WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results (6/29/2020) - Performance Center, Orlando, FL

It's Monday night, so that means its time for Monday Night Raw! It me, Mike "Hulk" Hogan, with another weekly installment of Rajah.com's Raw Live Results Coverage! To quote aspiring Olympic swimmer Jason Voorhees, "....."

In tonight's preview we're expecting to see a continuation of the Seth Rollins/Mysterio Family feud. We're also promised everyone's favorite wrestling event--a bonafide contract signing! But because Vince knows how much we love those, we're getting a double contract signing for the upcoming Extreme Rules: The Horror Show pay per view! Drew McIntyre and Dolph will sign off for their highly-anticipated WWE Championship match, and Asuka & Sasha Banks will sign their contract as well. The suspense is killing me. We've also learned that US Champion Apollo Crews will take on MVP in a non-title match and added just recently will be a tag team bout between the Viking Raiders and the team of Andrade & Angel Garza! There is also a rumor floating around that both Ric Flair and Big Show will make an appearance.

What else is in store for us tonight? Who knows! Only one way to find out, and that starts now...

WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results (6/29/2020) - Performance Center, Orlando, FL

In the Ring: Brawl, Contract Signings

We start tonight's show with the desk and chairs set up for a contract signing, and Samoa Joe calling for refs as Asuka is being tag teamed by Bayley and Sasha Banks. After a few moments, four refs separate the performers. Samoa Joe welcomes us to Monday Night Raw and lets us know that, as we can see, we've got contracts set up for a signing and--

--Sasha Banks and Bayley storm the ring to jump Asuka. Again, Joe yells at the refs and they separate the two parties. Dolph Ziggler's music plays and out he comes as Tom Phillips and Byron Saxton remind us that in two weeks from this Sunday, live on the WWE Network, Dolph Ziggler takes on WWE Champion Drew McIntyre at Extreme Rules: The Horror Show.

Joe sarcastically thanks Dolph for awaiting his introduction but, since Dolph is here, he might as well introduce Dolph's opponent. Dolph cuts Joe off and says he'll make the introduction himself, and runs down the WWE Champion "for the next three weeks" the indominitable Drew McIntyre. Dolph sits at the table as Drew makes his way out in street clothes and a leather jacket of all things. Finally, Drew sits with Dolph.

Ziggler starts things. He tells Drew that without Dolph, Drew would be scratching a miserable existence somewhere, lamenting that he had a shot and blew it. Dolph tells Drew that for fifteen years, Dolph's been taking on the best of the best here in the WWE. He goes on to say that at Extreme Rules, Drew's going to hit Dolph but Ziggler will get back up. Drew'll kick Dolph, but Ziggler will get back up. Drew will hit Ziggler with everything he has but Ziggler will get back up and do what he does best: survive. And the "nineteen year redemption story" of Drew's disappears in a snap. Dolph tells Drew he created Drew, akin to Wyatt creating Braun, and at Extreme Rules: the Horror Show, Dolph will destroy Drew. Ziggler signs as Drew rises. A fan yells "hit 'em with a claymore!" Drew signs and tosses the contract to Joe, then goes on the mic.

Drew tells Dolph that wrestling is more of a mental game than a physical game, but he knows why Dolph needs the title. He says that every time Ziggler gets so close to the finish line, he always drops the ball. "Always the bridesmaid, never the bride, eh Dolph?" He tells Ziggler that Extreme Rules: the Horror Show, he's going to destroy and slaughter Ziggler. McIntyre says that as they're 'family' he's going to allow Ziggler to pick the stipulation of the match. Ziggler is surprised and starts to rant, but Asuka interrupts him on the mic and yells in Japanese at Dolph, then at Sasha. She snatches her contract and signs it, shoving it over.

Sasha Banks says that she's not the person Asuka once faced before, she's the blueprint, the legit boss, and when she beats Asuka she'll be Two-Belts Banks and then she and Bayley will both be double champions. She says that means they'll take over both locker rooms and the whole damn company. Sasha signs her contract and hands it to Joe. Bayley gets on the mic and says "and THAT will be a horror show!" Asuka attacks Banks, driving her and Bayley from the ring.

Ziggler tries to capitalize on things but McIntyre moves, and sends Dolph from the ring. As Dolph, Sasha and Bayley back up the ring, Drew and Asuka stand tall in the ring, holding their belts up high. Curious if we'll get a mixed tag match later tonight.

Last Monday on Raw

Tom and Byron send us to clips from last week's Raw Tag Team championship match and the conclusion of the Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better series. We see Andrade and Angel Garza attack after the Street Profits picked up their first solo (tag team) win against the Raiders.

