WWE NXT Super Tuesday II Live Results (9/8/2020) - Full Sail University, Winter Park, FL

The official preview (and our own) for tonight's NXT Super Tuesday II is out! After last week's Iron Man match ended in a tie, Finn Bálor squares off with Adam Cole (bay-bay!) in a one-fall bout tonight to open our show! Will the Prince have his gold, or will the Undisputed One reign for a second time?

We'll also have see Rhea Ripley take on Mercedes Martinez an a Steel Cage match! For weeks now, the Robert Stone Brand has been a pain in Ripley's rump. Will Rhea toss some Martinez on the barby or will the Robert Stone Brand move up a level by beating the former Women's Champion?

Bronson Reed will battle Austin Theory tonight. After Theory interfered in Reed's match against Thatcher, will the Aus-zilla get some payback or will Theory takeout the Thicc Boi two Tuesdays in a row?

Roderick Strong will also go mano-a-mano with Killian Dain tonight as well! Dain's got a beef with the Undisputed Era after their attack recently, while Strong is out to show how strong he is after months of being terrified by Dexter Lumis.

All this and more tonight on NXT Super Tuesday II! (Yes, I plagiarized myself.)

WWE NXT Super Tuesday II Live Results (9/08/2020) - Full Sail University, Winter Park, FL

Show Opener: Recap From Last Week

In case you missed last week's NXT Super Tuesday, here's the results. We open with a quick recap of last week's program, in which our four-man Iron Man match ended in a draw between Adam Cole and Finn Bálor. Both men assure us of their impending victory.

Commentary Welcomes Us

Wade Barret once again joins Vic Joseph & Beth Phoenix on commentary and welcome us. We're wasting no time in getting straight to the championship match!

