WWE NXT Live Results (7/29/2020) - Full Sail University, Winter Park, FL

It's time for NXT! Your host tonight is...say my name!...Mike Hogan and boy howdy, do we have a show in store for us! In case you missed it, last week on NXT the North American title was relinquished by Keith Lee. We then heard from William Regal, who announced a series of triple-threat matches, with the winner of each match advancing to NXT TakeOver XXX on August 22nd to crown a new North American Champion.

With that in mind, tonight we'll have our second North American Ladder Match Qualifier as the tournament of triple threats tears through the weeks building to TakeOver XXX! Finn Balor, Dexter Lumis and Timothy Thatcher will face off, with the winner advancing to the ladder match at the upcoming TakeOver. Last week, Bronson Reed pulled the upset over Johnny Gargano & Roderick Strong to become the first competitor to advance. Who will advance tonight?

We'll also see Keith Lee respond to Karrion Kross' attack on Dominic Dijakovic last week. Will we all bask in the glory of his reply or will we anxiously watch our watches and wait for time to run out on the NXT champion? Tick tock!

We'll also see Shotzi Blackheart in action against The Robert Stone Brand's Mercedes Martinez There just aren't words to express my thoughts on how this match could go! And a late update tells us that two more matches have been announced: Isiah "Swerve" Scott vs Jake Atlas and NXT Tag Team Champions, Imperium will be back in action! Exciting times we live in, full of mystery opponents, unknown match stipulations and contract signings!

So let's get to the action, shall we?

WWE NXT Live Results (7/29/2020) - Full Sail University, Winter Park, FL

Show Opener

We open with a video package highlighting Karrion Kross' stalking Keith Lee recently, including his destruction of the indomitable Dominic Dijakovic to Jim Johnston's "The End is Here." Dude's still making interesting music after all these decades.

Io Shirai & Tegan Nox vs Candice LeRae & Dakota Kai

Io Shirai's music plays and she starts to come out. Dakota Kai ambushes her from behind, causing to Tegan Nox to attack Dakota from behind, which then brought Candice LeRae out to attack her. The action spills into the ring and the ref rings the bell, and this one is under way! Cold opening, no announcements. We've got Beth Phoenix and Mauro Ranallo on commentary.

Tegan Nox and Candice LeRae end up as legal opponents and begin to lay into each other, with neither woman taking firm control. LeRae tags in Kai, and Nox brings in Io. Kai tries to talk trash but the Goshi Judas, as Mauro calls her, quickly takes control. Very fast paced match, very rushed. Io yields control to Kai who hits a back kick and attempts a pin. Kai takes Io into the heel corner and pins her body against Io while LeRae tags in, ensuring Io can't escape. LeRae hits a pair of moves before tagging Kai back in. Kai with a suplex and cover for two only.

Tom Phillips now chimes in on commentary. Kai is frustrated; snapmare into a cover but nothing. Flip into a cover but nothing. She ends up eating the canvas as she lands face-first after a flapjack from the NXT Women's champ. Io locks in the Lotus Lock but LeRae runs in and stomps on Io. Nox come sin and tosses LeRae out of the ring. Io and Tegan both grab Kai, and go for a double suplex but Kai slips out! LeRae grabs Nox from ringside and pulls her out, and Kai hits a hard kick to Io, sending her from the ring. Outside, LeRae rams Nox into the steel steps and we go to commercial! During the break, Io tags in Tegan but Kai is quick to take control. Kai grounds her and slows hte pace, using kneeling neck cranks and headlocks. Finally Nox gets some elbows into Kai's side, and rolls her up for two. Kai kicks out and kicks down Nox, covering for a two. Kai takes Nox by the head and runs to the heel corner, slamming her face into the middle turnbuckle and tagging in LeRae. LeRae works Nox in the corner until the ref intervenes and warns her off, leaving Kai open to choke Nox in the corner behind the ref's back. LeRae takes a page out of Kai's playbook, snapmaring her into the center of the ring and locking in a shoulder/neck crank with her knee in the back. LeRae takes Nox into the heel corner and tags Kai back in. Kai gets cocky, opening up Tegan to hit a big Fallaway Slam!

