ground and mounts him, hammering him with fists until the bout is over. Then Riddick Moss steps in, and the bell rings. Moss takes Titus down and mounts, hitting a fist or three. Titus reverses it and both men part. Moss comes in and takes Titus down again, giving him hands. Both men to their feet. Titus and Moss lock up and Titus slings Moss into the crowd. They brawl at the dark side of the ring before Titus sends Moss back up into it. Titus shoves some guy at ring side. Moss comes in and collides with Titus, and eventually hits him so hard that he picks up the win.
Your Winner by KO, Riddick Moss

Backstage w/ the Street Profits

The Profits pull out "Coach Dawkins Scouting Report". They have a picture of Angel Garza, Andrade and Zelina Vega on it. They comment that Andrade is always talking about "Tranquilo" which means he should be chill, but every time they see him he's angry. The poke fun at Angel Garza before calling Zelina too short to ride a roller-coaster. They then babble on, remind us that they want the smoke, and we go to break with the promise of a tornado tag match, next!

Backstage at the Garage

A black minivan pulls up and a security guard stops them. Akira Tozawa is driving. The guard holds up a list and asks him who he is. He says "I am Akira Tozawa and these are my ninjas." The guard tells him repeatedly that he's not on the list. Akira holds up his 24/7 championship and wants to be let in. He gets out of his car to see the list but the pages are blank! Behind him, R-Truth is sneaking up. Akira rips open the guard's jacket to reveal a ref's shirt, and R-Truth rolls him up to win the 24/7 championship for the 39th time.
Your Winner and NEW 24/7 Champion, R-Truth

Tornado Tag Match: The Street Profits vs Andrade & Angel Garza

The tag champs, the Street Profits, come out first. We see that a lot of ThunderDome fans have red cups and hold them up as the champs pose in the ring. Out next, accompanied by Demi Burnett and Zelina Vega, are their opponents. Demi takes a seat at ringside, smiling and checking out Angel.
The bell rings and all four superstars pair off. Angel grounds Montez and Andrade teams with Angel to toss Dawkins out of the ring. Both heels begin to double team Montez Ford. Ford fights back with quick rights. Ford goes to the apron and hits a leaping kick to Angel, then goes up top--only to be intercepted by Andrade. Angel and Andrade double team suplex him into the middle of the ring as we go to break.
We're back from the break and the heels are still in control. Angelo Dawkins is still down ringside and Montez Ford is at the mercy of these two soldados. Angel & Andrade throw Montez into the ring post, knocking him to the outside. Dawkins struggles to his feet but in the ring he's completely helpless. Angel Garza locks in the Camel Clutch and Andrade leaps off the top turnbuckle, dropkicking him in the face. They continue to have their way with Dawkins for the next two minutes, grounding him and using the ropes to their advantage. Dawkins finally gets his second wind and fights back but the heels stop it prematurely. They set Dawkins up in a tree of woe and hit a top rope stomp. Montez hits the ring to make the save. Andrade clocks Dawkins hard and Phillips tells us he's "out on his butt." Montez hits a modified enziguri and grabs the ropes, yelling and firing himself up as the lights begin to flicker. Fearing a Retribution attack, Angel Garza grabs Demi Burnett and runs her off to safety. Andrade is now handicapped against the Profits when suddenly, Retribution attacks! Their numbers are even larger, much larger. Andrade teams up with the Profits to try to mount a defense as Retribution swarm the ring. Outside, four members surround Zelina. She looks around, shrugs, and attacks! Retribution then begin to beatdown Zelina and all three men in the ring before running off, leaving our competitors laying out.
Your Results: No Contest (Double DQ due to Retribution)

Retribution Recap/Backstage Security

We're treated to replays of the attack prior to the break, and then see Adam Pearce screaming at security to do their job.

Raw Underground: The Iiconics

We see Shane offering his consolations to the Iiconics as they're backstage and at Raw Underground.

Raw Underground: Jessamyn Duke vs Randoms & Billie Kay

Jessamyn Duke is then featured and beats up some trainees. Marina Shaffir joins her on stage, celebrating with her. Shane asks if anyone else wants in. Peyton Royce tosses Billie Kay in; Kay is not happy about this but doesn't have time to react as Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shaffir destroy her in maybe two seconds.
Your Winner, Jessamyn Duke

A Recounting of Tonight's Events

We get clips from everything the Hurt Business has done tonight before cutting backstage. Charlie comes up to an arguing Apollo, Ricochet and Cedric. She recaps what we literally just saw then asks if Apollo thinks its wise to take on Shelton Benjamin at Raw Underground. Apollo says that the old Apollo is gone and in his place is a new man who won't stop going after Lashley til he gets his US title back. Ricochet says that if MVP things he can manipulate Cedric into thinking they don't have his back, he's got another thing coming. Cedric says he knows they've got his back. They demand to be let into Raw Underground and we head to commercials.