NXT Championship Match: Finn Bálor vs Adam Cole for the Vacant Title

Out first is Bálor himself. He comes out finger banging the crowd with his hand guns, then takes his time walking the long route to the ring. He runs up on the apron and poses as Phoenix & Joseph bring up Bálor's 292 day championship run. Barrett complements his reign as champ. Out next is the leader of the Undisputed Era, Adam Cole (bay-bay!). Cole broke Bálor's title run, setting a new NXT record at 403 days. Boom! The announcements are made as our American and Irish gladiators stand toe to toe and the ref hefts the belt. Ding ding, here we go!
Cole backs up as Bálor follows, and both men lock up shoulders. Bálor takes Cole to the corner but Cole reverses it; Bálor reverses it again. They break out of the corner and Cole extends a hand in a test of strength. Bálor takes him down and locks in a headlock. Cole gets to his feet and reverses the headlock into a rear arm lock, but Bálor is able to stay a step ahead of Cole and reverses it, taking Cole down and locking in a side headlock. Bálor attempts a couple of pins then pulls them both to their feet. Cole runs them back to the ropes, then rebounds, only to catch a strong shoulder thrust from Bálor. Bálor locks in a headlock yet again. Cole gets to his knees then reverses it, locking a rear arm lock on Bálor again. Both men to their feet and Bálor reverses the arm lock, snapmares Cole, and locks in a very tight headlock on a face-down, prone Cole. Cole, again, reverses it into a hammer lock on the mat. Bálor tries to escape but is nearly pinned. Bálor kicks out and both men are up to their feet, circling each other.
Cole again ground Bálor and locks in the hammer lock, working on the shoulder that Vic Joseph points out as having been injured in the past. Bálor manages to squirm and reverse it, dropping a knee down on the side of Cole's face and locking in an arm pull. Cole tries to escape, and Bálor puts him in a head scissors lock while manipulating the left wrist. Cole manages to slip to his feet and hits a basement dropkick on Bálor. Cole takes control, lifting Bálor and hitting a hard right strike. Cole shakes his arm, trying to get feeling into it. Cole with another strike to Bálor, then another. The ref checks on Bálor. Cole whips him into the ropes, lifts him up into a fireman's carry and slams him down, getting a close two. We go to commercials!
During the break, Cole continues to work on Bálor, dropping knee strikes to his back when not locking in rear headlocks or side prone headlocks. Both men get to their feet and Cole kicks Bálor in the stomach, then delivers a neckbreaker! Bálor stumbles to the ropes and Cole pursues, pulling him up and sending Bálor face-first into the turnbuckle. Cole stomps Bálor in the gut, then again, and again until the Prince is on his butt in the corner. Cole pulls him back up and sends him to another corner, then follows it up with a running leaping kick. Cole Irish Whips Bálor hard into the opposite corner, dropping the demon-king Bálor. Cole pulls him up and goes to Irish Whip him again; Bálor reverses and catches Cole going for a sunset flip, blocking it. Now Bálor has control, and drops alternating elbows onto the shoulders of a seated Cole. Bálor locks in his own prone side headlock, and the ref checks on Cole much as he did Bálor a few minutes ago. Bálor tries to maintain the lock as Cole fights to his feet. Cole throws an elbow and gains separation, only to be taken down with a clothesline. Bálor sets Cole up on the ropes and delivers a massive chop.
Back from the break and Bálor is again working Cole's neck. Beth Phoenix explains that Bálor is trying to cut off the air flow to Cole and slow his pace down. Cole with a strike to Bálor's face, then rebound off the ropes, only to be cut off by Bálor. Bálor off the ropes with a fast dropping elbow for a close two. Bálor works Cole in the corner as the ref warns him, and we're reminded that whomever wins this match, irregardless of by how, is the new NXT Champion. Bálor works Cole in the corner again, hitting a chop and a series of shoulder thrusts. Bálor with a hard chop before wrapping Cole's arms around the ropes and again delivering several shoulder thrusts. Cole is down to a knee. Bálor pulls him up and whips him across the ring and into the other corner, following immediately behind him and hitting a big lariat. Bálor takes Cole to the opposite corner again and strikes him again. And again, Bálor whips Cole across the ring and runs to chop him. Cole's had enough and begins to fight back with a series of strikes before hitting a clothesline. Bálor is up and takes another clothesline! Bálor is back up and again, Cole sends him to the mat!
Bálor and Cole are both slow but collide, both men delivering punches and kicks. Cole with a leaping kick. Cole hits a lungblower and attempts a cover, but gets two. Bálor mount a comeback and hits the Sling Blade but can't make the cover. Cole catches Bálor running in for the Shotgun Dropkick and counters with a Shining Wizard, covering for a very close two! Cole sets Bálor up for a kick but Bálor counters and hits Cole in the ribs, then begins to stomp away at him on the ring. Cole falls out to the floor, and Bálor comes outside to stomp Cole some more. The ref keeps counting and we're reminded that if you win by count out, you're the new NXT champion. Bálor sets Cole up on some steel chairs at ringside then charges in, looking for that Shotgun Dropkick again! Cole counters, hitting a kick to take Bálor down. We go to commercial as the ref is still counting!
During the break: Cole and Bálor both make their way into the ring. Both men are exhausted, and their breathing labored. They crawl across the ring to each other and sit up on their knees, exchanging punches that rock both men. Cole with a hard fist; Bálor back to his knees and throws all his might into a right, flooring Cole. This goes on for nearly a minute during the break. Both men finally get to their feet. Bálor off the ropes and striking Cole, who falls back and off the ropes to return the favor. Both men are barely on their feet and take turns exchanging strikes. Cole with a jumping front kick; Bálor counters with a step-up enziguri! Cole takes Bálor down with a clothesline and attempts a cover.
Back from the break, Cole attempts to climb the ropes but Bálor rushes over and sends Cole off. Bálor goes up top and dives, looking for the Coup de Grace. Cole moves! Cole drops Bálor and locks in the Figure Four in the middle of the ring! Bálor manages to get out of it but is slow and favoring his left knee. Cole uses the ropes to get to his feet and posts up in the corner, then charges, looking for that--no! Bálor with a Sling Blade! Bálor posts up in the corner and charges, finally connecting on the Shotgun Dropkick! Bálor limping along the apron and barely gets up top. The Prince goes flying high and hits the Coup de Grace! Bálor is holding his knee! Barrett claims he's blown his knee out! Bálor covers Cole for one, two...no! We're excitedly told that no one has ever kicked out of the Coup de Grace before and this one should be all over! But it's not! Oh, snap!
Cole locks in a figure four on Bálor near the middle of the ring. Cole strategically has his own back to the ropes. Bálor escapes and attempts a roll up, but Cole escapes and hits a superkick! Cole hits the Last Shot on Bálor and covers for a two! Cole is in shock! We get replays as both competitors are still down on the mat. Both men are up. Cole goes for the leg pick but Bálor counters and goes for an inverted 1916 but drops Cole at the end of it, grabbing his knee. Bálor goes up top but Cole moves in and strikes him to stop his progress. Bálor and Cole are both now standing on the top ropes. Bálor leaps and hits the 1916 off the top rope! Bálor covers and picks up the win!
Your Winner and NEW NXT Champion, Finn Bálor!