Back from the break and LeRae and Nox are both trying to get to their corners. Both women tag their partners at the same time, and Kai and Io hit the ring at the same time, and fast! Io takes her down; whip into the ropes, takes Kai down. Flying running crossbody. Io out onto the apron; LeRae attempts interference but Io kicks her off then hits the springboard dropkick, covering for two. Io goes for the Tiger Driver but Kai escapes, only for Io to immediately hit a backdrop on Kai. Io starts up top but Kai charges up the ropes and strikes her. Kai attempts a superplex but Io blocks it; Kai rains fists down and attempts again, but Io blocks it and drops Kai down and back into the Tree of Woe. Io jumps up and hits the double foot stomp on Kai as she's strung up! Cover for one, two...no!

Kai escapes and gets the tag to LeRae, who promptly eats a missile dropkick from Shirai. LeRae, seated in the corner, receives the charging corner strike called the Bullet Train. Io sees Kai on the outside and hits the suicide dive! Ref is checking on the action ringside, allowing Nox to sneak in and hit the Shiniest Wizard on the unexpected LeRae! Io goes up top and goes flying for her Sublime Moonsault. Io covers and picks up the win!
Your Winners, Io Shirai & Tegan Nox!

Pat McAfee/Adam Cole Incident

We get a video package showing the incident that happened between Pat McAfee and Adam Cole on the Pat McAfee show, in which Pat made a joke about Cole's title reign. This lead to Cole jumping to his feet and approaching Pat quickly, angrily, cursing him out and shoving off one of the producers who tried to approach him. Cole then stormed off after Pat made a height joke. We then see where two days after, HHH appeared on Pat's show to smooth things over, and we see a screengrab from Twitter where Adam Cole apologized. We go to commercial.

North American Championship Series Triple Threat Recap

Last week, Bronson Reed upset Johnny Gargano and Roderick Strong, prompting them to set up a match via Twitter feud. They'll face each other tonight. Or now, apparently!

Johnny Gargano vs Roderick Strong

Out first is Johnny to a very, very loud chorus of boos from such a small crowd. Roderick is out to the applause of the crowd. He comes out unescorted by his UE brothers. He kneels in the ring for the "boom" part and Gargano flinches, as if he wanted to attack Roderick but stopped himself. Each man goes to their corner and readies up, and dingdingding goes the bell. They start the match locked up, with Roderick floating around Johnny's body to attempt a pin, immediately reversed into a lot of chain wrestling. Both men are exchanging holds, attempts at covers, and attempts at submissions for the opening minute. As the very technical, chain wrestling match goes on, our commentators inform us that this is only the second singles match between these two competitors. Finally, Gargano goes for the Gargano Escape but Strong counters it into an attempt for the Strong Hold but Johnny breaks away. They talk smack to each other; Roddy slaps Johnny, then hits an ankle pick. Strong apparently called Gargano "adorable," Mauro tells us. Okay. Strong with a side waist wear down; Gargano rolls and locks Strong in a neck and arm hold. Gargano forces Roderick's shoulders down in a unique way, as Strong's body was almost vertical and wedged against Gargano's side. Almost like a modified crucifix pin. Both men to their feet, Gargano with his left arm around Strong's neck. Strong hits two punches and runs into the corner, then out. Tihara by Gargano; Strong quickly sets Gargano up over the middle rope for a draping DDT; Gargano slips outside and Strong follows, only to wind up on his back at ringside as we go to a true (ie, no picture-in-picture) commercial break.

Back from the break and Gargano's got Roderick's right arm hooked under Gargano's left bent knee, and is stretching his left arm out. Strong counters and hits a back breaker, then spends time chopping Gargano from corner to corner. Gargano attempts to counter but Strong hits a forearm to Gargano's back, weakening it up . Gargano is sent into the corner. Strong charges; Gargano leaps up and ends up in a fireman's carry hold on Strong's shoulders, but has it set in as a lock. Strong powers out. Gargano attempts a springboard but Strong catches him and hits the backbreaker. Strong chops Gargano into a corner, sits him on on the top turnbuckle and begins to climb. Gargano tries to fight him off, and both men exchange headbutts and punches, with Gargano forcing Strong back. Gargano hits a leaping twisting Flatliner and gets a close two count.

