WWE NXT Live Results (8/19/2020) - Full Sail University, Winter Park, FL

Welcome one and all to Rajah.com's NXT Live Results Coverage! Tonight is the "go-home" edition of NXT as we prepare for TakeOver XXX. That's TakeOver 30 for those of you who don't know your Greek Numberals. Back after a brief hiatus is everyone's favorite Hulkster, Mike "Hulk" Hogan!

As we learned earlier today, we've got one heck of a show in store! Adam Cole will come face to face with Pat McAfee, who's out to prove there's a more annoying McAfee than the one on your computer! With both men just days away from facing off at TO30 (that's TakeOver XXX for you boomers), will Cole line up to run it back for a touchdown? Or will McAfee punt Cole back into his own end zone? And why am I using cheesy football puns?

Finn Bálor takes on the Velveteen Dream with a spot in the North American Title Ladder Match on the line for this weekend's TakeOver. Will the Irish Prince begin his own purple reign, or will the Velveteen Dream slide into the DM's of the North American championship bout?

Speaking of, the final spot for the North American championship ladder match will come down to Johnny Gargano or Ridge Holland as both men are set to put on what will surely be an entertaining match.

We'll also see Isaiah "Swerve" Scott teaming with Breezango as they take on the Legado del Fantasma! There's been a lot of bad blood between Santos Escobar. Can he shut down the Febreezy Cartel or will the Legado find themselves living up to their "ghost legacy" name?
All this and more on tonight's go-home edition of NXT!

WWE NXT Live Results (8/19/2020) - Full Sail University, Winter Park, FL

North American Title Ladder Match Qualifier: Johnny Gargano vs Ridge Holland

We start our show with Johnny Gargano escorted out to the ring by his wife, Candice Lerae. He pauses at the ringside ramp, looking at a ladder standing ringside with the North American belt hanging above it. Johnny gets in the ring and paces, awaiting his opponent. The announcers--Mauro, Beth--remind us that Gargano is the first ever triple crown champion in NXT. He could potentially be the first ever two-time North American champion were he to win tonight, advance to TakeOver XXX and win. Out next is Ridge Holland, carrying his billy club, wearing his bowler's hat and a trench. Mauro calls him a "walking action figure." Beth Phoenix says Ridge reminds her of a young Rick Steiner.

The bell rings and we start the final NXT before TakeOver tres-equis. Gargano starts by jawing off, saying that Holland doesn't even belong in the same ring as Gargano. Holland tosses Gargano into the corner, then locks in an armlock. He slams Gargano to the ground. Holland sends Gargano into the ropes and as Garganoa rebounds, Holland delivers a vicious hip toss. Holland goes for a shoulder block but Gargano slips outside. Gargano stumbles around the ring as Holland gives pursuit. Gargano goes flying from the apron but Holland catches him. Gargano back on the apron and delivers a kick.

The action spills back into the ring. Gargano begins working on Holland's left arm. Holland takes control and delivers a clubbing blow to Gargano's back, grounding him again. He lets Gargano up and wander into a corner, then moves in and delivers two knee strikes before Holland slingshot/whiplashes Gargano across the ring and into the other corner so hard it propels him into the air. Holland locks in a side standing headlock but Gargano throws an elbow into Holland's face, buying himself some time.

As Gargano takes control with some elbows and strikes, we're reminded that Johnny TakeOver has been to 17 of the first 29 TakeOvers and is looking to go to a record 18th time. Holland fights back temporarily but Gargano gets Holland in a submission on the mat. Holland kicks Gargano, fighting out of it. Gargano steps up in the corner and Holland charges; Gargano ducks and Holland is sent outside. Gargano lines him up, runs to the south ropes, rebounds and runs to the north ropes and goes flying over, taking out Ridge Holland at ringside as we go to break!

During the break, Gargano embraces his wife. He takes control of Holland at ringside and sends the Brit into the ring. Gargano locks in a working hold, then converts it into an arm bar, and into a rear arm lock. He rolls his body, getting Holland's shoulders down, but Holland pops a shoulder up. Holland battles to his feet while Gargano keeps a rear lock in place. Holland finally gets an elbow up and into Gargano's face. It looks like Johnny Gargano was injured in a botched leaping DDT.

