WWE RAW Report (3/21/05) - Birmingham, Alabama

WWE RAW Report
Aired LIVE! From Birmingham, AL
March 21, 2005
Reported By: The Worm, rajah.com RAW reporter

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Hey guys, I'm back! Sorry about missing last week. Tonight, I'm feeling a bit tired right now but I'll do my best to manage.

RAW opens with HBK making his way out to the ring, much to the elation of the crowd. My only regret of missing RAW last week was not being able to see him reunite with Marty Jannetty to reform the Rockers for one night only.

Shawn Michaels vs. Robert Conway (w/ Sylvain Grenier):

We see a clip of the Rockers Reunion from last week and it appears that Jannetty not only did a hell of a job with that match, but I hear he did so well on Smackdown against Angle that the WWE signed him. Welcome back to the WWE, Marty Jannetty!

They lock up and Conway gains control from the start until HBK baseball slides underneath Conway to the outside. Grenier tries to get involved, but HBK is able to fight off La Resistance and he gets back into the ring to hit a plancha on Conway & Grenier. HBK tosses Conway back into the ring, but Conway is able to get control as he chops away at HBK in the corner. HBK reverses it into some chops of his own. HBK tries to whip Conway, but Conway reverses it and he sends HBK head over heel into the ringpost. On the outside, Conway has the ref distracted as Grenier nails HBK with the flag pole.

Grenier tosses HBK back into the ring and Conway immediately goes for the pin, but HBK kicks out and the ref yells at Grenier to get back into his spot. HBK is sent back to the outside of the ring as Conway sneers and then we go to our first commercial break.

We're back as Conway has HBK in a reverse dragon sleeper (something like that). My sister blocks the TV, but when she moves, HBK has skinned the cat and has begun to chop away at Conway until he comes back with a modified jawbreaker. Conway tries to pin HBK, but HBK kicks out.

The two are now beginning to exchange blows with HBK gaining the upper hand. Conway whips HBK, but HBK nails a forearm and kips up. HBK fires off some rights and then follows it up with a back drop. HBK sends Grenier off the apron and then body slams Conway. HBK grabs the flag as he goes up top and tosses it away. He nails the elbow drop and it's time to tune up the band!

HBK connects with the Sweet Chin Music and that's all she wrote.

Here is your winner: "The Heartbreak Kid" Shawn Michaels

HBK acknowledges the crowd and we go to JR & The King at the announce table. They talk about Kurt Angle and then they show us a video package highlighting Kurt Angle's illustrious career.

Backstage, Tajiri & Regal are walking & talking with Lita and Christy Hemme. Regal says if they need any help, just let them know. Christy offers to show off her kicks, who's been working on them this past week, but Regal & Tajiri decline the offer.

Commercial Break

JR & The King tell us that Sylvester Stallone will be inducting Hulk Hogan into this year's Hall of Fame.

Six Person Mixed Tag

Christy Hemme (w/ Lita), Tajiri & William Regal vs. Maven, Simon Dean, & Molly Holly:

As always, I've gotta root for Molly Holly tonight.

Trish Stratus comes out after the heel team enter the ring and I guess she's gonna get a ringside seat.

It's Regal & Simon Dean starting this match as they lock up and Dean goes behind Regal. Regal flips Dean over and goes for the cover, but Dean kicks out. Regal puts Dean into a headlock until Dean whips him, but Regal hits a shoulder block and tags in Tajiri.

Regal & Tajiri double team Dean as Regal drop toe holds Dean and Tajiri delivers a baseball slide. Maven interferes on Dean's behalf to turn the tables as Dean nails Tajiri, and then tags in Maven. Maven grabs Tajiri's head and punches him. He slams Tajiri down by the head and then tags in Simon Dean.

They hit a double hip toss as Dean goes for the cover, but Tajiri kicks out. Simon Dean puts Tajiri into a front face lock and Tajiri is struggling to get to his corner. He cheap shots Regal, which allows Tajiri to recover and hit a flying heel kick. Tajiri tags in Christy Hemme and Dean tags in Molly. Christy is distracted by Trish, which allows Molly to gain the upper hand. Christy kicks Molly in the back of the leg, but Molly whips Christy into the corner and then picks her up. Christy is able to roll over into a sunset flip, but Simon Dean breaks up the cover. Regal & Tajiri enter the ring to clean up the mess, and Christy tries to attack Molly, but Molly blocks it and body slams her. Molly goes for the Molly-Go-Round, but Christy steps off to the side and nails the Twist of Fate to win the match.

Here are your winners: Christy Hemme, William Regal, & Tajiri

For those who're wondering why I cheer on Molly all the time, it's because I wrote a letter to her and in return, she actually replied and even sent me an autographed photo. Even if it was someone else who did the writing, I'm actually happy that she's one of the few wrestlers I've written to and actually got a response from. I just wish I could have the pleasure of meeting her in person.

