WWE Royal Rumble Results: 30-Man Royal Rumble Match (Update #3)

...continued from Royal Rumble Update #2.

The 30-Man Royal Rumble match is still in progress. We join the match below at entrant number 21.

30-Man Royal Rumble Match

As Otis finishes up his catapilar dance spot, he is eliminated. The countdown clock appears and coming out as entrant number 21 is Dominik Mysterio.

Mysterio makes his way out to a nice reaction from the fans as King Corbin waits for him and calls him on. As soon as he enters the ring, Corbin slams Mysterio down with authority. Seconds later, Dominik uses his legs to surprisingly eliminate Corbin. Corbin shouts that he will pay for that.

The camera focuses on Riddle and Daniel Bryan trading bombs. Finally Priest enters the mix and sends Riddle flying before focusing his attack on Bryan. Out of nowhere, Riddle blasts Priest with a big shot as he re-enters the picture. The countdown clock appears and when it ticks down, out comes Bobby Lashley as entrant number 22.

Lashley hits the ring and immediately makes an impression, as he eliminates three people back-to-back. Now Big E. and Bobby Lashley square off and get in each others face. They trade big shots until finally Riddle joins in on the fun just as the countdown clock appears.

When the countdown clock wraps up, out as the surprise number 23 entrant is Hurricane Helms. As soon as Helms hits the ring, Big E. picks him up. He goes to throw him out but Hurricane escapes out the back door. Now he gets in Lashley's face and Big E's, threatening to double choke-slam them both in a funny spot. They end up both eliminating Hurricane instead.

Now Big E. and Lashley go back to battle as Cole points out that Hurricane did last 30 seconds, though. We see replays of some recent eliminations made by Lashley. As the commentators talk about how long Edge has been in the Rumble since entering at number one, the countdown clock appears and coming in at number 24 is surprise entrant "Captain Charisma" Christian.

Edge, barely conscious, crawling around the ring in pain, lets a semi-smile out as he looks over and sees Christian making his way down the aisle. Christian helps from the outside as three men in the ring all join him to eliminate Bobby Lashley. Cool spot. In the ring, Christian hits his Unprettier finisher on Big E. He then takes Daniel Bryan out coming off the ropes with a big elbow.

Christian and Edge glance at each other and then they embrace with a big hug. Riddle walks over with a big smile on his face and tries to buddy up with them as well, but they turn their attention to him and reject his five-second pose request. Instead, they hit him with a couple trademark Edge & Christian double team spots. The countdown clock appears and now coming in at number 25 is AJ Styles.

Styles sprints to the ring and goes right to work on Christian as the commentators talk about Styles making his name in WWE by debuting as a surprise entrant in a past Royal Rumble match. Edge has crossed the 42 minute mark in this year's Royal Rumble match, which Michael Cole points out before Omos is shown standing like a giant-assed giant outside the ring.

Styles from the ring apron leap-frogs into the ring - right into a Spear from Edge who was sprinting off the ropes at the perfect time and place. The countdown clock appears and when it ticks down, out at number 26 is none other than Rey Mysterio. The commentators plug Victoria's iconic beer from Mexico as the sponsor for Rey Mysterio's mask. Cole's plug for the Mexican beer lasts quite a while, as a graphic appears in the corner of the screen during it.

Finally the long mid-match beer commercial wraps up and we see Omos from the floor playing a role in the match by helping Styles avoid an elimination spot. From the floor, Omos reaches over the top-rope and pulls Big E. over the top from behind, eliminating him from the floor. Big E. gets up pissed off, but Omos sends him flying over the announce table for his efforts. On the other side of the ring Mysterio tries to eliminate Riddle but they both hang on.

Now coming out as entrant number 27 is another former winner of a past Royal Rumble match -- Sheamus. Sheamus hops on the ring apron and pounds with forearms on the chest of Riddle and then Edge, before climbing to the top-rope to finally enter the ring, as he flies off with a top-rope flying double-clothesline that knocks Edge and Riddle down. He hits a Brogue Kick on Christian. Bryan tries blasting him with kicks of his own, but Sheamus blasts him with a Brogue Kick for his efforts as well.

