WWE NXT Great American Bash, Night 1 Live Results (7/1/2020) - Full Sail University, Winter Park, FL

It's 105 with the heat index in the Mississippi Delta, but that can't compare to the fire WWE is bringing us tonight during the NXT Great American Bash! The seminal WCW-era event returns for a special two-night event, airing tonight and next Wednesday!

Our resident Matt hooked us up with a sweet preview earlier today. WWE is looking to bring NXT's A game because AEW is running its own two-night special, FYTER FEST! And Matt, the Wednesday Night Wars aren't between Fyter Fest and Great American Bash--it's between your results and mine, so bring it, brother!

Tonight we can expect to see NXT Women's Champion Io Shirai clash in a non-title match against Sasha Banks. We'll also have a Fatal 4-Way Elimination Match to determine the new number one contender for Shirai's belt! Will we see Candice LeRae advancing the Gargano legacy? Will the HBIC, Mia Yim become the head contender in charge? Can Tegan Nox pull off the upset as she works on writing her own fairy tale of return and redemption? Or will the Kiwi kickster, Dakota Kai dominate? We'll find out tonight! And in yet more hot action from the women's division, Rhea Rhipley takes on both Aliyah & Robert Stone in a handicap match! Will it be a 2 on 1 handicapped match? Or will it borrow from this week's Raw and be a 1 on 2 handicapped match? We can't keep up with all the innovation, people!

After some heated all-caps words of words on social media, ONEY LORCAN WILL TAKE ON TIMOTHY THATCHER.

We'll also see NXT's first ever strap match as John Carpenter's favorite wrestler, Dexter Lumis, takes on Roderick Strong. For weeks, Lumis has stalked Strong like a long lost sister pulling babysitter duty, but tonight Strong can't run...and he can't hide! The boogeyman is coming for him tonight!

Don't forget, we're doing the First Ever Rajahmania Giveaway! I updated it last week to reflect the change of the PPV (it's now Extreme Rules: the Horror Show). And to spice up our own Rajah results Wednesday Night Wars, every one adhering to the rules for tonight's Results (Twitter shares/likes, comments, comments here etc) will receive double the entries! Sure, check on Fyter Fest results, but keep your eyes glued here, brothers!

Now turn up the AC, crack open a cold one, and let's get this Bash under way! Are...you...rrrrrrreadyyyyyyy?

WWE NXT: Great American Bash, Night 1 Live Results (7/1/2020) - Full Sail University, Winter Park, FL

NXT Presents a Two Night Extravaganza

We're treated to an opening video letting us know that the Bash is BACK. We see classic clips of stars such as Dusty Rhodes, mixed with a recap of recent events, such as Dexter Lumis locking Strong in a trunk and their subsequent macabre game of cat and mouse. We have a big elimination match coming up for the number one contender for Io Shirai's belt. Sasha Banks takes on Io in a non title match. Welcome to the Great American Bash!

Announcer's Table

We're reminded that 35 years ago, the legendary Dusty Rhodes created the Great American Bash. We'll be having limited commercial interruptions for this special two night event! Mauro and Beth Phoenix are our announcers tonight.

Fatal 4-Way Elimination for #1 Contender: Dakota Kai vs Tegan Nox vs Candice LeRae vs Mia Yim

Our combatants come out first, with Mia Yim getting the biggest pop. The ring ropes and skirting and arena are done up in classic Bash at the Beach colors and motifs. Candice LeRae is the last one out to massive boos. We're told of the rules for tonight's match--there are no count outs. Eliminations come by pinfall or submission in the ring and per GM William Regal, there will be no outside interference. Raquel Gonzalez is not allowed ringside for Dakota.

The bell rings and Dakota Kai immediately goes outside, avoiding Mia. Mia and Tegan Nox lock up, with Mia taking Tegan down fast. Candice taunts Mia outside the ring and sends her into the barricade. Tegan Nox and Candice in the ring; Candice tries to eliminate Tegan fast but fails then begs off Tegan until Kai comes in, taking out both women. Kai pulls Nox to the apron and goes for a ringside kick but Nox dodges. Back in the ring, Candice is intercepted by a huge dropkick by Mia Yim. Mia sends Tegan to the corner and goes for a cannonball but Candice moves. Candice hits Mia in the corner then hits Kai and Tegan on the outside of the ring. Candice springboard crossbody's onto Dakota Kai ringside, laying her out.

