WWE NXT Live Results (9/16/2020) - Full Sail University, Winter Park, FL

Welcome one and all to Rajah.com's live NXT results! I'm your host, "the Franchise" Mike Hogan and the official NXT preview has clued us in to some of what to expect tonight!

Damien Priest will take on Timothy Thatcher in a bout for the North American Championship. We'll also see another title match as Breezango defends their NXT Tag Team Championship against Imperium. Will the dynamic duo retain or will the British war machine roll all over their sparkly outfits?

We'll see Io Shirai take on Shotzi Blackheart in an exhibition (non-title) match, and Drake Maverick & Killian Dain take on the Undisputed Era! We know William Regal will make two "major announcements" tonight and Matt reported here earlier that there will be an TakeOver on October 4th.

We learned earlier today that the opening match will be Shirai versus Blackheart, and we're ten minutes from air time so let's get this party started!

WWE NXT Live Results (9/16/2020) - Full Sail University, Winter Park, FL

Show Opener: Recapping Super Tuesday II

We start our program recapping the events of last week which saw Finn Balor win the championship, Rhea Ripley defeat Mercedes Martinez of the Robert Stone Brand, and other events, such as Thatcher challenging Priest and Imperium working with Legado del Fantasma to dismantle the reigning tag team champions. We're welcomed to the live arena by our commentary team of Vic Joseph and Beth Phoenix!

Match: Io Shirai vs Shotzi Blackheart

Shotzi comes out first, riding her little mini tank down to the ring. She gets in the ring and howls a few times as Beth Phoenix builds up the momentum Shotzi's had the last few weeks. Vic mentions it'll be a tough match tonight for Blackheart, and out comes the NXT Women's Champion, Io Shirai! Vic reminds us that Io's been on quite a roll this summer but didn't elaborate beyond that, and Beth gave her props, too. Both women ready-up in the ring, the bell rings, and the action begins!
Both women circle a bit, but Shotzi pauses and extends her right hand in a sign of good sportsmanship. Shirai looks at Shotzi's hand and slaps it aside. Shotzi shrugs and both women engage. They go step-for-step, countering and exchanging moves. Shirai whips Shotzi and Shotzi counters with a running cannonball. Shotzi sends Shirai into the ropes, and Shirai counters by knocking Blackheart down. Shirai goes for a cover but gets a quick two. Shirai locks in a headlock and gets another two count before Shotzi breaks free. Shotzi gets Shirai on her side and Shotzi shoves Shirai's shoulder up in a wear down maneuver. For a minute now, Shotzi keeps the champ grounded. Shirai slowly squirms and struggles, her goal of reaching the rope and reach the rope she does! The ref breaks it up and both women are to their feet. Shirai charges Shotzi in the corner but is sent over it. Shirai on the apron. Shotzi charges her and goes through the ropes but Shirai shrugs Shotzi off, letting the green-haired wolf of NXT fall out. Shirai attacks Shotzi at ringside and sends her back into the ring. We go to break as Shirai takes Shotzi down and delivers a shot to Shotzi's lower back.
During the picture-in-picture break: Shirai continues to stomp and kick and strike the grounded Shotzi. Shirai drops a knee and attempts a cover. Shotzi escapes to the middle rope, but Shirai comes over and uses her leg to choke Shotzi on the ropes until the ref breaks it up. Shirai sends Shotzi to the mat and locks in a low camel clutch. Shotzi refuses to give and after a minute, makes it to the rope. Shirai lets Shotzi to her feet then locks in the abdominal stretch as we're told we can get the Disney bundle for $12.99/month. Shirai sends Shotzi into the corner. Shirai charges in, landing a forearm. Shirai slams Shotzi's face into the corner, then begins striking her with kicks. Shirai kicks Shotzi down into the corner hard then backs up when the ref intervenes. Shirai backs up, strutting and taunting, then moves in as Shotzi stands, striking her.
Back from the break and Shirai charges in, but its stopped by Shotzi. Blackheart powers up and hits a dropkick, then several fists before running around a dazed Shirai, faceplanting her into the mat. Shotzi hits a running knee. Shirai to her feet and she and Shotzi begin to exchange chops and chest slaps, one after the other after the other until Shirai gets the advantage and nails six left fists straight! Shotzi hangs in, though; Shirai goes for an enziguri but Shotzi blocks it. Shotzi slips up and Shirai locks the crossface on Shotzi right in the middle of the ring!
Shotzi twists and turns, squirming until she can just barely get her toe onto the bottom rope, forcing the break. Shotzi was in that hold for a long while. Shotzi hits a step up enziguri that staggers the champion. Shotzi with knee strikes. Shotzi grabs Shirai as the champ as the middle rope. Shotzi powers her off then hits a beautiful back bridging suplex for a near fall! Shotzi doesn't let go when Shirai kicks out and converts it into a submission that looked like a laying-prone Unprettier. Shirai rolls over, laying on top of Shotzi and gets a two count. Shirai fires up now, hitting a dropkick. Shirai with a running strike. Shirai goes up top and hits the Missile Dropkick right on target, and covers Shotzi for a two. Shirai hurries up the ropes, looking for her signature moonsault, but Shotzi runs up after her to block her. Shirai sends Shotzi off; Shotzi runs right back up and hits a snap suplex off the top rope, covering for two! Shotzi's to her feet and makes her way slowly to the ring post. She climbs up but Shirai meets her with a fist. Shirai climbs up on the inside of the ring post. Shirai attempting a superplex; Shotzi blocks. Shirai attempts again; Shotzi blocks again! Shotzi slips down and onto Shirai's shoulders, perhaps thinking of going for a Hurricanrana, but Shirai slips out and hits a devastating German Suplex onto the apron that spills Shotzito the ringside floor! Shirai takes Shotzi back inside and sets her up in the middle of the ring, then dives off and hits her Over the Moonsault. Shirai covers and picks up the win!
Your Winner, Io Shirai!

