WWE Super SmackDown Live Results (September 10, 2021): Madison Square Gardens

Monday Night Raw

Welcome one and all to this special episode of Friday Night SmackDown! Airing to you LIVE from historic Madison Square Gardens, the WWE has billed this as a "Super SmackDown" episode. Your host tonight will be elite in just under two hours and is the affable Hogan Michaelson. Refresh this page frequently as we'll have live coverage with updates every five to seven minutes. So what's in store for tonight, you didn't ask?

Our official preview was released earlier today. Edge battles Seth Rollins one final time, per the WWE, as both men are ready to settle this feud once and for all. We'll also have a SmackDown Tag Team Championship rematch as the Usos defend their titles against former champions the Street Profits. SmackDown Women's Champion Becky Lynch sits down with former champion Bianca Belair to sign a contract for their rematch at Extreme Rules. Last, but never least, Brock Lesnar is expected to make an appearance.

All this and much more, next on SmackDown! And with all that said, let's get things started! For those of you who want just the results and not the novella, click here!

WWE Super SmackDown Live Results (September 10, 2021): Madison Square Gardens

Opening Video: 20th Anniversary Tribute to the 9/11 Terrorist Attacks

WWE has always been patriotic, and open with a touching tribute to those lost twenty years ago tomorrow. Great video and it'll be up on WWE.com and their YouTube shortly. Also, a documentary on the WWE and 9/11 is being released.

Live in Madison Square Garden

We cut to MSG where the crowd loudly chants "USA" for several long moments. Michael Cole and Pat McAfee welcome us and touch on the holiday before we get to the Head of the Table. This is the first time that the WWE has been in NYC in two years.

In the Ring Promo: the Bloodline

Universal Champion Roman Reigns, SmackDown Tag Team Champions the Usos, and mouthpiece Paul Heyman start us off with their notoriously long entrance. The MSG crowd welcomes Roman with a loud chant and chorus of boos. After 5 minutes, Reigns speaks. Reigns asks Heyman if WWE runs NYC, and Heyman says WWE owns NYC. Roman then asks Heyman who runs WWE, and Heyman states the Tribal Chief runs the WWE. Roman says damn straight he does, which means the Tribal Chief runs NYC--big pop--and it means the Tribal Chief runs MSG--another big pop. Roman adds, "so MSG...acknowledge me!" The crowd with a huge pop and a loud Roman chant until...Brock Lesnar returns! Brock, rocking the Viking hairdo and beard gets a solid pop from the MSG crowd. It's his first appearance on SmackDown in nearly two years--last appearing, if I recall proper, when he defeated Kofi Kingston to claim the WWE Championship on SmackDown's Fox debut. Brock circles the ring then enters it, standing toe-to-toe with Roman and the Usos. Roman steps back and the Usos step forward, blocking Lesnar. The crowd with a loud "holy shit" chant that gets censored, haha.
Heyman addresses Brock, telling him that there are plenty of other titles he could go after in the WWE, so why go after the Universal Championship? Brock gets on the mic and asks Heyman "why didn't you tell Roman I was going to be at SummerSlam?" Roman is in shock and the crowd starts a very loud, very long "you fucked up" chant as Fox goes silent for about ten seconds to edit it out. Roman and the Usos leave, refusing Heyman a chance to be heard out. Roman and the Usos head up the ramp. Heyman gets on the mic as the crowd loudly chants "suplex city!" He speaks to the crowd. "For twenty years I was the advocate for the reigning, defending, undisputed heavyweight champion of the world--Brock Lesnar!" The crowd says every single word with him and has a huge pop afterwards.
Lesnar tells Paul that was great, just like old times. The crowd with another "suplex city" chant. Lesnar tells Heyman, "Before Roman Reigns fires you, accept my challenge please....my shot at Roman Reigns for the Universal title. You've got five seconds, Paul." Brock counts down with the hot crowd and at "one" he hoists Heyman up for an F5. Roman Reigns hits the ring to save Heyman, looking for a Superman Punch! Lesnar drops Heyman and catches Roman in position instead! The Usos superkick Brock to save Roman. Lesnar runs off the ropes and connects with a double-arm clothesline to chase the Usos out of the ring. Lesnar takes the Usos to Suplex City! We end with an announced ten man match next!