Back in the ring, Candice and Mia take the fight to the corner. Mia tries for a top rope maneuver but Candice wiggles out. Candice attempts a powerbomb while Mia's still up but she holds on. Tegan Nox in the ring as Mia Yim is sent to the outside. Kai back in the ring and Yim--all four are in the ring. Mia and Tegan tell each other "help me" and Lift up Kai together, bodyslamming her onto a prone Candice. Mia Yim covers Candice for the three. Candice LeRae has been eliminated by Mia Yim. Commercial break!

We get picture in picture during the break. The four women scatter and pair off. We've got Dakota Kai in the ring, attempting a dragon lock on Tegan. Mia's in the ring and locks Kai in an inverted bear hug headlock while holding Tegan's leg in a stretch submission. Finally, both women break the hold. Mia and Kai are up, slugging it out. Officially back from break and Kai is sent into the corner. Mia hits a cannonball on Dakota Kia. Tegan hits a corner move. Mia hits another cannonball.

Both Mia Yim and Tegan Nox lay on each other to cover Dakota Kai! Kai escapes right at three and rolls out the ring! Yim and Nox shake hands in the ring then square off, whipping each other into the ropes. They stop in the ring and threaten a fist, pausing to smile before Yim sucker punches Yim. Yim goes for a between the ropes dive but misses. Kai in the ring and hits Tegan before Mia is back into the ring and hits a Full Nelson Slam converted into a German Suplex! Head scissors by Yim onto Kai. Kai and Tegan are both outside. Mia Yim hits a tope con hiro on Tegan Nox outside! Mia gets immediately back up and runs across to the other side of the ring, hitting a tope on Kai!

Yim back in the ring with Tegan. Yim attempts a pin but only gets a two. Yim hits Soul Food on Tegan Nox, and Nox rolls outside. Dakota Kai sneaks up and hits the O'Connor roll to pin Mia! Dakota Kai has eliminated Mia Yim by pinfall! We go to commercials with picture in picture, so coverage will continue!

As commercials rot our brain, we see in the corner that the action continues. Kai in the ring with Tegan, attempts a pinfall but gets a two. Kai locks in the sitting rear choke with her knee pushed between Tegan's shoulder blades. Ref's checking on Tegan but she's not giving up. Tegan gets to her feet but Kai won't let loose that lock and shakes her around before driving her to the mat! Kai is now on top of a face down prone Tegan, with that sleeper lock in. Crowd is chanting and trying to pump up Tegan. Again, Tegan powers her way to her feet! Tegan sent into the ropes but ducks Dakota's move and hits a wrap up for a pin attempt but only gets two!

Back from the break and we have Negan and Kai in the ring, exchanging powerful punches. Kai drops Tegan to her knees, Tegan up and nails Kai, dropping her to her knees. Kai up and this exchange continues for the better part of a minute, devolving into a straight up slug fest as both women hold each other and hammer down blows! The crowd is pounding on the plexiglass and chanting "NXT! NXT! NXT!" as this continues! Finally both women, exhausted, on the mat. Slow to their feet, but Kai his a massive kick, reminding us why she's the captain of Team Kick. Both women continue with strong sternum hits. Tegan starts to get fired up and hits a running clothesline, then another. And a third! Kai in the corner, Tegan fires up and runs in for a Running European Uppercut! Tegan sets it up again and hits another Running European Uppercut! Dakota is sitting in the corner!

Tegan goes back and hits a big cannonball in the face of Kai! The Kiwi Kickster is in trouble as Tegan hits a suplex. Tegan goes up top, ready to fly, but Kai is back to her feet fast and hits a running jump kick! Kai launches Nox back into the ring then hits the Kairopractor and hooks the leg but only gets a two! Tegan Nox will not give up! The young star, returning after a nearly career-ending injury, is proving her mettle tonight.

Both women in the middle of the ring, exchanging slow hammer blows and punches. Kai hammers Tegan, and again, and again but Nox will not stay down! Kai stomps and kicks Nox on the mat. Kai picks up Nox and goes for the Dakota Kick but Nox reverses and hits a face-first slam on Kai, covering but only get a two! Both women are up; Tegan charges for a Shiniest Wizard but Kai rolls her up in a crucifix. Kai locks in a crucifix hold! Nox can't get out! Nox rolls over though, so Kai's shoulders are down, forcing Kai to break the hold.