Backstage w/ Charly Caruso, Zelina, Andrade & Angel Garza

Zelina again calls Charly "Two-buck Chuck." Caruso reminds them of their remarks last week, that the duo announced that they wanted to go after the Raw Tag Team titles. Angel continues his weeks-long flirt with Charly. Charly asks if Andrade & Garza win later tonight against the Viking Raiders, do they feel they'll be next in line for the shot at the titles? Andrade immediately answers "yes, we do." He wants to continue but the Big Show walks up. He calls Zelina "smurfette" and tells her to tell "Maserati and Ferari (indicating Andrade and Angel Garza) that I'm pulling rank because I'm going to be up next as I have issues with Randy Orton." Zelina calls him the jolly green giant as he walks off. We get a reminder that Seth will be here, and he's got beef with the Mysterio family and, sadly, the Gang isn't here to squash the beef. Commercial break!

Later Tonight: Champions vs Challengers Mixed Match

It's official, Drew McIntyre and Asuka will take on Sasha Banks and Dolph Ziggler in a tag match.

In the Ring: Big Show

Big Show is out and angry, and calls out Randy Orton. He's interrupted by Zelina & crew. He calls her Smurfette again and says that he apologizes for interrupting earlier, but he's got some issues with Randy Orton and if they mess with him right now, it'd be a bad mistake.

Angel says "last week, Orton said you're a legend?" And they all laugh. Show tells them that he'll shove his fist in their mouths to show them what a legend is. The verbal back and forth continues as Andrade says there's two of them and only one Big Show. Show says they can stand on each other's shoulders, it doesn't matter. Finally he says "if you wanna fight, let's fight," and throws his mic down.

Angel and Andrade surround the ring, stalking Show. Zelina tells Big Show that he can say hello to Christian and Edge for them, in the retirement home, after Orton's done with him.

Ric Flair Interrupts

Ric Flair tells Zelina that she knows all the respect he has for her, but he has to have a word with his old friend the Big Show. Flair then tells Show that Randy Orton is the greatest wrestler alive today, and is the man that will take out the Big Show whenever he feels like it. Show yells for Flair to send Orton out now. Flair says "nah nah nah, he'll come when he feels like it." He mocks Show, saying that Show's been making cartoons for Netflix. He tells Show that he's had his day, he had his run, and someday he'll be in the Hall of Fame, but Orton will take out the Big Show and be an even bigger Legend Killer. Flair then tells Zelina to have fun and send her boys in to take out the Big Show. Big Show readies himself as Angel Garza and Andrade both get ready to pounce!

The Viking Raiders interrupt

Suddenly we hear the Norse horn and the Viking Raiders storm the ringside like a 10th century Northumbrian village, and a brawl ensues at ringside between the two tag teams! We go to commercial!

The Viking Raiders vs Angel Garza & Andrade

Joining us on commentary is Zelina Vega. The match is already under way. Erik catches Angel off the ropes and slams him down. He takes Angel to the corner and tags in the big man, Ivar. Ivar covers but immediate kickout. Ivar snapmares Angel into the middle of the ring, grabs his beard and then rubs it in Angel's face. Again, the Raiders take Angel into their corner and a tag is made. Erik's in and works Angel in the corner to the ref's three count, then tags in Ivar. Ivar comes in and slams down Angel, covering, but immediate kickout.

Ivar slows the pace, and keeps Angel grounded. Covers for two, but nothing from it. Locks in an arm bar on Angel and pulls him up to his feet, delivering a knee tot he gut. Ivar tags in Erik, then body slams Angel. Erik picks up Ivar and body slams his partner onto Angel Garza, then pins for a two. Erik attempts a suplex but Angel flies free and tags in Andrade. Erik takes a shot to Andrade, sending him off the apron and tries to grab Angel. Angel's pants half rip off, and he wags a finger at Erik, allowing Andrade to attack Erik from behind. Andrade keeps Erik grounded, stomping the inner thigh and pacing around him before tagging Angel back in. He holds Erik so Angel can stop the sternum. Angel with a stomp to Erik's thigh again, then kicks him in the back. Andrade extends a hand for the tag but Angel dismisses it and covers Erik, gets two. Andrade calls for the tag again but, again, Angel ignores it and takes Erik to the middle of the ring. Erik makes Angel pay for his arrogance with a big fist, and Andrade tags himself in. andrade sends Erik to the mat but angrily approaches angel, slapping him across the shoulders (and tagging Angel back in). Andrade leaves the ring, yelling in Spanish, backing up the ring. Zelina rips off her headset and pursues him up the ramp to sort this out as we go to commercial!