Gargano with a chop, then a high kick. Strong hits an elbow, and a kick, then goes for an enziguri but misses. Gargano misses a kick. Strong attempts a rollup. Gargano locks in the Gargano Escape! Roderick rolls, putting Johnny's shoulders on the mat for a two count. Strong grabs Gargano's leg but Gargano blocks any attempt at a submission with several kicks to the face, dropping Strong. Gargano to his feet and moves in, but Strong hits a double-foot kick while back on the mat, up to Gargano's chin. Both men exchange a series of counter strikes. Gargano counters a fireman's carry and drops Strong, and this action spills outside. Gargano focuses his attack on Strong's shoulder, and repeatedly sends him hard into the barricade. Gargano sends Strong into the ring and climbs the apron, waiting...waiting..then hits the springboard into a DDT move he's calling the One Final Beat, covering for the win. After the match we get replays.
Your Winner, Johnny Gargano

Backstage w/ Mackenzie and Dakota Kai

Kai is nursing her neck. She says she's tired of doing triple threat matches, fatal four ways, and all kinds of gimmick matches to try to be the number one contender. She declares she's the number one contender and starts to walk off until a now-blonde Rhea Rhipley walks on screen and calls her back. Rhea says the only problem she has with Kai is that Kai things Io Shirai is hers. Rhea says Io is Rhea's to beat, and after a pause, Kai says "we'll see what William Regal says about that." Commercials.

Backstage w/ Mackenzie and Timothy Thatcher

Mackenzie points out that the winner of the triple threat advances to Takeover 30. Thatcher says he's gonna school Balor and Lumis in "Thatcher's Thatch Can." He threatens to dislocate Balor's leg, and says that if Lumis figures he's a tortured artist, he knows nothing on the subject until he's in the ring with Thatcher. He walks off and we see that Dexter Lumis is standing in the shadows just behind him, a la Michael Myers!

Backstage w/ the Undisputed Era

Cole lays into Strong, wanting to know what's wrong with Strong and why he can't beat Gargano. Fish walks up from behind them and suddenly, Kyle O'Reilly enters view of the camera with brown hair and a big red beard. Yes, you read that right. Kyle says he's sick and tired with the Hollywood BS and slaps Strong's chest, and tries to fire everyone up, reminding them that they're the Undisputed Era one after the other. He tells them that the UE is back in business, so back to changing the freakin' business. They all agree he's spot on and walk off.

Shotzi Blackheart vs Mercedes Martinez of the Robert Stone Brand

Shotzi comes out first, driving her mini-tank to her rockin' theme. She looks into the camera and yells "welcome to the ball pit!" Mercedes Martinez is out next, accompanied by Robert Stone and Aliyah. Mercedez tries to dominate early on, but Shotzi keeps in things with her higher-flying high-octane style. Shotzi hits a Sunset Bomb but can't put her away. Martinez misses with a clothesline and Shotzi slams Mercedes' face into the mat. Both women to their feet. Shotzi hits a discus forearm and a switchblade kick, finally knocking Mercedes to her knees, over the middle rope. Shotzi rebounds off the opposite rope and hits a reverse senton on Martinez's back before going to cover. Only two! After another quick exchange, Martinez gains control. She hammers ham fists into Shotzi's back and attempts a suplex. Shotzi flips out of it and heads up the turnbuckle but is caught by Martinez. Martinez climbs up behind her and rains down several hammering fists before hitting a Release German Suplex off the top rope. Martinez climbs down and picks up Shotzi and hits a running Air Raid Bomb for the win!
Your Winner, Mercedes Martinez of the Robert Stone Brand!

After the Match/Up Next

We get repeats and see the Robert Stone Brand celebrating together. We're told Keith Lee will be up next after these commercials!

Video Promo: Ridge Holland

He states that growing up in his part of England, you either fought your way out or you perished. He puts NXT on notice and says that he's coming for the North American Championship. We see clips showing his history of playing Rugby, as well as clips from NXT UK.