Tegan goes up top and hits the Molly Go Round on Kai, then immediately charges and hits the Shiniest Wizard, and gets the pin!
Your Winner and NEW Number One Contender, Tegan Nox!

After the Match

We're treated to replays of only but a few of the incredible events from this match. This was a slobber knocker, folks, and raises the bar of what we can expect from women's elimination matches! Tegan Nox is tougher than a $2 steak! Nox celebrates in the ring as the fans cheer her on!

Backstage w/ Mackenzie and Damian Priest

Mackenzie wants to ask Damian a question but he interrupts her. He takes off his shades and talks to the camera. He says he has to direct this at one person--Cameron Grimes. He says Cameron slashed his tires but won't claim it, and attacked Priest to win a match but won't own it. Now, the Priest challenges Grimes to a one on one match. He promises that the beating he gives Cameron will live fo rever!

Backstage w/ Sasha Banks & Bayley

We see both women talking as Beth hypes the upcoming Io Shirai/Sasha Banks match.

Timothy Thatcher vs ONEY LORCAN

Timothy Thatcher is out first, followed by ONEY LORCAN. Timothy tugs on the ropes, warming up as the crowd chants for ONEY LORCAN. Mauro calls both men throwbacks to the old days of grappling, smash-mouth style wrestling. Both men lock up and neither seems to have control Thatcher with the side headlock on ONEY, and sends his opponent into the ropes. ONEY LOCKS IN A SUBMISSION. We're reminded he learned from a wrestling school just down the way from the famous Hart Dungeon. Thatcher reverses the hold into a submission. ONEY GOES FOR A DOUBLE WRIST LOCK. Thatcher rolls, forcing Lorcan's shoulder's down and gets a two count before ONEY ROLLS OUT OF IT. ORCAN HAS THE ARM LOCK ON AND WON'T GO. Thatcher rises slow to his feet and tries a single arm power bombed. Thatcher out of the arm bar and flips Lorcan onto his back, and locks in an arm submission.

Thatcher in control now, and this match is a great display in old-school, textbook catch wrestling. Thatcher pushes Lorcan against the ropes, hits a chop, and grabs the left arm, floats over and locks in the double wrist lock! Beth Phoenix tells us we're seeing a wrestling clinic, and she's right--this feels right out of the pages of old 90's WCW catch wrestling akin to Dean Malenko and Perry Saturn.

Both men to their feet and attempting to reverse the arm locks; many, many reversals and counters in this while both men keep a hold of each other's arms. Finally, LORCAN BREAKS IT AND HITS THREE KNIFE EDGE CHOPS. Thatcher sends Lorcan into the corner but Lorcan reverses Thatcher's attempt of offense and sends Thatcher outside! We go to picture in picture commercial break. We see Thatcher outside the ring now, working the arms of Oney Lorcan, slamming them into the apron before sending Lorcan into the ring again.

Thatcher works Lorcan's arm on the ropes until the ref breaks it. He takes Oney into the corner and works him there before the ref breaks it up. Thatcher flips Lorcan into the middle of the ring and locks in a wicked looks neck and left arm lock. He's wrenching those muscles tight. Finally, finally ONEY GETS TO HIS FEET AND HAMMERS AWAY AT THATCHER. Thatcher, however, immediately reverses a punch into a left arm lock! These two are putting on a master class in classic mat wrestling and catch wrestling. Watch this match!

Thatcher still has Oney in the arm bar, but converts it into a belly to belly suplex and slams Oney down hard, causing him to roll out. Oney is favoring his right arm now per the announcers. Oney up to the apron. Thatcher tries to suplex him inside the ring, but Lorcan blocks it. Again he wrenches and grunts, trying to suplex, and again it's blocked! A third time! A fourth! On the fifth time, Thatcher gets Lorcan up but he floats over. Both men are now slugging it out in the middle of the ring! LORCAN WITH REPEATED PUNCHES. Thatcher hits Lorcan in the face and Lorcan looks like he's snapped! LORCAN WITH SLAP AFTER SLAP, SLAPPING THATCHER TO THE GROUND> LORCAN LOCKS IN A SINGLE LEG CRAB. Thatcher reverses it into a knee submission! Thatcher goes for the Fujiwara arm bar but Lorcan escapes! Thatcher cradles Lorcan but only gets a two. Thatcher puts Lorcan in the Sugar Hold! LORCAN SHOVES A FINGER IN THATHCERS MOUTH AND PUSHES. Thatcher changes up and switches over into a Fuijwara arm bar! Lorcan taps! Lorcan taps!
Your Winner, Timothy Thatcher

