WWE NXT UK Recap: 2/4/2021

The show kicks off with the usual opening video package, and Nigel McGuinness, along with Andy Shepherd, welcome the viewers to the B.T. Sports studio. Xia Brookside makes her way down the ramp, and she will be in the first match of the night.

Xia Brookside vs Nina Samuels

Nina makes her way to the ring, accompanied by a “member of her entourage” who is carrying some luggage. The bell rings, and both women tie it up. Nina tells Xia she should be carrying her bags, and an angered Xia locks in a headlock. Xia continues to have the early advantage, and hits a sunset flip for a roll up attempt. Xia begins working over the arm of Samuels, until Samuels reverses grip, and hits a wicked suplex variation. Samuels starts working on Xia in the corner, before attempting a slam, and getting caught with another roll up. Samuels goes back into control, and applies a pin, before locking on an arm bar. Samuels taunts Xia more about carrying her bags, and the two go into the corner. Samuels mounts Brookside on the top rope, and carries her, but Xia fights out. Xia fires up with a tilt-o-whirl takedown, before running the ropes, and smashing the face of Samuels into the mat. Xia tries a pin, but Samuels kicks out. Xia hits a drop kick, and they go to the outside. Xia follows up with a hurricanrana into the steps on Samuels, and Nina goes down. Xia tries to stay on the attack, but Samuels strikes her, and tosses Brooside back into the ring. While Xia recovers, Nina grabs a handbag from her luggage, and blasts Brookside in the face with it. All of this happens behind the referees back, allowing Nina to climb into the ring, and cover Xia for the 1-2-3.

After the match Nina says a Brookside “is only good for carrying my bags”. The show then moves to the back of the studio, where NXT Assistant General Manager Sid Scala talks about the upcoming tag team championship match. He gets interrupted by Jordan Devlin, who wants to know why he hasn’t been notified about who his challenger will be tonight. Scala apologizes for the interruption, and the show heads for an ad break.

Back from the break, Jack Starz talks about his current run in NXT UK, before being interrupted by Sid Scala. We can’t hear them talking, since they are behind close doors. The show heads back to ringside, where Josh Morrell is in the ring.

Josh Morrell vs Joseph Connors

Connors is accompanied to the ring by Jinny, who is standing at ringside. The bell rings, and both guys go for a strike, but block each other. They tie up, and roll all around the ring, until Connors gets a quick pin attempt in. Connors stays on the attack, and locks in a headlock, followed by a headlock variation. Morrell works his way out, and Connors rolls out to get a word of advice from Jinny. Connors gets back in the ring, and takes down Morrell, before working over the arm. Morell tries a few flippy moves to reverse pressure, but Connors slams him into the mat, and starts to heat up. Connors hits clotheslines and chops, before applying a pin. Connors tries another pin out of frustration, and pounds Morrell across the back with a big forearm. Connors slams Morell into the mat again, before trying yet another pin. Connors begins to work over the neck of Morrel, until Josh tries to fire up with some strikes, but Connors is to strong. Connors remains in control until Morell begins to make a babyface comeback. Morell hits a hip toss, and tries a pin, but Connors kicks out. Morell takes Connors down with a hurricanrana, and rolls up Connors for a near fall. This seemingly angers Connors, who gets it together, and hits a painful looking neck breaker on Morell to pick up the win.

Once the match is finished, Sha Samuels cuts a growling promo about being a butcher in the past. Samuels recaps his wrestling career to this point, saying he’s beaten everyone. He talks about being in NXT UK now, and says that after beating Coffey two weeks ago, “Joe Coffey will never be the same again”. The show then takes another ad break.

Back from the break, Xia Brookside is shown walking backstage, and she is making a beeline for Sid Scala. She finds him, and tells him she wants a rematch with Nina Samuels. Scala says he will do “his best”, and things return to the ring.

Ilja Dragunov vs Tyson T-Bone

Before the match, T-Bone cuts an “earlier today” promo on Dragunov, telling him “I’m gonna fight ya, and I’m gonna beat ya”. The bell rings, and both guys brawl out of the box. T-Bone gets the early advantage, and delivers some huge blows to Dragunov. Ilja stops the attack, and locks in a front face lock. Dragunov works over the arm of T-Bone, until Sam Gradwell walks out. Dragunov continues the submission holds, and works on the neck of Tyson. T-Bone fights to his feet, and slams Ilja into the mat, before dropping knees on his chest. Ilja tries to fight back into the match, and does momentarily, but Tyson drops him again. T-Bone tries a submission move, but Ilja reverses. Tyson reverses that, but Ilja regains control an starts to heat up briefly. Tyson catches Dragunov, and throws Ilja across the ring, before following up with another. T-Bone makes a cover, and Ilja kicks out, so Tyson locks in a submission move. They both make it back up, and run the ropes, until Ilja lands a big blow. T-Bone goes into the corner, and Dragunov tries to go on the chase, but a distraction from Gradwell allows time for T-Bone to recover. T-Bone begins landing a few strikes, and throws Dragunov to the outside. Gradwell begins talking trash, as T-Bone sneaks in from behind, and slaps Ilja across the back. This infuriates Dragunov, who unleashes a fury on T-Bone, and they go into the ring. Dragunov begins to beat T-Bone down, until the referee has no choice but to call the match. Dragunov wins, and Gradwell taunts him on the outside. Gradwell and Ilja begin to fight at ringside, but the NXT UK officials run out to break up the fight.