Back from the break and Andrade's back in the match, and Zelina's at the commentary desk. Tom asks her how she managed to get Andrade back to the apron and she says it's because she's the best manager in the business. Erik and Garza are fighting until Angel tags in Andrade. Erik hits a big knee strike on Andrade. Erik tags Ivar in; Andrade tags Angel in. Ivar scoop slams Angel down, then cartwheel dodges a sneak attack by Andrade. Ivar sits on the corner and drops down on Angel. Angel whips Ivar into the ropes, who attempts a back flip, only to be caught mid springboard right between the shoulder blades by Garza with a dropkick. Both men make tags. Erik picks up Andrade cross body style, then Ivar sits Angel on top of him and Erik hits a massive powerbomb/body slam double move. They go for the Viking Experience but it's blocked. Angel back in as legal and hits the Wing Clipper for the win.
Your Winners, Andrade & Angel Garza

After the Match + Last Monday

Andrade leaves on his own, and Zelina holds Garza's hand up in celebration on the ring. We then cut to Last Monday on Raw when Natalya took out Liv Morgan with a Sharpshooter and had Lana in her corner. Then, backstage, Liv is upset and Ruby Riott approaches her backstage, trying to get her attention. Liv tells Ruby she doesn't need Ruby making her feel worse than she already does.

Backstage w/ Ruby Riott & the Iiconics

Ruby is wearing an awesome green and black checked overall, checking her phone. The Iiconics come up and call her a loser and a freak, and mock her, asking if Liv won't pick up? They continue to call her a freak. Ruby then asks them which one of them blew their tag title opportunity last week. She then tells one of them to come meet her in the ring while the other waits in the back, so they can come pick up whichever one she beats the crap out of. She then mocks their "iconic" catchphrase and heads off camera as we head off to commercials!

Backstage w/ Zelina, Andrade, Angel & Ric Flair

Andrade and Angel are arguing and Zelina is giving her piece of mind, too, when Flair comes up. He congratulates them on their great win and tells Zelina that he's got an idea for her, and leads her off camera.

24/7 Championship: Akira Tozawa (c) vs R-Truth

In the ring is Tozawa with his Ninjas. We see a clip from last week, when Lashley laid out R-Truth, allowing Tozawa (who was hidden under the ring) the chance to come out and pin R-Truth. Out next is R-Truth! He rapps his way down to the ring, ready for this championship match. More of the Performance Center trainees in attendance are wearing face masks, including Raw-branded ones.

R-Truth and Tozawa circle when the bell rings. Tozawa immediately rolls up R-Truth, but Truth kicks out. Both men lock up and Truth hooks Tozawa into a side headlock. Tozawa sends Truth into the ropes and sets up a rebound attack, but Truth hooks his arms on the ropes to stop himself and dances. Tozawa then takes a moment to strike a martial artist pose and charges Truth. Truth side steps, sending Tozawa outside. Tozawa comes inside and R-Truth asks for a timeout, faking an injury, then rolls up Akira for the win!
Your Winner and NEW 24/7 Champion, R-Truth!

After the Match

Immediately, Tozawa rolls up Truth but Truth gets out of it. A random ninja enters and attempts to roll up Truth; Truth gets out of that. Yet another random ninja enters but Truth escapes the ring and runs off.

Recap of MVP/Crews Tension

We see clips leading up to tonight's match as MVP has tried unsuccessfully multiple times to recruit Apollo Crews, and each time MVP's let Lashley make Crews suffer.

Backstage w/ MVP & Lashley, Seth & Murphy

We then cut backstage to MVP and Lashley. MVP's wearing a sweet Punisher skull top. Lashley says MVP is crazy if he's going to try to recruit Apollo Crews again after all the disrespect he's been shown. MVP states that he's not going to try that, but in the match tonight he will drop some tips on the current US champ.

We then see Seth and Murphy, and Seth's holding what appears to be one of Mysterio's outfits. He tells Murphy that his message for Rey tonight is the most important yet. We then go to commercials. Side note: the Great American Bash begins this week on NXT and concludes next week!

Official Match: 1-on-2 Handicap Match

It's just been made official: the Big Show will take on Angel Garza & Andrade in a "one on two" handicapped match, not to be confused with a two on one handicapped match!

In the Ring: Seth Rollins w/ Murphy

We hear the theme for the Monday Night Messiah, and Seth makes his way to the ring with Murphy and Rey's purple mask in hand. The crowd boos pretty loudly. They're getting the hang of this. We're then treated to clips from two weeks ago and last week, showing the building up of this feud as Seth insists Rey's an ungrateful sacrifice; Dominick's tried to avenge his father; Seth and his Disciples have tried to blind Dominick.