After the Match

Thatcher won't break the hold! The ref warns him and finally he breaks it. We see him celebrate, and a replay of that wicked Fujiwara arm bar that won it. Lorcan is holding his right arm on the ground as Thatcher paces in the ring and yells at Oney.

Promo: Karrion Kross

We're show a creepy video that looks like something Metallica would've done in the 90's. We see crows, closed roads, wild fires, the planet earth, we see Kross sitting at a table with a loose tie. The table has a pentagram, a deck of black and white tarot cars that Scarlett is looking at. We get clips of destroyed buildings, war-ravaged cities. A repeating theme is "tick tock" and clocks. Very cool, very dark promo. YouTube that!

Handicap Match: Rhea Rhipley vs Robert Stone & Aliyah

Rhea is out to huge applause and her typical bad ass entrance. Finally, Aliyah's music hits and she comes out dancing. Robert Stone is with her, wearing a boxer's robe with "Robert Stone Brand" and his initials on the back of it. They come to the ring, with Stone holding the back of Aliyah's shoulders and hopping along behind her. If Rhea Rhipley loses, she'll have to join Robert Stone Brand per the announcers. Beth calls Robert Stone a walking Ponzi Scheme.

Rhea's ready. Robert Stone puts on prescription goggles and a mouth piece. The bell rings and we're informed that the rules are this: no tags, no countouts, only pinfalls and submissions.

Stone tells Aliyah he's got this. He points at Rhea and repeatedly says "you and me". He starts jigging and jagging and shuffling like a boxer from the 40's. He tries a fancy little number but Rhipley slaps him so hard he rolls out the ring. Aliyah jumps Rhipley from behind! Aliyah takes control, hitting Rhipley and sending her in the corner. Stone holds Rhipley's feet on the outside and allows Aliyah to hit a huge jumping corner smash to stun Rhea. She gets a two. Aliyah tries to lock in a side waist submission but Rhea peels Aliyah off with one arm, holding her in a powerbomb position before converting it to the electric chair.

Rhea electric chair drops Aliyah and attempts a pin but Stone is in to break it up. Rhea sends Stone outside, dropping him hard on the ringside floor. Aliyah into the ring and hits a tackle on Rhea, then mounts for multiple punches.. Aliyah attempts to whip Rhea but Rhea counters. Rhea whips Aliyah and ducks down to do a back body drop but Aliyah sees it coming and kicks her instead. Aliyah takes control as we go into commercial break.

As the break goes on, Stone is back in the ring and he and Aliyah began double teaming Rhipley. Stone holds Rhea's arms behind her, allowing Aliyah to hit a big punch. Rhea's down and both Stone and Aliyah stalk her like wolves with an injured doe. We cut to full commercials now.

Back from break and we see Aliyah and Stone are still in control. They hit a double suplex. Aliyah goes to cover, but Stone pushes her off to go for the cover. She yells at Stone that she's the talent here, not him. He agrees and Aliyah finally covers Rhea, but Rhea kicks out. Stone tells Aliyah "same page, let's do this again" and they attempt another double suplex. Instead, Rhea suplexes them both at the same time!

Rhea takes control, sending Stone into the corner, then whips Aliyah into the corner. The former NXT Women's Champion wraps up Aliyah, hits several clotheslines the whips Aliyah into Stone in the corner again, knocking him to a seated position. Rhea picks up Aliyah and slams her face first into Robert Stone's stones! He writhes in pain. Rhea pulls both Aliyah and Stone into the center of the ring, kicking them, then locks them both in an inverted standing Texas Cloverleaf. The Prism Trap! A double Prism Trap! Both competitors tap out!
Your Winner, Rhea Rhipley!

