WWE Velocity Report (01/08/05)-Taped in Mohegan Sun, Connecticut

WWE Velocity Report-8th January 2005
By Shaun Best-Rajah.Com Reporter

Welcome aboard, I'm the new Velocity Reporter so let's get it started. Steve Romero & Josh Mathews are on commentary. I guess Bill DeMott has been binned? Tony Chimel is the ring announcer. Instead of a pyro we get an ooooohhhhh Chavo which leads us to…..

Chavo Guerrero vs Orlando Jordan
Josh announces that Chavo has moved on from his feud with Billy Kidman and I'm predicting a heel turn and a reconciliation with Eddie is on the cards soon. OJ enters full of confidence as Chavo urges him to bring it on. Chavo works a side headlock takedown, and follows up with a go-behind, snapmare, chinlock and kick to the back to boot. Chavo stomps then grabs an arm, OJ comes back with a kick and punches, Chavo into the ropes, ducks underneath, OJ thwarts the subsequent cross body attempt and counters with a fallaway slam sending Chavo to the outside. Chavo rolls in to be greeted by OJ punches and kicks. OJ chokes Chavo in the ropes, Chavo to the corner, OJ lands more kicks and peppers him with lefts and rights. OJ chokes Chavo with his boot, Chavo tries booting back, punch, uppercut. OJ reverses into ropes, Chavo ducks underneath, OJ hits a pancake nips up and connects with the Johnson shuffle. OJ finger sprays OJ in the air to remind us all who he is before picking Chavo up and trapping him in an armbar as Josh preclaims "OJ's Loose". Chavo punches free, comes off the ropes, OJ catches Chavo's foot attempts another Johnson shuffle and Chavo dropkicks him down. Chavo connects with roundhouses which send OJ into the corner, Chavo uppercuts him down and stomps a mudhole before charging in and landing a splash in the corner. Chavo gets reversed into the ropes but comes back with a spinning forearm, covers for a two then lands kicks and a punch. Chavo off the ropes, OJ boots him in the gut, OJ off the ropes a neckbreaker attempt is countered into a backslide by Chavo for another nearfall. Chavo kick, punch uppercut, goes to whip into ropes, OJ puts on the brakes reels Chavo in and hits a downward spiral and covers for the 1-2-3. Here is Your Winner: ORLANDO JORDAN. Josh calls it a reverse Russian legsweep. What????!!

Still to come Heidenreich & Paul Heyman vs Undertaker from SmackDown!

Up Next Eddie Guerrero vs Rey Mysterio from SmackDown!

Raw Comes to the UK and The NEC Arena in Birmingham on Monday April 25th.


Rey Mysterio defeats Eddie Guerrero via reverse rollup on SmackDown! Eddie's Cheatin' tactics backfire again as Rey goes 2-0 against Eddie in as many weeks. Rey makes Eddie shake hands after. Hmm I smell an Eddie heel turn coming as I alluded to earlier. Anyway this week on SmackDown! there's a Fatal 4 Way for WWE Tag Team Championship. Rey Mysterio & Rob Van Dam vs Mark Jindrak & Luther Reigns vs Eddie Guerrero & Booker T vs The Basham Brothers.

Don't Try This At Home.

Hardcore Holly vs John Walters
The crowd pop for Holly as he comes down, why do they love this guy? Holly locks up with Walters, backs him to the corner, Holly offers a clean break but Walters catches him with a boot to the midsection and a punch. Walters chops at Holly who is then Irish whipped. Walters charges, Holly goes up and over and unloads with chops of his own. Holly Irish whips Walters who jumps up and onto Holly's shoulder and Holly powerslams him down for a nearfall. Holly gets another nearfall after a suplex, rams Walters head into a turnbuckle and Irish whips again. Holly charges, eats boot, Walters charges but Holly ducks and surprises him with a full nelson slam. Holly gets another nearfall before Walters reverses a throw to the ropes and a knee to the gut sends Holly down. Walters gets a cover of one in, lands a few kicks and punches gets a two count before Holly reverses a throw to the ropes and hits the best dropkick in the business. Walters is then the recipient of a stun gun, leading to Holly's signature kick to the groin and Holly goes up top and plants Walters with a clothesline. Holly signals for the Alabama Slam, Walters counters into a rollup for two, boot to the midsection of Holly but Holly stops a whip to the ropes by turning Walters round picking him up and this time hitting the Alabama Slam. This one is over. 1-2-3. Here is Your Winner: HARDCORE HOLLY.

Up Next Kenzo Suzuki vs John Cena in a Battle Rap from SmackDown!


Highlights of John Cena/Kenzo Suzuki Battle Rap from SmackDown! Cena insults Kenzo, hits on Hiroko and brings out three Divas. Kenzo comes onto them before Hiroko gets jealous and attacks them. Kenzo blindsides Cena but Cena fends him off. On SmackDown! this week Cena defends his US Title against Suzuki. I have a feeling Suzuki will win the title via a Rene Dupree run-in. What a waste when Kidman or Haas would be better Champions.

SmackDown! Comes to the UK and The NEC Arena in Birmingham on Tuesday April 26th.