Finally we come back to Seth in the ring. He listens to the boos and nods. The fans chant "you suck" and he looks on aloofly. "Last week, Rey Mysterio along with his son Dominick, made a very heart-warming return to Monday Night Raw. Rey stood right here, where I'm standing now, and he said nothing was going to stop him from returning to the ring. He believed that with all his heart. And so do I. Because Rey Mysterio has a duty to uphold. The problem is, and how do I put this delicately...heh heh...well, Rey hasn't been seeing things too clearly as of late." The fans boo the pun. "See, Rey thinks his duty is to his family, to avenge them, to protect them, but in fact Rey's duty is to be a sacrifice for the future of Monday Night Raw. And I've given Mysterio every chance to do this on his own terms, to walk away into the sunset, but he has defied me at every turn. So what I must do now is so important...Rey, I need to ask you to forgive me. Rey, I beg your forgiveness. Please, Rey Mysterio, forgive me. Not for what I have done in the past, no, but for what you are forcing me to do in the future. You see, Rey, we are bound by fate. And as fate would have it, I am the Monday Night Messiah. As fate would have it, Rey Mysterio, you are meant to be a sacrifice for the greater good of Monday Night Raw. So yes, you are correct when you say you will step foot in this ring again. And every single time that you do...I will be forced to take a piece of you, and little by little, I will tear you apart. I will tear you down piece by piece Rey until there is nothing left but a memory."

Rey and Dominick cut in via the big screen. Rey tells Seth that he wants to ask for forgiveness, too, but not from Seth. He tells Dom that he hopes he can forgive Rey for what he's going to do to Seth. He tells his son he appreciates him for trying to fight his battles, and he loves him for it. He implies to Dom that he's going to take out Seth fast and furiously. He says it'll be an eye for an eye and it'll be by design. Dom says "I forgive you, Brian jefe." Seth goes on to tell Dominick that he will end his career before it ever begins after he's done with Rey. Suddenly, Aleister Black's music plays and he comes down to the ring with Humberto Carrillo. We go to break.

Back from the break, Seth tells Aleister and Humberto are the two men he was going to look for next. He asks them why is it that they keep standing up for Rey, why fight for him when he won't fight for them? He asks Humberto why does he continue to look up to the cowardly Rey? Carrillo chews him out in spanglish, telling Seth that Rey is a legend, he's la raza and a legend to his people. Aleister tells Seth that he knows evil when he sees it, and Seth is evil, which is why he opposes him. Seth tells Black "you think you know evil? You've not seen evil yet."

Alesiter Black & Humberto Carrillo vs Seth Rollins & Murphy

Seth and Murphy get in the ring as does a ref, and we've got a match! Aleister takes it to Murphy early on. Murphy feigns an injury and Aleister sits on the top turnbuckle, only to be blindsided by Seth as the ref is distracted. Murphy tags in Rollins, who works over Aleister outside the ring before taking it back into the ring. Seth gets Rollins in the corner and works him over with punches to the gut before hard Irish whipping him into the corner, knocking Aleister flat. Seth kneels on Aleister's neck and uses the ropes as leverage, and the ref counts to break it out. Seth takes Aleister into his corner and tags in Murphy, and both men rain down clubbing blows to Aleister's back. Murphy locks in a chin clutch and wrenches it up as the ref checks on Black.

Black makes it to his feet and makes a tag to Humberto, who comes in and hits a clothesline on Murphy, then a body block, then hammers away at Murphy in the corner. Rollins starts to climb in the ring and Humberto turns to intercept, only to be blindsided by Murphy. Carrrillo rallies and uses his athleticism to take charge. Carrillo sends Seth off the apron, delivers a top rope dropkick to the side of the face of Murphy, and sets up the 619! Rollins pulls Murphy out of the way just in time. Humberto kicks Seth in the face, sending him to the ringside, then charges up the top rope and goes flying onto both competitors ringside as we go to break!

Back from break Rollins comes in and goes for a backdrop on Humberto, who lands on his feet then hits an enziguri. Both men are down, the crowd's stomping as both men go for their corners. Tags made! In comes Aleister Black and Murphy. Black sends Seth out the ring with a boot to the face, then hits a basement dropkick on Murphy. Black sees Seth's attempted interference and shuts it down, then springboard backflips onto both Seth and Murphy. Black pulls Murphy up by the leg to set up for the Black Mass but Murphy tried a roll-up. Carrillo tagged in and goes for another 619 but Rollins breaks it up again. Rollins suicide dives into Black, sending him into the barricade. Murphy catches Carrillo with a knee strike, covering but Black pulls Murphy off to save it. Murphy goes up top but Humberto is faster and charges up the top rope. Carrillo goes for a Sunset Bomb but its stopped and Murphy ducks down, slamming Carrillo face first into the turnbuckle. Murphy gets Carrillo up on his shoulders in a power bomb carry and Seth flies off the top rope to hit a clothesline, covering for a two. Carrillo rolling on the mat. Rollins is setting up for the stomp. Black suddenly yanks Murphy off the top rope, distracting Rollins. Carrillo goes for a roll up and nearly gets the pin fall. Seth gets out of it and hits a stomp, then covers for the win!
Your Winners, Seth Rollins & Murphy!

