WWE House Show Results (3/19/05) - Fayetteville, North Carolina

Fayetteville Nc @ Crown Arena 5,500 people.
Report by: Tavare Hill, rajah.com reader

First match was regal and tajiri vs La Resistance for the tag titles.

Finish: Tag Champs win via regal stretch on Conway.

2) Simon Dean comes out and begs the crowd to take some of his Simon System and
then he was wanted some randow fat 300+ superstar to come out and try it. Viscera
comes out.

finish Vis wins via big splash.

3)Chris masters der. Hurrricane via Masterlock. Hurricane recieved a standing O.
Awesome match.

Coach comes out and plug WM21 and calls out NC legend Ricky the Dragon Steamboat.
Steamboat says he has been out of the ring for 11 years and he wouldnt bet against
Batista to take the title home. The coach says that he is a Has-been Steamboat slugs
the coach and grabs the mic. He replys better to be a has been than a Never-was.
Dragon Chants starts.

4) Val Venis is the special guest ref between Molly and Victoria.
During the match Victoria Kisses Val Venis and staddles him. Victoria wins via
Widows peak.

5) Christian vs Benjamin for IC title,. Bejamin wins via tbone suplex. Kane comes
out and clears the ring.

6) Tyson Tomko vs Kane. Short match kane wins with chokeslam. Then he hangs around
and interact with some fans.


7) Hussan vs y2j
Hussan wins via rollup and grabbing y2j's tights.
Y2j signs autographs after the match.

8 Benoit defeats Snitsky via Crossface. It took him forever to tap Snitsky is a
decent wrestler I gotta give that much to him.

Main event

HHH and edge vs Orton and Batista.

fans starts chanting Chicken at hhh for not wanting to fight batista. orton
dominated edge and batista powerbombs hhh for the win.

other notes Matt hardy was there at the show but didnt wrestler or interview. He
ask did Edge show up during an autograph session with the fans in the preshow.

Arn Anderson was there as well as SMH(so hot) I heard shane was there but I didnt
get to see him.


for the pics of the show