Before we head to break, Triple H is walking backstage and he smacks a guy out of his way and stares at him before he continues on.

The Stone Cold Stunner moment recaps Stone Cold attacking Mr. McMahon with a bedpan in the hospital. Stone Cold will be featured in the Piper's Pit at Wrestlemania 21.

Triple H is making his way out to the ring now with title in hand, and it appears he's got something to say.

Triple H grabs a chair from ringside and brings it into the ring with him. He sits down in the middle of the ring and with the mic he says:

You know it never ceases to amaze me how underappreciated I am. All the things I do for the business and do you know what I went through to create a future for the business? You know how I took Randy Orton and Batista and took them from nothing made them into superstars? Together with Flair, they formed Evolution. They were unstoppable, but turns out it wasn't true. Evolution could be stopped, but the ironic thing is that only Evolution could stop Evolution. Batista's jealousy and greed played a part into Evolution's demise.

Triple H goes on to talk about Orton becoming champ and turning on Triple H. 8 months later and Orton is groveling for the scraps of Wrestlemania. He wants to lay his head down on the chopping block for the Undertaker to lop off just so he can make a name for himself.

More things about when Orton was in Evolution until he changes the subject to Batista. He talks about Batista winning the Rumble and then turning on Triple H by staying on RAW when he could have went to Smackdown and beat John Cena & JBL for the WWE Championship. Triple H continues to drone on and on and until he's finished, I'm gonna stop typing.

A note to make: Batista's match with Kane has turned into a Lumberjack match and the lumberjacks will be hand-picked by Triple H.

Commercial Break

The WWE Slam of the Night recaps Benjamin defeating Edge last week, thanks to Chris Jericho.

Chris Jericho & Shelton Benjamin vs. Christian (w/ Tyson Tomko) & Edge:

it's Y2J & Christian starting this match as they begin their paces. Christian whips Y2J, who hits a shoulder block and then goes for a cover, but Christian kicks out. Edge gets in a cheap shot and grabs onto Y2J, but Christian charges and nails Edge after Y2J gets out of the way.

Edge & Christian exchange some words, while Y2J gears up and hits a baseball slide on the trio and Benjamin hits a somersault suicide dive. it appears Edge is now legal as Y2J back suplexes Edge and tags in Benjamin. Benjamin nails a reverse elbow and Edge is now in a corner. Benjamin goes for the 10 punches, but it's broken up.

Edge is now in control as he stomps on Shelton and he then tags Christian. Christian delivers a neckbreaker and then grabs a hold of him and punches him in the head. He latches on an aggressive chinlock. Benjamin gets out of it, but Christian denies any further control. E&C double team Benjamin in their corner and Christian tags in Edge. Edge takes down Benjamin and then goes into the cover, but Benjamin kicks out. Christian is tagged back in, but Benjamin is able to get some control with a modified backbreaker. Shelton crawls to tag in Jericho and nails a flying heel kick on Christian. Y2J cleans the ring with E&C as he hits a double bulldog and follows it up with a Lionsault on Christian. Y2J gets Edge into the Walls, but breaks it off to hit a springboard dropkick on Tyson Tomko. Y2J gets clocked in the head and both Edge & Y2J are down as we go to commercial.

Y2J & Christian tag in their partners as we return and Benjamin is on a roll as he takes it to Christian and powerslams Edge. Christian sneaks up behind Benjamin, but Benjamin regains control as he hits a Whisper in the Wind-type move as he uses Edge as a springboard into a clothesline on Christian.

Y2J springboards to the outside, only to be met with a knee to the abs from Tomko. Benjamin attempts the T-Bone on Edge, but Christian enters the ring and gets hit with a flapjack. Christian is hit with the Stinger Splash, with Edge sneaking up on him with the Spear, but Benjamin knees him in the chest. The end comes when Benjamin charges after Edge, only to have Edge sidestep him and Christian clocks Shelton Benjamin with the IC belt and Edge scores the win for his team.

Here are your winners: Edge & Christian

Edge & Christian lead a post-match beatdown until Chris Benoit comes out to fend them off. He has the upper hand until Tomko comes in with a ladder and cracks Benoit with it.

Commercial Break

Backstage, the lumberjacks are bickering when Ric Flair shows up and explains to them that he wants them to feel good about supporting Triple H. He says that Batista screwed them all when he didn't go to Smackdown. He continues to pump up the troops until we go to Batista in his locker room. Bischoff enters and tries to reassure Batista that he didn't have anything to do with Batista's match being changed and all that jazz.

Ugh, Orton and Stacy.......Orton's preparing to send a message of his own to the Undertaker as we go to commercial.

The #1 Stunna recaps the confrontation between Jake Roberts & Randy Orton from last week.

The Smackdown Rebound recaps the confrontation between Randy Orton & Undertaker.