After the match, Joe Coffey is shown walking backstage, and he’s headed to the ring for a match. A video package then rolls, hyping the debut of Japanese Womens wrestling sensation Meiko Satomura. She will be on the show next week, and that’s awesome. Now it’s time for another ad break.

Once the show returns, Sid Scala continues trying to find an opponent for Jordan Devlin. The show makes its way back to the ring, where Danny Jones awaits Joe Coffey.

Joe Coffey vs Danny Jones

The match starts, and they tie it up, jostling all around the ring for position. Both goes run the ropes, and Coffey hits a big shoulder tackle on Davis. Coffey follows up with another massive slam, and delivers a few fists for good measure. Coffey talks a little trash, and slaps Davis across the face. Davis fires up with a few uppercuts, before rocking Coffey with a knee to the face. This angers Coffey, who tosses Davis across the ring with a belly to belly suplex. Coffey tries to apply a sleeper hold, but Davis reverses, and lands a kick to the back of Coffey. Davis follows it up with a sleeper hold while on the back of Coffey, but the much more powerful Coffey throws him off. Coffey follows up with a running attack, and drives Davis into the corner. Davis stumbles into the middle of the ring while Coffey runs the ropes, and Coffey hits a powerful discus lariat to put away Davis for the win. After the match, Coffey talks about Rampage Brown. He tells Brown that he will have to hit “someone so hard that they don’t want to get up again” to make a name for himself, and Brown storms to the ring. Brown tells Coffey “any time, anywhere”, and both guys have an intense stare off.

When the ring clears, Nigel and Andy take the viewers back to last week’s main event, where Pretty Deadly became the Number One Contenders to the NXT UK Tag Team Championships. After the recap of the footage, Pretty Deadly hypes the upcoming showdown with Gallus, and Gallus shares their thoughts on the match. The show then moves on to the final ad break of the night.

On the other side of the break, a video package airs, recapping te rivalry between The Hunt and The South Wales Subculture. The rivalry goes back to last year, and has been one of the best on the show. Next week, the two teams will square off in a street fight, and that should be absolutely epic. Also going down next week, Noam Dar will host another edition of the “Supernova Sessions”, with his guest, Sha Samuels. Once Andy and Nigel finish talking about next week, NXT Cruiserweight Champion Jordan Devlin makes his way to the ring.

Cruiserweight Open Challenge

Jordan Devlin(c) vs...

Devlin talks about how Scala has been trying to fond an opponent for him, but Devlin issues a challenge himself. “Bomber” Dave Mastiff makes his way out, and he is far above 205 pounds. Devlin stops him, and tells him there are “weight restrictions”. Mastiff gets into the ring, and tells Devlin he’s “keeping the title warm for Trent Seven”. Mastiff says he’s only here to beat up Devlin, and challenges him to a non-title match. The bell rings, and both men tie up, and repeatedly reverse holds. Mastiff eventually begins to over power Devlin, and shows off some agility, cartwheeling across the chest of Devlin, and dropping all of his weight on “the Irish Ace”. Mastiff remains in control, and both guys go into the corner. Mastiff Irish whips Devlin into the opposite corner, and follows up with a German suplex. Mastiff tries two quick pin attempts, and stays on the attack with massive forearm shots. Mastiff continues with blows to the back, and tries another German, but Devlin flips out. Devlin chop blocks the knee of Mastiff from behind, and start to take control of things. Mastiff works on the legs of the much bigger Mastiff, trying to keep him on the mat. Devlin uses the ropes to damage the leg, and runs a boot across the face of Mastiff for good measure. Devlin starts to hit a few chops to the chest while Mastiff gets up, but Dave can’t stand. Devlin manages to mount Mastiff on the top rope, but Mastiff stops the attempt, and hits a flying shoulder block on Devlin. Mastiff can’t follow up because of the leg, and both guys go down. They both stand up, and begin to trade shots, until Mastiff sends Devlin sky high with a back body drop. Mastiff throws Devlin into the corner, and then does it again, but Devlin goes over the ropes and to the outside this time. Amazing! Mastiff follows him to the outside, but Devlin runs around, and then catches Mastiff in the ring, trying to lure Dave in. Mastiff outsmarts Devlin, and blocks the attempt. Devlin then finds himself on the shoulders of Mastiff, so he throws a few fists to the head of Dave, and both fall to the outside of the ring. Mastiff then lifts Devlin into the air, and drives him into the floor. Both men are down now, and the referee starts to count to 10. Mastiff makes it into the ring before Devlin, but stops and goes back for Devlin. Mastiff attempts a running cannonball, and misses, and goes crashing through the barricade. Both men are down for the moment, until Mastiff gets up, and head butts Devlin, who rolls into the ring. Both men barely make the 10 count, and Mastiff goes to the top rope. Mastiff delivers a diving head butt, and applies a cover for the 1-2-NO!! Mastiff tries to follow up, and puts Devlin into a fireman’s carry position. Devlin fights off of the shoulders, and hits another blow to the knee. Mastiff goes down, and Devlin climbs the ropes. Devlin hits a 450 splash, and covers Mastiff for the 1-2-3. What an incredible match!

The announcers recap the match, and hype Jordan Devlin, who has picked up yet another win. Devlin says “205, 305, 405 doesn’t matter, bring it” as the show fades to black.

Now that the show is over, it’s time to hand out a few awards:

Superstar of the Night: Jordan Devlin

Match Of The Night: Jordan Devlin vs Dave Mastiff

That’s all for this weeks edition of the NXT UK Recap! Join me here on Rajah.Com next Friday, for another edition of the recap, where you can find out all about the big tag team street fight taking place next week!