After the Match: Replays

We get several replays of the high spots of this excellent match, including moments in which Cole was certain he had won. Bálor then poses up at the top of the ramp with the title, finger gunning down at the camera.

Backstage w/ Rhea Ripley

Rhea tells Martinez that she's spent months trying to make a name for herself off of her actions against Ripley but tonight, in that steel cage, Rhea's going to show her a nightmare!

Backstage w/ Finn, HH< Cole and others

HHH greets the new NXT champ along with Bronson Reed and others. Adam Cole walks up and in a sign of good sportsmanship, makes the Club's "two sweet" secret handshake with Finn and congratulates him.

Backstage w/ Robert Stone & Shotzi Blackheart

Robert Stone is complaining about Shotzi's tank when Shotzi shows up A small scuffle ensues and Aliyah of the Robert Stone Brand accidentally falls into Io Shirai while she's doing a photoshoot. This pours into the ring and Shotzi & Io Shirai have Robert Stone and Aliyah in the ring. Io hits a frog splash on Stone and Shotzi hits a diving splash on Aliyah, then both women high five as the Robert Stone Brand rolls out. Shotzi picks up Io's title and holds it in the middle of the ring. Io approaches and snatches her belt, and tells Shotzi "don't make me hurt you!"

At la casa Gargano

Johnny and Candice are at their home when Tegan shows up. Johnny mentions something regarding her not having a pizza, and she said she was just joking. Tegan is invited in, to their dining room, and is seated at the head of the table. Candice says "so, let's talk!" and we go to commercial.

Video Package: Timothy Thatcher Analyzing Damian Priest

Thatcher is shown in a classroom-type setting with a projector showing images of Damian Priest. Thatcher narrates his thoughts on Priest's style, and then implies that he's ready to pursue the North American championship.

Match: Velveteen Dream vs Adonis

Velveteen Dream comes out first to nothing but boo's. He has a new denim black and white vest with his image airbrushed onto the back of it. His opponent is already in the ring. The bell rings and Velveteen does a weird pose on the mat, almost slithering. His opponent tells him "you think you're real cute don't you?" Adonis is struck. Adonis fights fast, hitting a drop kick off the ropes, attempting a roll-up for a close two Adonis with a perfect DDT on Dream and gets a two. Adonis posts up in the corner and goes for Sweet Chin Music but Dream moves, and Adonis stops himself from kicking the ref. Dream takes advantage of this and sneak attacks, covering quickly for the pin and the win.
Your Winner, the Velveteen Dream!

After the Match: Kushida Strikes

Kushida hits the ring and attacks Velveteen Dream. This is payback for Dream's actions recently. Kushida throws Dream into the ring post. He locks in an arm bar while Dream is stuck half in and half out of the ring. Three refs try to break the hold and finally, after half a minute, he releases it and storms up the ramp as the refs order him out. Dream is left laying on the floor in shock.

Video Package: New NXT Tag Team Champions, Breezango

We see the two champs sitting in the back, and then get video of their big NXT tag title when as we are left to wonder what lies in store for them. We head to break.