After the Match

We have the Strap Match coming up next! We're treated to a video package showing Strong and Lumis' feud to this point. Strong complains about Dexter's constant stares. We see Dexter throwing Roderick in the trunk, then attacking him backstage, and various bits of their feud. We close on Roderick Strong, eyes closed, then--

Strap Match: Roderick Strong vs Dexter Lumis

--Roderick's eyes open, he says he's got to face his fears and he comes out to the ring solo. He gets in the ring and hits the mat repeatedly, psyching himself up, before doing the "boom!" bit. He's up to his feet and pacing, awaiting his opponent. Finally, the Stranger Things theme music plays and out comes Dexter Lumis, his cold stare locked on Strong the entire time.

The ref attaches the strap to Lumis and Strong immediately attacks him before he's strapped up. Lumis powers up and sends Strong down hard, and attaches the strap. The match is now underway! We're reminded of the 2004 Great American Bash where Eddie Guerrero fought JBL. The first Strap match at the Great American Bash was three decades ago and involved hall of famers!

Meanwhile, Lumis takes Strong to the outside. Strong briefly gets the control and uses the strap to hit Lumis but it's not enough. Lumis fights back and takes control, taking the action back into the ring. Lumis uses the strap to whip Roderick like he got caught stealing cookies. Lumis sends Strong into the control and kicks away. We're reminded of the back lot Adam Cole match a month ago when Lumis locked both Bobby Fish and Roderick Strong in a trunk for 12 hours. Strong charges but Lumis doesn't budge. Roderick tries for chops but it has little effect on Lumis. Strong over the top rope to the outside. Lumis uses the trap, pulling on it and forcing Strong up to the apron. Strong tries to punch Lumis back but Lumis uses one arm and tosses Strong back into the ring with little effort.

Lumis controls for a few moments before Strong gets to his feet and takes it ot the corner. Roderick climbs the middle rope, wraps the strap around his face and hammers Lumis repeatedly. Lumis slips out between Roderick's legs, pulls the strap and then uppercuts between Strong's legs to his jaw. Lumis takes it outside. Lumis with a forearm to Strong. Lumis grabs a handful of the strap and goes to whip Strong, but Strong dodges. Lumis uses the strap and launches Strong over the stairs. Roderick tries to escape up the ring but Lumis keeps pounding Strong, whipping him, and then drives Strong face-first into the lighting on the Great American Bash setup.

Lumis notices the car parked by the light setup and opens the trunk. Roderick fights back, fighting back down the ramp. Strong has no desire to go back in a trunk! Roderick Strong hits a beautiful Olympic Slam on the ringside ground. Strong pacing, getting his breath, as Lumis is slow to his feet. Strong sends Lumis into the ring. Strong is up to his feet as Lumis is on all fours. Strong uses the strap to his a sick sounding whip on Lumi's chest. Lumis to his knees. Strong hits Lumis in the chest. Lumis back to his knees, Strong straps him across the back. Strong ground and pounds Lumis, hitting multiple right hands and clubbing strikes. Strong goes for the cover but doesn't even get a one!

Lumis to his feet and both men exchange blows. Strong yells at Lumis. Lumis with a big backhand elbow strike to drop Lumis. Strong has Lumis seated and locks in a rear sleeper hold. Dexter powers to his feet as the crowd are fully behind Lumis. Dexter to his feet, sending Strong to the corner and hits a big right hand, and another right body blow. Lumis tries to charge the corner but Roderick Strong hits the step up enziguri! Lumis down, seated, as Roderick hits chops and strop hits, yelling at Lumis to stay down, and says Lumis had this coming for disrespecting him.

Lumis to his feet and Roderick hits a knife edge chop. Roderick runs and rebounds off the ropes only to have Lumis explode to his feet and hit a HUGE clothesline. Lumis now unloading with a series of right hands, then whips Strong to the corner and hits a bulldog out of the corner!

Every time Strong attempts offense, Lumis takes back control. Roderick to his feet but Lumis hits him hard with the whip. This continues--Strong up and whipped down, again and again and again. Finally Lumis mounts Strong's torso and mashes his face. Lumis back to his feet and pulls Roderick up by his feet, setting up his sleeper but Strong is fighting back. Strong takes it to the corner. Both men are up the turnbuckle. Roderick hits a superplex off the top rope and covers but only gets a two! Strong uses the rope to tie the ankles of Dexter Lumis, then rolls him over and locks in a beautiful modified Boston Crab that would make Dean Malenko proud!