Backstage: the Bloodline with Paul Heyman

Kayla Braxton comes across the Bloodline. She attempts to speak to Roman but he and the Usos blow her off. Braxton asks Heyman about Brock's challenge. Heyman calls her an ambushing "jersey girl" and states that Lesnar falsely accused him. Heyman goes on to tell her that Roman will answer Brock's challenge whenever he wants to.

Ten-Man Tag Team Match: Intercontinental Champion King Nakamura, Boogz, Big E, Dominik Mysterio & Rey Mysterio vs Sami Zayn, Apollo Crews, the Dirty Dawgs & Otis

We return from break with Boogz playing King Nakamura's theme. Sami Zayn cuts them off. Zayn tells the crowd that he loves New York, and gets a big pop. He then calls out Trae Young, the young man who broke the Knicks' hearts, and gets a huge boo. Young stays at ringside with Gable & Azeez despite the constant booing. We start with Ziggler & King Nakamura. Nakamura drops him with a roundhouse, then drops an interfering Roode with one as well. Otis is tagged in and sends Nakamura out of the ring. We head to a break.
Back from the break. Nakamura and Zayn are at it. Zayn looks for a back drop but Nakamura counters with a step-up side kick. Nakamura tags in Rey who hits the ring on fire, slamming Zayn hard into the mat with a Panama powerbomb. The ref loses control at this point with every man hitting the ring, in turn, hitting their signature moves on each other. At some point the ref just seems to give up on whoever is legal. Zayn takes control after tripping Rey up during an attempted 6-1-9. Zayn distracts the Ref, and Trae Young uses the middle rope to choke Rey! The ref catches him as the crowd's deafening boos, and bans him from ringside. Trae is upset but the crowd gives the ref a huge pop. They then boo Trae out of the arena. In the ring, Dominik trips Zayn, allowing Rey to set up a double 6-1-9 between father and son! They connect, and Big E hits the Big Ending to pick up the win.
Your Winners, Intercontinental Champion Shinsuke Nakamura, Mr. Money in the Bank Big E, Boogz and the Mysterios

After the Match: In Ring Promo

Kayla Braxton enters the ring and talks to Big E, curious about his Money in the Bank contract. Big E states that if you have what he needs, you'll feel his power. He says he may be back out later tonight to see Roman, he may be on Monday to see Lashley--one way or another, he's coming for what he feels is his.

Contract Signing: SmackDown Women's Championship at Extreme Rules

We waste zero time in getting right to the next segment. Bianca Belair comes down to the ring in a gorgeous outfit and matching hair decoration. The crowd is behind her but the digital audience is much louder. After a commercial break, we return and it's announced that the Feel Good Foundation, 9/11 Day, and Tuesday's Children are in attendance. Each organization has been a charity and helped with 9/11. Back in the ring, we find the ring's converted to a contract signing mode. WWE Officials Sonya Deville and Adam Pearce are present and have Belair sign the contract. Belair remarks "imagine coming all this way to Madison Square Garden," and is drowned out by a huge "E-S-T" chant. Belair pivots, stating that she has the upmost respect for Becky as a competitor and a new mom but the one thing she respected most about Becky was that Lynch never, ever ran from a fight "but my, how things have changed!"
Belair tells us the reason Lynch keeps mentioning that she won in 26 seconds is because Lynch knows she can't go toe-to-toe with Belair, and certainly can't go the distance. Belair signs the contract to a pop. And now, we have "the Man" make her way out. SmackDown Women's Champion Becky Lynch gets a MASSIVE pop from the in-house crowd. Lynch wears a huge red fur coat, more akin to Joe Namath (thanks Pat McAfee). Lynch enters the ring, still wearing her fur coat and shades. She holds the title up for the crowd to pop.
Becky and Belair sit as the crowd give chants for both women. "The Original WrestleMania Main Eventer has arrived," Lynch states to a boo. Lynch tells Belair that she saw how star-struck Belair was when they met at SummerSlam. Lynch says you can either be a fan or you can be the Man, then tells Belair there's no shame in buying a ticket and sitting out in the crowd to a big boo. Lynch tells the officials that she was going to set a match when she wanted, maybe tonight, maybe she might beat Belair again in twenty seconds... Lynch then asks the officials, "what if I don't sign this?" Pearce asks her what does she mean, and she reiterates her question. Belair tells her "just sign the damn contract" before starting the crowd in a loud "sign it" chant. Lynch looks shocked at the crowd. "Really? I was sitting at home, listening to you people chant 'we want Becky'." Big boo. "I came back, last minute notice, last minute notice, saved all your asses and beat the champion in 26 seconds and this is how you treat me? I left my baby girl at home for you people and you're favoring a flash in the pan over me?" Yet louder boos as Lynch is angry. The crowd with a loud "E-S-T" chant. Lynch says, "Fine, if you can't join them, you beat them and I will beat them. I will give you your match but it's going to end the same way." Lynch then throws the contract, after signing it, at Belair and leaves up the ramp to a loud digital boo.