Back from the break and we get repeats of the shot that looks as if it injured Johnny's face. We cut back to the match and Johnny's in the corner, being checked on by the ref and his wife who is ringside. Suddenly, Gargano hits a superkick and covers for a close two! Holland gets a shoulder up. Gargano goes to the apron, setting up the One Final Beat but springboards straight into a forearm from Holland. Holland grabs Gargano's legs and does the King of Swing (spins him by the legs around in a circle.) Holland attempts a pin but Gargano kicks out.

Holland and Gargano begin to exchange blows. Gargano hits a superkick but Holland stays on his feet. Holland delivers a blow, sending Johnny from the ring. Candice comes over to check on her husband. Holland walks around the ring and sends Johnny in. The ref and Holland both tell Candice not to try anything; she insists she's just checking on her husband. Gargano slides outside the ring and attempts to leap off the apron onto Holland, but Holland catches him and slams him on the apron! Holland sends Gargano back into the ring. As Holland tries to get in, Candice interferes and Holland gets low-blowed. Gargano sets up on the apron and springboards over, hitting the springboard DDT he calls the One Final Beat. Gargano pins and gets the win!
Your Winner, and advancing to the North American Championship Ladder Match, Johnny '18x TakeOver' Gargano!

We're told that Dakota Kai is in action next as we head to commercials!

Dakota Kai vs

We're back from break and from Auckland, New Zealand is Dakota Kai! She'll be taking on Io Shirai at TakeOver XXX this weekend. Out next is Jessi Kamea from Austin, Texas.

The bell rings and Kai immediately takes down Kamea. Kai delivers a few strikes and backs Kamea into the corner. Kai grabs Kamea by the head and throws her into another corner, coming in and striking her down. Kai goes for a pin but gets nothing. Kai uses the middle rope to choke Kamea as the ref counts. Kamea actually gets one entire hit in before Kai sends her into the corner. Kai comes in with the Face Wash, delivering two running high kicks to the corner. Kai goes for the cover but doesn't get it. Kai grabs Kamea's arms and uses them to apply a straight jacket submission. Kamea gets out of it and dodges another corner kick. Kamea goes for the O'Connor roll and gets a two. Kamea runs and hits a kick on a seated Kai. Kamea gets Kai in the corner and hits an impressive vertical leap kick, then rebounds off the ropes and hits a seated corner face kick. Kamea slams Kai and goes for a pin but only gets two! Kai makes it to her feet and grabs Kamea, hitting the G-T-K and pinning for the win.
Your Winner, Dakota Kai!

After the Match

Kai gets on the mic. She tells the camera that "you must be out of your mind" and "you think I'm afraid of you? Don't make me laugh! You're so focused on the people of my past, while I'm so focused on my future and at NXT TakeOver I will take that championship from you! And hear me out--it's going to feel so good when I kick you in the face over and over and over and over and--" ....and Io Shirai's music hits, and Iohits the ring!

Shirai is all over Kai like a Kungfoo Ferret fighting crime in Gotham. Shirai fights Kai up to the side access, controlling things until a returning Raquel Gonzalez strikes! Raquel beats and carries Io down to the ring. In the ring, Kai jaws off at Io, allowing Shirai time to recover and smack Kai down. Raquel hits the ring and takes out Io again.

Backstage w/ Mackenzie and Tegan Nox

Mackenzie asks Tegan Nox about comments Candice Lerae has said about her in recent weeks. Tegan says that she and Candice were great friends going back, and that she's got to fix this rift between the two. They can do it like "old times over a glass of wine" but she's got to try to fix their friendship. We then get a commercial for Thunderdome which will debut live this Friday on Fox and will be present for Smackdown, SummerSlam and Raw!

Six-man Tag Match: Isaiah "Swerve" Scott & Breezango vs. Legado del Fantasma

After a short video hyping tonight's Dream/Balor match, we get back to the ring. Santos Escobar, Raul Mendoza and Joaquin Wilde strut down to the ring. Out next are Breezango! They make their way down the ramp and wait at the end of it for Swerve. The lights start and out comes Isaiah "Swerve" Scott! He joins them at the bottom of the ramp and the trio fist bump, making their way into the ring at the same time. Swerve does a cool slide in, under the bottom rope.