Both men out the ring before Dexter sends Roderick back into the ring. Dexter up on the apron and Bobby Fish hits Lumis from his blindside as the ref is distracted! Roderick goes for a pin but gets two. Both men to their feet and slugging it out in the ring. Bobby Fish in the ring, looking to interfere and charges but Lumis backs up and uses the strap to clothesline Fish! Fish sent to the outside. Lumis uses the rope to lock up Strong. Lumis hits a urinage! Dexter locks Strong in his finisher submission, the Silence. Dexter keeps it locked and Strong can't break, Strong taps!
Your Winner by Submission, Dexter Lumis

After the Match

Dexter Lumis is the winner of hte first official NXT Strap Match. We're treated to replays. This was a very good much; this whole show so far has been putting on great matches. Dexter stares at the camera creepily as his theme plays.

Tom Phillips

Tom tells us this is the first night of the two-night Great American Bash special. It will continue next week, and we're treated to a promo:

Promo: Keith Lee & Adam Cole

Next week we're going to have a champion vs champion match when Keith Lee and Adam Cole fight with both titles on the line! Keith Lee points out his accolades this year, how well he did in the Royal Rumble, and how many successful North American Championship defenses he's had. He says this is chance to win both belts. it's his time. NXT is now N-X-Lee. He tells Cole he's waited patiently and earned his opportunity. He doesn't want to overlook anything. "Adam Cole, Bay Bay, I offer my respect and I offer my congratulations. Your reign has been nothing short of epic, I dare say, legendary!"

Adam Lee now talks and takes credit for the NXT invasion of Raw and Smackdown months ago, and that it was the undisputed efforts that elevated the era of Adam Cole. He credits Keith Lee for being a great wrestler. But when the chips are down, he says Leee fails. He shows Lesnar eliminating Keith Lee; he shows the cage match where Lee was pinned. Keith Lee says that while Adam Cole may be Undisputed, Keith Lee is Unstoppable. We see more back and forth quotes from both men, building this up as the biggest match in NXT champion. Both men are going to put on their best and hte winner takes all! Tom Phillips reminds us that its a winner takes all match next week on night 2 of the Great American Bash!

Backstage w/ Io Shirai

We see Io backstage getting ready. We have our main event up soon--Io Shirai vs Sasha Banks, completely commercial free!

Backstage w/ Mackenzie & Johnny Gargano and Candice LeRae

The interview never really happens as Johnny immediately begins to complain that Candice was outnumbered "four on one." Candice sees someone off camera and charges over. We then see Johnny take off and Candice and Mia Yim are brawling and Johnny Gargano and Swerve get into it!

In the Ring: Santos Escobar (w/ Raul Mendoza & Joaquin Wilde)

Escobar addresses his unmasking. He says that they are more than jus the mask, his people are more than a mask. He says Legado Del Fantasma, his faction, are going to leave a legacy that peolple can be proud of. He's going to take on those who disrupt what it means to e a true luchadore artist. He's going to build an empire. He says he is Santos Escobar and this--

Drake Maverick comes out, a neck brace on, wearing a black tee and pants. Santos and his men encourage Drake to come on. Drake removes his brace and storms the ring. He tries to get to Escobar but the Legados soldados decimate him. Maverick tries to get to Escobar but can't as both men restrain him. Escobar comes over, taking off his jacket and Cruiserweight title, and says "I told you, little guy, no one can touch me." Santos prepares to hit a move but Tyler Breeze and Fandango storm the ring and fight off the soldados! Santos Escobar rolls out the ring and backs up the ramp with his men as Febreeze stand strong with Drake. Fandango gets on the mic and says that at Great American Bash night two, Escobar has no place to hide. Looks like we're going to have a six man tag match next we ek!

Backstage w/ Mackenzie and Cameron Grimes

Grimes mocks Priest for wanting to come over him. Grimes says he'll take on Keith Lee or Adam Cole and declares himself as the number one contender to any belt. He does a great crazy redneck full of confidence and hubris.