Backstage: Kayla Braxton with Paul Heyman

Heyman, walking backstage, crosses path with Shotzi Blackheart & Tegan Nox, riding in their tank together backstage. Braxton sneaks up behind Heyman and startles him--and their weekly back-and-froth continues. Heyman promises that after the Usos retain their titles tonight, Roman will address Lesnar here in MSG. Big E shows up, holding the MitB case and chuckling maniacally.

Singles Match: Edge/Rollins VII

WWE has billed this match as one last dance between the two Superstars after a lengthy buildup. Edge comes out first to a massive pop, with the crowd singing along to his theme to an extent. Edge plays to the crowd, yelling "Come on, New York!" When his announcement is made and he poses in the ring, the crowd with another huge pop. We're told that it's been over 4,000 days--eleven years--since Edge last fought in Madison Square Garden, and this could be his last here, too. We head to a break, the crowd still singing to Edge's theme and cheering. When we return from a commercial break, the MSG crowd is hotly cheering for Edge. Rollins makes his way out to a decent reaction.
The ref calls for the bell and both men take a moment to size each other up and soak in the crowd's reaction. It sounds like they're chanting "Seth" but McAfee says its "Edge." Edge, wearing black and pink reminiscent of the Hart Foundation, takes an early control with an arm lock. Rollins counters and the men break up. Both lock up in the center of the ring, with Edge converting it into a side headlock, then a headlock takedown. The ref checks on Rollins as Edge keeps pressure on his neck. Rollins escapes. Both men run off the ropes and Rollins hits a low-angle dropkick to Edge's left knee. Edge looks questioningly at Seth while Seth grins like he just found a quarter. Both men look to lock up in the middle but Edge with a Victory roll-up. Rollins escapes. Edge sends Rollins into the corner. Rollins looks to counter a charge into a face-first reverse Urinage to the turnbuckle. Edge ducks his head in time and sends Rollins' face into the turnbuckle instead. Edge sends Rollins into the ring post, and Rollins spills outside. Edge looks to pursue and Rollins strikes, sending Edge into the commentary table. Rollins controls Edge at ringside, wiping out Edge with a dive as we go to a Shaqaroni break.
Back from the break. It's announced Bobby Lashley defends against Randy Orton on Raw. Rollins is still in control outside the ring as he whips Edge into the barricade. Rollins yells "you think you're better than me?" into Edge's face. Rollins sends Edge into the ring and climbs the apron. Rollins with a springboard strike that lays out the veteran Edge, and Rollins covers for two. The crowd starts to fire up behind Edge. Rollins pulls Edge to his knees with a left wrist lock, then pulls the wrist behind Edge's head as far as he can go. Rollins converts it into an elbow submission. Edge, arms restrained behind his head, powers out of it after several long moments. Rollins throws a left to Edge's gut to stop any offense. Rollins with a twisting leg takedown. The crowd with loud boos as Rollins looks at them. Pat McAfee tells us "back in the day, Achilles knew everybody was gonna attack his heel so he had to protect it." Okay.
Rollins yells "it's my time" to the crowd then looks to go after Edge's left knee again. Edge with a step-up Enziguri but Rollins dodges then hits Edge with the Glam Slam! Rollins mocks Edge after hitting Edge with Edge's wife's finisher. Rollins again with another Glam Slam! Rollins covers for two but Edge just kicks out. Rollins looks to add insult to injury and attempts an Edgecution, but Edge escapes. Rollins attempts a Pedigree but Edge escapes and puts Rollins down with a Pedigree of his own! The crowd pops huge and hits us with another "you still got it" chant. Edge climbs up top; Rollins pops up and throws his body at Edge, sending both men spilling to the floor and sending us to a break.