The bell rings and all six men immediate get into it! Escobar and Scott fight to the outside. Tyler Breeze takes on Wilde. Finally they spill out to hte ring, leaving Fandango and Mendoza in the ring. Mauro admits we don't know who the legal men are, so we're assuming its them. Fandango delivers an elbow to the corner. Fandango thrusts in the corner but Mendoza dodges and Fandango hits his already-injured left shoulder against the ring post. Mendoza takes Fandango to the Legado corner. Wilde is tagged in and attempts to fly but Fandango dodges. Fandango takes Wilde to the faces corner and double teams with Tyler Breeze. Fandango back in. Things quickly spill out of control--Mendoza and Wilde eat a pair of superkicks from Breezango and when Escobar goes for a suicide dive, he eats a leaping kick from Swerve on the apron! The ref has no control over this, we have no clue who's legal so it's the perfect time for a commercial break!

Back from the break and order has been asserted. Fandango is sent into the corner; he heads up top but is distracted by Escobar and shoved off the top by his opponent. Fandango lands on his arm. Back in the ring, Wilde stomps on Fandango's arm. Wilde tags in Mendoza who hits a spinning slam like the real rock n' rolla he is. Mendoza continues to work Fandango's left arm and shoulder. Mendoza hooks the left arm around his leg and drops his shin down onto the arm. Mendoza repositions and locks in an arm bar. Fandango starts to fight his way to a vertical base but Mendoza drops him.

Mendoza continues to work Fandango's arm, using the ropes and holds. Fandango desperately tries to get to his corner to make the tag but Mendoza stops him. Mendoza sends Fandango into the Legado corner. Mendoza tags in Wilde and both men post up in the ring. They then charge and attack Breeze and Scott on the apron! Mendoza charges Fandango in the corner, but Fandango flips him out. Wilde charges in and meets the same fate! Fandango tags in Scott; Escobar comes in. Swerve takes it to Escobar, pummeling him in the corner. He hits the Flatliner! Mendoza tries to come inf or the distraction. Swerve stomps him to the outside, then heads to the apron and hits a running kick. Swerve goes up top and dives off but Escobar leaps up, hitting his knee to the jaw of Swerve as he was flying!

Escobar has a hold on Swerve; Wilde goes off the ropes and seems to kick Swerve, driving him across the ring and into his own corner, knocking his tag team members off. Swerve fights back and tries to pin Escobar. The ref begins to yell at Swerve, telling him he's not the legal man. Legado take advantage of the distraction and hit a double dropkick on Escobar. Tyler Breeze is the legal man and hits the ring, clearing house for a few moments before Escobar comes in and hits the Phantom Driver unexpectedly. Escobar picks up the win!
Your Winners, Legado del Fantasma

After the Match

The announcers mention how Swerve had this match won. We get replays where the dropkick to Swerve's back sent him flying into his own corner and causing the accidental tag to Breeze. We see where Swerve had the match won--if he had been legal. We get more replays before cutting to:

Outside: Pat McAfee, Darius Butler, AJ Hawk

Pat McAfee arrives with three NFL players or former players--Darius Butler, AJ Hawk, not sure who the other is yet. They walk towards the arena entrance as we cut to break!

NXT Tag Team Championship #1 Contenders Match Added to TakeOver XXX

We've just learned that the teams of Breezango, Legado del Fantasma, and Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch will square off at TakeOver XXX on the pre-show! The winner will face Imperium for the tag team titles at a future date!

Adam Cole & Pat McAfee Showdown

Out first is the Undisputed Era en masse. Immediately afterwards, Pat McAfee and his former NFL backup come to the ring. McAfee gets on the mic and says that last week, Cole begged for him to come face him so Pat brought "28 years of NFL experience to back me" up because he knew Cole would bring the UE. Pat says he knows Cole better than Cole knows himself and that Cole wouldn't come alone. He says Cole is nothing without the others. Cole gets the UE to exit the ring and invites Pat in. Pat gets his pals to stand at ringside and enters.