After the Match: Replays, Sportsmanship, and Coming Up Tonight

We get several replays of what turned out to be a pretty solid match. Shotzi brought it to the champ. In the ring Shotzi is on a knee and Io Shirai approaches her, offering her a hand up. She then vigorously shakes Shotzi Blackheart's hand and applauds for her. We cut to Vic Joseph and Wade Barrett at commentary (note: I think Beth Phoenix is doing her commentary remotely) who show a very short set of clips of Tommaso Ciampa who will be up next--after these messages from our sponsors!

Announcement: #1 Contender's Battle Royal

Beth Phoenix announced that William Regal has announced that there will be a multiple-woman battle royal next Wednesday on NXT, with the winner going on to fight Io Shirai for her Women's Championship at TakeOver on October 4th!

Match: Tommaso Ciampa vs Desmond Troy

Desmond Troy is already in the ring as we return to the arena and Ciampa makes his entrance. Ciampa and Troy exchange moves at first, but Troy takes a big lead. Troy with a dropkick and a flurry of offense focused around holds, suplexes and counters. Ciampa gives him about half a minute then takes control. Ciampa with a running forearm to break up Troy's offense. Ciampa sends Troy to the corner and works him over in the corner, beating him down to the mat. Ciampa sets up Troy for a catapult under the bottom turnbuckle, rocking the younger and slamming his face into the bottom of the turnbuckle. Ciampa pulls the dazed Troy into position and hits the Widow's Bell, covering for the win.
Your Winner, Tommaso Ciampa!

After the Match: Jake Atlas

Ciampa barely has time to hear his music when Jake Atlas comes out. Atlas reminds Ciampa that Atlas is the guy whose ass Ciampa kicked a few weeks ago. Atlas says he's not going to come down there and ambush Ciampa because that's not how he operates, and instead he openly challenges Ciampa to a match next week. Ciampa accepts and we cut to the outside.

Earlier Tonight: Drake Maverick Arrives

A faceless, unknown interviewer with a camera meets Drake Maverick as he's rolling his luggage into the arena. He's asked about tagging with Killian Dain; the conversation quickly turns to the realization that Dain and Drake haven't been speaking and Drake doesn't even have his number. He asks the faceless interviewer if he has his cell number, to which the interviewer says no. We go to commercials.

Video Package: Finn Bálor

Finn quickly recaps all that he's done for NXT. He takes credit for building the brand. He tells us that now that he's champion, he's going to invite his challengers to line up for their shot--but they best be warned, don't cross the prince.

In the Ring: Austin Theory's Open Challenge

Austin Theory comes out as we return to the arena, and Vic Joseph tells us that Theory has talent but he's not learned to walk the fine line of confidence and cockiness. Barret and Phoenix comment on his talent in performances against Bronson Reed and others. Austin gets on the mic and claims that he's a future first-ballot hall of famer. He says that Bronson Reed winning last week was a fluke. Austin Theory says that he'll take on anyone who comes out and they can be grateful that they stood up to Austin Theory. And out comes Kushida without music or gimmick!