Mysterio sets Styles up for the 6-1-9 but when he swings his legs through the ropes, Omos catches him and stops him. Now from the floor, for the second time, Omos reaches over the ropes and pulls Rey Mysterio out to eliminate him as well. The commentators point out how there are no DQ's in a Royal Rumble so it's perfectly legal for Omos' second elimination this evening.

The countdown clock appears and ticks away as out comes entrant number 28, Cesaro. Cesaro immediately goes to work on everyone in the ring. He and Sheamus stare each other down and decide to bump fists as the commentators talk about a Bar reunion. Instead, Cesaro scoops Sheamus' legs out from under him and does the Cesaro Swing on him. Next he grabs Daniel Bryan and he gets him with the Cesaro Swing, which seemed to go on forever and ever and ever and ever and ever. Cool stuff.

For the first time since Survivor Series, "The Messiah" is back as Seth Rollins emerges as entrant number 29 in the 30-man Royal Rumble match. Samoa Joe on commentary talks about Seth Rollins getting an incredible draw at number 29, explaining how someone like him could easily win a match like this with an entry number like that. Rollins takes his time getting to the ring. When he enters the ring he is immediately met by a big kick from Cesaro.

Cesaro nearly eliminates Rollins, but "The Messiah" hangs on. Now Cesaro and Rollins start trading European uppercuts and punches before Rollins takes over and chops him in the corner and then goes to work on trying to eliminate him. The countdown clock appears again and this time when it counts down, the 30th and final entrant makes his way out, as Braun Strowman heads down to the ring.

Strowman gets in and starts throwing bodies over the top-rope, with Omos again interfering to help Styles avoid elimination. Strowman sends Cesaro and then Sheamus out to the floor to eliminate them. He goes to eliminate Styles but notices Omos so he stops and adjusts, throwing Styles out on the side of the ring that Omos wasn't standing on. He then stares down Omos from the ring, as Omos looks pissed at being out-smarted by Strowman.

The fans chant "This Is Awesome!" as we see Seth Rollins on the floor, although he is not eliminated. In the ring we see Edge, Daniel Bryan, Riddle, Braun Strowman and Christian. The commentators are now no longer mentioning or giving updates on Randy Orton, so he's likely still around as well in the backstage area somewhere. All guys are down except Riddle and Bryan, who close in on each other and trade chops and then punches and then kicks.

Christian and Edge get involved, but Riddle and Bryan beat them up and resume their focus on each other. They break out in a mini-MMA fight as they trade an assortment of strikes before hitting the mat for some grappling, with Bryan catching the former UFC star with a nice armbar off his back. Bryan looks to be getting fired up but Rollins chooses that as his spot to re-enter the ring. He explodes in the ring and blasts Bryan with a Stomp and then he eliminates him and laughs.

Riddle hits Rollins from behind. Rollins turns and they start brawling. Riddle blasts Rollins with a finisher and then throws him over the top, however Rollins lands on the apron. Seconds later Riddle is thrown over as well where Rollins runs over and Stomps him, and he falls off the apron to the floor where he is eliminated. Rollins tries teaming up with Strowman, saying it's his time. He says they're the future, not Edge and Christian. He tells him to take them out. He puts his arm around Strowman like they're buddies now, but Strowman wants nothing to do with it, hoisting him up and slamming him down.

Edge and Christian charge at Strowman together but the big man takes them both out and then looks to begin eliminating them. He picks Edge up and throws him over but Edge hangs on. Edge, still hanging onto Strowman, tries pulling him over like Big Show's elimination several years ago by Cena. Now Christian and eventually Rollins help Edge eliminate Strowman, however Christian goes over as well. Rollins runs at Edge looking for a Stomp, however Edge eliminates him. As soon as Edge turns around, however, Orton appears in the ring out of nowhere and hits Edge with an RKO. He goes to pick Edge up and throw him out, however Edge reverses and throws Orton over. Edge wins the 2021 Royal Rumble match.

Winner of 2021 30-Man Royal Rumble match and ADVANCING to WrestleMania: Edge


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