Pat goes on about how two weeks ago, he punted Cole. He mentions Cole's career, fighting in gyms and high schools and civic centers all around the ring, and became the king of NXT. He points out that Cole was champion for over 400 days but it took less than a minute for Pat to take Cole out. One kick. Pat whines that Cole says Pat isn't special. Pat says he's made millions of dollars in other professions. He calls Cole stupid, ignorant, and calls the entire IWC (internet wrestling community) stupid and ignorant. He then says that Saturday--TakeOver XXX--will end the same way, with Pat victorious. Pat says he only had two weeks to prepare for the match. He then mocks HHH going on tv. Pat babbles on more about how great he is, how stupid Cole is; he says he's above Cole as a human and athlete. Pat says that Saturday, it's going to take one swing of his foot to send Cole to the moon and that the only sound "any of the idiots here" will here is "boom." (Madden said it better).

Cole starts to walk towards Pat and security try to separate Pat and Cole. Cole takes them all out. Pat's NFL buddies get on the apron and the entire UE joins Cole in the ring. Cole invites Pat back in, and tells him to c'mon. Pat stays on the apron. Cole walks over and gets in the face of Pat and tells him that this Saturday, at TakeOver, Cole's going to make Pat his b*tch. The UE then confidently exit the ring and post on the ramp as Pat and his walking concussion squad stand angrily in the ring. Coming up: Aliya & Mercedes Martinez will take on Rhea Ripley & Shotzi Blackheart! We go to commercials.

The Robert Stone Brand (Aliyah & Mercedes Martinez) vs Rhea Ripley & Shotzi Blackheart

Out first, representing the Robert Stone Brand, are Aliyah and Mercedes Martinez. Robert Stone escorts them down to the ring. Shotzi Blackheart come sout next, driving her little tank. She hops out and howls a few times before getting in the ring, still wearing her helmet. She mounts the ringpost and woops again, thrusting her helmet out a few times before placing it on the ringpost. Out next is former NXT and NXT UK Women's champion, Rhea Ripley!

As soon as the bell rings, Ripley and Martinez begin slugging it out. Martinez backs Ripley into the Robert Stone Brand (RSB) corner. Aliyah is tagged in. Ripley just throws Aliyah across the ring like a toy. Shotzi is tagged in. Shotzi shows off her incredible agility, running and hitting a rolling leap in the corner before rolling and hitting a facebuster on Aliyah. Shotzi grabs Aliyah's legs and screams "welcome to the ball pit!" then hits a double leg drop. Shotzi goes for the pin but its broken up. Mercedes is tagged in and slams Shotzi. They continue to fight as we go to commercials. Eat fresh.

Back from the break, and we see Shotzi in the corner. Aliyah runs in but Shotzi gets a foot up, stunning Aliyah. Sunset Flip by Shotzi with a roll-up but Aliyah kicks out. Aliyah turns the table and rolls up Shotzi for a two. Mercedes is tagged in and delivers a couple of big kicks, flooring Shotzi. Rhea is desperate to get back in but the ref holds her back. Mercedes Martinez drags Shotzi to the ropes in her corner and chokes her with the middle rope until the ref breaks it. Mercedes takes Shotzi into the corner and delivers a big chop. Mercedes locks Shotzi up butterfly style and walks her back to the RSB corner, allowing Aliyah to make the tag in. Aliyah hits a few cheap shots before Mercedes is back in. Martinez locks in a seated abdominal stretch, then rolls and attempts to use the lock as a pin. Shotzi escapes and almost gets the hot tag. Butterfly suplex by Martinez; she attempts a pin but Shotzi escapes. Mercedes goes for a fisherman suplex on Shotzi; Shotiz blocks it. Mercedes goes for it again and Shotzi reverses it into a rollup! Mercedes out and goes for another suplex but Shotzi hits a sky-high DDT reversal! Both women are down! Both are crawling for their corners.