Match: Bronson Reed vs Austin Theory

We're back from break and coming out to much applause is the "Thicc Boi" Bronson Reed. Next out is his opponent, booed by the crowd and teens on Twitter--Austin Theory! He stands in front of a big blue-hued star-field titantron before making his way down to the ring. Beth and Vic call him a prodigy and say he has an attitude problem.
The bell rings and Theory offers a hand to shake but Reed moves in. Theory with a headlock, then whips into the ropes. Reed takes Austin down to the mat by his own side headlock, and Theory cannot escape it. Theory's face is turning red as Reed keeps the headlock in tight. They both power to their feet and Theory tries to whip Reed off of him, but Reed holds on and drags Theory down to the mat. Reed lays all 330 pounds onto Theory and holds him down for a few. They make it to their feet again, that headlock still in place, and Theory tries to throw elbows into Reed. Reed breaks it, rebounds off the ropes and lays out Theory. Reed with a running shoulder tackle that sends Theory flying. Close two for Reed. Theory rolls out to the apron but Reed brings him back in. Reed again with a headlock. Reed with a big slam but refuses to cover, wanting to inflict more pain. Reed locks in the headlock again and Theory's face is that pale/red shade again. Theory throws fists into Reed's gut and separates, rebounding off the ropes and colliding with the big Aus-zilla. Theory rolls to the apron and Reed pursues.
Theory throws a shoulder through the ropes, the springboards onto Reed. Close two-count. Theory rolls outside, and Reed moves outside. Reed rams Theory down hard outside as we go to a commercial break. During the break: Theory takes the action back inside the ring, and begins using weardown moves to slow the big Aussie down. Theory locks in a rear chin lock and delivers clubbing blows during the break.
Back from the break and Theory has that chin lock in. Reed to his feet; Theory hangs on to his back, refusing to let go! Reed drops to his back, crushing Theory and breaking the hold. Both men are slow to their feet as the ref counts. Both get to their feet around the four and collide again. Austin attempts to put up offense but Reed uses his brute power to take control. Theory attempts to lift up Reed but his back gives out on him. Theory again hoists the big Aussie up but his back gives out again! Reed goes up top and dives off the top rope, hitting a 330 pound splash on Theory for the win!
Your Winner, Bronson Reed!

Backstage w/ Mackenzie & Adam Cole

When asked for his thoughts on tonight's match, Cole says that he has to admit that he's disappointed for losing, but Finn is good and proved that--tonight, at least--he's better than Adam Cole. Cole says that Finn better hope he doesn't have another title match against Cole again, because Cole will win and that...is Undisputed. We go to commercials.

Video Package: Mercedes Martinez

Martinez tells us that a lion takes out the strongest animal it can find. She says that Rhea is a bad woman but she's not going to stop until there's nothing left of Rhea.

Match: Roderick Strong vs Killian Dain

Out first, escorted by Bobby Fish and representing the Undisputed Era, is Roderick Strong. We're told this is a bit of a grudge match, thanks to the UE attacking Dain a few weeks ago. Dain is out next with new music, and poses in the ring while casting cautious glances at Roderick. Strong steps out onto the apron as Fish yells at Dain. Fish threatens to get on the apron but gets down, and the ref calls for the bell.
Strong tries to come across strong, hitting a backhanded chop to Dain. Dain huffs and puffs, and Strong runs outside as Dain gives chase outside. Bobby Fish steps in, decoying and distracting Dain, giving Strong a chance to deliver some clubbing fists to Dain in the ring. Roderick yells "he's gonna get it," which offends Dain, causing Dain to run over and beat Strong in the corner. Dain runs Strong into the turnbuckle then clotheslines him as he bounces out of the corner. Strong tries to fight back with a single-leg lariat. Dain on the apron; Strong grapples him but Dain counters whatever Strong wanted to do with a Urinage into the ring! The ref checks on Strong and, while his back is turned, Bobby Fish attacks Dain. We go to commercial.
Back from the break and Killian Dain is fired up. He hits Strong with a running clothesline. A running forearm now. Strong is down. Dain sends him from corner to corner, following each up with a splash or a clothesline. Dain takes Strong down hard and covers for a close two. Outside the ring, Bobby Fish is yelling at Dain, trying to help his teammate but Dain isn't biting. Dain has to pull Strong to his feet, then lifts him up over his shoulders in a fireman's carry. Strong fights back with fists, eventually escaping. Dain runs in with a right boot. Dain picks Roderick up fireman style, slams him down then hits a running senton. Dain goes up to the middle rope, but Fish distracts by holding Strong at the apron. Strong distracts the ref and Fish gives the assist by hopping on the apron. Dain is distracted and strikes Fish off the apron, leaving his back to Strong. Strong with a dropkick and a cover for the win.
Your Winner, Roderick Strong!