Match: Austin Theory vs Kushida

Kushida immediately attacks Theory. Eventually the bell is rung and Kushida charges in, taking Theory down in the corner. They separate, and again Kushida charges in, this time taking Theory down in the middle of the ring. Kushida goes for a grounded spider submission but Theory escapes. Theory shoves Kushida into the ropes, pops him up; Kushida staggers back and Theory clotheslines him down. Theory with a suplex and an attempted cover, getting one. Theory pulls Kushida to his feet and strikes him with forearms, knees and elbows. Theory stands up and attempts a standing moonsault, but Kushida moves out of the way! We're reminded that Kushida's recent attack on Velveteen Dream caused an injury and Dream is out for a bit. Kushida fights back, taking it to Theory. Kushida runs and handstands, launching his back and body into Theory, spilling Theory out of the ring. Kushida comes outside. Theory attempts to throw Kushida into the ring post but Kushida countered, sending Theory's arm into the ring post. Theory crying out in pain. Kushida takes Theory down, then sends him back into the ring. Kushida stands over Theory, pulling his arms up and stomping his chest. Kushida locks in the Hover Board submission and Theory quickly taps out. Kushida refuses to break the lock until the ref forces him to.
Your Winner, Kushida!

After the Match: Replays

As one would expect, we watched replays of the big spots in the match then went to commercial.

At the Gargano House

Candice complains more about Tegan and we're reminded of their food fight at the Gargano house last week. Johnny complains that they have spaghetti all over downstairs and they have to stay upstairs. He complains that Tegan broke his "100 inch 3D flat screen" tv last week so they're stuck watching NXT tonight, upstairs. Johnny is grateful he doesn't have to watch "Crooked-teeth Thatcher in high def." We're reminded by Candice Lerae that she and Tegan are both in the battle royal next week and it's Lerae's time to shine.

NXT Tag Team Championship Match: Breezango(c) vs Imperium

We return to the arena and Breezango is out first. Our tag team champions are wearing matching outfits similar to their old "Fashion Police" days. Imperium's music hits but there's no slow, deliberate entrance this time as Imperium hit the ring and attack the tag team champs. The ref gets in and yells at the teams, ordering a man from each to get out. The bell rings and we start with Fandango and Aichner. Aichner takes it to Fandango, tackling him down. Aichner dominates Fandango for a solid minute before tagging in Marcel Barthel. Barthel comes in and takes Fandango to the mat, then takes his time, deliberately kicking, stomping, and running diving European Uppercut to the seated Fandango. Barthel works over Fandango and tags in his partner. Fabian Aichner comes in and uses the ropes on Fandango until the ref counts. Aichner lifts Fandango up for a beautiful, rough-looking belly to back suplex. Aichner takes his time again, taunting. Fandango rallies up and takes Aichner down but before he can reach his partner, Aichner takes control back. Aichner with a headlock on Fandango and hops himself backward, to his own corner, so Marcel Barthel can tag in.
Barthel whips Fandango into the corner. Barthel with a double underhook suplex and covers for two. We're reminded that this is Breezango's first tag title ever, and this is their first title defense ever. Aichner sends Breezango into the Imperium corner, sits him, then grabs the middle ropes to use as leverage as he pulls his knees into Fandango's chest. The ref counts and Aichner breaks it at the last moment. Aichner tags in Barthel, puts Fandango in the tree of woe and both men run off then back, hitting a double team double-kick maneuver to send us to commercials.
We're back from the break and we're reminded that Imperium has been in control this entire match and Tyler Breeze hasn't even been tagged in yet. Barthel works Fandango's neck. Fandango fights him off and begins to crawl for his corner. Barthel wraps him up from behind, and Fandango fights out of it with elbows. Fandango and Barthel both go down. Both men make the hot tags at the same time. Tyler Breeze is the fresh man in and is faster than Aichner. Breeze whips Aichner. Breeze with a running dropkick in the corner. Aichner off the ropes but Breeze catches him, drops him and locks in a single leg submission! Barthel runs in the ring to interfere but Breeze dodges it and Fandango dumps him to the outside! Breeze goes for a suplex but Aichner escapes. Aichner starts to climb the ropes backwards when Breeze superkicks him in the butt. Aichner and Breeze both up. Aichner showcases his brute strength as he picks Breeze up and carries him over to the Imperium corner. Breeze escapes and gets on the middle ropes and jumps, but Aichner catches him midair and turns it into a suplex. Fandango just barely gets in to break up the tag. Ref is losing control of this. Aichner rolls outside and Fandango comes in, diving over the top rope and taking out Imperium. Outside the ring, Imperium double team Fandango.
Imperium go for that double team faceplant outside the ring, just like last week, when Fandango comes in with a pair of superkicks! They brawl outside more before Aichner and Fandango, the legal men, go back inside. Fandango goes flying very high off the top rope, looking for hte flying leg drop, but Aichner moves, rolls him up and hits a devastating suplex. Aichner whips Fandango; Fandango rebounds and hits the Tornado DDT on Aichner. Both superstars down. Both make tags at the same time and Breeze/Barthel are now legal. Breeze with an enziguri on Barthel but Aichner reaches over and makes the blind tag. Aichner lifts Breeze over his head and backs up to his corner, looking for the double-team (similar to a Doomsday Device). Fandango runs up from behind and jump dropkicks Aichner, sending Aichner (who's carrying Breeze) into the corner and knocking Barthel flying off! Breeze then converts the position, slams Aichner and with help from Fandango, picks up the win! Both men flee the ring and run up the ramp as we go to commercials!
Your Winners and STILL NXT Tag Team Champions, Breezango!