In the Ring: Keith Lee

Lee comes out to the ring and holds the NXT championship up high, pausing for a few before raising the mic and beginning. "Let's...get something straight. We can talk all day about Dijak telling me no, that he wanted it. But the reality of it is Dijak is a grown man and he's going to be just fine. On the other hand, this man that seems to think the sound of sand is the sound of a clock..." He pauses to breathe deep. "Kross, you have clearly made it a point that you want my attention. That you want this championship. And you've done so much extra bull(BLEEP)..." He pauses again and lays the belt down on the mat as the crowd goes crazy. "All of your extra bull(BLEEP) means nothing when you can't come to me face to face. So I'm standing here in this ring, doing something you very clearly don't have the balls to do. And that is face to face, man to man...Karrion Kross, I'm calling you out! Please come! Please come out here!"

And cue the music for Cameron Grimes of all people. He gets on the mic. "Dijakovic? Kross? Who you should be talking about is Cameron Grimes, hahaha! I mean if anyone should be upset, it's me, because you gave away that North American championship before I could take 'em both. But that's okay because I'm here to say I'm going to take that NXT title and go straight to the moon." Keith won't even face him. Cameron asks him if he's okay, if he can hear him. Keith turns and chokes him, tosses him into the ring. Lee with a running shoulder into the corner, flooring Grimes. The lights cut to black, with a spotlight on Lee and one up the ramp.

Out comes Scarlett wearing black Vinyl gloves and boots. Surprisingly, a fan is allowed "you suck, Scarlett" repeatedly as someone else groans. Cameron Grimes attempts to ambush but Lee shuts him down. Finally, Scarlett points at the video screen behind her. Kross is on screen, zoomed in on his eyes. He asks what kind of man stands by and lets his friend suffer? Keith Lee did that. Kross tells Lee, things are going to go either the easy way or the hard way. The easy way: Kross gets a shot at the NXT title. The hard way: Lee doesn't want to know what that is because everyone will suffer. Tick tock!

Lee back on the mic. He tells Kross to pick the time and place and Lee will whoop that ass! He picks up his belt and huffs and puffs as Scarlett leaves the ramp and we go to commercials!

Imperium vs Ever-Rise

After a very quick promo for the triple threat later tonight, we get the silhouette up the stage and it's Imperium! Very excited to call this match as it's my first time seeing them in action. Both men, Fabian Aichner and Marcel Barthel make their way into the ring and stand side by side with their belts. Out next are Ever-Rise as their opponents. We're told Ever-Rise have the experience advantage over the tag team champions. Oh jeez, a Martel and a Marcel Barthel, this'll be fun.

Bell rings and Marcel Barthel starts things by barring the arm of Matt Martel. Barthel tags in Aichner who immediately arm flips Martel and slows him down, working the arm and shoulder. Aichner sends Martel into the ropes, who slaps on the brakes and is slapped by his partner. Parker hits the ring explosively, taking control until Imperium can work together to shut him down. They catch Parker in midair and send him down hard. Imperium tag and hit a double drop kick. A very quick set of tags by Imperium, delivering the European Bomb double team move, allowing Aichner to cover and win in a very quick, very fast match. After the match, Aichner kicks Ever-Rise out of the ring and they stand with their belts as the crowd boos.

After the Match, Part Deux

Imperium order us all to stand at attention but...Shock the system hits as do all four members of the Undisputed Era! They quickly decimate the current NXT tag team champions. Cole yells at the camera that they are the Undisputed Era and they run the show. Their music plays and they walk off, leaving the tag champions on the mat. The UE back up the ramp, fired up, and we cut to:

Tom Phillips on Bronson Reed's Journey to NXT

We get yet another video package where the kid from Deadpool 2 Bronson Reed tells us about growing up in Adelaide, Australia watching WWE with his uncle. He talks about his journey all around the planet to get to NXT, and we see a quick clip of Bronson Reed defeating Dexter Lumis in Reed's debut match. We see clips from last week, when he upset Gargano and Strong to advance to the 5-man NXT North American Championship Ladder match. He says that for Shawn Michaels, the boy-toy dream come true but at TakeOver XXX, "the thick-boy dream comes true." Commercials.

