WWE News: Benoit vs. HHH, Rock's Contract Status, Injury Updates

- Though originally rumored to be a ladder match, the Wrestlemania match between Triple H, Chris Benoit and Shawn Michaels was obviously changed possibly because management wanted the Wrestlemania main event to end in a pinfall. However, the plan right now is for Benoit to defend against Triple H at the Backlash PPV in Edmonton in the aforementioned ladder match.

- The Rock's contract with WWE is reportedly set to expire sometime next year.

- Randy Orton recently suffered yet another concussion but was able to work through it. WWE publically acknowledged the injury by saying that he had a "virus". Meanwhile, Molly Holly has recently been fighting through a neck injury. And finally, Charlie Haas cracked a tooth at the end of February and it was serious because of the pain it caused since the crack went all the way to a nerve.

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