Rene Dupree w/Fifi vs Nunzio
The French Phenom enters with a black Fifi this week and the commentators comment on how he's turned 21 and then talk about his facial stubble. How Gay? Josh doesn't get Rene and rants on saying he hates French fries, French meatloaf before Steve cuts him off and then Nunzio enters to a pop from the crowd and Josh finishes by saying he hates French pizza. He likes Italian food though like Pasta and other crazy stuff so I guess we have a food fight here. France vs Italy. Josh continues by informing us all that a Big Mac in French is a Royale with Cheese. Ok I want to see some Wrestling. Nunzio steps round jucking and jiving at the air as Rene looks on amusingly. Rene and Nunzio exchange shoves, Rene charges in, Nunzio goes behind takes him down by the legs and bitch slaps the head of the French Phenom before applying a side headlock. Rene shoves him into the ropes, Nunzio ducks a clothesline and hits a side headlock takedown. Rene gets up and breaks free as Nunzio rolls backwards before coming back and hitting a spinning bulldog takedown on Dupree. Nunzio keeps the headlock applied and hits a modified Dudley Dog all the while keeping Rene in the headlock. Nunzio rolls out of a Rene cover attempt and counters a backdrop attempt by attempting a sunset flip. Rene keeps his balance turns and grabs the legs of Nunzio and lifts him up ready for a powerbomb which Nunzio counters with a headscissors takedown. Nunzio grabs the head attempting Arrivederci but Rene sends Nunzio flying over the top and to the floor. Dupree raises his hand in the air wasting time before going out and shoving Nunzio into the apron then he rolls him in and back inside Dupree chokes Nunzio in the ropes. Nunzio punches back in retaliation but Dupree punches him down then Irish whips him and Nunzio crashes hard into the corner and to the canvas. Rene poses again drops a fist, nearfall, Nunzio uses the ropes to help himself up lands some punches, Rene chops him down and applies a neck vice and with the aid of the crowd support Nunzio backelbows out and rallies with a jawbreaker and a tornado DDT. Nunzio crawls and covers for a nearfall helps up Rene and forearms him, ducks Rene's swing and forearms him into the corner. Nunzio mounts Rene gets as far as three punches before Rene hooks the legs of Nunzio, comes forward and places him down. Nunzio ducks Rene again and a dropkick to the knee puts Dupree down. Nunzio climbs to the second rope and connects with the Sicilian Slice and crawls to another cover but only gets another nearfall. Nunzio picks up Rene again punches him down, leaps to the second rope attempting a flying bodypress but Rene rolls out of the way gets up and hits a spinebuster and then follows up by performing the French Tickler. Rene off the ropes, struts forwards drops a knee onto the face of Nunzio who gets up and blindly walks into the waiting Rene who hits the Dupree Driver and covers for the three count. 1-2-3. Here is Your Winner: RENE DUPREE.

Up Next Undertaker vs Heidenreich & Paul Heyman from SmackDown!


Undertaker defeats Heidenreich & Paul Heyman on SmackDown! after rolling Paul Heyman into a casket brought to the ring by druids. Heidenreich bailed when he saw the caskets and the casket stipulation stays for Heidenreich vs Undertaker at the Royal Rumble.

Up Next Booker T vs Spike Dudley.

Undertaker Promo Airs.

Booker T vs Spike Dudley
Big pops for Booker T as he enters all smiles looking confident. Spike comes out alone to boos and he looks confident as he sports a smirk on his face. Spike ushers Booker away reminding him he's the boss as he enters the ring and plays to the crowd. Booker offers a handshake as the bell rings which Spike refuses and goes to the corner. Josh brings up Spike vs Hardcore Holly from a while back mentioning how Holly wasn't a cruiserweight but Spike gave a good showing and Steve says Spike does well no matter what size the opponent is so we'll see here. Both go to lockup but Spike cowers to the outside. This happens again as Booker gets the crowd going and Spike tells them to shut up. Spike gets in and they finally lockup. Booker backs Spike to the corner, offers a clean break but Spike hits Booker with a kick to the midsection and pulls and rakes at Booker's face before dragging him along the top rope by the dreads. Spike mounts Booker in the corner yelling I'm The Boss and unloads with punches before biting Booker's face and landing a punch. Booker reverses a whip to the ropes but Spike comes back with a flying head in the gut and Spike covers for a nearfall. Spike rams Booker into the corner, rolls outside, trips Booker and rams his leg into the apron before pulling him out and driving his back into the ring apron. Spike rolls in pulls Booker in drops a knee after leaping off the rope and proceeds to choke him on the canvas. Spike punches the fallen Booker to the corner and does the stairwalk maneuver before turning away and playing to the crowd. Big mistake as this gives Booker time to recover and as Spike turns round he is met by an onrushing Booker who takes him down with a series of clotheslines and a big backbodydrop off the ropes. Booker scores with an axe kick after bouncing Spike off the ropes again and goes for a slam, Spike slips behind, kick to the gut, goes for the Dudley Dog but Booker throws him into the corner. Spike rebounds and Booker puts him down with a spinebuster. Here comes the Spinaroonie. Perfect 10 out of 10. Spike gets up, Booker kicks him in the gut and hits the Scissors Kick off the ropes and covers. 1-2-3. Booker looking good for the big Tag Title Match on SmackDown! this week. Here is Your Winner: Booker T.

Steve & Josh Shill for SmackDown! and sign off. End of Show. I'll be back later with Heat. Laters Shaun.