William Regal

Back from break, William Regal reminds Karrion Kross and Keith Lee that he will not be bullied into making championship opportunities. He tells both men that those opportunities will be earned, not given.

Isiah "Swerve" Scott vs Jake Atlas

We're reminded as Scott comes out that he's the only NXT Superstar to beat the current NXT Cruiserweight Champion, Santos Escobar of El Legado del Fantasma faction. Out next is his opponent for tonight, Jake Atlas. As he comes out, we see a small video in the corner of him talking about knowing what it feels like to get to the top and now that he's medically cleared, he's starting on the road to the Cruiserweight championship tonight.

The bell rings and both men slowly approach, locking up. Snapmare by Atlas, but Swerve hits a headscissors takedown. Both men back up and circling. Atlas goes low, grabbing Scott's leg and flipping him on his back. He hits the ropes and leaps over Swerve, and the two engage in a very fast and lengthy series of move and countermove that ends with Atlas dropkicking Swerve in the face. Atlas bows and sweeps his arm before Swerve takes him into the corner. Atlas sits up top; Swerve attempts an arm drag but is sent flying. Another arm drag in the middle of the ring. Swerve is sent to the corner and Atlas lays in with a chop, sending him to another corner for a chop. Now Atlas hits a high kick to Swerve. He goes for it again but Swerve catches his leg and forces him to hop over to the corner, then hits a leaping kick to Atlas' face. We go to commercial.

Back from break and Atlas hits a springboard blockbuster from the apron, into the ring, and covers for a two. Atlas pulls Swerve to his feet and locks in the side headlock, but Swerve sends him into the ropes and nails and uppercut when he rebounds. Swerve goes for a kick but Atlas hits a loud counterkick and sends Swerve face-first into the mat for a close two count. Atlas slaps the mat and gets to his feet, pulling Swerve up and chopping him. Clubbing forearm to Swerve's back. Swerve is against the ropes and Atlas takes advantage, hitting a punch, a club, and goes for a forearm before Swerve counters. Swerve with a counter German Suplex. Swerve gets a two count after a quick sequence that focused its attack on the neck, per Tom. Swerve gets Atlas in the corner, his back to the ring, and lifts up Atlas' legs. Atlas hits a form of a mule-kick pushback to Swerve. Both men end up on the top rope, and Atlas slaps Swerve. Atlas picks Swerve up and leaps, hitting a Mid-Air Collision. Atlas pulls Swerve up but is too slow, and Swerve kicks Atlas back, causing him to fall through the ropes with his feet caught up on the bottom rope, holding him suspended above the ringside. Swerve hits the running dropkick called the House Call on the outside of the ring. Swerve sends Atlas inside, waits for him to risde then hits a rear grapple into the JML Driver, gaining the win after the pin.
Your Winner, Isiah "Swerve" Scott!

Backstage w/ Mackenzie and Damian Priest

Mackenzie announces that Damian Priest is taking on Oney Lorcan and the debuting Rich Holland in next week's triple-threat qualifier for the North American championship ladder match. Damian says he's not worried about it. He's seen Oney and respects him, and he doesn't know much about Holland but what he's seen, he can respect. He says it won't be like last week, with the Bronson Reed/new guy upset. He says no one can escape him as he will become the new North American champion. Commercials but up next is our main event!

Announced for Next Week:

Damian Preist vs Oney Lorgan vs Ridge (not Rich) Holland in a NA qualifier
Imperium defends the NXT Tag Team titles against the Undisputed Era
Rhea Rhipley takes on Dakota Kai for the women's number one contendership!

Main Event: North American Qualifier: Finn Balor vs Dexter Lumis vs Timothy Thatcher

Out first is Dexter Lumis, doing his usual (and still cool) creepy-ish entrance. Timothy Thathcher is announced next and marches right on out to the ring, a man on a mission. Out last is the other Celtic Warrior, Finn Balor!