Match: Jessi Kamea & Xia Li vs Kacey Catanzaro and Kayden Carter

We come back from break and Jessi Kamea is in the ring awaiting her new tag team partner, Xia Li. While Xia does her fancy interest, Vic mentions that Beth Phoenix fought Xia in the Women's Royal Rumble. Beth laments the kicks from Xia Li. Out next is KC2--Kacey Catanzaro and Kayden Carter!
The bell rings and Xia starts things with Kayden. Kayden slaps in an arm bar but Xia counters it into a side headlock. Kayden turns it into an arm bar by rolling, bouncing off the ropes and using the momentum against her opponent. Both women spend the first minute countering. Catanzaro comes in and trips up Xia, setting up a basement dropkick from Carter. Xia can't reach her corner as Kayden keeps her in the middle of the ring. Xia with a knee to the midsection, dropping Kayden Carter to a knee and allowing Xia to tag in Jessi. Jessi and Kayden exchange arm bar attempts before Kayden tags in Kacey Catanzaro. Catanzaro with an arm bar turned into a yank-down slam, and a pin attempt but gets nothing. Catanzaro loses control as Jessibegins to chop Catanzaro, and delivers a series of knees as she fights out of the corner and floors Catanzaro. Jessi tries to pin but gets two. Jessi sends Catanzaro into her own corner and hits a running knee strike in front of Catanazro's partner. Both women make tags and in comes a fired-up Xia Lee! Kayden hits a stiff kick to Xia Lee the hits one on her partner, Jessi Kamea. Kayden and counters a roll up attempt with a superkick to Xia, then another on her partner. Catanzaro is tagged in. Carter back suplex rolls up Xia, and Catanzaro slips in, dropping in to place to score the pin in a very unique maneuver. She gets the three.
Your Winners, Kayden Carter & Kacey Catanzaro!

After the Match

We get replays, especially of that unique pinning combination. This was a decent match and had a very quick pace to it, which kept it feeling refresh.

Backstage w/ Drake Maverick & Killian Dain

Backstage, Drake Maverick finally find Dain and tells him he's been trying to find him. Dain makes it clear that they're not friends, or tag partners, and says he's not coming out tonight. We go to break but up next will be Maverick & Dain versus the Undisputed Era!

Video Promo: Tegan Nox

Nox tells us that this isn't the Lerae that Nox knows. Nox says that Johnny's busy crying about a "$200 tv" and Nox laments that Lerae didn't really want to repair their relationship. So Nox tells us that Lerae won't get through her in the battle royal next week, and Nox is coming for Shirai.