After the Match

Roderick Strong and Bobby Fish begin double stomping Killian Dain in the corner. Drake Maverick runs out and tries to make the save, but the Undisputed Era have the numbers and begin to beat Maverick down. Dain hits the ring, this time with his long club, and chases off the Undisputed Era. Dain stands over Maverick as he holds his neck and cowers in the corner. Dain throws down the club and leaves the ring, allowing Drake to rise up. Drake comes over and taps Dain on the shoulder, then extends his hand to shake. Dain gets back in the ring and looks at his own right hand and, instead of shaking Drake's hand, he punches Maverick in the face, flooring the smaller man. Dain leaves the ring and heads up the ramp as Drake holds his jaw.

At la casa Gargano, continued

Candice offers a toast to the next NXT women's champion--herself. Tegan smiles, but asks her why she assumes that the next champion will be herself. Candice says that Tegan had her chance, and didn't beat Io, so it's Candice's turn. Tegan points out that Candice hasn't beaten Io, either. Candice throws the salad on Tegan. Tegan throws her drink on Candice. Candice comes over to break it up. He tells Tegan that she's a horrible person, a piece of garbage. Tegan says "Know what, Johnny? Beep you!" She then dumps the spaghetti on Gargano and leaves. Gargano turns and sees that she broke his small 32" flat screen tv. We head to break and our main event steel cage match is next!

Backstage w/ Sarah & Damian Priest, Matches Announced for Next Wednesday

Priest is asked about Timothy Thatcher's comments from earlier. Priest says there's no way he's losing his first title defense and afterwards, she's invited to come join the party. We're then told that Thatcher will take on Priest for the North American title; Breezango will defend their tag titles; Shotzi Blackheart will be in action as well but now it's time for our main event!

Main Event "the Battle of Bad-Asses" - Steel Cage Match: Rhea Ripley vs Mercedes Martinez