After the Match

No time to celebrate as Murphy and Rollins immediately attack Aleister, dismantling him ringside before sending him across the announce table. They move on to Carrillo and drag him towards the ringside steps. Carrillo fights back, taking down Seth, only to be hit from behind by Murphy with the steps. Joe does not like the look in Seth's eyes. Seth gets Rey's mask and puts it on Humberto, and orders Murphy to drag Carrillo over to the other steps. He tells Humberto that this isn't for his own good, it's for the greater good. He and Murphy attempt to blind him the way they have so many others. Black runs in for the save and brawls down the ringside with Murphy. Seth charges over and hits a Stomp on Humberto down onto the steel steps before running up the ramp with Murphy. They smile and grin, taking a knee up the ramp as Aleister checks on Humberto.

Backstage w/ Mackenzie, Drew & Asuka

Asuka and Drew are conversing (?) when the new interviewer, Mackenzie, comes up. She asks their opinion in regards to tonight's match and its impact for Extreme Rules: the Horror Show. Asuka answers in Japanese; Drew tells her that he wants to make sure Dolph doesn't have an excuse for when Drew beats him, hence why he's letting Ziggler pick the stipulation. He then adds that Sasha isn't ready for Asuka. Asuka excitedly exclaims Dolph isn't ready for Drew.

Tribute to the Undertaker (Recap)

Statefarm Fun Fact: the Undertaker first fought at Wrestlemania in 1990 and would win his first 21 appearances. Our announcers recap this past Smackdown's Tribute to Undertaker which you can read in depth there. They replayed the AJ/Taker match from WrestleMania 36, and featured clips from the various legends who spoke well of the Taker and attested to his legendary career.

Backstage w/ Lana & Ruby Riott

Ruby is "working out" and Lana apologies for interrupting her. She says she saw how the Iiconics were messing with her, and she's there to help. Ruby doesn't want to hear it, and tells Lana she should be off ruining someone else's career. Lana says that she was so depressed that she couldn't even get off her couch to do a Tiktok. She then states that the women's division is a mess, and Natalya's accolades make her a woman who is someone she can believe in as a locker room leader. She says that Natalya has even more wins and accolades than Raw Women's champion Asuka. We cut to break. Up next will be Ruby Riott vs an Iiconic.

Update on Charlotte Flair

We see clips from last week: Asuka tapping Charlotte Flair after Flair injured her arm earlier in a brawl with Nia Jax. We then see Jax attacking Flair post-match and working over that arm again. We're told that Charlotte has suffered a fractured collarbone and will be out of action for a bit.

Ruby Riott vs Peyton Royce

Peyton Royce, accompanied by Billie Kay, comes to ring for this match. They're in their ring attire. Ruby Riott comes out to a mix of boos and cheers. She just doesn't look the same without the Squad. She makes her way into the ring, snarls at the camera, and eyes both Iiconics who are on the apron. Kay steps away, the bell rings, and Royce and Riott stalk each other around the ring. Kay yells at Riott to distract her and Royce jumps Riott. Royce focuses on Riott's left arm, working the shoulder as the announcers remind us that Riott is returning from double shoulder surgery. Royce takes Riott into the corner and cranks the left arm over the ropes, then does a top-rope foot choke. She lays Riott's neck over the middle rope and chokes while ref counts. Royce throws Riott to the mat and continues to work that left arm in an arm bar. Riott makes her way to her feet and delivers back elbows, trying to escape, but Royce hits a belly to back suplex and covers. Riott kicks out, and holds her left arm. The Iiconics are constantly yelling insults. Royce charges Riott, who dodges, then Ruby tries to mount some offense. SHe uses her injured left arm to catch Royce and hits punches with her right, then hits the standing STO for a pin but can't hook the leg due to her injured arm. Riott now working Royce's left arm, setting up for the Riott Kick, when Kay gets on the apron and distracts Riott. Ruby is suckered from behind by Royce, who hits her from behind and gets the win.
Your Winner, Peyton Royce

Backstage w/ Charly Caruso & the Big Show

Charly asks Show if he's worried about tonight's 1-on-2 handicapped match being a trap by Orton and Flair. Show says he grew up admiring Flair, but he knows Flair is a master manipulator and Flair is mentoring Orton to be an even bigger apex predator than ever. He says as far as Andrade and Angel Garza go, they're not getting the big happy Big Show, they're getting one angry giant. That match is up next!