Raw Underground Main Event: Shelton Benjamin vs Apollo Crews

Shane welcomes us to our main event for Raw Underground. Shelton and Apollo circle when the bell rings then lock up. Shelton delivers a knee strike and takes it to the mat. Shelton ends up on top, punching Crews. Crews tries to slide out, and locks his arms under Shelton's left arm, attempting a submission. Crews locks it in and gets to his feet; Shelton runs him over to the side and they go flying off. Ricochet and MVP begin to clash as do Lashley and Cedrick. All six men end up in the ring. Lashley punches Cedric down into the mat; MVP puts Cedric to sleep; Shelton defeats Apollo (not a pin or tapout so no clue, really).
Your Winner, Shelton Benjamin!

Backstage w/ Angel Garza and Demi Burnett

Demi's checking in with Angel, asking if he's okay as he just abandoned his partner and manager. He emphatically insists he didn't abandon anyone, and that they're trained superstars and can take care of themselves. He says his only concern was Demi. Retribution burst through nearby double-doors, beating the tar out of someone. Angel and Demi see Retribution; Retribution sees the duo. Angel runs off, leaving Demi to face Retribution. She sees that he's abandoned her, too, and runs off as Retribution chuckle.

Main Event: Triple-Threat #1 Contender's Match: Randy Orton vs Keith Lee vs Seth Rollins

Randy Orton makes his way out to the ring first as Tom reminds us that last week, Orton punted Drew three times and McIntyre may not be cleared to defend his title at Clash of Champions. Samoa Joe and Byron debate this before Joe reminds us that Randy needs to worry about one step at a time--and that's this match. Out next is the leader of the Limitless Legion, Keith Lee. Out last, but never least, is the Monday Night Messiah, Seth Rollins.
The bell rings and Randy slips out the ring. Seth asks Randy what he's doing, as they're supposed to work together per what Randy apparently told Seth. Randy laughs and says he's already worked tonight. Seth gets out of the ring and again tells Randy, "you said we'd work together tonight." Lee walks over and grabs the top of Seth's head and powers him into the ring. Lee whips Seth and knocks him down. Randy comes in and headlocks Lee; Lee shrugs out of it and whips Orton into the corner. Rollins attacks Lee before he can capitalize on things. Rollins attempts to whip Lee but Lee doesn't budge and, instead, whips Rollins into the same corner as Orton, squashing the Viper. Orton and Rollins attempt to work together to lift the big man but Lee takes out both stars as we go to commercials.
Back from the break and Rollins & Orton are continuing to work together. They whip Lee into the steel steps and we see a clip of action from the commercial break, when they slammed him into the announce table. It takes Orton and Rollins a few moments to heft Lee's heavy frame onto the apron. Without warning, Orton catches Seth as he's climbing back into the ring and hits the DDT for a two count. Orton is up, looks at the ThunderDome crowd, then drops to the ground, stalking Rollins. Orton attempts an RKO but Rollins dodges and hits the Falcon Arrow for a two. Rollins crawls back into a corner, sizing up Orton as Orton's rolling on the mat. Rollins gets ready for a Stomp but the figure of Keith Lee rising slowly behind him on the apron stops him. Lee strikes Rollins, then Orton. Lee picks up Rollins and throws him into Orton! All three men to the outside. Orton and Rollins are trying to get away so Lee charges around the ring, Strowman style, and rams Orton--sending the future hall of famer flying back several feet! Rollins attacks Lee at the announce table but Lee isn't phased, and takes Rollins back into the ring.
Seth finally gets control of the match, and floors the big man. A kick to the face. Seth in the corner, setting up for the Stomp. Rollins goes for it but Lee catches him and hits the Spirit Bomb! Immediately afterwards, Randy Orton hits the RKO on Lee and pins him!
Your Winner and NEW #1 Contender, Randy Orton!

In Closing

Welp, there you go! Randy Orton will take on Drew McIntyre for the WWE Championship, again! Remember that NXT airs tomorrow, not Wednesday. I'll see you all back here tomorrow night for Raw!

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