WWE gave it the nickname, not me. The weird sound comes over the speakers as they lower the cage some. Out first is Mercedes Martinez, escorted by Robert Stone down to the ring. She's bringing a kendo stick with her. Martinez grabs a bunch of chairs from under the ring and throws them into the cage, then pulls a table out and starts to unfold it when Ripley attacks out of nowhere! Ripley throws Martinez into the cage and closes the door in her face, then jump kicks the cage door into her face. Ripley throws a Martinez, screaming in pain, into the ring. Ripley grabs the table and takes it into the cage as well.
Ripley enters the ring and the bell dings, and we're under way as the cage is closed! Martinez attacks Ripley immediately, and knocks her to her knees. Clubbing blow from Martinez to flatten Ripley. Martinez straddles Ripley's back and cranks her torso back, clubbing right fists into Ripley's chest and face. Martinez arrogantly celebrates, and Ripley uses the time to get to her feet fast. Ripley grabs Martinez and sends her face-first into the cage. Ripley lifts Martinez on the apron, pinned between the ropes and the cage, and grabs both of Martinez's arms and yanks them back. She breaks it after a few moments and the ref checks on Martinez as Ripley moves around the ring. Martinez is up, and Ripley plants her with a big boot.
Ripley pulls Martinez up and hits her with a hard right, dropping her. Ripley pulls her by the back of the head and clubs her back repeatedly. Ripley with a running kick to the gut of Martinez. Robert Stone is outside, yelling advice to Martinez and insults to Ripley. Ripley comes over to Martinez and stands on the back of her head, washing Martinez's face against the mat. Rhea lets her up and goes for the Riptide but Martinez floats over and counters with a fisherman's suplex! Both women are down! Outside the ring, Stone yells repeatedly "how's it feel, Rhea?"
Martinez picks Ripley up over her shoulder and walks over, slamming her down onto some chairs strewn on the mat, covering for only a two! We go to commercial break. During the break, we see Martinez using a steel chair to choke Ripley. She stalks in circles around Ripley, dropping the chair and picking up the kendo stick. Martinez nails Ripley with the kendo stick. Ripley throws fists, fighting Martinez back, and grabs the kendo stick. Before she can use it, Martinez is on her and pummels her with rights. Martinez picks Ripley up over her shoulders, but Ripley throws right elbows into Martinez's face to escape. Ripley grabs Martinez by the head and sends her face-first into the turnbuckle. Martinez bounces back and onto the mat. Ripley pulls Martinez to her feet and hits knee strikes, then hits a seated dropkick, laying Martinez out. Rhea pulls Martinez up and lifts her up, sitting her on the turnbuckle then drops her down into the tree of woe. Martinez is completely vulnerable! Rhea steps up to the middle rope and drops a kick down onto Martinez! Rhea climbs the top of the turnbuckle and we come back from commercials!
Back from the break and Martinez sends Rhea flying off the turnbuckle! Both women are moving slower. Robert Stone is still coaching Martinez. Ripley runs in and dropkicks Martinez while she's still on the top turnbuckle. Martinez's head is stuck between the gap where the two cage walls meet. Rhea climbs up, frees Martinez's head, and throws two rights into it. Ripley with a suplex off the top rope! Both women are down but Ripley crawls over and lays on Martinez, getting a two before Martinez kicks out!
Ripley gets to her feet first and pulls Martinez up slowly. Ripley says something to her face that we can't hear over the boisterous crowd. Martinez starts to throw fists. Ripley rebounds off the rope but is caught by Martinez with a spinebuster! Both women are down again and we get a replay of that textbook spinebuster. Martinez was too winded to attempt the pinfall. After a few moments, Martinez pulls Ripley up. Rhea lifts Martinez up over her head, onto her shoulders and face plants her on the mat! Ripley applies that standing reverse cloverleaf! Martinez is hand-standing and can't get traction! Martinez reaches the kendo and whacks Ripley repeatedly until she breaks the hold. Ripley says "ow!' then picks up the Kendo and begins to beat Martinez. Robert Stone is now trying to climb his way into the cage! Ripley climbs up top and headbutts him on the top of the cage! He's draped over the top. Rhea sets up for a possible suplex but Martinez attacks her from behind with a kendo. Martinez and Ripley are both now standing on the top ropes as Stone dangles on top of the cage. Martinez hits a desperation neckbreaker off the top rope and both women land hard!
Martinez, after a solid minute, crawls over and covers Ripley. Rhea kicks out at two. Robert Stone is still draped lifeless over the top of the cage. Martinez yells twice in anger, then grabs the table and sets it up in the ring. She positions it in the corner, perpendicular to the ropes, and pulls Rhea up to her feet. Martinez puts Ripley in the corner and chops her hard, then lifts Rhea to the top rope. She chops her again and climbs up. Martinez wants to hit that fisherman suplex from the top but Ripley is blocking it! Martinez hoists Ripley up on her shoulders to try something different, but Rhea refuses to go down like this. Head butt. A second headbutt and they're saying Martinez is out. Ripley lifts Martinez up and hits the Riptide off the top rope, through the table, and picks up the pin for the win!
Your Winner, Rhea Ripley!

After the Match

We get replays of the highlights of the match as Ripley celebrates on the top of the turnbuckle, leaning over the top of the cage, smiles and taunts as we end our program.

In Closing

Wow! Two great matches and a solid performance by Reed and Theory wedged in between! Thanks for joining us for NXT Super Tuesday II! NXT returns to Wednesday nights next week, Matt will be here with AEW coverage tomorrow, and I'll be back Friday for Smackdown. Y'all take care, stay safe, and have a great week!

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