Both make the tag and both partners hit the ring fast! Ripley hits a huge clothesline on Aliyah, then another! Ripley grabs Aliyah's head and holds her in the cravate, delivering knee strikes. Snapmare down; Ripley with a huge basement dropkick. Aliyah tries to escape; Ripley grabs her and puts her in the Electric Chair, dropping her into a facebuster and covers for two! Martinez breaks it up! Ripley sends Martinez from the ring and grabs Aliyah. Ripley makes the tag and hits the Riptide; Blackheart goes up top but Mercedes comes over and drops her on the ringpost! Ripley takes it to Mercedes Martinez, whipping her into the corner. Ripley charges shoulder first but Martinez dodges and Ripley hits her shoulder on the ring post! Mercedes and Ripley fight at ringside until Ripley ducks a running apron kick by Martinez, slips under her legs and hits a big powerbomb on Mercedes at ringside. In the ring, Shotzi goes up top and goes flying, nailing Aliyah and getting the pin!
Your Winners, Rhea Ripley & Shotzi Blackheart!

After the Match

Martinez is still out at ringside. We get a clip of Metallica's St. Anger as we're reminded of TakeOver this weekend and SummerSlam. We go to break.

Keith Lee/Karrion Kross Promo

We're reminded that Keith's Lee trainer passed a few weeks ago. We get clips of Keith Lee's rise, culminating in his huge upset win at the Great American Bash when he became the first ever double-champion in NXT single's division! We then segway into Kross' portion of the promo, focused on sands draining in a sand clock. Kross says "Tick tock" as Metallica's St. Anger begins to play as we see clips of Kross destroying all his opponents in NXT, and the building confrontation with Keith Lee. We see clips from Kross' match against Dominick Dijakovic, in which he had a sleeper locked on Dijakovic, who told Keith not to interfere. We then see scenes from last week, when Keith Lee was set to sign a contract with Kross and Scarlett at ringside. Scarlett sent the contract into the ring and when Lee stood and opened it, a flare went off in his face. All of this is to build hype for their NXT Championship match as we see "TakeOver XXX: Lee vs Kross" on the screen and cut to our announce team. They proceed to run down the card as it stands for TakeOver XXX featuring COle vs McAfee, Io Shirai defending her title against Dakota Kai, etc.

MAIN EVENT: North American Title Ladder Match Qualifier: Finn Bálor vs the Velveteen Dream

Out first, from Bray County, Ireland is the prince, Finn Balor! This is the final qualifier and the winner will go on to face Gargano, Cameron Grimes, Damian Priest and Bronson Reed. Out next is Velveteen Dream.

The bell rings and both men circle each other, each reaching forward and pulling back as they attempt to anticipate the other. Finally Balor gets a hold of Dream, locking in a headlock and using it to take Dream down to the mat. Balor holds its on even as Dream gets back to a knee. Balor cranks him back down. Again, Dream gets to his feet. Both men off the ropes; Sunset Flip by Dream but Balor rolls out of it and finger-guns at Dream. Dream slides out the ring, taking off his red bandana and says "screw it!" We go to break.

During the break, we get picture in picture of the action. Balor attempts to get Dream back into the ring but Dream takes control. Dream sends Balor into the steel steps, and then again! Dream sends Balor into the ring. The injured Balor hobbles to a corner. Dream takes off his red shirt and comes in. Dream comes over and pummels Balor with fists, punching the former champ down into the corner until the ref warns him. Dream backs up, then grabs Balor and pulls him to his feet. Dream looking for a suplex; Balor counters with a series of knee strikes. Balor slams Dream down and gets a two. Balor locks in that side headlock and takes Dream back to the mat, keeping his chin on Dream's shoulder for added pain and pressure. Dream fights to his feet and gets out of it, sending Balor into the ropes. Balor counters and takes Dream down, going for a pin but only getting two. Balor locks in the headlock again.

Back from the break and Balor is still using that headlock to control things. Balor sends Dream into the ropes and hits a knee, then another. Dream whipped into the ropes but comes off them with a Lou Thesz Press, pounding away at Balor. Dream climbs the middle rope and whoops at the crowd before going to Balor. Dream picks up Balor and begins to chop and punch him across the ring and into the corner. Dream says "c'mon, Finn!" Dream drops a knee to Balor's inner leg. Dream with a punch. Balor suddenly begins to fight back, chopping down the Dream! Balor grabs Dream's feet and drags him across the ring then drops an elbow. Balor locks in a knee lock. Dream tries to reverse but Balor rolls Dream onto his belly and locks in a cross-ankle calf crusher. Dream is in pain! Dream barely gets to the bottom rope and the ref forces the break!

