Zelina Vega Reportedly Made More Money With Twitch Than With WWE

-- One of the reasons that Zelina Vega took a stand against WWE's new policies is that she was making significantly more money with Twitch than she was with WWE, reports the Wrestling Observer Radio. Financially, it made sense for her to continue with Twitch as her WWE release and subsequent non-compete clause means she is still going to be paid for the next 90 days while earning her Twitch revenue. After the three months when she officially becomes a free agent, Vega is almost surely going to be able to sign with another promotion for what she was previously making in WWE anyway.

-- Vega’s deal with WWE dated back prior to AEW, which means it was not a giant money deal but rather was structured in a way that assumed there would be house shows to supplement the base pay. Since AEW came into existence last year, WWE began offering a different type of deal with a lot more guaranteed money.