Reminder: NXT's first ever strap match takes place this Wednesday at NXT: Great American Bash!

1-on-2 Handicapped Match: the Big Show vs Andrade & Angel Garza

When we first came back from the break, we got a recap of the show-opening contract signing and the chaos that ensued it. Big Show is in the ring first. Andrade and Angel Garza's music plays, and slow to come out. Andrade comes out first with Vega and after a long pause, Angel Garza comes out and walks with them down to the ring. They're still hinting at tension between the two athletes. Andrade and Angel approach the ring from different sides before fist bumping at the bottom of the ring. Zelina directs traffic and coordinates for them, before both men get in the ring. The bell rings and the ref telsl them one has to get out the ring. Andrade and Angel both want out, and both roll out. Zelina comes between them and again has to get them on the same page. Both men roll in the ring at the same time, then Andrade rolls out.

Big show immediately attacks, hitting a huge chop on Garza and ripping off his shirt. He hits another massive chest slap and throws Garza out the ring right in front of Vega. Garza rolls in the ring, holding his chest. He indicates for Andrade, who's standing ringside, to get on the apron so he can tag in. Andrade dodges it for a few moments before getting caught on the apron and tagged in against his will by Angel. Andrade tries to waist lock Big Show from behind but gets nothing. Big Show sends Andrade into the corner and hits a huge chest slap on him, too. Andrade heads outside the ring; Big Show grabs him by the top of his head and yanks him back in the ring. Big Show picks up Andrade for a body slam. Big Show stands on Andrade's stomach then walks over him. Andrade to his knees, attempting to fight back, but Big Show shuts it down with a big head butt.

Big show throws Andrade over, and Andrade tags in Garza. Garza enters hesitantly and wants the Show to back up. Show's enjoying himself and backs up to the opposite corner. Garza cautiously approaches Show as he goads him to come a little bit closer. Big Show with another huge chest slap. Finally Garza escapes and hits strikes to the knees, knocking Show to his knees. He continues with a volley of knees and kicks, keeping the Show grounded. Andrade tags himself in and Angel is upset. Andrade yells "it's my moment." Garza gets out the ring and yells "this is YOUR moment" and walks up the ramp. Zelina pursues him to try to get him to go back. Behind Andrade, Big Show has risen to his feet and hits a big chokeslam. Zelina and Garza leave while this is happening, leaving Andrade to his own fate. Show pins for the win!
Your Winner, the Big Show

After the Match

Show isn't done yet. He pulls Andrade to his feet and delivers the big KO-Punch as the crowd chants for him. We're treated to replays as the Show's music plays him out. He stares angrily from the top of the ramp.

Backstage w/ Ricochet, Cedric Alexander, Apollo Crews & R-Truth

We see Apollo Crews working out with resistance bands and talking to Alexander and Ricochet. R-Truth says he finally got away from the Ninjas...or did he? He then stares at Cedric Alexander for a long hard moment, before apologizing to "Cedric the Entertainer." R-Truth says the ninjas have him paranoid. He says the belt is problems. But you know what? He sees his favorite superhero Richard O'Shay! Ricochet tries to correct Truth but Apollo tells "Richard" to go with it. He tells them its hard being a fighting champ, which Truth responds with "y'all have no idea." We go to commercials.

Apollo Crews vs Montel Vontavius Porter

This is a non-title match. The athlete known as MVP is out first, accompanied by Bobby Lashley. We're reminded earlier that if MVP is disrespected by Apollo Crews, then Lashley is disrespected. Lashley is on the mic first and says before MVP teaches Crews in a lesson on humility, he should illuminate us as to why he intends on doing this. MVP talks about going back home to the 305 and everyone looks up to him, and asks him how he got out of the hood and made it big. MVP says that success doesn't matter if you don't give back, which is why it's been an honor and a joy that Lashley has allowed MVP to help Bobby tap into the limitless potential he possesses. He says he knows Crews is on his first championship run, riding that high, but when one of the best US champions of all time offers to mentor you, you don't say no. Apollo Crews comes out to interrupt him.

Crews said that he never disrespected anyone, not even MVP. He said that he's a self-made man like MVP, and if MVP cared about giving back, he'd have listened when Crews turned down his offer of services. But MVP kept pushing and pushing and pushing because the only person MVP cares about is MVP. MVP says Crews is going to find out that he doesn't want MVP as an enemy, and tells the ref to ring the bell.

