Mick Foley/WrestleMania 21 Appearence, Raw-Smackdown! Tension, Hogan Note; more

From a political standpoint, many people behind the scenes are looking forward to seeing how the announcing duties at WrestleMania 21 are divided for the inter-promotional matches. There is currently a bit more tension between the two announcing partnerships then in the past, with Michael Cole especially giving indications he is tired of being treated as a B-team announcer.

Entertainment Weekly included WrestleMania in its ‘Things to Watch’ section. It also noted Sylvester Stallone inducting Hulk Hogan

A Mick Foley appearance at WrestleMania 21 is not likely in the slightest. Foley is scheduled for an appearance on an auto show, which has been advertised for April 3rd in Green Bay, Wisc. from 2-4pm.

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