Orton makes his way out with Stacy and Orton just wants to make one thing clear, when he slapped the Undertaker, it was to prove a point. He won't back down and he refuses to be afraid. Orton's confidence is at an all-time high, and you can see for yourself. He pulls a Randy Orton Legend Killer t-shirt out of the box, and you can see that the Undertaker has been added to that list. Orton doesn't plan on being a victim, but he does plan on Taker being a victim on his list. At Wrestlemania, he's going to do what it takes to end the Taker's winning streak. If Taker thinks for one second that he's going to beat Orton, think again.

A video package highlighting Orton's legend killer tour and becoming the World champ is shown.

Taker, with all due respect, in two weeks your streak will be dead. That was something Orton needed to say and now that he's here, Orton has something he wants to do to Stacy. They draw in close and they kiss. Obviously, Orton thrives on positive energy and that is just why he won't listen to the critics. He has a message for those critics, and that message is simply this: he turns heel and delivers the RKO to Stacy Keibler.

Refs come out to check on her and Orton slowly exits the ring and backs up the ramp. Orton is actually looking on with what appears to be concern.

Commercial Break

The Hulk Still Rules moment takes us back to 1989 when Hulk Hogan took on Randy Savage.

Tyson Tomko is in the ring and we see what he did earlier when he nailed Benoit with the steel ladder.

Tyson Tomko vs. Chris Benoit:

Benoit's ribs are taped, but before he can enter the ring Tomko knees him off the apron. Benoit sends Tomko into the ring post and Benoit connects with the rolling Germans. Benoit signals for the headbutt and he misses (he was mere centimeters away from Tomko). Benoit goes for a cover, but Tomko kicks out. Tomko fights Benoit off with elbows to the head, and then goes for a cover, but Benoit is able to get out of it. Tomko punches Benoit in the head and then gets ready for a big boot. He misses and Benoit locks on the Crossface to win.

Here is your winner: Chris Benoit

Hassan confronts HBK and shares a few words with him. Daivari shouts something, but HBK shouts back. Next week we will see HBK vs. Muhammad Hassan.

Commercial Break

A WM21 commercial airs with several WWE superstars trying out for a part in a commercial, with humorous results.

Triple H is heading out again, but this time he's got Flair by his side. He beckons the lumberjacks to come out and it's time for our main event.

Pick Your Poison Lumberjack Match

Batista vs. Kane:

Triple H joins the announcers at the announce table. The lumberjacks begin to surround the ring as we go to commercial.

JR says that Bischoff has announced a face-off between Batista & Triple H for next week.

They lock up and Kane backs Batista into a corner. We get a clean break and they lock up again. Batista backs Kane into a corner this time, and Kane comes out with punches. Batista whips Kane and then powerslams him. Batista leaves the ring to deal with Daivari, but Hassan attacks him from behind. Kane ambushes him from behind and he tries to slam Batista's head on the barrier, but Batista stops him. Back in the ring, Kane hits a big boot and then follows it up with an elbow drop.

Kane bounces off the ropes, but Batista clotheslines him and then works him into a corner. Batista whips Kane, Kane reverses, and then nails Batista in the back. La Resistance drag Batista into the ringpost and Kane continues to work on Batista.

Kane chokes Batista on the bottom rope and then slams his head into the turnbuckle. Kane is still in control as he whips Batista into the opposite corner and follows it up with a clothesline. Kane pins Batista, but Batista kicks out. Batista begins to fight back with punches until Kane uppercuts him. Kane follows that up with a dropkick to the head and then chokes him on the middle rope by straddling him.

Kane punches Batista in a corner and the two begin to exchange blows. Batista gains the upper hand as he whips Kane, but Kane reverses and nails a sidewalk slam. Kane goes up top, booting Snitsky along the way, but Batista recovers and throws Kane off the top. Batista clotheslines him in a corner and works him over with rights. Batista kicks him in the gut and suplexes him.

Batista hits a clothesline and goes for a pin, but Kane kicks out. Batista whips Kane, Kane reverses it into a chokeslam, but Batista powers out and goes for a Batista Bomb, but Kane backs Batista into a corner.

Batista whips Kane and Kane hits a shoulder block. Kane's on the outside, and Snitsky attacks him. Kane uppercuts him over the barrier only to have Simon Dean and Viscera attack him. Kane fights them off, but Batista is on the outside getting mauled by the other lumberjacks.

Edge, Christian, and Tomko attack Kane on the inside and we see Batista beginning to fight off the lumberjacks. Back in the ring, Batista attacks the Christian Coalition & Edge and Kane sits up. Kane chokeslams Batista, but Batista miraculously kicks out at 2.99. Kane tries to Tombstone Batista, but Batista wiggles out and hits a spinebuster.

Kane gets set up for the Batista Bomb and Batista connects to win the match.

Here is your winner: Batista

Batista stares a hole into Triple H as he stands victorious to conclude the show.

I'm conducting an informal poll, and I would like to know which Wrestlemania 21 trailer you liked the most. I liked the Triple H/Braveheart commercial, but what did you like and why? I'll post your answers here next week.

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