Match starts with the usual side headlock, thrown into a whip. MVP drops Crews, rebounds and goes for a kick. Crews ducks, dodges, dips, dives and ducks MVP's offensive attempts. Crews effortlessly picks MVP up and drops him on the top rope. Lashley pulls MVP out to safety. Crews goes flying tope con hiro over the top rope to take out Lashley, only to be blindsided by MVP as we go to break!

Back from the break MVP has Crews locked up. Crews gets to his feet and uses some rights to gain separation. Crews off the ropes and eats a big boot. MVP covers, kick out. MVP covers again and another kickout. Lashley stalks ringside as MVP locks Crews in a unique side neck/abdominal wrench. Note that just about all the fans in attendance are wearing Raw face masks. MVP pulls Crews to his feet and punches. Crews fighting back but Crews hammers away with elbows in the corner. MVP whips Crews into the opposite corner and charges for another big boot, but Crews dodges. Crews with a right, then a chop, then a right, another right, then windmill slaps, forcing MVP to his knees. Crews splashes MVP in the corner. Again with a splash into the opposite corner, and hits a big spinebuster for a very close two count. Lashley looking worried ringside.

Crews goes up top but Lashley gets involved with a distraction, allowing MVP to bounce off the ropes and crotch Crews.. MVP hits a quick fisherman's suplex bridged into a pin and picks up the win!
Your Winner, MVP!

After the Match

Crews lays into MVP, pounding and mounting until Lashley hits the ring and locks in the Full Nelson. No Rag Doll Shuffle this time. Ricochet and Cedric Alexander make their in-ring debut rush the ring and try to get Lashley to break the lock. Both men resort to aerial offense to get him to finally break the Full Nelson and send him from the ring as we go to break.

Ricochet vs Bobby Lashley

We come back from break to an impromptu match. Ricochet is hammering Lashley until Lashley takes charge, and goes for the brain buster. Ricochet escapes and goes to corner, pursued by Lashley. Lashley sends Ricochet flying across the ring from the apron, and hits a shoulder spear into the gut.Lashley with the Stalling Suplex and covers for two. Lashley tosses Ricochet outside the ring, then distracts the ref so MVP can slam Ricochet face first into the announce table. Cedric tries to bring attention to it but tyhe ref didn't see it. Ref is counting. Lashley out to break the count, and sends Ricochet into the barricade. Lashley takes it back into the ring and we're reminded that Ricochet pinned Lashley earlier this year for a title opportunity. Lashley with a big twisting face slam and a cover of two. Lashley tosses Ricochet across the ring again, and Ricochet rolls outside where Cedric checks on him. Ref warns Cedric back, so he puts his hands up and backs up as Lashley approaches. Lashley launches Ricochet at ringside across the floor. Lashley picks him up and lifts into a fireman's carry, charges forward and lets the ringpost tear Ricochet from his shoulders. Lashley in to break the ref's count. Lashley sends Ricochet back into yhe ring, sets up in the corner for the big spear. Ricochet slow to his feet and collapses as Lashley charges for the spear. Ref checks on Ricochet. Lashley changes tactics and gets in position for the Full Nelson. He tries to lock it in but Ricochet is fighting it, he's locked Lashley's arm and escapes! Lashley charges Ricochet and Rico drops down, pulling the top rope and sending Lashley outside. Ricochet charges the apron and leaps up but is caught by Lashley. Bobby Tries to send Rico into the post again but Rico moves, sending Bobby into the ringpost. Both men in. Ricochet hits a moonsault from the middle rope and covers for a two. Ricochet goes up top; MVP tries to interfere but Cedric takes out MVP. Bobby dodges the aerial assault, but Ricochet hits a big enziguri. Ricochet goes for a big side kick but Lashley catches him by the leg and lifts him up high and drives him back down into the canvas! Lashley standing over Ricochet, and locks in the Full Nelson. He does a partial Rag Doll Shuffle, only for Ricochet to tap. Bobby's chest is bloody, not suere where he's busted open.

After the Match

Cedric comes in to check on Ricochet, and Lashley locks in the Full Nelson with the Rag Doll Shuffle before disposing of Cedric.

Backstage w/ Dolph and Sasha Banks Bayley

Dolph tries to fire up the women for tonight's mixed match. He tells Sasha to let him take the rains, kind of like Pete Rose. Both women laugh at him and say that the last time they saw him was on their show when he was losing to Otis. They tell him to just listen to them, they've got this. We go to commercial.