Match: Drake Maverick & Killian Dain vs the Undisputed Era (Bobby Fish & Roderick Strong)

Out first is the Undisputed Era, represented tonight by Bobby Fish and Roderick Strong. They're getting the usual boos from the Performance Center Trainees. I miss the home NXT crowd and their dueling chants. Wade Barret tells us that he absolutely loves the Undisputed Era. Out next first is Drake Maverick, weighing in at 140 pounds. He stands on the ramp and points to the screen, awaiting his partner. Maverick is left hanging, and makes his way to the ring as the commentary team mentions that "friends don't punch you in the face." Maverick believed Killian Dain would do the right thing but it appears this is now a two-on-one match. The bell rings and Bobby Fish starts things with Drake Maverick.
Fish lifts Maverick up and carries him to the Undisputed Era corner immediately, letting Strong tag in. Both men double team Maverick. Roderick Strong sends Drake into the corner and says repeatedly that Maverick made a big mistake. Roddy whips Maverick into the corner and approaches, slapping and taunting Maverick. Strong whips Maverick into another corner and charges in, but Maverick dodges. Maverick attempts to start some offense but Strong catches him with a leaping kick to the face. Fish is tagged in. Bobby Fish is making fun of Drake, so Drake punches him in the face and drops Fish with a strike to his knee, landing Fish in the corner. Maverick attacks Fish in the corner, then flies off the top for a dropkick and covers for two. Maverick hesitates slightly, and Fish takes advantage. Fish locks in a headlock on Maverick; Maverick drags Fish back to the ropes to whip him, but doesn't see Roderick Strong tag Fish on the back. Maverick isn't aware of this and takes Fish into the corner. Strong comes up behind him and takes him down with a snap suplex. Strong taunts Maverick then hits a Uranage backbreaker for a two. Strong rolls Maverick to his stomach and locks in a modified camel clutch. Maverick is trying to battle back as we're repeatedly reminded that he has no partner tonight. Maverick gets to his feet and shoves Strong into the corner. Maverick throws his shoulder into Strong but Strong overpowers Maverick and hits another Uranage backbreaker! We see on the monitors in the back that Dain is watching the match with others and laughing, and we head to commercial break.
Back from the break and Dain is sitll watching from the back as Maverick is hammered by Fish. William Regal walks up and asks Dain what he's doing--then asks Dain "are you really going to just stand there?" Dain begrudgingly agrees to go outside. In the ring, Strong's now working over Maverick. Fish is tagged back in and both men grab Maverick, throwing him out the ring. Maverick is down on the ramp. He looks up just in time to see Killian Dain walk out. Dain pulls Maverick up and man handles him, tossing him in the ring. He tells him something akin to "if anyone moves, kick him like a man!" Dain then starts to walk off. The Era mock Dain...and he notices, heading right back down to the ring. The UE throw Maverick like a weapon into Dain. Dain runs into the ring, leaving Maverick down on the ramp, and begins fighting both members of the Undisputed Era! The Beast of Belfast throws Fish aside then takes it to Strong, beating him in the corner. Bobby Fish comes in from behind and hits Dain with a steel chair, causing the DQ!
Your Winners by DQ, Drake Maverick & Killian Dain!

After the Match

Drake hops on the apron and yanks the chair from Fish, tossing it outside. Dain wrecks the Undisputed Era and they run off. Maverick comes in and slaps Dain on the chest, excitedly exclaiming that they're the best tag team ever. Dain floors Maverick and we cut to the outside area.

In the Parking Lot: Jake Atlas & Tommaso Ciampa

Jake Atlas is rolling his luggage to his car (why he has luggage despite not fighting, who knows). He's interviewed again about Ciampa and Atlas says that when he first fought Ciampa, he was excited. But Ciampa is without honor or something. Ciampa backs that up by ambushing Atlas in the parking lot and beating the crap out of him. Officials come up and tell him to save it for the ring for next week. Ciampa informs Atlas that he's coming for him next week. We go to break.

Announcement: William Regal's Gauntlet Eliminator Match

We get a video from William Regal, who compliments the tournament for the vacated NXT Championship that culminated in Finn Bálor's championship win. Regal wants to give others a shot, just like he did in the tournament, and announces a match he's just created called the Gauntlet Eliminator. Here are it's rules:
* Two men start in the ring * Every 4 minutes, another competitor enters * The only way to be eliminated is by pinfall or submission * The last man standing will be named t he #1 Contender for the NXT Championship and will face Finn Bálor at the next TakeOver. It's basically Elimination Chamber, without the Chamber

Main Event - North American Championship Match: Damien Priest(c) vs Timothy Thatcher