Balor continues the assault, keeping his focus on the Dream's legs. Dream tries to convert it into an arm lock of his own, extending Balor's elbow while delivering kicks to Balor. Both men break; both men to their feet. Dream immediately hits a leaping axe kick, similar to Booker T. Dream covers but doesn't get the three. Dream now firmly in control, striking Balor and telling him to "stay down!" Balor up to his feet and exchanges blows, but Dream sends Balor to the mat again. Dream takes Balor into the corner and climbs the middle rope, hammering rights into Balor's face before gyrating with his crotch in Balor's face. He begins to drop right hands into Balor's face again and yells to the crowd, "Where's my count?" Dream gets arrogant and Balor takes advantage, hitting a series of chops that floor the Dream. Balor stomps Dream before stepping away for a breather. Dream is quick up the ropes and dives, hitting a double armed axe handle. Dream and Balor mix it up but Dream is sent out of the ring. Dream looks at the belt hanging above the two ladders. Cameron Grimes walks out, telling everyone he's here for that--and indicating the hanging North American belt. Balor and Dream catch their breath as we go to break.

Back from the break and the action is still under way! Cameron Grimes is seated on top of one of the ladders, holding the North American title and laughing as Velveteen Dream sends Finn Balor into the corner, hard. Dream keeps looking up at Grimes. Dream picks up Balor and hits the pendulum back breaker. He continues to be distracted by Grimes. Dream picks up Balor and hits a huge chop that floors the Irishman. We're reminded that Grimes has wins over both Balor and Dream. Dream goes for the Sunset Flip but Balor counters, rolls through and hits a kick. Dream tries to go up top but gets crotched by Finn Balor. Dream falls back into a Tree of Woe and Balor stomps him until the ref forces the break. Dream to his feet. Balor chops Dream in the corner. Balor with a huge knife-edged chop on Dream. Balor Irish whips dream into the corner and pursues him, but Dream is sent to the outside by the impact. Balor comes outside and stomps Dream. Balor climbs up the ladder, distracted by Grimes, and Dream picks up Balor electric chair-style and drops him.

Back in the ring, Dream sets up Balor for the Dream DDT. Balor counters and goes for a move but Dream counters into the double-leg take down, rolls through and sets up the Dream-Valley Driver but Balor escapes! Balor hits the Shotgun Dropkick on Dream in the corner! Balor goes to the apron, ready to go up top but gets distracted by Grimes. As Balor stands on top of the turnbuckle, distracted, Dream charges over and hits a suplex off the middle rope! Both competitors are down! Out comes Johnny Gargano! Garganao sends Grimes flying into the ring, and Grimes lands on the ref, taking him out. Grimes finds himself in the middle of the ring, with Dream and Balor both stalking him! Balor with the double stomp, Dream hits a Famouser on Grimes! Balor hits the Slingblade on Dream! Balor sets up for another Shotgun Dropkick and charges in, but Dream reverses it! Gargano gets the North American belt from the ringside and poses with it. Bronson Reed comes down to the ring so Gargano flees into the ring, backing up into the tall figure that is Damian Priest! Reed sends Gargano out of the ring. Priest and Reed set up to brawl; Velveteen Dream hits a superkick onto Priest! Balor takes out Dream! Balor to the outside but is attacked by Timothy Thatcher! Balor sent into the ring; Dream hits the Dream-Valley Driver! Dream goes up top and hits the Purple Rainmaker off the top rope, covering just as the ref comes to!
Your Winner and advancing to the North American Championship Ladder Match, Velveteen Dream!

After the Match

Gargano attacks Dream, taking him out. Gargano picks up the NA title and poses; Cameron Grimes superkicks Gargano and goes for the belt; Priest chokeslams Grimes; Bronson Reed comes in and takes out Priest! Dream comes in but Bronson Reed takes Dream out with a big driver! Bronson Reed poses with the belt as we end our program!

In Closing

There you have it, folks, we are all set for TakeOver XXX this weekend! I'll see you all Friday for Smackdown. Remember to say your vitamins and eat your prayers, and stay safe out there, Rajahmaniacs!

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