Main Event: Asuka & Drew McIntyre vs Sasha Banks & Dolph Ziggler

Out first is the WWE Champion, the Scottish Psychopath, the lost son of Connor McLeod of Clan McLeod, the Highlander, Drew McIntyre! Out next is his tag team partner, from Osaka Japan, she is the Raw Women's Champion, Auska! Monday Night Raw is presented by State Farm because, like a good neighbor, Statefarm is there and you're hoping they're wearing clothes!

Out next is Dolph Ziggler, who still hasn't chosen the stipulation for his Extreme Rules: The Horror Show match with Drew. Finally, the Legit Blue Print is out. Sashsa Banks is accompanied by Bayley Dos Titles. Drew squats, holding his title and eying down Dolph Ziggler. Finally, all the competitors are in the ring. Bayley comes over to join us for commentary, to which Tom mentions "Oh gosh, I thought that was only a Smackdown thing."

The bell rings and the men are starting things out. Dolph and Drew tease a lock up before Ziggler latches onto McIntyre's left leg. Drew sends Dolph flying back to his own corner. Again, Ziggler is going low and latches on to McIntyre's right leg, only to be picked up and tossed aside by Drew. Dolph yells he knows Drew better than Drew knows himself, so Drew chops him down to the mat. Drew drags Dolph to the middle rope and sets up a move, but Ziggler hits a counter then moves straight into the Famouser. Drew kicks out before a one. Drew sends Dolph into the corner, and Sasha tags herself in, forcing Drew to go back to his corner and let Asuka in. Drew doesn't want to get out but is forced by the ref. Bayley chants "Main event" as Sasha shoves Asuka. Asuka shoves Banks back. Banks and Asuka exchange ducks and dodges with a high speed exchange. Asuka goes for the bump in the corner but Banks dodges. Asuka goes for the Asuka Lock in the middle of the ring. Dolph tries to come inf or interference but Drew catches him and sends him out of the ring. Asuka sends Banks out, and Blay, Banks and Dolph regroup at the announcer's table as we go to commercial.

Back from the break, Drew and Dolph are fighting. Dolph leaps up onto Drew's back and tries to lock-in a sleeper but Drew sends him off. Drew with a crushing rear splash in the corner. Drew hits the reverse Alabama Slam but Dolph carries through with it and rolls Drew up for a two. Dolph leaps up tall for a Leaping DDT, Drew catches him and looks as if he's going to slam him down, but Ziggler carries that over into the DDT, too. Tag made and Banks and Asuka are in. Asuka with a drop kick. Asuka with a high knee. Asuka hits the bump in the corner, then a belly to back suplex onto banks. Asuka rebounds off the ropes with a Shining Wizard. Hip attack onto Sasha Banks, sending her outside. Bayley hops up and yells gibberish while waiving her hands at the side of her head like a kid, distracting Asuka and giving Sasha time to chop the legs out. Back in the ring, Sasha controlling things with a series of kicks and a suplex into a cover. Kickout by Asuka. Banks locks in a picture perfect chinlock then pulls it back into a hold. Asuka to her feet. Banks lays her across the middle rope in the corner and hits a double stomp for a two count. Banks pulls Asuka to her feet by her hair and locks in a sleeper, then converts it into a modified arm wrench/stretch. Asuka throws her rump into Banks twice to get distance and goes for a kick. Banks catches it and mocks her; Asuka hits a chin drop/jawbreaker and makes the hot tag to Drew as Banks tags in Ziggler. Drew runs Ziggler over with a massive clothesline, then hits a running toss. Drew with an exploder suplex toss before going up top. He dives off with the flying lariat to take Ziggler down. Drew kips up and grabs a headlock on Ziggler, going for the Future Shock DDT but Dolph blocked it. Drew tosses Ziggler across the ring. Banks tags herself in then gets in Drew's face and says she's a champion too and runs this place. Dolph up on the apron while this is going on Drew tosses a cool blind right punch to Ziggler behind him, knocking him off the apron. Asuka comes up behind the Boss and hits a huge kick to the side of the fist and goes for the Asuka lock. Dolph and Drew fight at ringside. Banks reverses and rolls up but kickout. Asuka rolls banks up for a two; Banks reverses and locks int he Bank Statement. Asuka breaks out of it and locks in the Asuka lock; Banks slips out and pulls the legs, getting the pin in an incredible finish to the match!
Your Winners, Doph Ziggler & Sasha Banks!

The winners celebrate as we fade to black!

Well, if that wasn't a slobber knocker of a show, then it wasn't. I'll be back Wednesday for NXT Live Results and the next installment of Listen Up, Slapnuts! Don't forget about the Rajahmania Giveaway! Y'all stay safe out there and have a great evening!

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