Back from the break. Edge with a pin attempt as we return and Rollins kicks out at two. Edge is slow to his feet, and slow in climbing the turnbuckles as Rollins rolls on the mat. Rollins pops up and runs up the ropes, looking for his Superplex/Falcon Arrow combo but Edge blocks it! Edge tosses Rollins off. Edge leaps off the top; Rollins puts a foot up but Edge catches it and converts it into a modified side-laying Sharpshooter. Rollins breaks it after a few long moments. Rollins looks for a Crossface but Edge turns it into a pin attempt. Rollins kicks out and Edge locks the Crossface on Rollins! Rollins tries to scoot across the mat. We're reminded that this is the same move that took Rollins out in Las Vegas. Edge grabs Rollins head and bounces it into the canvas repeatedly. The ref forces the break as Rollins barely touches the ropes. Edge pulls Rollins up and hits the Edgecution DDT! Edge puts his Viking face on and looks for the spear, but Rollins reverses it into a swinging neckbreaker! Rollins looks for the Stomp but Edge reverses it with a Sit-out Powerbomb and rolls Rollins up for another close two.
Edge places Rollins on the top rope and climbs up, hammering away on Rollins chest. Rollins slides down, between Edge's legs, and runs across the ring to hit a Buckle Bomb on Edge! The crowd chants for Edge. Rollins runs off the ropes, looking for the Stomp but Edge throws his body up, countering it with a Spear! Edge picks up a close two as Rollins gets the shoulder up right at three! Rollins attempts to crawl away, and Edge crawls after. Both men work up to their feet. Edge with an arm hold; Rollins breaks it with a rising knee to the face. Rollins looks for a neckbreaker but Edge pushes Rollins back. Rollins smooshes the ref between his back and the corner. The ref moves but doesn't catch Rollins kicking Edge with a junk shot! The crowd with loud boos. Rollins hits a Superkick on Edge, dropping the veteran to his knees. Rollins with another Superkick to Edge's face, and Edge slumps over. The crowd is not happy with Rollins. Seth sets up for another Stomp attempt. He yells "why won't you die?" then hits another Superkick to the side of Edge's face, and Edge plops over to the mat. Edge attempts to rise and Seth finally connects with the Stomp! Rollins takes his time before covering Edge and picking up the win in a fantastic match!
Your Winner, Seth Rollins!

After the Match: Rescue 9-1-1

After the match, WWE medical officials come down to check on Edge. Deville and Pearce come out, as does a gurney and we head to break. After the break, we see the EMTs rolling Edge in the back and Pat Mac & Mikey Cole adopt their serious voices while we get repeats upon repeats and are reminded that Edge retired once due to a neck injury, et cetera, ad nauseum.

Backstage: Seth Rollins, WWE Officials Sonya Deville & Adam Pearce

As Edge is driven off in an ambulance, Rollins is asked how he feels after this match. The crowd with loud boos. Rollins seems confused and says he doesn't know--and questions if he feels anything at all.

Backstage: the Bloodline with Paul Heyman

The crowd boos as we cut to the Bloodline in the back. The Usos reassure Roman that they'll retain their titles tonight, and leave. Roman addresses Heyman. "I saved you. I saved you. Why didn't you tell me Brock was at SummerSlam?" A long pause from both men before we head to a break, the question left unanswered.