We're back to the ring and ready for our main event match! Our North American champion Damien Priest is out first, followed by Timothy Thatcher. The announcements are made as the lights are cut low and we're ready to rock!
We get the graphics, the ding ding, and the lights stay down on the crowd but up on the ring. Both men lock up, attempting to put a neck lock on each other. Thatcher takes the advantage, powering Priest down until he's bent over. Thatcher keeps Priest's left arm and head angled to give him the advantage, and delivers a few left knee shots. Priest powers out of it and both men roll apart, rising to their feet. Priest draws up his fists and engages with Thatcher. Priest hits an arm drag and attempts a cover. Priest hits another arm drag on Thatcher and attempts to lock in a submission. Both men grapple and struggle to their feet, each jockeying for power. Finally Thatcher converts it into a side headlock, then flips him down to the mat and keeps the head lock on the mat. Priest flips his legs and rolls to his feet while Thatcher keeps that lock in place. Priest bounces off the ropes and uses his momentum to whip Thatcher, then uses his larger frame to absorb a shoulder tackle by Thatcher, bounce off the ropes and shoulder tackle Thatcher in return! Thatcher is stumbling around the ring. Priest goes to the apron, thinking of going airborne, but Thatcher hits an uppercut that drops the champ to the floor. Thatcher goes outside after him. They brawl outside and Thatcher hits the double underhook suplex on the floor as we go to commercials.
During the picture-in-picture break: Thatcher takes Priest inside and locks in a side waist lock, then a shoulder grapple--Thatcher's relying on his catch wrestling skills and slowdown moves to keep the big man down on the mat. Every attempt by Priest to rise to his feet finds him grappled and sent down. Priest fights to his feet a third time and Thatcher nails a high knee, then sends Priest into the corner. Priest comes fighting out and sends Thatcher into it, and begins to stomp a mud hole into him. Priest pulls Thatcher to his feet and whips him into the corner then charges in, looking for a splash but instead he catches an elbow from Thatcher. Thatcher slams the camp down and attempts to lock in another weardown, this time a form of inverted abdominal stretch down on the mat.
Back from the break and Thatcher's still working Priest down on the mat, shoving Priest's neck down, driving his chin into his sternum and cranking Priest's neck. Priest gets to his feet and escapes another attempt at an arm bar. Priest unloads fists into Thatcher until Thatcher slaps him hard across the face, stumbling the champion. Priest's eyes are wide with anger. Priest comes over and delivers a striking combination that sends Thatcher down. Thatcher comes up and immediately takes a big, powerful clothesline from the champion. Priest sets up in the corner as Thatcher leans in the opposite corner, sets up his "arrow shot" and charges in for a splash. Priest hits the Falcon Arrow and covers for a two; Thatcher kicks out. Priest waits for Thatcher to rise then slaps his hand to Thatcher's throat, calling for the chokeslam. Thatcher counters and goes for the Fujiwara arm bar. Priest with kicks to ground Thatcher. Priest sets it up and charges in for a seated strike but Thatcher catches Priest and sends him face first into the mat, trying to lock in the Fujiwara arm bar again. Both men struggle to their feet. Priest with a series of strikes that drops Thatcher to his knees again.
Thatcher catches Priest coming in and attempts to lock in the arm bar. Priest escapes. Thatcher with strikes that floor the champ, and Thatcher locks in a single leg crab. Priest struggles but gets to the ropes. Priest goes for a big right punch but Thatcher catches it, whips the champion down and locks in the arm bar. Priest is screaming in pain as Thatcher cranks away at it. Luckily for Priest, his height and long legs come in handy as he's able to barely get a foot to the rope and force the break. Both men go to their feet. Thatcher goes for the double underhook suplex again but Priest hits a sit-out chokeslam that Beth mistakenly calls the Jumping Flatliner, but it's actually the South of Heaven (from his Punishment Martinez days). Priest pulls Thatcher up but Thatcher again goes for the Fujiwara arm bar. Priest slaps his grip away and climbs the top turnbuckle, diving off with a spinning heel kick! Priest screams in the ring then pulls up Thatcher and hits The Reckoning (a rolling cutter, similar to Cody Rhodes' Cross Rhodes). Priest covers and picks up the win! We get replays after the match.
Your Winner and STILL North American Champion, Damien Priest!

In Closing

And that does it for tonight's NXT! If you're on the fence about watching, I highly recommend the Io Shirai/Shotzi Blackheart match as a must-watch. Shotzi has a lot of talent and, barring injury/Vince's creative control, she should go far in her career. Alright y'all, hit me up on Twitter, email, or Xbox. I'll see you all Friday night for Smackdown. Be safe out there!

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