After the Prince's very lengthy entrance, we finally get the bell. Thatcher and Finn eye Lumis, but then go after each other. Finn sent out the ring, so he drags Thatcher out. Thatcher sends Finn back in and finally Lumis gets involved. He nails Finn, then Thatcher, sending both men from the ring. He hits the ropes and goes for a tope but both Balor and Thatcher move...and Lumis lands on his feet, perfectly still! Lumis and both men end up in the ring, with the silent one taking firm control. He sends Thatcher down hard with a fist, then works Balor with fists and a back hook driver for a one. Thatcher tries to engage, but Dexter grabs him and sends him out the ring. He approaches Finn but Balor takes him down to the mat and starts to kick the ankle and leg of Lumis. Balor takes Lumis into the opposite corner and lays in fists. Balor takes him back to the first corner and chops. Thatcher with a charge to the corner, smooshing Finn between Lumis and himself. Balor rolls outside. Thatcher with a suplex and attempts a cover. Thatcher locks in a double wrist lock on a grounded Lumis but Finn hits the apron and Thatcher lets it go to focus on him. Lumis immediately up and drops Thatcher's throat across the top rope. Balor hits Lumis, kicking him and sending him to the mat, then climbs up. Thatcher comes running from out of nowhere, along the apron, and takes Balor off the top. We go to picture-in-picture commercials.

During the break, Thatcher works over Finn on the apron and mat. Lumis is up and Balor's sent from the ring. Lumis clubs Thatcher a few times and pulls him up, only for Thatcher to hit an overhead suplex. Finn comes in the ring just in time to catch a lariat from Thatcher. Thatcher locks Balor in a few different necklock. Balor starts to hulk-up, making his way to his feet and hitting a drop jawbreaker to break the hold. Lumis is up and comes over, going for a standing dropkick to Thatcher--but Thatcher just sidesteps it and Lumis lands on his back, rolling out. Balor now with a suplex bridged for a two. Thatcher is up quicker and hits a European uppercut on Balor. Thatcher works Balor with another European uppercut. Lumis slow up onto the apron. Announcers inform us that Lumis injured his left ankle during the break.

Thatcher comes over and sends Lumis from the apron, then locks Balor's neck. After a slow-down for a moment, Thatcher drops Balor, then hits a drop elbow and attempts a cover, only to hop up as Lumis is up on the apron. Thatcher sends Lumis to the ringside yet again. Balor back up, and clocks Thatcher. Thatcher with a stiff right hand, sending Balor into the corner. Balor with an uppercut of his own. Lumis is back into the ring and takes out Thatcher with a lariat and a bulldog. Balor hits the "LA Kick" (per Mauro) to Lumis, flattening him. Everyone is slow to their feet. Thatcher is in the bottom left corner, Thatcher is opposite him in the top right. Finn eyes them up. Finn takes out Thatcher then hits a Sling Blade on Lumis. Finn has Lumis lined up but Thatcher comes up from behind, at ringside, and trips him up. Thatcher grabs the legs and crotches Balor on the ringpost. Thatcher locking up the knee on the apron, using the apron to apply pressure. Lumis walks up and Kane throat chops Thatcher, then sends him into the ring. Lumis shoves Thatcher back into the ropes and hits a huge spinebuster as he rebounds off of it. Lumis hooks the arm under Thatcher's, going for his submission move called Silence, but Thatcher counters. Finn up on the apron but Thatcher drops him on his knee onto the apron, sending him floor side. Thatcher and Dexter Lumis with a pair of counters before Lumis hits the urinage! Lumis locks in the Silence! Balor comes flying out of nowhere with the double foot stomp to break it up! Lumis sent out of ring. Thatcher catches Balor and hooks on the Ankle Lock. He drops to the mat, wrapping his legs around Balor's. Balor won't tap! Lumis sneaks up behind Thatcher and locks in the Silence! Balor's still trying to get free as he's technically still in the lock! Thatcher's fading, Thatcher's out!
Your Winner and Advancing to the North American Championship Ladder Match: Dexter Lumis!

In Closing

What an ending! We now have our second entrant, out of five, for the North American Championship Ladder Match taking place at TakeOver XXX! Current entrants are Bronson Reed and Dexter Lumis!

Y'all stay safe, have fun, and see you all Friday night for Smackdown Live Results!

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