Up next: the main event without commercials

Main Event: Women's Tag Team champion Sasha Banks vs NXT Women's Champion Io Shirai

Sasha Banks is out first to her modified theme music, with Bayley at her side. Io Shirai is out next to huge chants from the crowd..We're reminded this will be an uninterrupted main event. Sasha banks forces Io into the corner, then dances and taunts in the middle of hte ring. Io immediately engages Io and locks up, working a right arm bar. Sasha breaks out of it with a right elbow. Both women off the ropes, showcasing thier athleticism. Io flips and summersaults across the ring. Io up top and hits a missile dropkick, sending Sasha Banks out of the ring! Shirai immediately hits a suicide dive on Banks outside!

Both women in the ring and Banks slows the place, using a rear chin lock to ground the NXT women's champion. Sasha sends Io to the corner and hits a double knee to the mid section, going for the cover but only getting a two. Bayley at ringside yelling tips and advice to Sasha. Banks stalks Io and stands on the right hand of Io into the mat, then stretches her left arm up, spreading her fingers similar to Pete Dunne's wicked hand work. Io escapes but can't escape Sasha. Sasha hits double knees similar to a Meteora and taking down Io. Sasha locks in a rear arm lock, cranking her arms back. Io eventually gets her arms free and uses a head-scissors to send Sasha into the corner. Sasha up on the top rope, seated. Io charges but Sasha catches her with her legs and shoves Io's face into the middle turnbuckle! Finally Io gets up top and hits a picture perfect Frankensteiner!

Io hits the Tiger Feint Kick, then hits her tribute to Rey Mysterio and hits the 619 springboard dropkick. She covers but only gets a two. Io pulls Sasha up to her feet and locks in the double underhook but Banks counters into a rear waist hold. Banks goes for a right hand but Shirai ducks and locks in a rear waist lock of her own, then hits a German Suplex.

Io goes for a lock but Sasha quickly slaps on the Bank Statement right in the middle of the ring! Shirai can't escape so she rolls to the side and gets a two on Sasha; Sasha rolls to counter and gets a two before they break the hold. Io hits a Bullet Train in the corner on Banks, and hops to the top rope to set up a move but Banks is up too fast and hammers her from behind.

Io trapped in the Tree of Woe, upside down in the corner. Sasha kneels an taunts Io, saying that she created NXT, taking credit for the women's revolution, etc. Sasha charges the corner but Io leaps out the way. Io goes for a top rope move but Banks dodges; Banks reverses a hold into a meteora but only gets two! Crowd is into this. Banks is holding her left knee and hops as she gets to her feet. Io uses the ropes to come up top. Sasha goes for Io but Io drop toe holds her onto the middle rope. Io goes for the Tiger Feint Kick but Banks stops it. Io on the apron, Sasha inside, both women hammering each other. Bayley's yelling encouragement to Sasha. Io gets some separation and gets on the top rope but Sasha catches her! Sasha holes Io bent over on the top rope and yells "I am NXT" then hits a wicked kick. Sasha outside and hits a big powerbomb smash on the plexicglass at ringside. Bayley and Sasha celebrate together. Ref's counting and gets to 7. The crowd begins chanting "you don't go here!" over and over. Io down in the ring, Banks goes up top and leaps but Io catches her and converts her momentum into a chinlock submission.

Bayley throws one of the tag team championships into the ring. The ref looks at her like she's crazy and struggles to pull it out the ring, almost as if Sasha were holding on to it. As his back is turned, Bayley smacks Io Shirai and helping Bayley out of the hold. The official yells at Bayley at ringside. Suddenly Asuka comes out to yank the other belt from Bayley and neutralizes Bayley at ringside! Io Shirai goes up top and nails the moonsault onto the back of Sasha Banks and covers for the three!
Your Winner, NXT Women's Champion Io Shirai!

After the Match & Next Weeek's Matches

Asuka and Io celebrate in the ring. Next week we get a street fight between Mia Yim and Candice LeRae. We'll see Drake Maverick team up with Fandango and Tyler Breeze in six man action, and we'll make history as we have a winner take all championship match between Keith Lee and Adam Cole!

There you have it, folks, night one of the Great American Bash is in the history books! Totally not marking when I say this was a damn good show with some superb matches! Definitely worth watching! The talent went all out and didn't hold back.

I'll see you all here this Friday for Friday Night Smackdown! The next installment of Listen Up, Slapnuts will be up later this week! Be safe out there, Rajahmaniacs!

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