SmackDown Tag Team Championship Main Event Match: the Usos(c) vs the Street Profits

The challengers, the Street Profits, are out first to a solid reaction from this hot MSG crowd. After a break, the Usos make their way out to yet another great reaction. The ref presents the titles and official announcements are made as we start our main event! Jimmy Uso and Montez Ford start off first. Uso takes the upper hand, sending Montez to the ringside floor before wiping him out with an attack through the ropes as we go to another break.
Back from the break. We return to find Jimmy Uso in control of Angelo Dawkins. Uso shoves Dawkins into the corner. Jey tags in and they double team Dawkins. Usos look for an early pin attempt but no joy. Jey whips Dawkins into the ropes. Dawkins ducks Jey's attack, rebounds off the opposite ropes and lays out Jey Uso. Dawkins with a left arm lock before sending Jey into the ropes. Jey with a shoulder block that drops Dawkins. Tag, and Jimmy & Jey wishbone Dawkins' legs. Jimmy attempts a cover and gets two. Another tag, and Jimmy restrains Dawkins for Jey to kick. The crowd with hot chants throughout the match. Dawkins counters Jey's strike. Dawkins clotheslines Jey over the top rope. Jimmy hits the ring and Dawkins clotheslines him, too! Ford is tagged in and hits an impressively high-over-the-ropes tope con giro, wiping out the Usos! Roman Reigns begins to make his way down the ramp to a chorus of boos as we go to another break.
Back from the break. We get a Big E anti-vaping commercial. In the ring Dawkins hits a leaping spinning neckbreaker on Jimmy. Both men are down and the crowd fires up as both look for the hot tag. Finally both men tag their partners at the same time. Ford leaps in with a cross body and a pin attempt. Both Usos attempt to double team Ford. Ford clotheslines Jimmy. Ford loses a shoe in the match and he kicks it off into the audience! Ford continues to fight with one shoe, swinging neckbreaker! Strong kick from Ford. Ford with a close cover. Ford and Jimmy begin to slug it out, briefly, as MSG loudly chants "one shoe!"
Ford tags in Dawkins and the two work together. Dawkins seats Jimmy on his shoulders while Ford climbs the ropes--hinting at a Doomsday Device--but instead Ford hits a neckbreaker off the top of tall Dawkins' shoulders! Jey and Dawkins tagged in. Jey enters and hits a Superkick as Dawkins leap-frogs Jimmy! Jey with a close cover. Jey tags in Jimmy, yelling "c'mon!" Both men stalk Dawkins but Ford grabs the illegal man and drags him out! Both Usos hit Superkicks on Dawkins, Jey tags in and hits the Uso Splash for one, two--no! The crowd pops huge for this!
Roman Reigns and Heyman look concerned from the ramp as they watch. The crowd breaks out with a "this is awesome" chant, loudly filling Madison Square Garden! Jey pulls Dawkins to his feet. Dawkins with a right. Ford makes a blind tag. Jey tags in Jimmy, blind. Dawkins takes out Jey and Ford hits his mile-high Frog Splash on Jimmy! Dawkins covers for one, two--Roman Reigns hits the ring, causing the DQ!
Your Winners by Disqualification, the Street Profits! STILL Your SmackDown Tag Team Champions, the Usos.

After the Match: Roman Responds

Reigns keeps Ford in a submission for a few moments. Finally Reigns tells Lesnar he's going to smash Brock Lesnar as soon as he's done smashing Finn Bálor. Speak of the devil...

The Demon Returns!

Finn Bálor shows up, full Demon mode engaged. The crowd flips out as the Demon is shown! For the first time ever, the Demon Bálor has appeared on SmackDown! Bálor enters the ring and stands in Roman's face as the crowd continues their huge pop and a "holy shit" chant! Bálor and Reigns end our program, eyes locked, the crowd still cheering and singing to Bálor's theme.

In Closing

And that concludes it for tonight's episode! What a great episode. You definitely should watch all three matches. Well that does it for me, folks. Have a great weekend, stay cool, stay frosty and stay safe out there, Rajahmaniacs. See you all Monday Night for Raw. Don't forget to swing by and check out Matt's excellent Rampage coverage, live right now!

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